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                                                                              10.07.2016 A thousand and one nights

 Hey Now! Sweet Ti & I both woke up at 5:15. I reckon I'll just leave the next part out. After, I went downstairs for coffee Elizabeth. 


While I was minding my own business kiosking in the cards when all of the sudden I hear- BRUCIEEEE!!!!!! So I say RENEEE!!!!!!!!! It's today's local, our Reneee who is now a newly installed Slot Attendant. She gets called away to pay a jackpot and I promise to bring Sweet Ti down in a bit. I head to Jitter Vegas for jitter. So after Sweet Ti got successfully jittery, we had a nice little reunion.

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                         We are so proud of our Reneee. She worked for 8 years slinging coffee at Caffeine Vegas


                                               She even did gigs on the side as a banquet server

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                  Now she finally is moving on up! And she deserves it. Way to go Girl! That calls for some gamboling. Jim?


  Soon to be followed by a Wally shorty session with yet another friend, barkeep Jesse. Jesse and his wife moved here from Colorado and are raising their 3 daughters. They went to the Age of Chivalry Festival last year and quite enjoyed it. Speaking of which, it's about time for us to go up for breakfast and get ready for the festival ourselves. Brillant! So we do just that. Well sated, my Lady Ti and I depart in our Coach for the furthest reaches of the Realm- Ye Olde Sunset Parke. Sue follows Lord Bonefish's atlas to the (crayon) letter.

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Forget that, it's much too hard to type in a British accent. Bloody Yankee keyboard. Hank was right though, we got there around 9:45 and the parking lot was already getting full. Gates open at 10 a.m. Supposedly. Before we left from upstairs, I went online and purchased will call tickets at the discounted Senior Rate. I hates paying full price for anything. But I had no way of printing out a receipt. We park Hessie and join the crowd. I find the will call line. I tell the dude that I only purchased our tickets an hour ago, and sure enough our names aren't on the list. He asks if I have a link to it on my smartphone. I thought this was a Renaissance Festival! Besides, all I have is a dumbphone. He hands me a couple of comp tickets. Now if they will just open the gates! Get ye olde shit together Peasants!!

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                                                             First stop- Battle Wolf

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   We are regaled with Slight of Hand and a smoke breathing cannon. There is a large lake in the park, and the festivities surround it. 

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 We stopped by the Fortune Teller camp and purchased a Shemagh. It's a head scarf worn in the desert. And we got some crystals. Nice people, it was a family affair. Next door they were holding court at the Glass Eye Pub and a young Governess guided me around camp.

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                          Along our travels, we are aroused by a friendly familiar voice- it's our Hank Bonefish!

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      He is very much dressed the part. I'm certain he has a bag or two of tricks amongst his kit. He accompanies us on our journey. 

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         We stop to listen to a band. Killian's Angels. Hank went to school with the bass player. They have a unique sound. 

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The Enchanted Village beckoned. Very mellow folks here. Methinks these guys might just have partaken. Sir Hank is off in search of cohorts and so we part company. Next we spot Ye Olde RV and are given the tour by the creators of said conveyance. 

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                                          We are presented to the King and Queen of Coreathea.

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 It's a really big event. There is even some dude hawking pickles from his Pickle Wagon, along with the requisite pickle jokes. This lake is maybe a third of a mile long, and we have traversed around most of it. Sir James?????



   We intrigued by the music coming from a tent up ahead. A lady is busy tuning a hammer dulcimer. Interesting . Let's listen in Jim!


                                                        Joust Kidding, a Band of Pirates

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 Well, what a great time. Finally back to the ticket gate we started from. And right on time too. I don't know about y'all, but we were tried! We Hessie on over to the Sterling Spoon at the Sliver Sevens for lunch and to hang out till Ziggy starts his shift at 3 p.m.

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                                                      Gotta Love those crazy gypsies!

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 I had a burger and Sweet Ti had a Cuban. The food is surprisingly good here and really cheap. Used comps. Jose waited on us. He was our waiter back years ago when we used to stay here. He and Ziggy have both been here 15 years. Zig's shift has just started when we arrive downstairs. Being Friday afternoon, the bar is hopping. We insert coin at the bartops and play some Keno to save money. Ziggy and Bo went to a conference this morning discussing knee replacements and received a ton of info. We make plans to get together on Saturday. Sweet Ti hit on 4 card Keno for 5 spots. $76. Just one spot away from that illusive hand pay. Cash that puppy out Baby Duck! Ziggy gives us the latest Sliver Sevens rumor. They are talking about turning the Corona Cantina aka Stage Bar aka Ziggy's Bar into a Steak n Shake. We will see. It's gettin' crazy busy and smoky and loud in this here bar. We are outta here Zig. Hey ZIG!!! SEE Y'ALL TOMORROW! CHEERY BYE!!!!! Sheesh! Still not sure if he heard us. And yes friends, it's a Las Vegas traffic Friday. 30 minutes later we arrive back at Orleans. Sweet Ti decides to hit the Hot Tub while I need to earn us some points. Let's start with a little Buffalo Grand. Hit the VCR Jimmy....


                                   Pushed that. On to the Poker Bar for some BP shorty action.

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I hit the kiosk for today's promotion- Pumpkin Patch Kids or something. I score a $25. dining credit good for a week. Sweet Ti scores 10x/5x pts. So I play some on her card to earn her some Sweeti 10x pts. Higher Limit D.D.D.-

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 I miss my Sweet Ti and go up to see her. She is chillin' after her soak and waiting on a call from our daughter Feather. I kiss her for luck and boogie down to the Mardi Gras Bar for some .50 3 play 8/5 BP. That's one of the reasons we like the Orleans so much. Just about every bar has 8/5 BP. There aren't any shortys here, so I play a tallboy instead. I always try and get the end machine, and it's available. Dave is this evening's barkeep. He's one cool Hombre. The strong silent type. "Ab'Dulls right?" You got it Dave- and keep them coming. I have replenished my stack of $2. tip bills upstairs. I ordered a hundys worth before we left VA. I'm sitting next to a dude who introduces himself as Tony the Long Haul Mover. We talk East Coast. He moves a bunch of servicemen, and is familiar with the base I work at. 

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Pointies! Well this is going just lovely. Tony takes off for a date. Later! I like playing here. I'm next to the cocktail waitress station so the eye candy is there, along with a very attentive Dave. And the smoke is tolerable. The only problem I have is that people are always cutting the corner and bumping into the back of my barstool. There's a pillar behind my stool, and instead of going around it, I get shoved.

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                                             So I just inch back a little more to block them.

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                                            3 more sets of pointies! In about 10 minutes!  


I cash out and go aloft to Make It Rain for the first time this trip all over my Sweet Ti. She is pleased. It's nice to put a few hundy back in the safe rather than taking it out. Back downstairs, I blow back thru a couple on Buffalo Grand and MS/STP. I end up at the Crawdad shorty till the Showroom let out and the bar was inundated with thirsty customers firing up smokes. I call it a night.

                                       TOTALS:      RB- 10608 pts.     Sweet Ti 1600 pts. 


                           10.08.2016  You got to have friends to make the day last long