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                                                           A Pirate Looks at 65

                               05.23.2021 On a leave of absence*

    Hey Now! Welcome back my friends! It's like we never left. Well, 6 weeks or so. But since Vegas is still a bit iffy as far as I'm concerned, Mark and I decided on AC for my 65th birthday. We did Vegas 5 years ago for my A Pirate Looks at 60 trip. I booked us 3 nights at Resorts in a suite with an adjoining room. Stephanie was very accommodating. Plus, Doughtery's Steakhouse and Raw Bar is open so she set us up with res. and a comp tomorrow on my actual birthday. We left Sweet Ti and our feline multitudes at 4 am and blasted at breakneck speed in Foxy up the Eastern Shore to Lewes. Pulled in right on time.

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                                                             just enough time too...

 Onward into Jersey, they are just about finished all the construction on the Parkway save for on small stretch. We rolled in just after 11 am. Maggie said my room wasn't ready, but Mark's was. So we stashed our stuff. Must be a late check out for my room. I mean it is Sunday and all. That's cool, I'm in no big rush for my room. We go down for a walkabout. Over between the 5 o'clock everywhere bar and the club they have moved out all on the remaining VP machines and are in the process of installing some sort of Stadium gaming machines. I want to know where my DSTP game ended up. I find it near the Soup Nazi. They have nestled the VP machines amongst unassuming slot machines. Overall, their VP inventory seems to have taken a hit. But my DSTP is intact. I dial up .25 DDP 3 hand and insert coin.

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                                                              Where's my spinner?????

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                                                                     Sex IN the City

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                                                              Obligatory Famiglia lunch special

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                                                          Heat 'em Up is living up to it's name.

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                                                                      Joint's really hopping!

 So is check in. But turns out my room still isn't ready. "They are cleaning it right now!" said Maggie. Mark is in his room, and I call him. He confirms said cleaning. "Vacuum's running next door" said Mark. Any hour now. 

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                                                                      Cracked Glass Special

 So while I'm enjoying playing Sweet Ti's favorite machine, today's local, Hector strikes up a conversation. "Are you winning?" Why, as a matter of fact, I am Hector. How about you? "Well, not today" Turns out Hector is from Brigantine. "Cheers, mate" Ta Hector. Maggie texted me to come and pick up my room keys. 4:30. The previous occupant had a seriously late checkout. Rm 5219. I would rather have an even room looking downbeach, but it's cool. I went on up and grabbed my stuff from next door. Mark and I kick back in the "living room" for a bit and I take a shower. 

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                                                                                             Stretch makes friends easily

 Sweet Ti and I chat for a bit. She has her sister Ri over and they are having a Scrabble tourney. After, Mark and I ease on down back into the action. Hollyrock Hills becons.

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 We peruse this particular machine. It's 5. denom, 2 credits max bet. But the progressive obvoiusly starts at 1k rather than 5k. Pretty juicy payouts for the other pays though. I decide to invest a hundy and insert coin. I have 10 chances. I get squat the first 9. Last try...

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                                                                   cashed that out....

 We hit a few other machines there and nothing was paying off. Mark wants to find a BJ table and I'm pretty much toast. I wish him luck and head back aloft. Ti and I talk again. We are missing each other. Funny how that works. We have been together mostly non-stop for the past 15 months. It's about 8:45, which is getting late for me. We say goodnight and I'm getting ready for bed. Then the room phone rings. When's the last time that's happened? I answer it. "Room service" said Room service. "We are outside your door with a gift." I tell them I'll be right there. So I throw on some clothes, grab an Abe for a tip, and answer the door. "Complements of Resorts. Happy Birthday!" 

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                                                                        Well Boy howdy!

  I texted the reason behind this, our host Steph. She's off today and tomorrow but promptly answers me. "You're welcome!! Enjoy and Happy Birthday ะตถ (simulated emojis) The bag is for Martina once you eat the junk. She gets a gift too." Well, she is going to the OBX in July. She can take the wine down there too. Mark can have the Coors Light. I try a piece of the cake. It's pretty fancy. Well, it's been an auspicious beginning to our trip. I'm up around 500. I earned 13 points. But the points keep adding up till 5:59 a.m. Chances are I'll be back down earning more before then. Old habits......




                                   05.24.1956 2021  With no resemblance to reality*

                 Hey Now! Sure enough, 3:30 am. Funny, I don't feel like a Silver Citizen. Damn sure look like one though. 

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