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                                                10.26.2017 I saw a werewolf drinking a Pi˝a Colada at Trader Vic's*

  Hey Now! His hair was perfect. 4 a.m. Shower. Wally World on Rainbow to stock up the room. Since there's no Wheelie«, I improvise.

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                                                      There's a bunch of stuff crammed inside.

 This room is great. There's a door to the bedroom so I don't bother my sleeping Sweet Ti as I do my chores.

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     I've brought some Halloween decorations along with several strings of lights to get in the Halloween spirit. I realized that I forgot to get distilled H2O for the CPAP and pop over 2 blocks and score. I came back and stashed the goods. Sweet Ti woke up so I played Coffee Elizabeth at Rocky Mountain Coffee. Dollar refills. Plus we have a Keurig single in the room. I make yogurt and blueberries for breakfast. 

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                                                           Higher Limit Changes.

 They are busy putting in new machines. Cleo and Texas Tea are among the new offerings in .05 -.25 denom. Yet another new thing around here is the Casino Introduced Odor. It's very pronounced around the Higher Limit. Think major air handler between there and the room elevators. I suppose it's better than just plain smoke. I decide on some 2 handed Loose Deuces, .50 style. Because both cards need points.

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                                        The Count Team shows up wearing their team colors.

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 Candy the CW provides excellent service. Sweet Ti texts me for some first aid. She has cut herself while shaving and needs band aids. I grab some at the Gift Shop and arise aloft. Our maid, Cons˙ela  is in the room as I arrive. She is just leaving and apologizing profusely. Someone made off with the Do Not Disrupt sign, and while Sweet Ti was in the shower, Cons˙ela let herself in and was stripping the bed. Sweet Ti walked out and they scared each other. I tell her it's okay, just come back in an hour. We unpack and Sweet Ti gets dressed. She is getting a pedicure at The Nails Place today. We depart and Santee whisks us over in a flash. She will text me when she's ready.

                                           Buffet slants for some full pay .25 DBDW.

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                                  I ran low on funds and downloaded 50. of my free slot play.

 Blazin' 7s Prog. ate some random denomination bills. I called Ziggy and he wants us over for dinner today. Sure my friend, that would be very pleasant. I pick up Sweet Ti and admire here toes. Sparkly! Back home we spend some quality time upstairs before we have to leave for dinner. And soon enough it was time to head to Henderson. Santee learns driving instructions from Sue, the GPS. We pull in and Dusty is greeting us from back of the couch. It's great to see our dear friends. We walk to the Patio to see how Ziggy's project is coming along.

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 He took out the turf and put in hexagon shaped pavers. Around the perimeter there are brick pavers. He and his son Sebastion have done all of this in a little over a week. 90% finished. Looks fabulous. Saves desert water. We all sit down to a lovely roasted chicken, smashed potatoes, and veggie dinner. It was very tasty. We all sat around the for hours talking. 

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                                                                                Ziggy's Bar Collection

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                                                         bi-lingual Dusty

         We make plans to have them over on Sunday afternoon. A fine evening was had by all no doubt. Till Sunday!

  We do notice all of the Vegas Strong signage everywhere. Lot's of memorial stuff. Lots of people are wearing the pins. They said the   police were handing them out. 


 That must have been a tough time to live here. What a senseless tragedy.  But it takes a different kind of individual to live here anyway. And they did a great job in very bad situation. I enjoy interacting with the locals. We hit the Poker Bar shortys. It can get pretty smokey here sometimes. The Poker Room is adjacent, but isn't very full. Sweet Ti gets her first quad of the trip. 8/5 BP

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                                                     Rare Shroom Appearance 

 Sweet Ti is tired and we need to use up those darn leftover YAH dining chits. We hit the ol' standby here- TGIF. Qualifies as a Boyds eatery for said chits. Brownie Obsession for here, and cheesecake to go. 

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 On the way upstairs we stopped by the kiosk for the Punkin Patch promo. I won a fifth of Skkyy vodka and Sweet Ti got 5k bonus slot points. I retrieve the Skkyy Cranberry Something and we retreat to our rooms. I never found the Do Not Disrupt sign, so I got another one.        

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                                          This will fit nicely in Ziggy's Bar Collection

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                                            That's a well stocked unit right there.

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  This letter was under the door. If you leave yer Do Not Disrupt sign up more than 24 hours and don't have maid service they will search your room for signs of life. Sounds like something they should have been doing all along. We really haven't noticed anything more strict. The guards have always asked to see the room keys. Maybe a bit more adamant.   

 Sweet Ti is toast so I kiss her farewell and grabbed some head ears. I've got a killer Vegas playlist going. They moved my best DouDiaDluxe, but I found it. Insert hundy. Repeat. 

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                                            They are progressing at the Higher Limit

             Try Blazin'7s Prog. Insert hundy. Repeat. Try Loose Deuces .50. I download the remaining free play.

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              I join Grumpy Mark at the Mardi Gras. He went to lunch so that was nice. Let's try some .50 BP.

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 From there it was TriDouRWB 5 line- munch. Buffalo- munch. Down to my last hundy of the night. I try the .25 DDB slants across from the Buffet. I usually play the next row over with the FP Boner Deluxe and DBDW. But they are busy. There's only one other person playing. A girl who looks to be a local. She changes machines often. We start talking of course. Next thing I know she's today's local, Kalei. Kalei is from Hawaii and has lived here several years. She is playing DDB for .05. She works for a group home and has a couple of teenagers she is raising along with her wife. She had some interesting stories. We saw there for at least 2 hours. 

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 I got 2100 points on that hundy before I was finally broke. I really enjoyed talking to Kalei. Aloha! On the way back up I rode with a dude our age. I said I had jet lag. "Me too". I flew in from VA yesterday. "Me too". Gloucester Co. "Hampton". Where Sweet Ti works. "Cool". Up in our suite, Sweet Ti is up in pain. Her legs are swollen from the flight. Poor baby. I rub her feet and legs. Time to crash.

                               TOTALS: RB- 10009 pts. Sweet Ti 1058 pts. Gave up a couple hundy. 


                     10.27.2017 Stop the things you tell. Watch out- I ain't lyin'


                    10.25.2017  I was hit by something last night in my sleep


                                     Halloween in Vegas Pt. 4



                                                                          * Werewolves in London, Warren Zevon