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                             09.05.2015 Stick With Me Baby- I'm the Guy You Came in With

Hey Now! I awoke feelin' it. Not too sure where it came from, but I'm feelin' it. I kiss my Sweet Ti and prepare to engage in some gamboling activities. As I enter the elevator, I happen to notice several short wide Eastern European dudes therein. Emerging into the hallway towards the casino, they are everywhere. I mean everywhere. This may not bode well. And then I saw this...

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                                                                         Holy Shit. 

                                First stop is the Hi there Limit Slots. Double Diamond Deluxe is calling. 

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 I cashed out that puppy and hit the Wally Gator Shorty. About that time Sweet Ti calls- she woke up early. So I stop by Nervous Vegas, Reneee hooks me up. 

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                                                                Breakfast of Gamblers

We descend into the ever growing mass of Rasslers and push our way to the shortys at the Wally. Back to back 24's. 6x4=24. So whenever either one of us has a 3 of a kind, say 6's the other yells out 24. Whatever the total happens to be for the corresponding 3OAK.

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Time to boogie across the Great Divide to the Sliver Sevens. A note here about Vegas driving. Home in VA we live out in the country. Traffic around here is fairly polite. Commuting into the Newport News/ Hampton area about the worse thing that happens is somebody doesn't use their turn signal. So when I get to Vegas- I drive like I live here. Take no prisoners. Scares the shit out of Sweet Ti. Now if I just had a car that you didn't have to floor to get it to respond. Made it in record time. Ziggy is working at the Stage Bar today. We sit at our usual spots, a local named Matt who we have met on a couple of previous trips is there. He introduces us to his friend Mark, who is originally from Poland. Seems to be going around. Ziggy tells me that they just replaced 2 of the bartops. They are the same ones that Boyds are replacing their bartops for. He tells me to cash out and move over to the new one. Always listen to your friendly barkeep. I insert coin. Matt and Mark are keeping Sweet Ti occupied, then Tex moseyed up and joined them at the bar. Tex had on a 14 gallon Stetson, and ordered his usual- a glass of champagne with a side of ice water. Ziggy poured him some of his finest twist off vintage. Tex proceeds to fill the champagne glass up the rest of the way with ice and water. "Makes the bubbles last!". I fire up the 8/6 Boner Deluxe but can't hit shit. So I switch to an old standby- 4 card keno. I play the same numbers on each card, but add a number each time. 

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                                                        One number away from a hand pay...

After high 5's all around, Sweet Ti orders me to cash out that ticket. I've gotta pee anyway so off I go. On the way back I spot Ellen.




 I wouldn't actually call that a big win but- I'll take it. I played some other slot and lost that stake down to .29 and saved that ticket. I had stashed 250. in my BR. I walked back to the bar and handed Sweet Ti that ticket. She thought I was giving her the big one from the keno hit. "WHAT???" I didn't say a word. Ziggy was going on a break, so we said farewell and he beaded us. We always wear Terrible's beads we got on our first trip there back in '05. These new ones were red. Never seen red ones. That will work. Thanks Zigmund. Back across town, we stop by Costal Boozery on the way in and I nab a rack of Beck's NA. We hit the Wally Gator shorty's- Hank Bonefish is in residence. I leave my Sweet Ti and fight my way through the Rasslers back to the room. Today is gift card day.    

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I score my invite and stash the brew. I pop by the Emerald Host office and Derrick  gives me my $100 Macy's card. I ask him if he has the invite list for the slot tourney next week. He sez I can't use 2 offers back to back. Here we go again. I ask him to please look. He does and surprise! I'm on the list. How 'bout that. I thank him and on my way back to to the Wally I get sucked in by the Hi There Limit Slots. You guessed it- Double Diamond Deluxe. I pull one of those stashed hundys from earlier and insert coin. There is a nice couple playing near me, and I strike up a conversation with Tom. He and his wife Ann are in from Colorado Springs to celebrate Tom's birthday. Tom tells me he hit for 10k here yesterday. Nice birthday gift. Now remember y'all- today I'm feelin' it. I start out playing for dollars, 2 credits a spin. I hit a couple of times and get my balance up to around $200. So I parley up to playing $2. and hit this.

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Well that kicked it up a couple of notches. Savvy huh Flusher? Time for the ultimate parley up to $5. Come to papa....

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It started doing that clanging sound and the light on top was flashing. Tom sez congrats. I call Sweet Ti and tell her to walk over. $1600.



Robert and Jeff aka Mack stop by and get my info. Robert makes it rain and I give tips all around. We ended up talking about music awhile. Great dude. He finally leaves to spread some more money around and I play off my last credits. But hit a small one and cash out $360. Lunchtime. Courtyard Carafe. Eileen offers up menus. Yen offers up Keno. Sweet Ti gets the Cali Club, I opt for the Ruben. Sweet Ti is really hungry, so Eileen brings her the dregs of a bag of potato chips. Literally. I even took a picture of it. See?

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                                                     She eventually opened up another bag of chips. 

Lunch was good. Keno was a bust. I'm feelin' me some blackjack. So Sweet Ti hits the bartops, and I hit the Mardi Gras Pit.

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Sat down at 3rd base. DD $10 table. Arlene was dealing. Pretty cool bunch of players too. I bought in for a hundy. Made it a couple of shoes. Bought in for another hundy. Playing 2 hands @ 10./15. a hand. Made it back to a push and then there was a dealer change. That did it. She was killing us. I colored up for like $30. Sweet Ti walks up and we go to the next table. Diane (Ginger) is dealing Roulette. We get $30 worth of chips. $5 table. I play outside, while Sweet Ti plays some numbers. I go off to hit the head and come back, Sweet Ti has a boatload of chips. Time to color up. Back to the bartops with Hank Boney.

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Tonight is the drawing for the 40th anniversary of Boyd's. So like good lemmings we join the crowd that are oooing and aaahing. We really just wanted an opportunity to see Tammy and Deborah. Tammy is kinda our Host. She really used to be, but got promoted and doesn't have enough time to help us out. Deborah is one of her assistants. After the Hoopla we made our way over to them and got our hugs, but none of the usual offers for comped dinners or spa treatments. That's cool, but it's time to find a new real host.Sweet Ti is getting sleepy and her legs are killing her. So we wade thru the ever growing mass of the wide world of Rassling and I grab Roja's keys. Time for a road trip. Timspeed has a meetup scheduled for 7 p.m. at MSS of VMBers. We scream up I-15 and find a spot in their larger than life car park. I cross Main Street along with an obviously well lubed bunch of dudes- not a Rassler is sight! Inside, MSS is hopping but I forgot where we are supposed to meet. Was it at the Boar's Head? Nope, I don't see anyone. I'm looking for green bracelets but not seeing any. As a matter of fact, I don't think I've EVER seen anyone else wearing a VMB bracelet.

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 The 777 has a waiting line out front, but I peak my head in. Crowded. I get ready to call Tim when he walks up. He introduced me to Ms.Speed, yoyoseven and Carolyn, and Ty and Kim. I explain Sweet Ti's absence. They are just being served dinner, I order up a tasty bottle of root beer. We trade war stories. They eat some yummy looking food. I probably talk too much. Frillin' spigot mouth Hippie.   

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Ty and Kim have to catch an early flight tomorrow. Everyone else is headed down to the D, but I need to get the hell out of DT before it gets too crazy. Great meeting everyone! Yepper, it's getting crazy outside. Time to head back to Rasselmania. I stop in to see my Sweet Ti, she is enjoying the PBS show Masterpiece Mystery. Time to gambol. Still feelin' it by the way. Got some footage Jim?














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That was a blast. At 22.50 a spin it's certainly a great way to rack up points fast. Or lose your ass. I pushed. Cheap slots y'all?

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                 I like the slants near the buffet. DBDW has stupid variance and even stupidier strategy, but it's fun.

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 Never could get that illusive 4 deuces with an Ace though.... I think I'll finish out the evening with some DDD- Hi There Limit style.

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                I know what y'all are thinking- why the hell am I playing these, but golly gee they make the endorphins spark.

  For the day I ended up - Total coin in: 10186 points BR: +2k. Hey Now! When you're feelin it, you're feelin' it!

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                                            09.06.2015 Just Like Billy Sunday, in a shotgun ragtime band