IMG_4362.JPG (1239468 bytes)

                                                            02.16.2017 Hey - hear what I say, they gotta pay*

 Hey Now! 5 a.m. It's the Final Frontier. It's also a rare 5x point day here at the IP. I need to make the best of it. The BR needs some serious padding to return to somewhere a bit nearer to reality. Kiss for luck and kiosk for 5x points opt in. Higher Limit time. I notice that 2 of the Blazin' 7's Prog. machines are hovering just below the 1200 mark. I play one till it tops the legal limit, and switch to the other one. Nopper, that one blows by also. Time to see what I can scare up from my go to ATM- DouDiaDeluxe.

                                                            IMG_4331.JPG (1010136 bytes)

                                                                     Parley to 2.

                            IMG_4332.JPG (1085483 bytes)                    IMG_4334.JPG (920213 bytes)

                                                 I cash out 500. and am back to 1.

                                                    IMG_4335.JPG (1218327 bytes)

                                                 I am soon parley back to 2. denom

          IMG_4336.JPG (951986 bytes)     IMG_4337.JPG (1066414 bytes)   IMG_4338.JPG (966569 bytes) 

            IMG_4339.JPG (975957 bytes)   IMG_4340.JPG (1055808 bytes)   IMG_4342.JPG (1108716 bytes)

                                                             I cash out 400.

 I'm watching the IP come to life on a Friday morning. Ginger stops by to say Hey Now. Miss Carol is working at the Cove Bar upstairs. I've got an excellent viewing spot. The bad part is that as the IP fills slowly fills with people, it also fills with smoke. I finally lose a hundy. But meanwhile I've already earned 17836 points. And I'm ahead 500. Buffalo Gold called. Insert coin. 

                                                    IMG_4345.JPG (1802181 bytes)

                                                           nice line hit

Couldn't be bothered for a bonus. Next I try W4 and get Super Free Games on WWII but it's not even screenshot worthy. I finish the session up a hundy. Sweet Ti calls for Coffee Elizabeth and I fetch and carry and do a Makin' it Drizzle on her when I arrive. We pull our all of our remaining vittles and feast out. There was quite a bit of steak, plus mushrooms, bread, and part of a ham sammich.

                                 IMG_4347.JPG (1933707 bytes)  IMG_4348.JPG (1300487 bytes)

 We complete our packing and Sweet Ti takes a shower. I'm off to see Miss Carol. But first I need some tip money for the rest of the trip. I insert coin into a nickel Reindeer/Timberwolf machine. 2. bet. 

                                IMG_4349.JPG (1519847 bytes)    IMG_4350.JPG (1570675 bytes)

                                                            Reindeer everywhere                     Dire Wolves

 2 nice line hits back to back. I cash out a tidy profit AND tip money. Off to the Back Bay Bar. It's in the Cove Casino -non smoking.

                                                          IMG_4351.JPG (975497 bytes)

                                                                     Nice place.

                                   IMG_4352.JPG (1394942 bytes)     IMG_4356.JPG (1474925 bytes)

                                          yes, windows in a casino Bar. Stay classy, Biloxi

                    IMG_4355.JPG (1576945 bytes)IMG_4354.JPG (1727678 bytes)IMG_4353.JPG (1228082 bytes)

 The only problem with the Bartops here is that the pay tables suck. Plus, there's no sign of Miss Carol. A waitress steps behind the bar and tells me she's on break. She gets me an Ab'Dulls. I peruse the VP and insert coin. I decide on 9/6 Double Bonus. Not too bad, till I realize that a straight only pays 4. And Carol is back. It's turning into a beautiful day. The fog has burned off and it's 72. Carol has another customer. Joe Wayne. Nice to meet you. He is with his friends, Moe and Larry. Carol calls them The 3 Stoogies. They have been hanging around here for as long as she has worked here. 19 years. Carol, for some reason, starts talking ab out her childhood in Scotland. I really can't remember how it came up. She said "When I was 8 I told my Momsie I really wanted a guitar for Christmas. I begged her and begged her. I was sure I was getting it. Come Christmas morn, Momsie gave me my gift. It was a guitar lesson book. But no guitar. I'm still waiting for my guitar". Poor Carol. Believe me, it sounded really pitiful with her Scottish brough. "So I picked up my nephew at the airport last night. On the way home we had to make a stop. I needed a new telly. So we moved his luggage around and made room for my new 62" TV. He had to hold onto it all the way back to my house, sprawled over top of the TV and luggage". What kind of car do you have? "Jeep Wrangler ". Now Miss Carol is bored, and starts cleaning the beer coolers that line the wall under the windows. 

                                                          IMG_4359.JPG (1582277 bytes)

                                                        "Are you taking a shot of my butt?"

 The entire bar is empty but for me. 20 seats. A dude sits beside me. Really? But we end up talking and he introduced himself. He is today's local. John. He's from here but currently lives in Mobil. An oil worker by trade. We talk music as we play. I hit this.

                                                          IMG_4360.JPG (1957845 bytes)

 He's like the world's biggest Styx fan. He's seen them countless times. Well, he probably told me an exact number, but I didn't write it down. They play a bunch of casinos these days. Like here May 19. They are one of my favorite bands too. We continue our play until Miss Carol is set to go on break. We exchange info and I give her a hug. I don't have much time left till we need to leave. Every trip I like to end my play on VP with a 4OAK. Now if I can just scare up one without running out of credits. Finally, there it is.   

                                                        IMG_4361.JPG (1673969 bytes)  

                                                        That's the way to end the trip

 I wish John well and cash that puppy out. This has been a much needed profitable day. On the way up, I stop by to see Tamara. She checks us out owing nothing for 6 nights but a $6. room service gratuity. Dollar a night, my kinda room rates. Earlier I had asked for a really late checkout, 2 p.m. I also asked for a bellman to pick up our bags at 1:45. Tarara sez she called and set it up. I tried to slip her a twenty, but she refused it. We give each other hugs and I head to the 28th. Sweet Ti has everything ready. I spot Cherlyn and call her over to say goodbye. "Make sure you ask for the right room on the 28th next time y'all". will do Cherlyn. 

                                                        IMG_4363.JPG (1142218 bytes)

 We wait for the bellman. But not too long. Time to schlep. Sweet Ti waits out front and I retrieve MST3K one last time.

                                                       IMG_4368.JPG (1118809 bytes)

                                                                confused much?

World's most confusing floor numbering system. Especially since P1 is in between the Lobby, which includes the first floor of the casino, and Casino, which is actually the second floor of the casino. Got that? Test on Friday. I MST3K down and retrieve Sweet Ti and our beads. No traffic at all, we are soon at the GPT airport exit. Used 5.2 gallons of gas. I dropped Sweet Ti et all at Departure. Which, by the way, is also is Arrivals. I circled around and pulled into Rental Return. Last year we rented through National, and they had an Agent in the parking lot. Parking lot is empty. I parked in the Avis lot. Close enough. I made sure MST3K as empty, and bid her adieu. Inside, the Budget kisok was once again- you guessed it- empty. A dude was reading a mag at the Avis kiosk. I walked up and tossed him the keys. "Did you happen to get the mileage?" No, but I only used a few gallons of gas. "Dings?" Dude, the car is sitting 125 ft. away. I said I didn't run over any stop signs. "Sign here". Thanks. I hook up with my betrothed and we checked in. Dropped our bags at TSA. Sweet Ti has PreTSA, I don't. We end up in the same line. I went thru the scanner and got pulled over for unread areas on my body. TSA dude look to be maybe 25. He was WAY more nervious than me. I got nothing on me. He tells me he's gonna check my waistband. I tell him these are swin trunks with a mesh lining. So try not to drop them. Then I get the nuclear wipe on my hands and his gloves. He analyzes the results. Eventually he is satisfied and lets me go. We hit the Arby's and pig out while we wait for our flight. We lucked out with another really easy layover in ATL ith the gates very close. Made it home by midnight. 3 out of 5 cats are glad we are home. We are too. It's been a great journey. Thanks for coming along!

                                            TOTALS:    RB- 23,298 pts.        BR- +1k

               TRIP TOTALS:   Sweet Ti- 10,022 pts.     RB- 138,692 but really 104,692. Strange.      BR: -700.

                                                      IMG_4256.JPG (1667165 bytes)





                                                                                    *Back in the Game, Wu-Tang Clan