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                                                          A Pirate Looks at 60

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                                                       05.27.2016  Boyzlibbininbakeyeyellavan

  Hey Now! Yet again I slept in till around 7 a.m. I calls me some Sweet Ti to remind her it's Friday- I'm in Love. I S.S.S. and call Sam's Club to ask if I have incurred any room charges. Remember I've still got a room there. Pay attention! Turns out I have a $14.95 charge from the 24th. Must have exceeded my $50. per day comp at Billy Bobby's. Need to take care of that later. I engage my Bluetooth 'Phones and crank up some My Morning Jacket. I de-elevate my way downstairs and right away run into our Reneee. Reneee! Brucie! Hugs all around. Next I kiosk my 2x points. Very important Gamboling Ritual. I'm feelin' me some Wally Gator Shorty. I insert coinage. Doesn't take long.  

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 Jesse is my morning barkeep. Really laid back young dude. All the bartenders here are cool. I'm back to my jams when I realize this chic down the bar is talking to me. Or at me. I pop off my tunes. She motions me over. She says I look like someone she knows. "Axe?" No, someone else. It's around 8:30 and she and her daughter are already pretty fried. I ask if they are from California. "How'd you guess?"  

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                                                            Glenna and Christie. 

I take my leave and walk up front to play some 20/$20 Keno. Straight shot here, unlike Sam's Club. By the way, my winnings from playing the 25/$20 the other day were a grand total of $1. 

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I call Sam's Club back to see if the Player's Club is open. It is, and I ask to speak to a host. (snicker) I finally get a dude named Art on the phone and explain my room charge situation. Not a problem. Boom! Gone! Great. Thanks. Now put me back through to the front desk so I can check out. Done and done. Tourney Time. I dutifully get in line. Right away I make a new friend. Sue. Her husband and I compare shirt notes. Both Hawaiian shirt fans. Derrick is ultra efficient as usual. 3 minute session. Hit the button and pop the balloons. GO!

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 Well it wasn't a great session. 112k. Maybe middle of the pack. I've got to do better than that. Right now it's movie time! Jim?????



 Picked up a quick 300. there playing with Louise. Fun. I also saw Traci the CW. She remembered me from last Feb. Even remembered the lime for my Ab'Dulls. Anything helps that not so near beer. Mark calls and is packed and ready. I tell him I'll call when I get to the Mirage. Let's fly Midnight- to the sounds of some vintage Dead.

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                                                         Parking barriers at the ready.

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 I call Mark and tell him I'm at the British Call Box next to the Atrium. I spot a likely Ellen machine to sit at while I wait. Insert coin. Hey Now! I start hitting like crazy. I meet Elsa from West Virginia and we are both making money. But no Mark. He finally calls- he's in the self park. I tell him I'm parked on level 5 and go there and wait for me. I cash out and cash out my ticket for an $87. profit. Late Elsa! I get to level 5 and there's no Mark. Yet. I give him a minute. There he is. He's pissed because they tried to charge him for a $16. bag of nuts from the mini bar. Bullshit. He told them he was looking at the bag right now and it was still on the mini bar. They finally took off the charge. Still had to pay the resort fee, making it the first time I've had one charged on a MyVegas comp. At least the parking was free. Today. For now. But not for long. Back at Orleans,  we run into Glenna and Co. on the way in. They are on their way back to Cali. She introduces me to the rest of her clan. Safe travels Y'all! We play some VP at the Sports Bar but no luck there. Wonder 4? 




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 Peckish, I pull out a LVA coupon and we tolerate a lunch buffet. Time for my second session. I meet Lanelle from Texas while waiting. This session goes much better and I end up in second place in my group with a score of 135k. Things are indeed looking up! Crawdad Bar with Mark and I sit at Sweet Ti's lucky cherry popping machine. 

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 Those last 2 are Mark's. I can tell by the angle on the Ippy. I leave to answer the call of nature and run into Lanelle and her friend Miss Phyllis from the Tourney. They are Loose Deuces junkies. They have full pay here for as low as nickels. For the next couple of days they are pretty much camped out there. It's about time for Mark's check in #3. I got him 2 nights comped at Gold Coast. We Midnight on over. Mary Ann checks us in. Room 819. To tell the truth, I have no idea where the elevators are here. Never had a room here until now.  

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   Pretty standard room. They seem to love pocket doors. Mark crashes for a bit. I check out the pool water on the way to gambol.

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        Hard to believe there's almost nobody here. It's 84. Perfect pool water weather. But I'm not here for that either. 

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I play $1 DBDW, $1 JoB, Buffalo, and Buffalo Deluxe and did nothing but lose $500. Mark joined me and we played some Buffalo Grand. He got a bonus with 40 spins and made some duckies. I use the ACG's $10 MPs and the LVA $10 FSP. We push on the MP and zilch on the FSP. He's gonna hit the Rio and I split for Orleans. I hit up Coast Liquor for Beck's NA and yet another fifth of Crown for Mark. Not only do I have ample comps to cover said potables, I get a 10% discount just for showing my card. Damn I hope the rumors of it's imminent demise prove to be untrue. Harrumph! To the room the deposit potables, and onto the Wally Gator shorty. 

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 I try some $4. Buffalo but there's not a herd to be found on the Prairie. Hungry, I bop over to the Food Court and place an order to go from Fuddrucker's. While I'm waiting I surf the interweb on my Ippy and look up and starring at me is today's local. A large dude. He asks "Do I get much shit?". No, not really. I'm pretty laid back. Why? "You look like Santa". Yepper. "Kids bother you?" I just lay my finger beside my nose and wink. "Name's Ali." Nice to meet you Ali. He's originally from South Jersey. So we talk Atlantic City till my order is ready. Nice to make your acquaintance Ali. Good Luck!  I take my leave with my dinner.

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 Most filling! I find a Brit Detective show on PBS and chill. I am seriously missing me some Sweet Ti. We usually watch these shows together. Sigh. Well tomorrow will be the halfway point of the trip. And I'm getting the feeling it will bring great things!

                                 Totals: Orleans- 8659 pts.   Gold Coast- 2000 pts. Profit- not today! lost several hundy


                                            05.28.2016 Like the bird on the Buffalo                      


                                                          A Pirate Looks at 60