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                               06.12.2019 You can go to extremes with impossible schemes*

   Hey Now! 7 a.m. Time for pizza and cheesecake. Of course I texted my Sweet Ti who is once again making the donuts back in the real world. That's my baby! Being that it's Wednesday....it's YAH-Young at Heart Day. Or, as I like to say GSE- Gimme Something Extra Day.

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                                                   Stretch keeps a close eye on Spring Valley

         Time to get suited up for battle. Hank will be working the Wally Gator today and I've got just the thing to wear.

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                                                                   Team Bonefish

                                                                  Clothing Optional

                                                                      Las Vegas

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 Down at the ranch I kiosk in to receive my 11x multiplier. That out of the way, It's time for a little bit of Crack Whore, 9/5 DDB.

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 In that last shot I was literally down to my last credits. A nice lady sits down to the hundred play machine next to me and of course we start talking. She's playing 8/5 JoB at .02 denom. 10. a spin. Then I'm dealt a quandary. You have to watch to see. Crank it Jimmy.....



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 Well, that was exciting. I don't know if you picked up on the other voice in there. It was a dude a couple of machines down. He told me to go for the sure thing. Oh hell know- gamboling is what I'm here for! It cost me 60. for a shot at 12k. (if I had drawn that pointy and the kicker) I did up the denom to .50 and stayed there for a bit before finally crapping out. I earned 2232 daily points which equated to 24. in BConned points. On my way to the little gambolers room I heard someone yelling behind me. I wasn't sure what it was till I heard very distinctly- "BONEFISH!!!" I turned around to see today's local Daniel. He's another long time acquaintance who tends bar here. We hug and of course he asks where Sweet Ti is. He scolds me for taking yet another trip and leaving her home. I whip out my latest Pip pics and he understood. Daniel informs me that he finally got a regular shift. He was promoted from bar back to bartender 2 years ago. He was working various shifts, kinda filling in for people on vacay and such. He drew a plum shift too. 2-10 a.m. 4 days a week. Off Sun.- Tues. Daniel is loving it. He's on his way home so I tell him I'll stop by the Mardi Gras and play tomorrow. Great to see our old friend. After I TCB I stopped by the BConned desk and turned in the coupons for 2- 10. MP and a 10. FSP.

  I make a beeline for the Wally Gator. Dammit Jim! There's somebody at the shorties. To add insult to injury, the culprits are smoking. Of all the nerve! That's okay. Hank Bonefish is serving the cocktail waitresses on the other end anyway. So I plant myself at our Emergency Back-up machines on the other end. I insert TITO, download my 10. FSP and do my thing.

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As Hank is providing my Fine Irish Beverage he notices my shirt. He gave Sweet Ti & I each one probably 6 years ago. I had forgotte all about them till I was cleaning out one of my drawers. Hank laughed and said he recently found a whole box full of them in his spare bedroom. I tell him that I met Rod the other day. They worked together at the Gold Coast. That got me interested in picking Hank's brain about his work history in the industry. His father was a casino manager at the Desert Inn. When Hank was 14 he got his first job as an office boy on the TV series VEGA$. It was filmed pretty much entirely in Vegas. Hank said he worked on the "Dan Tanna Show" After that he was a lifeguard at the Desert Inn. He worked there 7 years. 


 Then on June 1, 1991 Hank became a Boyd's employee. Barback at the Gold Coast. He remained at that post 7 years. He came over here when they opened the Orleans as a full fledged bartender. Here he remains. I could listen to Boney's stories about life in Vegas all day. But right about now I need to head over to the head. On the way back I see that B7's jackpot is creeping closer to 1.2k. Insert coin.

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                                   This is coming along just swimmingly. Let's fire up some Live Play there Jim-     


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                                                                    cashed out 400.

                           Time to check out the YAH offerings at a kiosk near you. I mean me. James???? 


                                                                                                        That's it??

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                                                     Sweet Ti                                    Yo

 Since I am using Sweet Ti's comp, it's time to put some action on her card too. I have already added 50. in comps on my card today. I spot an empty 5. roulette table and played my 3-10. MPs. Pushed and played out the 30. on 19 and 24. Neither came up. Time for some 2 handed play. As in both cards at the same time. My card on the TDRWB Cracked Glass Special and S.T.'s card on TriDiaDeluxe. I'm being watched by some Asian dude sitting on the bench next to the excalator (past the Hooters)(inside joke) to the bowling alley. I don't have a clue what kind of filterless ciggie he is huffing, but it's really rank. He finally departs. I ran low on credits on my card so I switch to my card on S.T.'s machine. I had only played a few spins,then I hit paydirt.................

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      That's the 2nd best hand on the machine. It's funny that I had just done the math for that particular hit right before it hit. 

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 Since I was using my card I was already in the system. No S.S.# or ID necessary. After I got paid I was spinning the leftover credits.

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With that hit it was cash out time. I made a beeline upstairs to make a safe deposit. Back to the action, I wandered back over to the Wally Gator to see if the shorties were available. Score. I dial up 4 card keno using Sweet Ti's card. Our old friend and former Summerlin resident Scratchy showed us an interesting way to play this game years ago. I play a quarter per card on 4,5,6,7 spots respectively. I cover the same numbers, obviously adding 1 per card. A 1. bet total.

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 I raised the bet to .50 per card. Meanwhile on my card I'm playing 1. 9/5 DDB. A lady sits down a couple of machines over. As usual, we start talking. She lives in Arcadia California. Home of Santa Anita Racetrack.  Also  a number of wild peacocks.  Jimmy???



 Liz has them roosting all over her backyard. They make great watch birds. She proceeds to tell me about Lucky Baldwin and the peacocks. Lucky built Rancho Santa Anita and raised peacocks among other creatures. They eventually became wild. Great story Liz!

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                                             Lucky                                                     Liz

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 I cashed out a TITO for 1k and inserted a fresh hundy. I'm mostly concentrating on my VP play. That's one of the reasons I'm playing keno on S.T.'s card. I can just mindlessly reach over every couple of minutes and hit the button. Besides, I'm talking to Hank and Liz.

                                          Let's look in on the action with our roving reporter. Jim???


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                                                        Who knew that keno made music???

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                                                                  Life is good.

 I toked the attendants 20.'s and gave Boney a hundy. I like being paid over the bar, especially when it's by Hank. That's 2 handys in like 40 minutes. Although I did have to produce an ID seeing as it was Sweet Ti's card and all. They didn't really seem to care who's card was in the machine. This keeps my string of hand pays alive for this year. 3 trips to AC and now here in Vegas. Looks to be another winning trip! I make my 2nd trip upstairs to make a safe deposit. Then over by the Sportsbook for the YAH drawing. Between Sweet Ti & I we have won a hundy like 7 times. This wasn't one of those times. 

 It's pretty close to 5 p.m. That's when Ziggy & Bo are supposed to be here for our dinner date. I wait for them out front over by the Alligator Band. I am serenaded by the Nite Kings. They play every Wed. afternoon. My friends arrive and we make our way to the Prime Rib Loft. We are seated by the charming hostess. We will be Tio's guests tonight. Tio is old school, he's from Spain and has lived in Clark Co. for 30 years. They start with a white wine. I order a bottle of still. We start by ordering salads. This is their 4th time here and the menu is small. Tio delivers the salads with a flourish and asks if we are ready to order dinner. Ziggy was having none of that. He was a server at the Dunes back in the 80's . Turns out Tio worked at the Desert Inn around the same time frame. They started shooting the shit about being a server back then. Dining in one of their establishments meant tableside presentations. Dinner lasted a couple of hours. That's all changed now. Tio says management just wants to turn over the top. Then they started to talk about a restaurant in Mesquite that still does that sort of thing. Both of them had eaten there. Katherine's. Tio goes back to work and doesn't take our dinner order till we are well done with our salads. Zig & Bo get prime rib and I get the cowboy steak. They do tableside with the baked potatoes and Tio wows us. It was all very good. We were too full for dessert. My 4 person comp more than covered it. Their prices are pretty low. I left Tio a 50% tip. We walk around for a bit and end up our front where they parked. Ziggy suggests we drive to Mesquite on Friday to get some chips for my collection and check out Katherine's. Sounds like a plan. Zig is gonna cook us breakfast. That sounds lovely.


  I check out the B7's proggressive. Getting closer all the time to that cut off point. I play that one and Sweet Ti is playing the next one.

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                    That was about all I could scare up on either machine. Maybe I'll go back to the Wally shorties.

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 Or maybe not. It's pretty much packed. This just happens to be the first bar you come across if you are leaving your room. I boogie over to the Mardi Gras but it's the same there. Too close to the Sportsbook. That leaves the Crawdad Bar on this end on the casino. It's nearly dead. Plus the shorties are available. I play 1. DDB and Sweet Ti's card plays .50 DDB. I am the first on the board.

                                                          IMG_6207.JPG (1255447 bytes)


 Not to be left behind, Sweet Ti draws the 9,10,J, K of hearts and a J of clubs. My handy and probably illegal WinPoker app tells me to save the 4 hearts and throw away the J. Honestly, I would it say to either save the winning pair, or 3 to a Royal. Nopper.

                                                          IMG_6208.JPG (1368919 bytes)

                                                        Hope the Ace wasn't under that 9.

  Methinks it's about time for some slot action. I start out with some Texas Tea and the .25 denom with a 6.75 bet. Take it away Jim>>>


                                                          IMG_6210.JPG (1966418 bytes)

                                             Time to up the stake to 11.25, right Jimmy????



                                                              IMG_6212.JPG (1912379 bytes)   

                                                           IMG_6213.JPG (1506628 bytes)     

            I cash out at 600. and move over to some Stinking Rich at .05 denom with a 5. bet. Do it again there James.....



                                                           IMG_6217.JPG (1659025 bytes)

                                                           IMG_6218.JPG (1596654 bytes)

 The later it gets around here, the worse the smoke. Think it's about time to migrate to the NS section. Dial up some Texas Tea Jim Jim-



                                                           IMG_6220.JPG (1923995 bytes)          

                                                                       9. bet


           I end the evening with some DBDW at the uprights in the NS area. I always forget about these. They are near the buffet.  

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                                  IMG_6222.JPG (1734076 bytes)              IMG_6223.JPG (1539556 bytes)             

                                                 Yo                                         S.T.

 It's been a very pleasant and profitable day. Absolutely puts me ahead for the trip. Plus there's still 3 full days left to go. Stay tuned!

                                              Coin in- ST: 2500.                    Tears- ST: 380

                                                       RB: 10,074.                           RB: 1209   

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                                     06.13.2019 Mine is just another scene


                                  06.11.2019 A wonderful caricature of intimacy




                                                                                 *Young at Heart, Johnny Richards