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                                     09.05.2019 Well, a doctor and a lawyer and a Indian chief*

   Hey Now! Welcome back- oh, we never left. I'm going for a pre dawn chip run this morning. Smokey El coughs her way north on I-15 to Sahara. First stop is the newly re-named Strat. I know for a fact they released their new chips to the pits recently. 

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 There's just something I love about driving around the Valley just before dawn. Something shiny and unexpected usually pops up. I've only been here once before for a trip. Same time frame. Then and now I wanted to go up the tower, but it's closed. 108 Drinks isn't open 24/7. Believe it or not, I even remembered how to get to the extremely sketchy selfish park. Overlooking a real fine neighborhood.

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                                          The really spooky part is that there's a 7-11 down there too.

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 It's def shiny and new. There were several constructionlings working the floor. More of them than there were players. New machines and felt abounding. In a recent episode of the Vital Vegas Podcast, Scott interviewed Brian Stanton, VP of table games at the Strat. One of the things they talked about was the Strat's new camera/video policy. They actually encourage it. Amazing. I hope it spreads!

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As far as BJ goes, there are fairly liberal rules and very low limits. I talked to a pit boss and a dealer, they were very friendly. Only 6 spots at the tables, and built in cup holders. The dealer even found me an unused chip for my collection. And eventually, I'll do the tower.

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 I made sure to take a good look around the selfish park and watched my back as I walked back to Smokey Elly. Here's that 7-11.....

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                                                                   Twilight Zone

                  Let's see y'all- I think I need to get over to Paradise to the entrance to the parking garage. I give it a try.

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 Hey Now! 2 for 2. I'll take it. This is yet another cheezy looking place. The elevator is STILL desperately in need of an upgrade. So this is actually my 3rd trip here. I came to the Sahara, and when it was SLS I got my requisite chip. That was probably 3 years ago. The elevators were bad then. Ziggy & Bo's oldest son Sebastian worked here in the cage until this spring. It's a long walk to get inside.

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          I passed these 2 on my way in. That chick was absolutely shit faced. The dude had his hands full, that's for sure. 

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                                                            Here's the other chips from my collection       

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 It's certainly different from the SLS. They added an actual finished ceiling. No more industrial look. I kinda figured they didn't have the new chips yet, but I walked up to a Pit Boss and Dealer talking to ask. They said the chips would be coming soon. The Pit Boss introduced herself as today's local, Marta. Marta came here from down the street a bit before the change. She has lived here about 10 years. I ask about the work on the ceiling. She says it was tough since they remained open. And the construction continues. Then I asked about their filming policy, seeing as their neighbor just up the street relaxed theirs. "As long as I don't see you filming, you're golden. No dealers pics though". Got it. One more thing Marta, where'd y'all put that video wall thingy? "Around the bend". Thanks! 

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                                                                 There it is- right Jim????



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                                                                         Sam's Urns

     I find it interesting that they really aren't playing up the name more. Maybe it's because they aren't finished yet. Spare signage. 

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                                                               The only signage I could find

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                                                                 you can't get there from here

 Speaking of which, on the way back to the ranch I am going to use a bit of a local curiosity around here. There's a tunnel that runs underneath the strip. Desert Inn Rd. I tell you what, you can get from the convention center to the Orleans in short order this way!

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 That went well. I will be using this stealthy way in the future. Sweet Ti texted me on the way. Perfect. Upstairs, I make us some breakfast. Today is Spa Day for my baby. Yesterday I finally talked her into reserving a 90 minute massage by Joe. He has worked her over a couple of times. She gets a gym bag together and we go down to the Spa. As we are checking her in I notice that the attendant's name on the form that Sweet Ti gets is Barbara. I ask if Joe came in today. Yepper, he is working but is working the front desk from 9-10 a.m. Bullshit. We specifically asked for him. Finally the manager came out and said she would work the front desk. Joe was available. I certainly hope so.  Later on Sweet Ti told me that Joe was hot when he found out. He makes much more doing massages than manning the desk. He only ended up charging her for an hour massage. She tipped him very well. I leave her to her pampering. On my way down, I ride with a really cute couple from just outside of Philly. They have been coming here for years. They don't gambol, but love to come whenever the cowboys are in town. They are coming back for the NFR and the Cowboy Christmas Convention. Move along little doggies. 

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                                                                 today's starting point

                                      IMG_7020.JPG (1031925 bytes)       IMG_7021.JPG (1097172 bytes)

                                                 Cracked Glass Special earning it's reputation.

 Next I try some Money Rain. While I'm playing, Mark calls. He won't be back home this evening. Cox has all of their area techs working 16 hour shifts. They don't currently have any outages. Dorian is playing hell with the OBX- especially Ocracoke Island, but our area appears like it's going to be spared. This is a good thing. Dorian should be long gone out to sea by Saturday morning when we fly in. Money Rain ended up munching down all the profit I made on the C.G.S. I need to shed some major tears today and I know just where to grind them out. TRH7's. That sweet .25 5 line NS machine. Plus this end of the casino is damn near empty this time of day. Insert coin. Jim???


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                                                                 2005.25 on a .25 bet

 Noice! I can't share the good news with my Sweet Ti since she is currently getting her Joe work over. Rhonda the slotling needs to be "activated" before she can regester my hand pay. Her card doesn't work in the reader. Welcome to the club. Most times I have to take my card back out and reinsert several times. Her problem is that there's nobody at home to answer her calls. She finally raises someone to get the ball rolling. They eventually show up with the money and everything is lovely. But then I realize that Rhonda has made off with my "We've got a winner" sign. I keep my own in my journal. Time to go run down Rhonda. I find her and recover my lost property. Then it's up to the room to make a deposit. It's nice to bundle up a couple thousand this late in our trip. Back down, I hit up the Higher Limit. I'm feelin' some Triple Gold Bars but the card reader doesn't work. Sound familiar? Then I go to cash out and the jackpot light comes on. Hand pay- 100. and I nary even a spin. So the next machine is TriDiaDeluxe. 2. denom. 2 credit bet. I played that and waited. 

                  IMG_7033.JPG (1571792 bytes)       IMG_7034.JPG (1341036 bytes)        IMG_7035.JPG (1180846 bytes)

                                                                     Not a slotling in sight.

 This seems to be a reoccurring theme of this trip. I'm always waiting for service. Even the CWs are scarce. The dude finally shows up right as I'm finishing losing a hundy. He opens the machine to check things out and then leaves again to fetch a hundy for me. So I insert coin again while I wait. About the time I'm finishing losing THAT hundy, he shows up with my money. Cost me two hundy to recover one.

                                                              IMG_7036.JPG (927389 bytes)

                                                                 I keep on getting mixed

                                     IMG_7039.JPG (1287722 bytes)           IMG_7040.JPG (1720899 bytes)

 Both of those last pics have stories. But re-reading them I decided they aren't worth telling. Trust me on this one. I stopped in to see May. She had a blast the last 4 days in Cali. I ask her about the Spa charges and she looks them up. "Boom! I made all of your room charges including the Spa disappear". Thanks May. Then it's back to the Higher Limit where my newly refreshed Sweet Ti surprises me. She is well kneaded and hydrated. Fairly glowing. I already had sent her pics of my HP, and I catch her up on the rest of my morning.

                                                             IMG_7042.JPG (1136947 bytes)

                                                                   good ol' Bonus Times

                                                             IMG_7043.JPG (1694414 bytes) 

                                                                       14951 tears

                                                              IMG_7044.JPG (1828596 bytes)

                                                                   2020 about sewn up

 We buffeted lunch. I had that leftover YAH buffet coupon and put it to use. Still gotta be frugal y'all! We are directed to follow the hostess. I don't even see her, and finally see her waving to us. She gives us a table and as I do the Southern Gentleman Routine and puii out the chair for my Sweet Ti we notice that the chairs are wet. Then Sweet Ti sees that the table hasn't been wiped off and it's dirty. We say so and the Hostess says "Where?". Seriously? About this time our waitress Cassandra shows up. "I'll handle it". She quickly gets us straight. She says "Not too sure about that hostess". We concurr. We eat very lightly as we are due to leave for Henderson pretty soon.

                                                      IMG_7046.JPG (1203816 bytes)

                                                              Sweet Glow Ti

                                                      IMG_7045.JPG (876779 bytes)

                                                                Porcine fun

                                                       IMG_7049.JPG (1319615 bytes)

                                                           today's gift- China's best!

                                                       IMG_7048.JPG (2047265 bytes)

                                                                  15115 tears

 Well, it's now official. Emerald, the shiny green card remains in effect till the end of 2020. I doubt if that ever happens again. We head aloft to get ready, and in a blast of smoke stink our way to Henderson. I timed it perfect so that we are 5 minutes early. Gotta keep 'em guessing. We hung out for a few minutes and then all piled in Bo's tricked out RAV4 XLE bound for Hidden Valley Green Valley Ranch.

                                IMG_7053.JPG (1276730 bytes)          IMG_7052.JPG (1245709 bytes)

                                                Sweet Ti has an LE. I think she's jealous.

 Leather seats, a bigger monitor display, and a couple of other Bond-like features. Nice ride. Inside the casino, Ziggy points out a bar. 

                                   IMG_7054.JPG (1505217 bytes)  IMG_7055.JPG (1096595 bytes)

                                                      "That wasn't there last week"

 Ziggy should know. He tended bar long enough. We made our way to the buffet and got in line. There was a bit of a snafu  is using their points for our cost of admission, but it was soon worked out. It did bring out a bit of Ziggy's wrath though. Just a bit thankfully. 

     IMG_7056.JPG (1332841 bytes)  IMG_7057.JPG (1110353 bytes)  IMG_7058.JPG (1214021 bytes)  IMG_7059.JPG (1200899 bytes)

                                    IMG_7060.JPG (1142195 bytes)                 IMG_7061.JPG (1022904 bytes)


         I must say that it was better that the Orleans offerings, but nothing really special. Well, the company certainly was. 

                                                                IMG_7062.JPG (1494165 bytes)

                                                                    show those colors y'all!

        Back at their ranch, we sat and talked for hours. It was finally time to bid our friends adieu for now. Safe travels all around.

                                            IMG_7064.JPG (1138910 bytes)   IMG_7069.JPG (1088983 bytes)

 Back at OUR ranch, I leave my betrothed to her PBS and head down for battle. I landed on 9/5 DDB 3 hand progressive. Insert coin.

                                                            EGEdqdhUcAEqNwB.jpg (479769 bytes)


  Alas, there's no parley available. But I stuck with it. I am so overdue for a Royal I can taste it. And a dealt Royal??? That would work.

                              IMG_7071.JPG (1178874 bytes)                      IMG_7074.JPG (1592149 bytes)

                                                                     didn't happen  

                              IMG_7075.JPG (1840588 bytes)                      IMG_7076.JPG (1817709 bytes)

                                                                    only 2 away.....

 I need to use that YAH 10. MP before it expires. Roulette fits the bill. I buy in for 20. Ask for reds. I put 2 and the MP on odd. 19 hits. Winner! Sweet Ti's lucky number. But I'll take it for the win. I contemplate playing 19 and my number, 24 solid, but instead play the first row. 36 hits. Winner! Cashed out 50. I ended my evening at a QH progressive. I lasted a bit, but ended up creditless. 

                                                           IMG_7077.JPG (2090767 bytes)

 It's been a profitable day. Just what we needed. So from this point on we are gonna be risking only our profits and going home with the ol' BR intact. Sweet. We are at 26 hours and counting left in our journey. 

                                              Totals: 1090 tears             31547 bconned  

                                                            Sitting at 15291 tears


                            09.06.2019 It's so much more brighter than the sun is to me


                             09.04.2019  I think it's coming on the wind



                                                                        *Willie and the Hand Jive, Johnny Otis