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                                         09.03.2015 Well, You Gotta Have Friends!

  Hey Now! Slept in till 7 a.m. Down for an early gambol. I hit the kiosk to activate my multiplier. Abe is working at the Wally Gator. I take my place at my usual shorty machine there under Wally's head. Insert coin, but the buttons don't work. These are some really old bartops, and they are showing their age. So Abe calls Shorty over. Shorty is 7'1" tall. For real. He used to play basketball. Go figure. He can barely pry open the top. It's just got too many globs of sticky sweet goo everywhere. Time to put in an order to have this puppy rebuilt. Too bad as it has given up 2 Royals for moi over the years. I insert coin at Sweet Ti's machine next to it but can't hit shit on 8/5 BP. Ominous beginnings... Down a Hundy already!. Time for our Sweet Ti to have her breakfast service so it's Jittery Vega$ for the first rendezvous of the day. Reneeee.

"RENEEEEE!!!"- "BRUCIEEEE!!!!! We yell at each other oblivious to the yet to be caffienated crowd. She is such a sweetheart, single Mom with 2 late teen kiddos. I promise to send Sweet Ti her way later and get the usual. 2 speakers and a microphone...I mean 2 coffees and a Tiger Paw.  As I enter our place Sweet Ti has just awoken. Perfect. It's just after 9 a.m. and Ziggy should be getting ready for work. He keeps our cooler, WheelieŽ, for us and I'm gonna call him to remind him. But it goes to voice mail. I leave a message. He calls back and chews me out. He goes in at 9 a.m. on Thursday. "Let me tell you something- I told you that!!!" He didn't bring it. Now y'all have to understand that Zigmund is Polish. He doesn't filter anything he says. Yes, you told me Zig. I forgot. It's cool. I tell him we are on our way to see him anyway at Terrible's. Sliver Sevens. We shower and hop in Roja. I fire up our new and improved Garmin GPS, Sue. She is da bomb.Finds satellites like now! And Roja even came with Sirius, so we find the Grateful Dead channel and jam out. 


                                                                  First kitty sighting.

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             Sliver Sevens is just about empty as we make our way to our Ziggy who is manning the Sports Bar.                    

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He gives us our hugs before launching into a ration of shit for me. He is looking really fit. Bo and him and of course Dusty their trusty terrior went to Mt. Charleston yesterday. We play catch up while playing the best they have to offer- 8/6 Boner Deluxe.

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                                 Our Sweet Ti leads off with the first 4OAK of this sojourn.

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Ziggy is gonna bring WheelieŽ tomorrow and is getting busy at the bar so we tell him tomorrow it is and return to Orleans. As we are walking up to thw Wally Gator Hank Bonefish spots us and yells out "Welcome Home!" He too is looking really fit. He says he has been doing yoga along with the drum circles, magic, and his other mystical endeavors. Meanwhile, I got a call from our friend Dave. Dave and I work at the same military installation in VA. We are the same age too. He and his wife Nina came out west a couple of days ago. Dave's father Bob has lived here for about 45 years. He retired from running a HVAC company after retiring from the Air Force as a Colonel. He's 84. Dave says they are busy today, but maybe we can come over to Bob's tomorrow. Sounds like yet another plan. Right now it's lunch time. Courtyard Cafe. Rosa will be our serving buddy today. Sweet Ti orders the Ox Tail Soup after Rosa's recommendation. I got the Double Burger special. I flagged down Yen (not making that up) our friendly Keno runner and bought in 20 games/6 spot/$20. I ended repeating this every time we ate there. The food came along with our Keno ticket.

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I would have loved to give this meal 3 sporks, but Sweet Ti really liked her soup, and I really didn't like my burger. So I called it a draw at 2. Meanwhile I scored a cool 3 buck return on my investment. See, you don't have to be Canadian to be a savvy gambler! Back at thw Wally Gator, Sweet Ti has produced Hank Bonefish's patented Magic Patron Mushrooms. Time to insert coin.




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So Hank whittles these little jewels out of said corks and paints them. Personally I like the polka dots. Today is Gift Day here at the Big Easy. They are giving away cookware. We ask Hank Bonefish if he could use a couple of saucepans. Sure, he's putting together a camp kitchen, so we hook him up. Sweet Ti has swollen ankles- probably from the flight. So I take her up so that she can put up her leg. Back at the Wally Gator Hank introduces me to today's local. Dude by the name of Mark. He's a 25 year Vega$ Vet. He installs glass on buildings. Mostly tall buildings. Usually casino resorts. Man- can that dude tell a story. He finally wandered off, and Hank's shift was over. So I wandered around the casino checking out the slot offerings. Not sure, but I may have heard a Buffalo calling in the distance. About this time, Sweet Ti calls. She is awake from her nappy time, and hungry. I make her an offer. She accepts. I'm beat. Total coin in: 5.9k Zzzzzzzzz.

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