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                                                                                                    A Pirate Looks at 60

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                                                                05.25.2016 I've got this energy beneath my feet

 Hey Now! The great thing about keeping EDT hours is mostly staying away from the worse of the casino smoke. Mostly. Only my 2nd morning here, and my throat is killing me. S.S.S. and out the door across the street for Wally World supplies. Really convenient having a Mega Wally right there. Beautiful morning here on the east side. 66. Highs the next few days in upper 80's. Perfect! It's Young at Heart day today which works out just lovely for me as today I'm feeling the weight of my 60. I fiddle fart around till it's 7 a.m. and kiosk in to reveal today's mulitplier.....7x slots/5x VP. Decent. I start out at the $1 9/6 JoB slants in front of the elevators. Insert hundy...

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That session goes very well. I earned well over 2k card points and cashed out with a $50 profit. My card score is somewhere right around 200k points and this trip my goal is to finally make Emerald, the Shiny Green Card. We are both playing on my card to optimize. Mark comes by and we decide to hit up the buffet. I kiosk a YAH free buffet and I charge the other one to my room. Carmen is our server. "they don't dance like Carmen no more" It was just barely edible. But filling. Where's the Country Throw-Up Gravy? MSS I guess. After, I show Mark one of my fav machines. Multi Strike/Super Times Pay. This was like an ATM machine for Sweet Ti & I on our Royal Fire Monkeys Invade Clark County trip. Since Mark is also using my card I insert a hundy into each of our 2 side by side machines. 

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 The STP aspect adds to the Crack Whore value. By my notes I see that we ended up that session pulling yet another Barney Fife. 

                                                                   Barney-Fife.jpg (52031 bytes)          


 Time to make the daily trip to see the Zigmeister. Midnight dutifully weaves her way down Flamingo. I tune in the Jam On channel on Sirius and crank the tunes. I tell Mark to see how long it takes Zig to say "Let me tell you something." It's kinda his trademark phrase. He and his beautiful wife Bozina are from Poland and have been living in Vegas since 1980. We park and walk into Sliver Sevens. Over at the Sports Bar Ziggy is busy. Like always, the bar hasn't been re-stocked overnight. I make the introductions and within a minute he says "Let me tell you something." Mark just nods his head. We insert coin and right away Mark hits a 4OAK. And another. I can't hit doodley squat.  I choke down a couple of Ab'Dulls while Mark is cranking down Crown and cokes. I take a $50. hit while he has a hundy profit. Time to boogie, so we cash out and on the way to Midnight I show Mark another fav- Gold Line Buffalo. Insert coin and right away hit the Gold Line bonus for a small profit. Mark needs more Crown. So we stop by Lee's. Oh shit.... he's like a kid in a candy store. Here in VA we have state run liquor stores that are pretty cut and dry. So for the next half an hour he is walking the aisles. Their prices really do kick ass. He finally settles for a fifth of Crown (20.29) and a fifth of Belvedere Vodka (29.19). Back at Sam's Club it's session time. I.C.

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I've found the 99.45% BDW slants. They are near the Atrium and there's a pretty good air flow here. My throat thanks me. I do a walkabout, I've never been to the pool water here, or really ever paid much attention to that end of the casino. I see the drawback to the pool- you have to walk thru the casino to get to or from your room from the pool. And it's pretty small. 2 person Hot Tub too....

    IMG_1942.JPG (1170627 bytes)  IMG_1943.JPG (850461 bytes)  IMG_1944.JPG (1779389 bytes)  IMG_1945.JPG (1037255 bytes)

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                                  And another thing I never noticed, this gigantic Cinema complex. Who knew?

             IMG_1948.JPG (1222190 bytes)        IMG_1949.JPG (1216415 bytes)          IMG_1950.JPG (1150855 bytes)

                                                                 Back to BDW

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No, that isn't an optical illusion. 3 5OAK 3's. The first one was all on the re-draw. Savvy! Mark arrives, and we walk over to Billy Bobby Joe's Bar. I sit at the .25 8/5 progressive slants adjacent to the bar while Mark bellies up. Insert coinage.

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                                IMG_1957.JPG (1793273 bytes)         IMG_1958.JPG (1667440 bytes)

Dinner time y'all! TGIF runs a Wednesday special- Rack o' Ribs for 13.99. Angelica is our server. She kinda flies about the bar where we are seated on account of her..... never mind. Mark scores a 20oz. Newcastle. Let's eat us some pig. 

                                                        IMG_1959.JPG (1249409 bytes)


                                                       Extra Spork 'cause of the comp.

Sated, Mark decides to see what DT is all about at night. I tried to talk him into letting me get him a comp for a couple of nights downtown, but he wanted to stay a night on the strip. So I got him a MyVegas comp for the Mirage tomorrow night. He has downloaded the Lyft app. and will use the shuttle to get there, and Lyft back here. I hit the MS/STP and try some Triple Double Boner. Insert hundy....

                                IMG_1960.JPG (1365632 bytes)                       IMG_1961.JPG (1653420 bytes)

Not just yeah, but Hell Yeah! That was good for a quick $808.75. I cash out a $600. profit. I see by my points that I've earned 10k VP points for the day here. After 10k, you don't earn the YAH multiplier on VP anymore. So it's time to switch to slots. Silver Strike Jim?



 Ended that session with 7 strikes. I saved one with an eagle for my collection, and one for Mark. Cashed out the other 5 and made a $25. profit. Next stop is to a rare find indeed- a slant Buffalo . $2. max bet variety. Double or Nothing  Roll the tape there Jimmy.......    


                        This is working fairly well. How about some Hangover Pretty Awesome. Fire up the VCR James!


                                                            I wander around looking for some likely candidates. Cash Time?

            IMG_1965.JPG (1061270 bytes)         IMG_1966.JPG (1210028 bytes)         IMG_1967.JPG (1277587 bytes)

Only for the casino. Mark calls to let me know that DT is cranking. He finally gets to see the FSE canopy do it's thing. Told ya!

                                                 Queue up some Quick Hit Riches there Jim...




I tried some China Shores, then went upstairs to get away from the smoke. I ran into today's local- the Golf Bowling Bingo lady. She was waiting for the next session to begin and playing some Wolf Run. And doing fairly well at it too. I tried some Pompeii while we chatted but had no luck. She's 82 and enjoys keeping busy. She had already played 2 bingo sessions today along with bowling 4 games. Go Granny Go!

                                                     Time for some more Buffalo..... Jimmy?




   I stop by the kiosk to check on my slot points. Earned $60. today. I also had coupons available for a dinner buffet and a $15 food comp. No more buffets for me today. I printed out the food because it's only good today. So I hit the Sports Deli for some carrot cake, cheese cake and a couple of Dr. Brown's Cream Sodas. It's been a positive outcome day. Erased yesterday's debacle. I'm about even. I head upstairs for the night. 

                                Totals: Sam's Club- 13,315 points         Profit: a few hundy


                                       05.26.2016 And I've got no chance of losin' this time


                                                      A Pirate Looks at 60