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                          06.15.2019 You can be sure I've been grinding, 'till I'm grinding to a halt*

 Hey Now! Here we go gang. I roll out this evening around 8 p.m. for home. No time to lose. I'm up at 7 a.m. and do the rest of my basic packing. I'll fine tune it later. First thing I make a beeline for the Mardi Gras. Daniel has my fine Irish beverage waiting at my machine.

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As I'm setting Sweet Ti up for some 4 card Keno, Daniel tells me about his adventure last night at Jackson's. He was playing 4 card keno there and hit for 2,200. Nice hit Daniel! Meanwhile I had switched to BP on my machine. Wouldn't you know it.

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                  By now it's time for me to take Kujo back across the street and give him up. He's been a really good boy.

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                                                                 Crack Whore time.

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                                           Time for the extremely rare Crack Whore Parley. Jim?



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 That was profitable for a change. It's Bonefish season by now. Hank is working the Crawdad Bar today and says "Hey Now!" as he walks by with his till. By the time I arrive at my usual shorty machine, he has me a fine Irish beverage waiting. That's my Boney!

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                                                                Fake out!

 He gives me a little more info on his new Beau. Her name is Janie (Super) Powers. They have been friends in the Vegas Vortex group for like 10 years. It's amazing the change in this man. Way to go my friend. He also tells me about LIPS. The Ladies International Poker Series is currently taking place here at the Orleans. Best moniker ever. Seem there's several different poker tourneys going on here to coincide with the WSOP at the Rio. Meanwhile I ah, didn't hit shit. Business awaits so I bop over to Invited Guests to see May. She sets me up with a limo to the airport later and makes sure that whatever charges to the room are taken care of. Done. She tells me that we should only play one card rather than 2 in order to get better comps. And that our trips are too long. Unsolicited advice to be sure. That's our May. These Eastern Europeans have absolutely no filter. I thank her for everything. 

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                                                         Still chasing that darn thing

                                             Time for some fancy Top Dollar footage. Jimmy???


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                                                  I still prefer the old school version

 I need to remember to stop back by Invited Guests to pick up  my Macy's gift card. Don't let me forget! Meanwhile I hit the gift shop for some swag. I score Sweet Ti a killer Day of the Dead shirt and grab me another Orleans shirt too. I've got a bunch of comps to dispose of, or at least get the balance down. I hate to leave too much on the table just in case I don't make it back within the required 6 months. Upstairs to take a shower and finish packing. That means all I have left to do is gambol. I attend my task. Back to the Crawdad.

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                                                       Time to switch to DDB

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                                                             good timing!

   I need some nourishment and I think that Big Al's fits the bill. Happy Hour. 13 oysters and a chunk of that killer bread please Jose!

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                                                         Apalachicola's finest

 That was lovely. Back one last time to the Crawdad. Hank tells me he set up a Fire Circle last night. He has a Shift Pod tent he set up. This thing is up to 35 cooler inside. Pretty swift. I dial up some Boner Deluxe.

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                                                          Perfect. Now DDB.

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                                                    Hank tells me "The bar is closed"

 He is off to finish preparations for his mystic gathering. Till next trip my friend. Be Still! I am off in search of my own emlightenment. QH style. I have found a likely suspect. This QH Progressive is just below 1200. 1194.52. Let's see if I can pull this off in time.

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                                                       Now that's the way to do it!

 The machine doesn't even make a sound either. Perfect. I hang out while Eric retrieves my winnings. I'm a happy camper. I tip him well. I spun off and proceed over to try something completely different. And the results were indeed completely different. One last time Jim.....



                                             One last time on the Cracked Glass Special   

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                                                        127.     At least I think.

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   The lonely diner's table for something a bit more substantial to tide me over for my upcoming journey. Plus a stash of those killer oatmeal raisin cookies for my backpack. Then it's over to Invited Guests to see about that there gift card. Nervous Derrick was doing the honors as always. But he can't find me on his list. Apparently Linda didn't sign me up for this promotion. He says that's not uncommon, but not to worry, he will take care of me. I tell him that I appreciate it. Derrick is having some kind of operation in August and will be out for 6 weeks. That should make things interesting around here. I wish him well in his recovery.

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                                                   Sweet Ti can shop till she drops!

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      I stopped by Rocky Mtn. Chocolate Warehouse  to get some of their killer English toffee to take home. It's totally the bomb.

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                                                 One last shot at that B7's Progressive 

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                                               yo                                              S.T.

 Time to leave paradise. I grab my bags and stop by Invited Guests to check out. The grand total for 8 nights is exactly 0.00 which is a very nice round number. Can't beat it. I hang out at the front desk lounge to await my ride. There's 4 Latina Ladies sitting on one of the couches there dressed to the nines. They are waiting for their limo to take them out for Saturday night on the strip.      

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                                           They left behind about a pound of glitter.

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                                                Not too busy for Saturday evening

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My ride shows up right on time and  I am greeted by today's local, John. John has been driving for Bell Transportation for 7 years now. He retired as a Detective in New Jersey and moved here to be near his daughter and grandkids. He regales me with tales of police work right outside of NYC. Scary shit. He's a helluva driver though. Thanks for the spine-tingling ride John. When I checked in for my flight I noticed a prime seat available and snagged it up. I breezed thru TSA and thankfully didn't lose but 70. playing while I waited at the gate. 

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                                                             Leg room for days!

 A 2 hour layover in Detroit and I on to Richmond and back home to hug my Sweet Ti. Quite an exciting adventure. I brought home twice as much bankroll as I left with too. Plus 750. in Macy's cards and assorted swag for my Baby. AND we are returning for Labor Day!

                                     Thanks for coming along for the ride. Till next time, Be Still and Good Luck Y'all!  

                                   Totals:    Coin in- S.T. 1210.       Tears-  140

                                                         RB   13003.               1404

                                     Trip Total Tears:    S.T.  1075

                                                              RB    8892



                                                                          * Swan Song, Bruce Hornsby