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                                         09.11.2015 Life springs eternal on a gaudy, neon street

Hey Now! It's here. The day all of us dread. The hours turn to minutes. We aren't technically leaving till early tomorrow morn, so we actually get to sleep here. We usually do the redeye, but the price was right for a 6 a.m. departure, so I snagged it. I slipped down for an early session and what's this?? A bunch of smokers lounging around my Wally shorty. Oh no, no, no, that won't do. So it's to the Crawdad shorty I go. Cramming points on both our cards is in the cards for today. See what I did there? Time to start. Insert coinage. this is supposed to be where the visuals come in, but alas, unless I started taking shots of the scads of full boats I kept getting. I plugged away for an hour. Scored 2600 points. Only cost me $300. Jeez Louise. But I was saved by the text. Coffee Elizabeth???

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I stood in that line for 5 minutes before I realized I'd left my card in the machine. Figures. Back in line again. Place is still full of Euro-Rasslers. I traded phone numbers with Reneee so that we could get together offsite next trip and gave her hugs. S.T. & I enjoyed a nice breakfast upstairs and I checked in for our flight. I even put the boarding passes on the Ippy. I emptied out WheelieŽ and kissed Sweet Ti goodbye. I'm taking both coolers back to Ziggy this morning. I stopped by the Rebel on the corner and filled up Roja. Paid $2.19 a gallon. Only got around 20 mpg on that piece of shit. I parked at Sliver Sevens and walked over to Ziggy's Bar. But he wasn't there. So I tried the Sports Bar. Bingo! He wasn't a happy camper. The other bartender didn't show up, so his bar back was going to work the Stage Bar, leaving him by himself. And he still isn't sure about his new schedule. He was getting kinda busy, so I gave him a hug goodbye. Great seeing them as usual. Till February my friend! On the way over to the gift shop for swag I saw an old friend, Ally. She has been dealing there since they opened. She was taking good care of herself. Nice to see her. On the other hand, Ron was in the gift shop, another seeming lifer here. He obviously wasn't taking care of himself. Dude is looking very Vegas-worn. Tough life stocking liquor shelves. I scored 2 tee shirts and a handful of dice to use up my comps. Back at Orleans, we do some packing. I turn in our accumulated change for the trip- $16. Sweet Ti has her eye on some Mexican Jewelry at the gift shop here, so we stop by. Between us we have $175 in comps. That just about covers her selection of a turquoise ring and necklace. We hit the kiosk for the Fall into Cash promo. Sweet Ti scores 5x points and I get 4x. We hang at the Crawdad with Hank Bonefish for a session, but apparently the 4OAK spirit is unavailable. Sweet Ti decides to soak at the Spa, and I played for another 2 hours, still not a 4OAK to be had. I wandered around looking for that "feeling".....

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I didn't find it anywhere. I went into the Slot Hosts Office to see if I could find Linda, but the place was empty. I played various slots hovering around the Office, but not a soul in sight. I'll try again later. S.T. calls, she had nice floaties and is hungry. We meet at our usual spot. Jennifer and Yen take our orders.

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We had finally remembered the coupon from upstairs. Free desert. I doubt if we used more than 4 of those. I did use the free play and MP, but we never seem to think about them. We ordered the chocolate chip cookie skillet thingy, and waited 15 minutes for it. Finally,  

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Not too shabby for the price! Scored a perfect Ř on Keno this round. Up to the room, Sweet Ti decides it's nappy time, so I grab Stretch for company and try the Host Office again. I really need to get the room charges taken care of. Amazingly, there was a chick there, who told me Linda Colvin's office is up front. Go to the Emerald Host Office.  She seemed to have no interest in giving me any more help, so I walked over there. The vibe is much mellower here. Brianna greeted me. I asked after Linda, but she had just gotten off work. Brianna brought me up in the system and did her magic. All room charges including the first 2 nights were taken care of. And including all the Spa charges. That's what I'm talking about! She told me to call Linda before booking our next trip. Once again we have a real host!

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                                                          A queue for the bathroom???

                               Back at the Crawdad, I let Stretch and Hank Bonefish get re-acquainted.

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I asked Hank about Mike a.k.a. Gollum. He hasn't been around much. A few days ago I saw his cigarette pack on top of a shot of Yaegermeister. He had stumbled off and left them. I got up a few minutes later to piss, and found him at the other end of the bar. He was actually working- so he said.... Back at my shorty, Stretch wasn't bringing me much luck. Plenty of points, but not much else. I even put a couple of thousand points on Sweet Ti's card. Then-

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Hank Bonefish got off, and I wished him well till our next trip. I tried a few slots, and ended up with Wild Red Quick Hit. Jim???


 So during that film Sweet Ti called and is coming down. But I need to take a leak, so I ask this nice lady a a nearby machine to keep an eye out for my wife. She is game, and by the time I return, they are BFF's. 

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                                                              Tracy and Sweet Ti                                                                      


We decide it's time for some Buffalo, and find our lucky machines near the food court. Insert coin. About this time Mike walks up. James?



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Sweet Ti wants to have one last soak, so I hit the pit for a BJ session. I have 3 $10 match plays to use. I find 3rd base open at a DD $5 table. I win all 3 MP's, and start playing 2 hands at $10 per hand. My hundy buy in lasted about 3 shoes. Scary. Over to the Wally shorty, Spyder is working. He's one cool dude. Dave stopped by and we talked and played for a bit. I wasn't feelin' it, but I played on. S.T. is back in the room and has finished packing. We need to get up around 3:30 a.m. to catch our plane. But I am on a mission. I always end our trips with a 4OAK. And it's not happening. I drop down to quarters. It's already cost me a couple hundy. Hey Now!!!!   

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                                                         Total coin in- RB: 8.5k

                                                               Sweet Ti: 5.4k

The trip home was much better than the trip there. Our turnaround in ATL was easy, and as we were approaching RIC, it started raining.

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 Great trip, made new friends and spent quality time with old ones. Already got our plane tickets for our 15th Anniversary/ Valentine's Day Trip. So far as coin in, Boyd's- RB: 83,455   Sweet Ti: 14,210. As as far as the bankroll is concerned: -500. Not too shabby.  

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