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                                                                 09.03.2019 Got your girl in the cut and she choosey*

    Hey Now! Talk about coming back from the dead yesterday. Things weren't looking too promising, but that's all in the past. For now. I got my shit together and kissed my lover farewell. Smokey El & I are on the road to the Suncoast. Sort of. I blew right past Durango and got on the Bruce Woodbury. I had only the vaguest idea where the Suncoast is in relation to where I am. I'm just kinda aimlessly cruisin' about in Summerlin. Man, this place is big and spread out!. Howard Hughes had an eye for real estate. I rather inconveniently left Sue the GPS at home. So I throw caution to the wind and dial up Google Maps. Historically, I haven't had the best of luck using this app. I am in some obscure upscale planned community in the middle of nowhere. Miss Google tells me I'm 4.5 miles from the Suncoast. So I obediently follow her directions. Soon enough things start popping into view from out of the desert.

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                                                              As the sun rises........   

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                                                              Shiny, Green Parking

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                                                       The excalator past the Hooters

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                                                                  Starting point

 11x BConned awaits. Thanks to some savvy members of the VMB I found the location of the 2x tear points VP machines here. Observe:

                                  IMG_6792.JPG (1422342 bytes)            IMG_6793.JPG (1566095 bytes) 

            IMG_6794.JPG (1596983 bytes)        IMG_6795.JPG (1616129 bytes)       IMG_6796.JPG (1415933 bytes)

                        6/5 BP                                      9/6/4 DBP                            7/5 Boner Deluxe

           IMG_6797.JPG (1454718 bytes)         IMG_6798.JPG (1795688 bytes)        IMG_6799.JPG (1815967 bytes)

                    8/5  DDB                                       6/5 TB+                                 7/5 Shockwave

 That's the menu as far as .25 VP is concerned. Well, there are a few more available, but those are all I checked. I did check .50/1. BP and DDB, but they were the same. Your mileage may vary. I landed on some .50 Shockwave. 4OAK 6's. Let's see the results James--->>


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                                                         Such exciting disappointment 

 It's very quiet in this end of the Suncoast this morning. I'm the only one here. I think I could get used to this place. Middle of nowhere. Easy going Elton John elevator music. Then a Cat Stevens cover -Wild World...with horns. Weird. 

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                                             A Bagel deli is just what they need at the Orleans

                                                         IMG_6804.JPG (1539345 bytes)

                                                           Parley to .50 DDB results

                                                         IMG_6805.JPG (1727150 bytes)

                                                            Parley to 1. DDB results

 What's with these 4OAK 6's???? They each add up to 24. My lucky number y'all. I stayed too long and ended up on .25 Boner Deluxe.

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                                                                Delta straight flush!

            I'll admit right now that I cheated and looked this one up. I'm pretty sure I hold all 5. WinPoker survey says-

                                                          IMG_6807.JPG (1813064 bytes)


         That was awful tempting though. It's time to do some cyphering. Let's see 2167 daily points times 2. Divided by 276 tears.

                                                            IMG_6809.JPG (1428692 bytes)

                                                                    15.70 per tear

 That's actually better than I thought it would be. But those odds! I guess it's worth it for those 11x BConned points. Tringlomane help!!!!

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        I got suckered into this here BG machine much to my chagrin. But the buffalo chips once again didn't fall my way yet again.

                                                             IMG_6813.JPG (1314772 bytes)

                                                                    Suncoast results

 I do wish they hadn't upgraded the old kisoks at the Orleans. I like these much better. I guess these will be the next to go. Right now, it's time for me to skedaddle. I took no chances and took Decatur to Tropicana. Upstairs Sweet Ti is Facetiming with Heather and Pip and today's local,  the maid is giving the room the once over.I'm only using the maid as today's local because I'm desperate for a today's local. I tell her that the bed doesn't need to be changed and hand her a fiver. She is extremely grateful and lets herself out. I just don't get people not tipping the maid. I look it as having an extra eye on the place. I make us a fine breakfast and we ease ourselves into the day. 

                 IMG_6818.JPG (1615044 bytes)       IMG_6819.JPG (1401926 bytes)      IMG_6820.JPG (1367598 bytes)



 Except that it ate all of our money. Sweet Ti finds us the biggest WoF machine I've ever laid my eyes on. Got this huge handle too.

                IMG_6821.JPG (1677487 bytes)       IMG_6824.JPG (1204336 bytes)       IMG_6825.JPG (1499113 bytes)

                                                             Next on please Jim???


                                                           IMG_6827.JPG (1627089 bytes)

                                                                   tell 'em Vanna!

I'll play any game with a bench seat. So we are wandering about investing here and there with no great returns. Make that any returns.

                                                            IMG_6832.JPG (1649645 bytes)

                                                                    spinning away

 This lady is in the middle of an intense session of B7's. Every once and a while she would take a peek above the first reel as if something only she knows about is written there. Maybe she is looking for a sign. Sweet Ti and I decide to do a buffet. I'm assuming we found everything to our satisfaction because the only thing I wrote down was buffet. Not impressed. Room comp. When we finished we walked back over and the peeking lady was still there. I notice the jackpot was hit. Did you get it? She grinned and said "Yup". Congrats!!!!    Peek. 

                IMG_6835.JPG (1493401 bytes)       IMG_6836.JPG (1438419 bytes)     IMG_6837.JPG (872895 bytes)

I have seen this game around for a long time. Never played it till now. The info is 30 screens long. The hundy went with narry a feature. That's a sinister looking Aussie. Crikey! Mark texted me that he was at Rosie's at Colonial Downs and finally got a nice hit-

                                                                   EFA705OWkA8k_rV.jpg (425314 bytes)

                                                                    HHR handpay

 It was pretty much all downhill from there. We even tried some keno at the ancient slant machines next to the Keno Lounge. I invested in 20 live games at 1. per game. 5 spot. On the slants, I set up Sweet Ti on Scratchy's 4 card keno method, and I played Caveman Keno. That's major chillin'. Especially right in this area of the casino. There's this wind vortex between the showroom and the excalators (past the Hooters) to the event rooms. We happen to be just on the edge of it. We couldn't scare up any 5 spots. Sweet Ti is done for the evening and I walk her up. We decide on TGIF to go for dinner so I head back down and pick up dinner. You guessed it- room comp. 

                                                             IMG_6840.JPG (1682817 bytes)

 So we gave back a good chunk of our winnings today. But tomorrow it's YAH so it's yet another 11x day. And Ziggy is cooking!!!!

                                               Totals:  Suncoast 319 tears     23837 bconned 

                                                          Orleans 676 tears     37730 bconned

                                                                  Sitting at 13200 tears 


                                    09.04.2019  I think it's coming on the wind


                                  09.02.2019 Like that y'all, we on a festive date




                                                                      * Tuesday, Burak Yeter