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                                09.01.2019  I'll sing you a song with no words and no tune*

 Hey Now! One nice thing about these suites is the door between the main room and the bedroom. It allows for Sweet Ti to get her requisite 10 hours of sleep whilst I noodle around the place. Time to make it a bit festive. Never have enough fairy lights and such.

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 We are in the 1st room on the right in the newer part of the hotel tower. The view is not bad of pretty much everything from the T-Mobile on northward. Best part is that it's close to the elevators. This is a really long hallway if you happen to get on the other end.

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                                              can't quite make out the fairy lights from this angle

 Smokey El lives up to her name as I crank the AC. We are headed to the Wally World over on Rainbow. Sort of. I pulled out onto Cameron towards Tropicana and was turned around by the police. Something is going on between McMullan's Irish Pub and the Orleans parking lot on Cameron. I make a U turn and head toward Flamingo. But there's some major road construction going on so it's University to Decatur. Then Flamingo to Rainbow. The signage leaves quite a bit to the imagination insofar as to where to drive. I finally make it to Wally World and it's awful dark inside the store. I walk up and ask security what's up. "They don't open till 6 a.m.". Well, I'll be. Wally World Megastore in Las Vegas is closed on a Holiday weekend. That's cool, it's only a 20 minute wait. Plus, I get to watch the sun rise over the valley.

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 Now that we are well stocked with our healthy breakfast items I head Smokey El for home. Coming down Tropicana I see Cameron is still blocked off, so I make the loop around the far side to Arville and into the selfish park. I pull over to the Cameron side for a closer look.

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 I can see a couple of officers picking up evidence off of the street. Then I hear singing and chanting. I never noticed before, but there's a patio to the side of McMullan's that overlooks Cameron. There's a 5 foot wall below that to get to the street level. A bunch of people are looking over the wrought iron fence at the edge of the patio. There's some uniformed officers and some in brown jumpsuits. And a dude standing amongst them in a white t-shirt. He appears to be leading the crowd in song. Then he is passed down a phone from the crowd above, and hands it to one of the cops. The cop walks out in the middle of the street and takes a photo of the rest of the cops, the t- shirt dude, and the crowd. They are all hooting, hollering, and singing. Then the t shirt dude runs out in the road, jumps up and down waving his arms, and leads another song. Sounds like rugby songs. He shakes the cops hands and jumps up the wall and dangles from the wrought iron fence. The cops start removing their cones and caution tape. Just another Sunday morning at 7 a.m. in Las Vegas.

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                                                                       swag sack

 Aloft my Sweet Ti is already up and on her 2nd cup of Keurig coffee. I whip us up a nice meal of yogurt, granola, cereal, nuts, and fruit. We tune in 8 News Now and hear the report. "Just another shooting in Spring Valley this morning. Non-life threatening". Well isn't that reassuring. It happened about an hour before I left. Scary. We hang out for a bit and I go down for a session while Sweet Ti doesn't.

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                                                               today's starting point.

 I actually have 10,207 tears currently. I will hopefully hit 15k during this trip. It doesn't look like there's another trip here on the horizon before the end of the year. We are thinking about maybe doing the cruise that comes with the Shiny Green card next year.

                                                Let's start with some W4 live play there Jimmy,,,,,


                                                           quick hundy!

             Yikes! Maybe I'll try something different. There's a bank of good ol' 3 reel IGT machines over by Invited Guests. 

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                                                               make that Limited Access

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 While I am spinning, I notice that our chauffer, Ron is sitting inside the Limited Access Invited Guests office and talking to May. He must not have any rides to tend to. He is sitting there for the better part of a hour. This fairly young Asian dude with a backpack looks in and sees them talking. So he leaves. He comes back twice and does the same thing. I suppose he didn't want to bother them. Ron noticed him but fairly ignored him. Finally another couple come in to see May and Ron leaves and walks over to me. I didn't bring up the subject. His next pickup is downtown. The last time I went DT I saw his limo parked outside of the Cali. He says they do a lot of their rides. Sweet Ti joins me and we are off in search of game. She suggests "that fish girl game". I think she means Super Sally's Shrimpmania. Insert coin.

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                                                           drunken shrimp abounding!

             Next I try some Texas Tea whilst Sweet Ti tries a bit of surfing. Fire up the Catch the Wave film please Jim!!!!


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                                                    plus S.T. had cranked it to .10 denom

         My Baby Duck did rather well for herself but I never did strike any oil. What she profited I lost so we will call it a push.

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  Looks like they can't quite make up their minds what to do with this space. This is where they moved the cafe to while they remodeled it. It's been sitting empty ever since. It even has a bar and a stage. Since it's Sunday y'all- it's time to hit up the Sunday Brunch! 

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                                                                  Na zdrowie!


 Although Sweet Ti did give the champagne 3 sporks. It isn't quite one of those fancy brunches, but it was good. Especially comped. After that we putzed around and were deciding on some 3 reels. Sweet Ti asked me about the lone Top Dollar Premium machine. I told her that it wasn't around the Higher Limit anymore. And then I walked right up to it there beside the bowling excalators (past the Hooters). So I suggest we do a group pull with both of our TITOs. 5. a spin. We didn't hit shit. I mean Nuttin' Honey. Time for a game break. We head aloft for another foot rub and Sweet Ti decides to take a nap. This gaming is hard work!!! I take my leave after padding the BR.

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 So there are 3 of these Crack Whore machines between the Crawdad and Wally Gator Bars. 2 of the faceplates say Multi-Strike Ultra Deluxe and the other says Multi-Strike Super Times Pay. They both have the same games. I have always played the right hand one. The .25 Multi Strike Super Times Pay game I usually play is 9/5 DDB. I never bothered to check the other machines. I should have. Turns out the next one over pays 9/6 for the same game. Who knew? It certainly isn't listed on vpfree2. So keep it under your hat.

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                                                                     you decide.

That just goes to show you should check every machine. Lesson learned. I inserted coinage a few times practicing. Very volatile bitch. Too rich for my blood. I spent the rest of my BR playing some NS upright .25 9/6 DDB machines instead. Didn't fare much better. Sweet Ti texted me that she was feeling a bit peckish. She wants a Million Dollar Cobb Salad. So I make my way over to TGIF. I kinda like hanging out at the bar waiting for my to go order. It's usually not too busy so I can sit at the bar and work on my notes while I'm waiting. I give Stephen my order and attend to my task. He asks what I'm doing so I show him. Turns out that he's a fledgling blogger and today's local.

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 Stephen moved here from Pennsylvania last year. On the way he stopped to see his grandparents who live in Woodstock, VA. I used to trout fish there some years ago. Stephen was interested in setting up a blog so I provided him some tips. I jotted my info down.

                                                    IMG_6733.JPG (1257825 bytes)

                                                         on the back of a T.J.

 I grab my grub and wish Stephen luck with his endeavors. I butler up a fine repast for my betrothed. I feast on my leftover club sammich. I get a call from our Ziggy. Things have much improved with nasty old Dorian as far as the boys in Florida are concerned. It looks like she will be staying off of the coast. We commiserate over the devastation she wrought on the Bahamas though. We make our plans for them to attend the Prime Rib Loft tomorrow afternoon. Sounds like a plan. Sweet Ti and I chill out and watch Endeavor on the local PBS. Blimey!

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                                         Totals:  3985 bconned points        739 tears

                                                         sitting at 10,971 tears


                              09.02.2019 Like that y'all, we on a festive date


                         08.31.2019 I want to take you to, the City of Dreams




                                                        * Lazy Sunday, Small Faces