AC 10th Anniversary Royal Trip                                                                                                                  Hit Counter

Jan 19-22 2010

Hey Now! 

We had a Rainy Day anniversary on Jan 18th with steak and RB Fries and everything. Nice prelude to a celebration. 

Up early for the Eastern Shore trek. 0718100804.jpg (599528 bytes) Caught the 9:30 ferry and made our way into the Garden State ...Check in #1.... Resorts  1110100619.jpg (571152 bytes)  Thanks to Dennis, Resorts is being very liberal with their comps, and I had a postcard with some free play and a buffet, so we took advantage of both. A bit of Cue the Dog (Jackpot Station) which is only a penny game here, and had some fun. On to some VP, but no luck there. We grab the buffet and between the coupon and my comps, it's worth it. They just added crab legs- even for lunch! I took Ti upstairs for a nap and I went back down to score some points, as they were having a camera giveaway. Well, it didn't take long....0119111531.jpg (643277 bytes)  and then...0119111558.jpg (631113 bytes)  and before I knew it....enough points for said camera!  So I grabbed Ti and we went to Check in #2....Borgata   0419100733a.jpg (636674 bytes) 33rd floor looking out at the city   0122111027.jpg (682852 bytes) Stretch just has to get in a pic....I had secretly ordered flowers, and soon there was a knock on our door.  0119111719a.jpg (453419 bytes) Happy 10th to us!  We played for a while, but to no avail. Ti went back upstairs to chill, so that meant Time for some action..  0119111920.jpg (645936 bytes)   .. The Bonus Poker is full pay if you know where to look, but it's $1. Early sleep time for us, remember, it's not a race- it's a marathon!

Thursday at 19 degrees

Man it's cold! I get up early as usual and head over to our other room. This works out just lovely, as I grab a hotel pass on the way out of the Borg, and another at Resorts- although I had to go to the valet station to score this one. Resorts comped rooms are only $5 a night, so with the pass, the room pays for itself!   `0120111644.jpg (482352 bytes)                 AC is so much different from Vegas - free self parking everywhere there.

It's nice to go upstairs and grab a , especially now that they serve beer in plastic cups on the floor.. So I found my .50 FP Bonus Poker machine and donated a bit to the Boardwalk Empire renovations supposedly taking place here. I've yet to see much. And the servers aren't wearing flapper outfits either.... Back to the #2 room to serve Ti her coffee and Ti biscuits, and we play and nothing, so we decide to go to the Boardwalk again. We were hoping to stroll down the boardwalk to the pier shops    and catch the Fountain     but no way Jose with a northeast wind howling... So we go upstairs to Gallagher's Burger Bar for a nearly comped lunch. Back to the Borg  0120111848.jpg (725841 bytes)   and Ti stays upstairs again so....wait for it....wait.........

0120112014.jpg (645494 bytes) here we go   0120112022.jpg (671784 bytes)  hell yeah!  Both in 5 minutes. Time to cash out and stash some loot... The joint is getting crowded, thus the weekend begins on Thursday evening.

Time for Cue the Dog.... this is turning into a hell of a morning! Even if it is evening. Onward to the  .25 Multi-Strike games.. Which have been juggled all around. And downgraded too. Only full pay left in them is JoB. Not a bad choice tho as this is a very high variance proposition for $5 a hand.  But it's so much fun to play.0120112254.jpg (922741 bytes)  0120112259.jpg (856396 bytes) notice now how I get cocky and move up to .50  0120112301.jpg (844303 bytes) I ran thru a lull and cashed out a bit up. What an awesome evening!!

Friday I hit the gym 1111100736.jpg (817682 bytes) and enjoy the sunrise over the pool water. We have lunch reservations at the Knife and Fork  at 1:30 so I decide to run back over and check out of the Resorts, as we only had 2 comped nights. It was about 8 am when I got there. Place is dead, and cold!  So I try to find a warm spot, and find a little alcove near the stairs up to the food joints that has full pay machines. Only .25 and .50 tho..0121110922.jpg (636283 bytes) So I'm switching up games and not doing much, and I decide to play out and try something else. I'm playing DDB and save one J and hit draw.. WOW!

0121110945.jpg (645078 bytes) Only took me 5 years .Here's a couple of more pics  0121110949.jpg (657504 bytes)   0121110958.jpg (606653 bytes)0121110954.jpg (628583 bytes) I couldn't get any cell service, so I couldn't call Ti and I was trying to get a shot without glare- damned slant machines, AND I was fending off a boardling who shows up immediately and is talking incoherently and leaning against the glass.. So I fill out the paperwork and grab our stuff from the room and check out .. quick trip back to the Borg to stash more loot..

0121111048.jpg (576969 bytes) couldn't resist that pic...

Time to head over to our favorite spot for lunch what a nice place. Never had lunch there, so we go for the 3 course special. Martina gets a martini from the bar 0121111340a.jpg (654502 bytes) and I find out that they now serve Kalaber, I made a request for it when we were here in April and I was pleasantly surprised to find out when I ordered another O'Doul's regular. Heidi was an excellent server and we sat in the sun and had a very nice repast.0121111422.jpg (602162 bytes)

0121111341.jpg (992814 bytes) Time for Ti to do a little anniversary shopping for herself, so we head over to the Trop and to Zephyr Gallery . I wondered off downstairs to see Nancy at Firewaters   

  We talked for a couple of minutes and I avoided James and headed back upstairs just as Ti had finished her business..  So we split and took the long way home- southwest rather than northeast. Sue the GPS doesn't help either. I thought I knew this place pretty well, but I guess I need more schooling.

Back to Borg yet again and it's give and take, we head up to the room and Ti's hungry so I hit the food court for some Chinese Takeaway. Chow!

I hit a $15 BJ table and lost my stake in one shoe.. Bummer. Back to basics...0121112036.jpg (631172 bytes)   0121112116.jpg (619396 bytes)  0121111206.jpg (853195 bytes)  this place is rockin with humanity right about now, so I make my exit. A very exciting and wonderful day in our lives, no doubt.

Sat morning I went down early and played a bit, then feted Ti with another eat-in- yer-jammies breakfast. I started loading up the car and we readied  ourselves for the journey. 

I had to stand in line to check out using comps and it was busy. But we still had an hour or so till we had to leave for the ferry so we played some VP- Barney Fife!!  We played some electronic roulette and won some money on 24... but 19 was suspiciously absent.. I  play some Multi-Strike with Ti watching and we had fun..0122111222.jpg (833007 bytes)   0122111225.jpg (804943 bytes)   0122111228.jpg (844058 bytes) time to cash out and catch the ferry home. We enjoy a nap on the ferry, and ride off into the sunset....

0122111721.jpg (391627 bytes) Happy 10th Anniversary to us!   0123111949b.jpg (500759 bytes)