A Pirate Looks at 60

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                                                            06.01.2016 Bring on the dancin' girls and put the Champagne on ice

 Hey Now! This is it y'all. All the marbles are on the Astroturf. We leave Sin City on the 10:05 tonight. Up early to make the best of it. Make my Sweet Ti call, we are both excited that we're gonna be reunited. Being as it's Wednesday, it's once again Young at Heart day. So I kiosk in both cards. I get 7x/5x for the day, Sweet Ti gets 10x/6x. First stop is to see Reneee, but Ethyl informs me she called in sick. So I give Ethyl 2 hugs- one for Reneee. Then it's on to the Loose Deuces. Still chasin' them Quad Deuces. Got company in the row.

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A chain smokin', mumblin', button slapper. I downloaded a hundy from my comp points. I hit 2 WRFs and a 5OAK. Still no luck.... Lost that chit. Bopped over to the Wally Gator shorty and hung out with Jonathan. Hit this-

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                                            There's my Quad Deuces, but I was playing BP.

Stopped by the Invited Guests office and got Mark a late checkout. I'm keeping my room another night, even though we are leaving. Makes life easier. I went up to the room and emptied Wheelie® and grabbed the Midnight keys. I stopped on the way out and played at the Poker Bar. The Vegas 100 tourney is just wrapping up. Never seen so many Brits. Bunch of crazies! Meanwhile, I insert coin.

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 That's a push. I leave a bit early for Sliver Sevens as I need to gas up Midnight. She's been a good ride. Really enjoyed the Jam On tunes, especially on that long journey yesterday. Not bad mileage either. It took 13.2 gallons. I pull around back and park just as Ziggy was getting there. He just came from his sister's. The kitty and Zig seem to be hitting it off. Stranger things have happened.....

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        As I'm walking in thru the self park, a dude stops me and compliments me on my beard. I return the compliment.

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We shake hands and walk in together. His wife is waiting inside. They are Dennis and Debbie from Glendale. My kind of people. They are just leaving for Orleans for the YAH. I tell them I'll see them later. There's actually a few people milling around and playing at the Sports Bar so I sit at the shorty machine. Susan from St. Louis was still playin' Keno flittin' from machine to machine. Ziggy was busy once again taking up the slack for the midnight shift. That's gotta get old. I insert coin and play my usual here- 8/6 Boner Deluxe .25 progressive.

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 That progressive was up over $3k. Still is for all I know. I've brought the last of my $2 bill stash and tip Zig with them for an Ab'Dulls.



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     I will take that $161.25 profit over and invest it at my casino. Ziggy comes over for hugs, and Susan plays photographer.

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                                             Till next time my friend- Na zdrowie!    

 I fought my way back home through the traffic. They are working on just about every road around here. It never seems to end. 

                                                        Here's the Emerald Lounge....

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 Linda Colvin is on duty in the Invited Guests office. I sit down with her and have a little chat. I really want her as our Host. Not that there's a problem with May- she's just tight with the discretionary comps. Especially after we were so spoiled with Tammy. Linda agrees with me about May. Linda will now be our host. She takes care of all the room charges, and asks where we would like to eat before we leave. Prime Rib Loft please. She tells me that we can order whatever we want. Just sign for it. But don't charge anything else to the rooms. Not a problem. Next I tell her that I would rather rent a car here than at the Car Rental Facility. She said to just let her know our flight number next trip and she would have a limo waiting at baggage claim. Now that's more like it! Thanks Linda and Emerald, the Shiny Green Card. Sweet Ti will be pleased, as am I. I'm feeling me some Loose Deuces right about now, so I ease on over and Insert Coin.

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                                                                  Got it!!!!!!!!

 I stash that ticket and proceed over to the $1. reel machines. On the way, a couple of nice Hawaiian ladies come up to me and want their pictures taken with Santa I happily oblige. I decide to play 2 machines at the same time. Since we are both earning beaucoup points for reels, why not. Side by side are Triple Diamond Deluxe and Triple Double Red White and Blue. Insert hundy- repeat.

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 I stashed those tickets too. I need to eat a little light lunch so I hit the kiosk for a lunch buffet chit. Emerald, TSGC line cut!

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      I'm seated at the lonely single diner's table. Judy, Judy, Judy. I was only there a short time. We feast later today. Mark awakens and joins me. I show him the .25 8/5 BP Sin Poker with Dream Card. Mark watched while I blew thru a hundy. No screenshots. Then we tried Buffalo, same thing happened. Then it's the Poker Bar to hang with Hank Bonefish. Still no screenshots. Mark must have had a fairly rough night and decides to take a nap in my room. I played at the Wally Gator shorty and met the new barkeep, John. Seems like a cool dude. Once again, no screenshots. After a bit it's about time for the YAH drawing. I walk over and join the crowd. I spot Dennis and Debbie from earlier at the Sliver Sevens. They have a doggie stroller with them and introduce me to their cute little doggie- Penny.

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 They start the virtual drawing. The first name is for $500. They don't show up, so they call another name. She shows up. Then they start calling the $100. winners. They all show up. There's like 200 people here. They call the next group. BINGO! My name pops up.

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                                                            Deborah writes me up

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                                                           Gotta love free a hundy!

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                    This is getting to be a habit. Sweet Ti won a hundy back in September.

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                                                           We both won in Feburary.

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 That hundy goes in with those nice little tickets from earlier today. I call Mark and tell him to get up. It's time for our feast.

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  IMG_2518.JPG (1471288 bytes)  IMG_2519.JPG (1239775 bytes)  IMG_2520.JPG (1257953 bytes)  IMG_2521.JPG (1298897 bytes)

  IMG_2522.JPG (1166375 bytes)  IMG_2523.JPG (1440189 bytes)  IMG_2524.JPG (1526017 bytes)  IMG_2525.JPG (1555372 bytes)

  IMG_2526.JPG (1474223 bytes)  IMG_2527.JPG (1485517 bytes)  IMG_2528.JPG (1454680 bytes)  IMG_2529.JPG (1431590 bytes)

  IMG_2530.JPG (1420581 bytes)  IMG_2531.JPG (1459370 bytes)  IMG_2532.JPG (1345906 bytes)  IMG_2535.JPG (1109372 bytes)

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We actually got there a couple of minutes before they opened. Since the remodeling is happening soon, I thought I'd take some shots of the way it is. Or maybe was at this point.



 Tio is our very capable server. We both order the New York strip with a salad and baked. I also order mushroom caps and béarnaise sauce. 

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Completely incredible meal as always. Left Tio a 50% tip. Worth every comped penny for that feast. We played a bit of electronic roulette but didn't hit any of our numbers. I invested one of my pocketed tickets into one last session of MS/STP.

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That will do it. I always like to end my last casino session of the trip with a 4OAK. I cashed out all on today's TITOs. A tidy profit. We went up and gathered our shit, checked out- a grand total of $0.00. We loaded up Midnight and bid a fond farewell to Orleans. 10 minutes later we were turning in Midnight and waiting for the shuttle. 

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I had given us plenty of time, as once again due to construction they take Las Vegas Blvd. Along the way I talked to today's local, Mike the shuttle driver. He's originally from Nebraska and retired from Long Distance Big Rig driving and moved here a dozen years ago. He said screw the snow- this shuttle driving is a killer gig. Drives for gamboling duckies now. Tipped him a fiver. The Delta counter was all but deserted. Bags checked in a flash. We are once again TSA pre-check.

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and once again the pre-check line is longer than the cattle call line. This is my 11th trip, and  I've never seen less people waiting at security. It's about 8:30 p.m. Took us all of 3 minutes to clear security. Even got to leave on my flip flops. Our flight boards at 9:30 so we have an hour to kill. I hit a souvenir shop that I remembered from the last trip that had some sweet car stickers. 

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 That dude is actually named Free. Free helped me find some swag. Thanks Free! Walking to the gate I spot an old fav. The 4 screen Hangover, but there's a guy sitting there watching his lady play another machine. So I settle for some Triple Double Bonus. Insert $20.

                                                         IMG_2561.JPG (1803471 bytes)

 That was on my 4th hand. Cash out and the nice slot lady, Maria walks up and cashes out that ticket. I tell her I want to play Hangover, and she offers to kick the guy off but right then he gets up anyway. So I hurry over and insert another $20. Within a few spins I hit 2 bonuses and grabbed Phil's progressive. Cashed out ahead $45. So I came out ahead $85. That's a first for me at the airport. 

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We had Zone 1 boarding thanks to my shiny new Emerald Delta Amex card. I booked us window and aisle. As luck would once again have it we had this 90 lb. British girl between us. The Dramamine kicked in and I slept all the way to JFK. We de- planed and have  3.5 hours till the next flight. Feed me Seymour! We are in the B gate near the end and there's only one option. Urban Crave.

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                                 IMG_2568.JPG (1746088 bytes)        IMG_2569.JPG (1799440 bytes)

Stretch looks around. Berst behind the bar introduces himself to Stretch and me. He recommended huevos rancheros. I'll bite. Mark got a chorizo wrap. The guys at the bar were desperately waiting for a drink. NYC liquor laws prohibit sales between 4 and 8 a.m. It's 7:55. 

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Mighty tasty! The profit from LAS slots paid for breakfast, thank you very much. We have a Gate Change- B41 to B45. The gate we came in at. Can't beat that! We finally boarded and I slept the whole way back to RIC. Shuttle to Yarma, my trusty Yaris. Drop Mark at his house and I'm home safe at 1 p.m. Thursday. Well, it's been an incredible journey. Mark is no longer a Vegas Virgin. I had $5396. of W2-Gs. Made Emerald, the Shiny Green Card. Went to Laughlin for the first time. Had some great feasts. Turned 60. And survived to tell the tale. I appreciate y'all sharing the journey with me. Till next time..... Thanks for the ride Midnight.

                                 Totals:   Sweet Ti- 3433 pts.      RB- 7854 pts.      Profit- around 1k

                               Trip Totals:   Sweet Ti- 23,957 pts.     RB- 100,668 pts.  Profit- $2,400

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                                                       A Pirate Looks at 60