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                                           11.01.2017  See the streamline blue horizon with you baby by the way*

   Hey Now! Won't you come and see me? 6 a.m. We finish up packing and Sweet Ti enjoys her coffee Elizabeth while I gambol. We normally don't play on the last day, but the flight isn't till 12:25 so I figure I can grab a fair amount. Plus it's YAH, so extra points. I kiosk and shazzam! 10x/6x. First up is some Lightnin' Link.

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                                                           Fire up the VCR Jimmy...


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 Mardi Gras Bar with today's local Gina. Gina is Battle Born. Plus, she's a rugby player. She compliments me on my koozie. Yepper, I've been carrying this thing around since 2002. It's pretty amazing that I still have it. Just yesterday I left it behind for anly a couple of minutes and rescued it from a maint. attendant who was getting ready to chunk it in the trash. Gina said she lost a ring in the middle of a rugby match. After the match she found it on the pitch. That's the field. Amazing. Meanwhile I'm playing my card in 2 machines. I.C.

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                                                       Got that Delta footage handy Jimmy?


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 I'm playin' dollah 3 line on both cards. Tearin' it up. I'm over 7k points for today and running out of time. Just need that last quad.....

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 And I cash out. If y'all remember, I like my last hand of VP on every trip to be a quad. And that one does the trick. Just one more stop.

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 With that I have turned 2 hundy into 13 hundy. We are going home about 500. down for the trip. Almost a push. I stick my head into Invited Guests to see Linda. She tells me the room is all taken care of. She picked up everything, including the Spa. Sweet. 


                                                    Stephen is waiting for us downstairs.

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 He gets us to the airport in short order. Farewell our Hero! We check bags, breeze thru TSAPre, tube, and grab some lunch.

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                   Great flights, and we are home to our feline quintet just after midnight. What a lovely trip.

                                                    Thanks for coming along for the ride.


                                                      Totals: RB 7990 pts.    1.1k profit

                                  Trip Totals:  RB- 89,757 pts.    Sweet Ti- 13,342 pts.     net 500. loss.