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                                             10.14.2016 Now the time has come to leave you one more time

Hey now! 6 a.m. I'm actually feeling a bit more like a human being today. Well, it figures, now that we are leaving. Sheesh. Time for coffee Elizabeth one last time. Ethyl is working and I ask if she has seen our Reneee. She's not working today. Wish we could have seen her more this trip. On the way back upstairs I look in at Invited Guests and see that May has come in early. I pop in. She says we are all good and our driver will meet us here a bit later. As we are talking, Ron the limo driver happens to walk in. May introduces us. We make plans to leave around 8:15. Upstairs, we finish our fruit and leftover snacks. Then I strap up the bags and make sure everything is accounted for. Looks like we are ready. Outside, it looks to be yet another spectacular morning. 

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 I used Ippy to check us in for our flight. We both scored TSA pre which is nice. Leave a nice tip for the maids, and we relinquish our room. Down to Invited Guests, May and Ron are waiting for us. Later May, thanks! I need to take a minute and describe today's local- Ron. He's an octogenarian from Boston. Yet another transplant that came here and stayed. His daughter moved here 10 years ago, and once Ron retired from his job as a cop in Beantown he was done with the snow. He loves it here. I tell him we have plenty of time, take us down the strip. "Will do!". 

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 Thanks Ron! We toss him a nice tip and are called straight up to the Sky Priority clerk. Kathy B. They are doing construction work all around us. Never seems to end. Ticketed and tagged, Kathy B. offers us treats. D34.

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                                   TSA pre is a breeze. Shuttled and up to our gate in record time. 

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                                                                All Reefs all the time....

     D34 is just past the moving sidewalk and we find some seats. I do a bit of souvenir shopping. They have nice lapel pins here.  

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      Next stop is for some nutrition. I hit a Vegas institution- Metro Pizza and order a couple of slices fresh out of the oven.

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 Excellent pie. We ease over to Sky Pri boarding and board to find our Ecomfort seats. Lucked out once again, very small gal on window, Sweet Ti on aisle, I'm the Middle Man. Watched dude in front of me going over his strip trip pics. Every single one was a selfie.  

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 We settle in for the long flight to JFK. Once in the air we are served and grab extra snacks (BISCOFF!!) from the basket which turned out to be fortuitous, as it was so turbulent the whole way they never offered anything but water the rest of the trip. I slept. We made good time across the USA till we got into the NYC area. Then we circled for about 15 minutes. Great views, but we only have a 65 minute turnaround. We finally land at Terminal 2-C31. This terminal is pure chaos. We finally find a monitor and need to go to Terminal 4-B53. Thru the crowded terminal we trudge, finally finding our way to the shuttle bus. There are 2 leaving from here going to Terminal 2. I want to make sure we get on the right one. People are steadily breaking in line. Pandemonium. I tell the guy B53. He points at the back bus. Another guy looks at him. Are you sure? "Get on the back bus!" We do. Across the tarmac, and we are there. Exit, and we are at B18. Son of a Bitch. Time to boogie. The only thing that saves us is the plethora of moving sidewalks. We just make it on the plane. Doors closed within 5 minutes. Quick flight to RIC. Baggage claim, shuttle, and we are back at Teal. An hour later we are in Gloucester County ordering some burgers from a great NC joint Cook-Out. Finally we pull into our driveway just before midnight. The kitties go nuts. Yet another fine journey west is in the books. And we managed to make it through 9 days of gamboling with 2/3 of the ol' BR intact.

                                                      Thanks for reading along y'all!!

                                  TRIP TOTALS: RB- 94,818 pts.     Sweet Ti- 22,016 pts.