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                         09.07.2015 Fish Don't Fry in the Kitchen, Beans Don't Burn on the Grill

Hey Now! Well, we're movin' on up...Today's agenda calls for checking in to Hidden Valley Ranch for 3 nights thanks to MyVegas. I got this reward several months ago before they downgraded it to 1 night. I booked it directly thru Stations. And Sweet Ti got the cabana plus $175 F&B for Tuesday. Then dinner with Zig &Bo. And I've got to register for the slot tourney too. But first things first, it's 15x points for penny reels today. So I search out some penny reels... Jim?


That was too funny. I couldn't hit shit, meanwhile this Rassler dude couldn't help himself. He would just stare at the screen and grunt. One of the few I saw gamboling. I next tried Ultra Stacked Loins, they didn't stack. The shorty at Wally's was even cold. I know the problem. I'm not feelin' it. Not too much I can do about it. Swett Ti rings down for coffee, so I go to see Reneee. Sweet Ti is all rested and refreshed after her Spa Day. We have a message from the front desk. I need to go down there. Wonder what that's all about? I push my way down thru the sea of gym clothes. They have a packet for me. Today's Slot Tourney. All the gory details. Registration is between 2 and 5. Perfect for our plans. Back on the 9th floor, I decide to call the HVR to see when I can check in. The girl looks up my conformation number. She says to come on over and she will see what she can do. Cool. Just ask for Jillian. So I take off for Henderson. We're jammin

216.JPG (766282 bytes)    217.JPG (1316360 bytes)    220.JPG (1395228 bytes)    223.JPG (1414258 bytes)

This place is pretty big. Only been here once on a chip run and ended up with a flat tire on the rental.

                               227.JPG (1609343 bytes)                228.JPG (1508357 bytes)

It's still pretty early, so I hit the kiosk to see if there were any promos today. Fancy kiosks. I finally figure it out. 3x points for everyone. Everyday. I notice it only takes 1k points to make the next level, Gold. I do the math. Time to insert coin. I try some random VP and slots. Pretty soon I have 1200 points. I hunt down the player's club. Brenda hooks me up with a new card. She's a sweetie. I tell her I'm bringing my own sweetie, Sweet Ti to see her tomorrow. I ask where the hotel check in is. She tells me it's a hike from here.

229.JPG (1275111 bytes)    230.JPG (1177933 bytes)    231.JPG (1233399 bytes)    232.JPG (1242667 bytes)

233.JPG (1313577 bytes)    234.JPG (1382785 bytes)    235.JPG (1339645 bytes)    236.JPG (1230293 bytes)   

 She was right. I find Jillian, and fish my $20 sandwich I made on the way out of my pocket. You look nice today Jillian, by the way are there any upgrades available? I don't need a room right now. She discreetly puts the money away and checks her computer. I'm in luck- there is an East Tower room facing the pool water and the strip available. It's usually an extra $25 a night. I'll take it. Jillian tells me that any other upgrade would trigger them looking at my play. I thank her and decide to take a shortcut thru The Backyard. Jim?



                                                        I think I like it. Let's see the room.

238.JPG (1073368 bytes)    240.JPG (1278924 bytes)    242.JPG (1360276 bytes)    243.JPG (1647729 bytes)

245.JPG (1255949 bytes)       246.JPG (1150519 bytes)      247.JPG (1065937 bytes)    248.JPG (1050033 bytes)

              250.jpg (2163268 bytes)                                                       251.JPG (1604177 bytes)      

Considering that Ziggy and Bo live about 2 miles from here it looks like we will be staying here tonight. Plus if you cut thru the hallway where the meeting rooms are, the 215 parking garage isn't that far. Relatively speaking as Albert would say. Blast off time. Back at Orleans, Sweet Ti and I roam around the casino looking for for value. We spot something neither of us has even seem before.   

                                 256.JPG (1483052 bytes)            258.JPG (1268334 bytes)

This rascal in a Rascal turned the entire screen into HTML. Quite a feat. Feeling peckish, we hit the proverbial Hot Dog Cart.

                      259.JPG (1281847 bytes)                                260.JPG (1346454 bytes)


 261.JPG (1125784 bytes)    262.JPG (1263590 bytes)  263.JPG (1568493 bytes)    265.JPG (1310538 bytes)  


                            Sweet Ti




                        264.JPG (1558948 bytes)     267.JPG (936205 bytes)          268.JPG (927843 bytes) 

I got registered for the Tourney, looks like I've got 2 sessions tomorrow. The way the format is now, instead of getting a specific time for each session, they give you a window. First session is 9-11. Second session is 12-2. Everybody fits themselves in. My plan is to show up around 10:30 for the first session, and right at noon for the second. We are getting the cabana at HVR, I want to make the best of it. Meanwhile, it's time for us to get ready. I've made reservations for 6 p.m. at Casa di Amore, we are supposed to be at Ziggy & Bo's around 5 p.m. or so. So we get ready, and go. The traffic is a bit hosed up until we get to Bruce Woodbury, and then it's a breeze. We actually arrive there a couple of minutes early. Heaven forbid. Bo looks really great. And Dusty is all happy to see us. Ziggy even bought me a couple of racks of Kaliber. Good ol' Zig. 


269.JPG (951268 bytes)    271.JPG (1492586 bytes)  275.JPG (321908 bytes)  273.JPG (1559099 bytes)   274.JPG (1799535 bytes)

Dusty made the rounds. We were talking and having a great old time until I finally glanced at the time. Holy Shit- it's 6 o'clock! We are supposed to be at the restaurant which is all the way over on E.Tropicana. So I called and told the restaurant that we were running late. Not a problem. By the time we got there it was around 6:45. The place was hopping! George Bugatti had just started playing, and our favorite server Tony took care of us. Ziggy picked out a bottle of Borgó Margedó Pinot Grigio and we ordered Calamari with marinara, Buffalo Mozzarella, and salads to start.

0907151957.jpg (285870 bytes)   277.JPG (1255899 bytes)   278.JPG (1190681 bytes)   284.JPG (1213917 bytes)

284.JPG (1213917 bytes)    282.JPG (1191743 bytes)    0907151902.jpg (432271 bytes)      0907151903.jpg (424593 bytes)

The calamari and mozzarella were excellent. The salads had a bit too much dressing. But the band kicked ass. The ladies got the Crispy Salmon, Zig got the Clams With Linguini and as usual I got the Lasagna. With marinara sauce. The decor is old school Vegas.

283.JPG (1034617 bytes)    0907152017a.jpg (427639 bytes)    0907151917.jpg (414652 bytes)    0907151918.jpg (467727 bytes)

The funny thing about the dancing is that there isn't a dance floor. The whole place is small. But you just gotta boogie to these guys!      

                   0907151924.jpg (447531 bytes)             0907151924a.jpg (386671 bytes)            0907151926.jpg (403962 bytes)

Everything was awesome. Tony asks if we would like to see the dessert menu as Sweet Ti orders a cappuccino. Why not?

            0907152001.jpg (385090 bytes)        0907152001a.jpg (371059 bytes)        0907152001b.jpg (410749 bytes)

               Crème Brule                                     Cheesecake                                Cannoli


                          0929151857.jpg (569087 bytes)                    0929151858.jpg (524482 bytes)

                                          And dessert even comes with a free T shirt!

We went back to Henderson and spent another hour with our friends. I borrowed a small cooler from Zig. I really didn't want to take Wheelie® to HVR with us. He gave me a rack of Kaliber to go with the rack of Beck's NA I brought with. We bid our friends goodnight, and Roja finds her way just fine. I introduce Sweet Ti to the Hidden Valley Ranch. She approves. Although it is a confusing resort. She really likes the room, and decides to relax. Think I'll gambol! I find a Double Diamond Deluxe- $1 only, and play that for awhile and push. 

                                       I've got my cheat sheet, and find a 10/6 DDB .50

                                                     0907152323.jpg (677360 bytes)

                        Cashed out and crashed. For the day Total coin in- Boyds: 5.9k    Station: 2.3k

                                                      293.JPG (1101500 bytes)  


                         09.08.2015 And what's waitin' there for me and you? It's water, cool, clear water.