Sunday, August 27, 2006



Hey Now! 

Sofa King, Randy, Mark and I took off from The Thirsty Camel in a big ol' rented Hooptie at 10pm thur. 8.17.06 bound for the Tropicana.85mph screaming up Rt. 13..

We landed about 4am and got a really nice room in the new Havana Tower and hit the BJ tables..The Trop is an incredible complex- a whole city block right on the boardwalk.

I had pretty good luck-but Sofa King kicked ass.. he had lady luck riding shotgun wherever he put his money down. He hit like 5 times on roulette. Solid. Amayzing to watch.

Bucko and I strolled the Boardwalk for shits and grins and of course t-shirts for the grandkids. I even found some stickers (imagine that) .After a lunch of real Jersey Shore hot dogs I crashed for a  couple of hours.

Back to the tables after figuring out how to get there..I'm not kidding-the place is HUGE..I hit a couple of the bars-there are like 16 in there. Randy,Mark and I had a dart tourney but the darts were weak. Don't remember who won. SK played in the "Poker Room" but that didn't last long.

This was my first time playing BJ ai a table. I've studied the charts and practiced online. I even played video BJ in Vegas last year, but this is different. I quickly learned that at a full table you better play smart or everyone gets pissed.

So I went down to the Hilton Beach Club and listened to a Zeppelin cover band and enjoyed the beach.

Sofa King even offered me 50 bucks not to sit at the table with him. But I found my own 15 dollar table and did pretty good. Hell the whole trip set me back 35 dollars.

I did a bit more shopping and SK invited us all to dinner. TASTY!.....   LATER.. The casino was packed and I was playing sloppy (eatthispieceofpaper), so I went off to dreamland.

Up on Friday  I got my feet wet on the recycled beach and we checked out. SK went back to the tables- I didn't play but was in search of coozies. I got a tip from a dealer and Mark and I went down the "excalator" past the Hooters and there...there....there was this bar....50 beers on tap.....guys, that was all she wrote....Mark and I met Nancy (2 hot air ballons in a piper cub) and sampled several brews along with an expanded history of said beers.

We even went upstairs and dragged SK and Randy away from the tables to join us. 3 hours  later we finally left with goodies in tow. Making one last shopping stop in Red Square we bid farewell to the East Coast Gambling Mecca and proceeded to Philly and with out new Redskins hats on gave a group finger to their new stadium. Well worth the extra miles.

Drove on and on and on.......I'm ready to go back.


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