A Pirate Looks at 60

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                                                              05.30.2016  Turn your pockets out into the street

Hey Now! I beat the sun up. Happens when you crash at 9:30. What a party human. It's even too early for the point multiplier to begin.  But soon enough Mr Sun pops up his shiny pate. Looks like late spring weather is here to stay. High today around 84.

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 At precisely 6 a.m. I kiosk in both cards. 15x/11x/7x all day long peoples. Let's coordinate some comp comprehension. 15x penny reels, 11x video slots, 7x video poker. Capish?  First thing I notice is that I already have 835 points on my card for today. Being as the gaming day itself officially starts at 3:01 a.m. I can only assume that Mark made it back from the Palms and has been playing somewhere in this establishment. I figure I'll try some penny reels. First thing I notice is at the other end of my row there's this Asian lady speed smoking ciggies and whenever she hits something, she just let's it ring. And ring. And ring. And ring. Good thing for me is that I'm wearing my music, so I just crank up "Keep It Simple" by Keller Williams

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Wally Gator shortys once again with Jesse. Nothing on the video screen to report but I did meet today's local- Buck.

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Now Buck is one of those dudes you have to take not just with a grain of salt. We're talking the Bonneville Salt Flats here.


  Tough morning at the shortys. I even went so far as to try one of the wild looking Komani machines. Lost another hundy there...

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 Back upstairs to reload, I had a great conversation with my Sweet Ti. Don't worry Darlin'- I'll be home soon! Next up are some Loose Deuces. I figured Lanelle ans Miss Phyllis would be here. They almost always are. But they aren't. Wait a minute- spoke too soon. Here is Lanelle now. She told me all about life in Big ol' Texas and I told her about life in  Green ol' VA. Managed a couple of screenshots too.

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Miss Phyllis finally joined us and we had a good ol' time. Lanelle managed to hit a couple of natural Royal Flushes here. Playin' for nickels as she is wont to do. Right now though, it's time for me to go on a mission. Palms is having a gift day today. For 100 points, you get a genuine Palms Beach Towel. Sweet. So I bid the ladies farewell for now and Midnight my way once again to Palms. $1.= 1 point.

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                                                         I spot this in the car park

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 I kiosk in and find out I actually have a few points on my card. Not exactly sure why. The last time I played here as far as I remember was on our Vegas Royal Holidaze 2013 trip. Maybe the points here never expire? Doesn't sound right. I suspect they just might expire pretty soon now since Stations has bought the place. I'm looking for a likely machine when I run across an old friend. Top Dollar. I insert hundy and am keeping track of my spins. As I reach $57.coin in I hit a bonus. $55. Then another. $40. Right as I hit $100.coin in....

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    I cash out with a $200. profit. Now they are gonna pay me to come over here and get a towel? Not just yeah- but Hell Yeah!

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                          I wonder if that huge empty lot next door is part of the Stations deal....

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      Shortcut hint: if you take a right instead of a left you come to Nevso Drive which takes you out to Arville avoiding Flamingo.

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Midnight slips confidently into her own personal Gated Community on the 3rd floor. Looks like she belongs there. I stash my newly acquired terrycloth upstairs and grab a chilly brew. To the Higher Limit room. $1 D.D.D, Nuttin' Honey. Wally Gator shorty next.

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 Mark makes an appearance and we are hungry so we hit the Courtyard Cafe for some lunch. Eileen is our server. Mark plays Yen for me and makes a Keno run. 

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Plenty of country throw-up gravy on Mark's country fried steak. Always a good choice for a  pretty good meal. Comp of course. 

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                                                            4 of 5. So close......

Wonder 4. Finally hit the Super Free Games Bonus but wouldn't ya know... not playing max bet. Grrrrrr.... Roll the tape Jim-



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                         That 4 of 5 Keno hit won me a grand total of $17. Once again I turn into a Crack Whore at MS/STP.

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   Let's call that a push. At least that's what I wrote down. Mark calls, he's feelin' some Ellen. Keep an eye on the battery level Jim!!!


 That battery issue might have been a good thing folks. I never even got a bonus. So it ended up being Bonus or Bust or Battery.

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That is some old strange IGT machine. It has a 4th reel that sometimes does interesting things. But mostly does nothing. We tried another old as shit machine Reels O' Dublin. I heard the banjos once. Had a $49.50 bonus. Yet another push. Onward to the DBDW slants.

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Again, by my notes I had 4 WRFs and that hit in the above pic. Mark takes off once again. He is Lyfting downtown for the evening. I turn my attention to the Loose Deuces. I'm bound and determined to hit Quad Deuces before this trio is over. As I insert coin, I see that Lanelle and Miss P aren't here. I hope to see them again before they leave. Hell- for all I know they may have already left. I hit a nice 5OAK 4's again. But there's not a premium for them on Loose Deuces. I also hit another 4 WRFs and then I got dealt this hand.

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 Which is just about enough to piss me off. I've had enough. Gettin' up mega early tomorrow to drive down to Laughlin. Chip Run plus I've never been there and I'm curious to check out the Colorado River that runs through town. I order a half a Subway and call it a night.

       Totals: Sweet Ti- 5280 pts.    RB- 7402 pts.  Tons of comp points.   Profit- Gave up about that handpay from the other day...


                                    05.31.2016 I'm goin' where the climate suits my clothes


                                                   A Pirate Looks at 60