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Hey Now!!

Ducked out early on a Friday for the ferry ride up to AC.

Killer afternoon, very windy, got to the Bayside Comfort Inn just before the rain..

Views from rear of building. They are doing renovations, great location, on Black Horse Pike about 3 miles from the Boardwalk..


We headed out to the Hilton to check out the new full pay VP games and penny slots.. Couldn't find Jackpot Station, so we played VP. 0416102104.jpg (728520 bytes)  0416102122.jpg (718682 bytes)  0416102155.jpg (747194 bytes)

A nice start to a nice weekend, so we went back for sandwiches and sleep..

Sat.a.m. I went for a workout, but the 2 treadmills were broken, so I used the stairmaster, or rather it used me...

Wow- that thing is murder..

Had our comped breakfast, and went in search of a grocery store and an elephant..

Found both! This grocery is easy to find and close to the strip..

I asked for directions to Lucy, and was told the bridge was closed, and saved a bunch of time by going back to AC and taking Atlantic Ave.

The houses on the way are incredible, all sorts of shapes and sizes..

On to Margate, home of Lucy, the world's largest elephant..

she was born in 1881, and thanks to her loyal keepers, she looks great, except for her hurt tail..We took the tour, it was great, I say visit her by all means!!

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and from the beach..0417101050.jpg (638760 bytes)  0417101050a.jpg (443055 bytes)  0417101050b.jpg (466907 bytes)


On to the Taj Mahal for a BOGO Buffet, which is about what it's worth..the Taj is a cool looking place..

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We walked next door to the Showboat for some VP     and the Mardi Gras parade. The VP is typical Harrah's- all but non existent..they pulled the easy to find machines over the winter

But the parade was a hoot.

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Next we strolled the Boardwalk to Resorts to check out the $2.00/.25 ante BJ...RIPP-OFF!!!

What a joke, but the tables were packed!

No matter where we went, there were crowds at the tables, the whole trip..

Stimulus appears to be working.We drove over to the Trop to see our buddies at Zephyr Gallery.

HB was there, and Ti found a nice ring for her birthday present..0419101321.jpg (419368 bytes)


Early night for us, I got some nice sunset pics from the hotel.

Saturday night crowds are a bitch, so we avoided them...



Sunday I got up about 4:00 am and headed back to the Hilton. The place was empty, except for the tables.

The new full pay VP is on the non-smoking end of the joint which was killer..quite a few machines too.As of now, they have the most and the easiest to find-there's even a SIGN...

I proceded to play...


Well, that was good for around 1K..

So I went outside for sunrise...

0418100625.jpg (452382 bytes)  0418100626a.jpg (442856 bytes)  0418100628.jpg (397980 bytes) 


On the way back in I stumbled onto a Cue the Dog...


Another $250...

Time for some more VP, but my luck was all used up..

Time to wake up Ti!

We ate at the all-you-can-eat breakfast nook and left for the Marina District.

We found MLK Blvd. and slid into the Borgata parking garage, and on over to check in at the Water Club  0418101214.jpg (771673 bytes)  0418101218.jpg (1180650 bytes)  0418101215.jpg (939632 bytes)  

Very upscale Made in China accesories thrown in with some fancy stuff, and plenty of plants and water.

   Really very nice place.Our room wasn't ready, so we went out to play and check the winners every hour of $$$$..We went downstairs and ordered up a couple of Fatburgers


Yum..Got our room on the 30th floor..really nice. The bed is swedish foam and killer. beautiful views too..

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Time to make some $$$$!

Ti scores some on Cue the Dog..it's a quarter here...

Time for some full pay VP..

but they moved my machine.Seems the Borgata is doing a bit of downgrading on the FP machines..

Instead of 2 rows back to back of a dozen, they are all now 8/5 JoB and such...

I found a couple of 9/6 JoB, but not as many as in Feb.

Hope this doesn't continue here..


0419100615.jpg (376602 bytes) Got up early on Mon. and let Ti sleep in on her birthday.0419100627.jpg (445923 bytes)  0419100634a.jpg (692830 bytes)

Went up to the spa and paid for the fitness usage

32nd floor- just upstairs from our room..

The pool is free until 9:00 am.  0419100731.jpg (771474 bytes)  0419100731a.jpg (727297 bytes)  0419100738.jpg (1035385 bytes)  0419100737.jpg (622653 bytes)  the view is unreal.. 2 story windows. Nice wooden loungers..huge towels.

I went back to awaken Ti, and went down to Starbucks for a birthday breakfast feast, and Ti opened her cards and eventually we went downstairs...

0419101204.jpg (708098 bytes) well, you know I have to score at least one 4 of a kind before too long..

time to get ready for dinner, and we take off for our fav. place to eat in AC...

Always such a treat..

We go to the bar for half price appetizers   Tim the bartender took care of us.

He reminded me of Robbie Stuhm.

Real smooth talker and everything..We went to one of the dining rooms for dinner , turned out to be the same table we had last time, next to a fireplace

  This building is like an old Tavern, 4 story and very homey. You can watch the Chefs cooking too.

They even surprised Ti with a birthday cake with Happy Birthday written in chocolate on the plate!

We drove back to the Water Club, and it wasn't long before Ti drifted off to sleep...


So I went downstairs to see what I could find..

Here's what I found..4 line Multi-Strike for a quarter..I had played for a nickel in Vegas and done pretty good, but this was $5.00 a spin..

Time to go for it..

Again, it didn't take long...

Time for a bit of regular VP..

Really turning out good for the last night!!


I ended the night playing a couple of shoes of BJ at a dime table, as the $5 table was still 3 deep.

Monday night is locals night, and the nightclubs were open and PACKED!! I was treading water for a shoe, but then got greedy and played 2 hands and gave back a bit...Time for bed...


Up for another Starbucks trip, and time to get ready to go..

I ask for a late checkout, but they are shutting the hotel Tue.thru Thur. so I guess they need extra time to clean.

We finish packing and headed downstairs to play the remaining hours away..

We left a bit for the Resort, and eased our way south to the ferry.

Stopped at an ACME grocery store and scored a couple of killer hoagies..

Can't miss it, on the right just before the ferry in Cape May.

Great trip, ended up just a bit on the Bankroll, so you can;t beat that!!


Happy 54th birthday Sweet Ti!!