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                                                   09.06.2019 It's so much more brighter than the sun is to me*

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  Hey Now! And today it gets real. Our flight is at 11pm so we are keeping the room. I slept in till 7 and got Sweet Ti up soon after. We munch and pretty much finish our packing. I'm taking Ti over to The Nails Place  for yet another pampering when they open at 8:30.

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                                                                       rally point

 I left my lover in very capable hands. Literally. These ladies are the real thing. At the Big Easy I truck on over to the Mardi Gras Bar. There I find our old friend Daniel. He's looking fit too. I never can remember his schedule. I wrote it down this time. Not that that will help me remember next trip. He works Wed. thru Sat. 2 am to 10 am and he loves it. Daniel went 2 years without a regular shift when he made the transition from bar back to barkeep.

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                                                                      Way to go dude.          

                                      Time for a parley. Let's start with .25 9/6 DDB 3 hand. Insert coin.

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                                                                      Parley to .50

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 Yepper, I parleyed up to dollars. But skedaddled back down to .50 soon after. On the background jams they are playing California Stars.



                                                              Lyrics by Woody Guthrie

 Daniel is getting off and heading out to Jackson's Bar. He invites me along which is nice. But it ain't gonna happen today. It's almost time to pick up Sweet Ti. I stop by the kiosk to check my tears and try and figure out how much coin in on 9/6 DDB it takes to earn a tear. 

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  So I earned 39 tears on 1001 daily points. One daily point is 2. so rough math puts it around 25. per tear. Not bad. Next stop is the B7's Progressive in the NS section. I.C. In the distance a slot puppy dropped a bunch of her TITO's unknowingly. I picked then up and chased her down. She was most appreciative. She ended up working on a machine behind me. We started talking. Imagine that. She gets to be today's lacal. Marta. She moved here from Mexico 20 years ago. No kids. She's been working here for 8 years. Nice lady. 

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 Time to fly. I give Smokey El the once over to make sure we haven't left any stray items. Nope. I hit the Terrible's on the corner and gas her up. I really didn't put much mileage on her. As I pull up at the Nails- it really says that- Sweet Ti is just coming out. She has been pampered by Sandy. Not her real name, on account of she's FOB from China. They tend to pick American names as we are a basically clueless nation after all. Sandy also served her customers real Chinese green tea. S.T. said Sandy didn't like the commercial strff they serve here. She gets it from the source. Sandy and Sweet Ti even exchanged info so Sandy send us some back in VA. I dropped S.T. off around front and went across the street to turn Smokey El loose. I pulled around back just like I'm supposed to. Then I wait.

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 It's about 98║. I went inside and the dude at the desk who wasn't doing and thing in particular told me that some would be out.

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 It's been 20 minutes. I go back inside and finally rousted the dude. He starts inspecting the car. But what's this? A call from Sweet Ti. Turns out she left her Williamsburg bracelet at Nails. Sandy called and told her about it. Damn good thing they traded info. I kicked out the dude and took off in pursuit. So it turned out to be a good thing I had to wait. I really wouldn't have wanted to walk.

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                                                              mission accomplished

 This time William came out right away. He hooked my up on another trip. I told him that next time I wanted that Camry I had before. 

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                                                          Bad Assed Bikers and Freddie

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                                                            maybe this will work.....

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                                                                 I found her!

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                                                                    and Bozo

 Sweet Ti had hit Pointies playing .25 BP and had wisely parleyed up to .50. I played some DDB and we watched Hank Bonefish practicing his latest prestidigitation. The fancy close up card hand shuffle. This encompasses manipulating individual sections of the deck at the same time with each hand. Very complicated. He's still taking classes from Mario Morris. Fascinating to watch. Sweet Ti strikes again.

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                                                           nice hand, wrong game

            Time for some shellfish consumption. Let's head over Big Al's once again and see what's on the menu for today.

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 But of course-room comp. We went by to see the girls at Invited Guests but they were busy. So we played nearby to keep an eye out and make our move. There it is! May was da bomb. She took care of everything yet again. Including tonight's Seafood Buffet. That's for later. Oh- and our ride to the airport. We are all set. I talk Sweet Ti into letting me film her trying a hundy in  a B7's. All yours Jim!!!!


That taken care of, it's time to shop. Sweet Ti hits the clothes racks, I hit RMCF. Gotta have some of that killer English Toffee to take home. We somehow found room for all of our new stuff. I leave S.T. upstairs for now, and head to the Crawdad Bar shorties. Boney beers me and I settle in. I think I actually like these machines better than the ones at the Wally Gator. They are different machines. .25 DDB.

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 I cashed out that puppy. You rarely see an exact total like that. Perfect parley. I put in a fresh hundy and cranked it back to .25.

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 Parley to .50. While I'm playing I'm joined by Al from the High Tide Bar at Carolina Beach, N.C. Al has been working here for about 18 months. Interesting factoid: My brother Bill and his family keep an RV at Carolina Beach. I ask Al if they had any damage from Dorian there. I know that Ocracoke Island got slammed. Al talked to a friend who works at The Silver Dollar last night who said the storm for the most part spared them. Al even had on a shirt from the competition in his hometown. 

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                                                               "It's always happy hour"

 I lost that hundy so I left with a 150. profit. I bid Hank farewell till our next sojourn. As I was leaving the bar, this dude at the bar stopped me. "Do you happen to be 'Hey Now!'?" I said Hey Now!. They introduced themselves as Bob & Jane (likely pseudonyms) from Elida, Ohio (actual place). They- well, at least Bob, is a long time reader of this blog. I ask if he's ever commented to one of the posts on VMB, the Las Vegas Advisor forum, Las Vegas 4ever forum or the Las Vegas Advice forum. He hasn't. "I'm just a lurker".  Well it was certainly nice to meet y'all. I'm sure I was blushing. If any of y'all reading this ever see this mug wandering aimlessly around the Orleans or Resorts in AC please say Hey Now! I guess I ought to get some chips made up or at least some business cards. Doubt if anyone would wear one of those bracelets. To this day I've STILL never seen anybody else actually wearing an VMB one. I've put in dozens of hours wearing mine. 

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 I followed Lawrence to the alleviators. He's from Huntington Beach. Dude. He made it all the way from the bell desk this way. Word. 

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 Even though the sign out front says Steak & Shrimp night it's Seafood Night at the ol' buffet. There's not a steak in sight. But that salmon the chef is carving up is just about the best thing I've ever put in my mouth. Seriously. The other offerings are very serviceable too. We have even managed to snag ourselves a new server tonight. "My name is Sonja- the J is silent- but I'm not!" 

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                                                               the Iphoney generation

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                                                                  Larry's crepe station

 On my way back from Larry's crepe station I ran into Bob & Jane just as they were getting up to leave. I say "my name's RB and I'll be your server this evening". Bob said "You're just in time for the tip". I replied "don't park next to fire hydrants". Safe travels y'all. I decided to download 150. in bconned points as slot play to use most of them up. I hate to leave too many on the books since they expire in 6 months. 

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                                                               Loose ducey is my delight.

                       That is my last VP hand of the trip. I usually end each trip with a 4OAK. This will have to do. 

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 I ran that down to a hundy and cashed out. I'm officially done gamboling. Damn, that sounds scary. But we are at a push right on the day. Push is a win. To make it even better, we ran into our Rennnneeee! Hugs all around with a promise to get together offsite next time. For real real- not for play play. We bop upstairs one last time. Wait- not exactly what I meant. We retrieved our luggage and headed back down to wait on our ride. I stuck my head into Invited Guests to check out. I couldn't do it upstairs on the TV right now. They have their rules. You can only do that during hours of their choosing. We are good. Our driver is right on time and quickly whisks us away from all this. TSA isn't that bad. I actually scored Pre, but Sweet Ti didn't, so we did the cattle trail. Gate D33 . Perfect gate, there's not a slot machine in sight. We need water for the journey. I know just the place. They have the cheapest water in any airport around.

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 Plus it's like right here next to us. Everything is priced to sell. One problem though. I can't find the water anywhere. I ask the clerk.

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 Let's call her Christine. Well, that's what her name tag says. She was very nice and even had some questions about blogging. Turns out everybody wants to blog. Who knew! Christine fills me in on the water issue. Turns out they can't sell water here anymore. The Big Bad Giant- Hudson News- sued the Welcome to Las Vegas Gift Shop for selling water a a discounted price. And won. Local gift shop gets screwed by Major Conglomerate. I purchased a shiny Las Vegas sign pin for 3.95. Then I walked over to Hudson News and fed the monster. Back with my Sweet Ti, it's just about boarding time. We are Eco+ so we are amongst the first. We settle in- and wait. Once everyone was aboard, there's a problem. The PA system doesn't work. S.T. worked in the industry for years, and tells me that we can't fly till that's fixed. They try several hard re-boots of the plane. That requires stopping the engines too. Everything goes dark, then they start them again. It's still 92║ out there. About the same in here. I'm fairly soaked. Then on top of that, some chick in the back gets sick all over the place. They get her to the head but she won't come out. Not looking good. Then the Pilot yells from the front that we have to de-plane. On boy. They send us across the way to another plane. But that one has mechanical issues too, so they send us all the way down to the last gate. Then we have to wait for the flight crew. Our turn around in DET is around 90 minutes. They are quickly ticking away. We finally get airborne over an hour late. We got some sleep on the way. The good news is that our next flight is leaving from the next gate over from where we arrived. The bad news is that it's boarding as we leave the other plane. No time to pee. Alas. But we were soon back in VA. Our kitties were either bored or happy to see us, depending on which one. And so ends our journey. I really do appreciate y'all tagging along for it. We will see you next time!!!!

                                                  Totals:    281 tears        55367 bconned

                                              Trip totals:   6084 tears        tons of bconned

                                                         BR total for the trip- +300.

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                                                                    *Heaven or Las Vegas, Cocteau Twins