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         AC Aug. 22-25 2013  0823130634.jpg (631553 bytes)  Hey Now!


  Yet another solo journey. This one starts out with the alarm going off at 2:15 a.m. This is due to the all new and improved Cape May Ferry schedule. The good news is that they are running an 8 a.m. ferry from Lewes now. The bad news is that I'm 4.5 hours away. Hence the 3:15 a.m. get away time. Made great time thru the 3 bridge tunnels and up DelMarVa, till I got to the Del part. The skies opened and the rains commenced. The Rt.24 part was downright scary. It got a bit better when I pulled into the ferry parking lot     0822130801.jpg (210077 bytes) The sky finally stopped pissing about the time we loaded. I spot an alternative 18th century ferry nearby.

0822130813.jpg (664318 bytes)    Things aren't looking much better on the Joisey Shore after my nappy...

0822130935.jpg (303998 bytes)  0822131013.jpg (192022 bytes)  0822131015.jpg (231116 bytes)     0822131020.jpg (277051 bytes) 0822131021.jpg (319499 bytes) 0822131022.jpg (316352 bytes) If y'all notice, there was next to no traffic on a Thursday morning at 11 a.m. I park Teal on Level 5 which is where she will nest the whole weekend. This is an all Boardwalk all the time trip. The idea is to run up as many points as possible. I'm on a mission to make Paramount by December. The problem with Resorts, is you only get points added for 6 months, then you start over. 50 for Epic, 300 for Paramount. Sweet Ti and I earned 56 points last trip, so I'll retain Epic till next June, but I really want to make Paramount just once. I just bring in my sling backpack with a supply of my near beer- kudos to my Sweet Ti for hooking me up at Total Wine with some St. Paulie's Girl N/A and some delicious Kaliber for the trip. I load up today's free play ($30) along with my earned slot cash ($56) on a $1 machine between the Self-Park and the Rendezvous Tower elevators. I proceed to play...

 0822131121.jpg (604900 bytes) Instead of cashing out, I blow thru my winnings. Hey Now- it's free money right?? On to my new favorite machine, between the pit and Casino Credit. I'll be camping out here for much of the next 3 days. I rub it for luck, and plop in a hunny to begin my journey. I'll be playing mostly .50 8/5 Bonus Poker. But right now I just can't resist the temptation of some Deuces Wild. I don't usually play it here in AC, the best they have at Resorts is 96.77% pay, but I love it. I set my machine for the .25 level. Interesting....

0822131148.jpg (615010 bytes) Notice how I only held the Deuce there... I switch to my stand-by .50 BP....

 0822131156.jpg (600181 bytes)  much better. I end up as Mr. Push. Time to see if Keven is working. Resorts really doesn't like to let people check-in before 1:30. But it's always packed by then. It's about 11:30 now. I walk up and spot Keven. He smiles and calls me up. I've got my $20 sandwich all ready for him. He even remembers my last name and tells me my Rondevous Tower room is all ready for me as I have him the sandwich. Earliest check-in ever here! I go up and check out my digs,,,

0822131225.jpg (610433 bytes)    0822131312.jpg (612847 bytes)  0822131312a.jpg (394358 bytes)  0822131312b.jpg (465544 bytes) 0822131312c.jpg (520017 bytes)                     0822131313.jpg (485988 bytes)                      0822131313a.jpg (528558 bytes)

 I bring up the rest of my shit, and stock the mini fridge and the safe. I've got a food comp today, either 2 buffets, or $20 at Eastwind, Well the buffet here is frilling inedible, so I opt for Eastwinds. This used to be a nice restaurant upstairs, now it's replaced what used to be the Noodle Bar beside the Asian Pit. The Asian Pit became Margaritaville Casino. Confused???

0822131351.jpg (625951 bytes)  0822131351a.jpg (728530 bytes)  0822131352.jpg (627995 bytes)  0822131352a.jpg (711232 bytes)

I'm seated at the bar- well it's sort of a bar.. it's got a half wall so the wok oil doesn't burn the diners. I get the lunch special. BBQ ribs, General Meow's Chicken, skip dessert. I guess they are pissed off the Asian Pit is gone, as the food really sucked.

0822131402.jpg (437813 bytes) Maybe we no likey Round eye???? one spork, and that's just because I couldn't figure out how to make it a half a spork. Stupid Front Page 2000..... I tip the girl a couple of $2 bills anyway, as she was prompt to refill my water glass to choke it down. I gave my fortune cookie to a couple next to me. Time for some Family Guy. I manage one progressive win out of it, but forget to take a screenshot. Wasn't much. On to Cue da Dog (Monopoly Jackpot Station) where I made another donation to the Mohegan Sun Tribal Retirement Fund. Time for a change. The Evil Empire is offering 10x points at Showboat on Thursdays in August. I walk over.

0822131526.jpg (604599 bytes)  0822131528a.jpg (646504 bytes)  0822131528b.jpg (575299 bytes)  0822131528c.jpg (612477 bytes)

I can't find a working kiosk to check my points, so I make my way to one of the few full pay VP machines there, and proceed to gambol. I blow thru my hunny in short order with no 4OAKS. I also don't seem to be earning 10x points. And the dude sitting beside me is pretty frilling creepy. I search once more for a working kiosk. I finally find one, not sure how to check my earned points. Time to boogie woogie. I take the inside route back to Taj. Great to be able to walk inside all the way back to Resorts, especially in the winter. I go upstairs at Taj to check out the progress on the new Hootiche Cootche joint there. Scores. 

                                                            0822131531.jpg (241240 bytes)

0822131533.jpg (561912 bytes)  0822131533a.jpg (389886 bytes)  0822131533b.jpg (641664 bytes)  0822131533c.jpg (783605 bytes)

 Up too early, so it's back to the room to chill out. Sweet Ti is getting off soon, so I await her call. We speak of our love, and she wishes me luck. Outside a storm is brewing. It's fun watching all the ant sized humanity scurrying around on the beach.

        0822131724.jpg (433941 bytes)  Sofa King calls, and we plan out some horsey handicapping for the morrow. Pacific Classic. Time for one last stab at VP for the evening..

.0822131907.jpg (612969 bytes)  0822131912.jpg (582103 bytes)  I'm really dragging ass by now, so I elevate up and call my Sweet Ti to wish her Sweet Ti Dreams.....sleepers.........  


Talkin' about getting that worm, and I don't mean in the bottom of a bottle of Mezcal... 4:30 a.m. I'm up. I shower and scarf down my cereal, and wander around watching the leftover partiers and wishing my Sweet Ti was upstairs asleep.

   0823130540.jpg (532703 bytes)  0823130542.jpg (449755 bytes) Time for a pre-dawn session...


  0823130554.jpg (622674 bytes)  Oh Hell Yeah!!!! 

0823130616.jpg (662836 bytes)  Played for quite a while, then it was sunrise time...



 0823130622.jpg (440646 bytes)  0823130623.jpg (472845 bytes)  0823130623a.jpg (511093 bytes)  0823130624.jpg (533416 bytes)

                 0823130634.jpg (631553 bytes)  0823130635.jpg (592212 bytes)  0823130635a.jpg (542558 bytes)  

There's more pictures to follow- but they are from a bit further downbeach. Check it out- I'm walking around taking these, and I notice there's caution tape and some barricades set up around me. Now I walked down from the Landshark Bar's deck, and there wasn't any of this in sight. I'm jamming out to some My Morning Jacket on my 'Pod, and I finally notice this dude walking up to me from the shoreline is yelling at me. He's either Indian or Pakistani, he has that scarf thingy around his head with a hardhat perched on top of it, along with a safety vest. I remove an earbud and he informs me he has been calling out to me 23 times. He counted.. "You must leave this area immediately!  Edwinna- back in bowl !!!" So I took a hike and continued my photographic saga.

0823130640.jpg (444609 bytes)  0823130641.jpg (435420 bytes)  0823130641a.jpg (489830 bytes)  0823130641b.jpg (525995 bytes)

0823130647.jpg (545990 bytes)  0823130647a.jpg (439449 bytes)  0823130647b.jpg (504082 bytes)  0823130649.jpg (578702 bytes)

                                0823130649a.jpg (597205 bytes)          0823130650.jpg (441387 bytes)          0823130650a.jpg (405199 bytes)

 0823130644.jpg (519680 bytes)     I think Raji was actually gonna apologize to me, but thought better of it. "Edwinna!!!" Time to gambol. I head back over to Cue da Dog. The only way to play these games is to hit the Max Bet button. I proceed...


                                    0823130720.jpg (632380 bytes)                                                


 OK, now I've got my morning stake all set, so I head upstairs to prepare for my journey to Revel. Sweet Ti and I played there last month and they have a loss rebate offer going, 5% returned per week, or something like that. I thusly embark...

0823130753.jpg (584600 bytes)  0823130801.jpg (812172 bytes)  0823130805.jpg (740007 bytes)  0823130809.jpg (1158716 bytes)

0823130809a.jpg (569820 bytes)  0823130809b.jpg (602210 bytes)  0823130809c.jpg (759946 bytes)  0823130810.jpg (864754 bytes)

0823130813.jpg (1038275 bytes) 0823130815.jpg (739919 bytes)  0823130815a.jpg (452938 bytes)  0823131010.jpg (513468 bytes) 0823130817.jpg (550209 bytes)

I elevate up to C from RB (gotta love it-my own floor!) and spot a new Monopoly game...

                            0823130821.jpg (813177 bytes)                        0823130821a.jpg (864052 bytes)       No idea how the bonus rounds work on account of the friller sucked down $50 from me I mean like right now. NEXT! Looks to be a Hangover kinda morning..I sit in the middle of the row of 3. I always sit there, and am soon joined by a chatty lady to my right. We talk while we play. She's staying here and really likes the rooms, but they only give her Sun.-Thur. 1 day. They are tight of comps here. But the cocktail service is good, and I break my own rule and order an O'Dulls. Bleah..... Oh snap- what's this? a bonus round...

                                    0823130918.jpg (705034 bytes) I play that down to $20 and cash out. I play our numbers- 19 and 24 on Electro Roulette and manage a .25 19 hit. Time to head to home base. Once again I take the inside route. Mostly to avoid the Boardling crowds.

        0823131028.jpg (812052 bytes)        0823131030.jpg (563736 bytes) Back to Resorts. 0823131140.jpg (705737 bytes) First slot machine in AC....

I've got a comp to the Epic Club, and my belly is telling me it's time. I also have to register for the drawing later tonight. I head on over. I really like this place, never been there when there;s been more than 10 people there, same thing today. I give Manny my comp and he gives me my ticket to put in the drum. There's only about 30 tickets inside, but it's about 1 p.m., and the drawing is at 7 p.m. 

    0823131333.jpg (629032 bytes)  0823131333a.jpg (755203 bytes)  0823131344.jpg (416854 bytes)  0823131350.jpg (697084 bytes)

Chef was carving corned beef, and I made a killer sandwich. Nice greens, onions and some marinated veggies on the side. Then I hit the desserts. They also have a really well stocked bar. It's a nice perk. Still nothing but O'Dulls in a non-alchy...

time to check out JB land-

            0823131440.jpg (486537 bytes)                     0823131441.jpg (505196 bytes)                     0823131442.jpg (558110 bytes)

I play my daily BJ hand for a chance at $150 for a dealt BJ, $300 if I get one and the dealer does to. I draw a 6. Barney Fife.

On to the other promo, you get to pick 6 parrots out of maybe 100. There are only 6 winners. 1 right gets $10. free play. Guess what.

                        Time for my lucky machine. 0823131608.jpg (667149 bytes) Alt. strategy???? 0823131637.jpg (625525 bytes) Good so far- but I feel I'm being watched. I look up and spot this 0823131914.jpg (311870 bytes)

 It says Sweden on the back. I have no idea what language it's in, or what the symbol is for that matter. But the only thing it can mean is that it's time for some Deuce's Wild, right? I mean isn't it obvious????

        0823131916.jpg (703042 bytes)   Shit da Bed- that's a powerful hat! 0823132202.jpg (624050 bytes) Time to go over for the drawing. I go into the Epic Club to check out the drum. Not too full, and I notice there's another one for Paramount. Noice. They tell me I can wait anywhere, as they will be calling out names over the loudspeaker. I quickly find a .50 8/5 BP machine to while away the time.  

               0823132108.jpg (647676 bytes)                       

 I'm not hearing my name, but this machine keeps cranking out 4OAKS...   0823132103.jpg (657825 bytes) Well, I didn't win any prizes, but I did cash out a $350 Ticket for the old BR... Back to my trusty machine with it's lucky Lid.

                 0823132210.jpg (652953 bytes)                                                                   0823132220.jpg (668903 bytes)                                                     


                                                    0823132203.jpg (645298 bytes)

                0823132232.jpg (652473 bytes)                                        0823132303.jpg (685142 bytes)

        I stash a $150 ticket next to the other one, grab the hat,and go upstairs to bid my Sweet Ti good night. Zzzzzzzzzz.....


    Last full day. I intend to take advantage of it too. Like beating Mr. Sun out of bed. Check that one off. I'm up, showered, and breakfasted before the first rays emerge over the ocean. Time to Gambol! I have my 2 tickets from last night, and cash them in for today's BR. I noticed a couple of Pawn Stars machines near the side entrance. It's way too smoky there for me in the evening, but now there's not a cig in sight. I stuff in a hunny, and it doesn't take long to score a couple of bonus rounds. Check 'em out.....




 Well that was good for a hunny.. Time for some $1. 9/6 JoB. I stroll over to Hollywood Hills, NJ. I blow thru that hunny in like 5 minutes. So much for low volatility. I head for safer territory. My old stand-by. Doesn't take but a couple of spins.......

         0824130722.jpg (621093 bytes) then I draw this>>>>>               0824130816.jpg (634348 bytes)


               I'm having a great time. There's this dude sitting next to me that's a hoot. I always seem to have better luck when there's someone sitting next to me. ESPECIALLY my Sweet Ti! Dudeish regales me with tales of money won and lost on a game called Mississippi Stud. As I'm betting ready to cash out I snag one last quad...

0824130819.jpg (697910 bytes) I make my way back upstairs to check in with my Sweet Ti, she's fine except for the black snake eating a hummingbird. I consul her as I can. Today I'm going down beach in search of swag booty. They have changed the official AC logo, and I'm a sucker for stickers... It's a beautiful day on the boardwalk. First thing I notice is a growing crowd basically headed the same way I am- toward Boardwalk Hall. There's a visitors information booth there that sells said swag booty. Today's boardwalk theme is Massage Parlors-0824131034.jpg (673899 bytes)  0824131034a.jpg (701273 bytes)  0824131034b.jpg (765084 bytes)  0824131037.jpg (916466 bytes)  0824131037a.jpg (841327 bytes)

  0824131038.jpg (818032 bytes)    0824131038a.jpg (830477 bytes)   0824131039.jpg (524196 bytes)   0824131040.jpg (718269 bytes)

  0824131040a.jpg (755736 bytes)   0824131041.jpg (735371 bytes)   0824131042.jpg (661164 bytes)   0824131044.jpg (730252 bytes)

  0824131045.jpg (668216 bytes)   0824131046a.jpg (837684 bytes)   0824131047.jpg (933515 bytes)   0824131048.jpg (711700 bytes)

 As I arrive at my destination, there's a Death Metal sounding band tuning up on the bandstand out front. They are working on the Boardwalk Hall, and the storefront that usually holds the Atlantic City Visitor Center is being renovated. The signs point me in the direction of the Hall Lobby. I step inside. This place is real life Art Deco. Sweet. Instead of going over to where they have the temporary digs of the A.C.V.C., I walk into the lobby and spot an incredible stained glass skylight. There's a guard at the top of the stairs, so I approach him and ask if I can take some pictures. He says sure.

0824131054.jpg (671210 bytes)   0824131054a.jpg (698264 bytes)   0824131055.jpg (596938 bytes)   0824131055a.jpg (855403 bytes)

                0824131056.jpg (833256 bytes)         0824131057.jpg (869460 bytes)         0824131056a.jpg (677264 bytes)0824131107.jpg (1069937 bytes) As I'm taking this, the guard tells me a couple of stories about this photo. A few years ago, a couplr of the prople in the photo came by to see it. One was the boy walking beside the rolling car, the other was a girl in the car. They were in their 90's when they came by. Photo taken in the late 30's. We end up talking for quite a while. His name is Ants. Really. He's retired Military/Telephone, so we talk shop. He was stationed at Ft. Eustis back in the 60's. As we were talking, a guy motored by in a wheelchair out on the boardwalk. He laughed and said the dude was on his way to his spot where he sold American flags all day. Apparently the dude makes pretty good money at it. Ants tells me at the end on the day, he gets up, loads his wheelchair into his car, and drives home. Good gig if you can get it. I'm ready to boogie, so I shake Ant's hand and he poses for a shot. Sort of anyhow.....

                                                              0824131108a.jpg (492680 bytes)            

  I walk over to the temporary A.C.V.C. desk, and ask for a magnetic sitcker. She points at the wall, where there are 2 hanging. One per customer. I slyly talk her into both. No other swag booty is available, so I step back outside. Well, the crowds are gathering around the bandstand, as the Death Metal band blasts a tune. Turns out to be Death Metal for Jesus. The mostly older African American crowd looks puzzled. I wonder who booked this band??? Gotta love the Joisey Shore. I head back up beach. Next stop- James' Salt Water Taffy.

         0824131137.jpg (743587 bytes)                   0824131137a.jpg (749751 bytes)           0824131140.jpg (503512 bytes)

I like this particular location, because it's in the same building as the candy factory. I score some sweets for my Sweet Ti.0824131145.jpg (509298 bytes)    0824131146a.jpg (876881 bytes)        0824131203.jpg (535895 bytes)        0824131220.jpg (325920 bytes)

Back at Resorts, I pop in the Landshark Surf Shop for some comped goodies. I make one more stop at Marshall-Russo and pick up a nice scarf for Sweet Ti. Comped of course! Upstairs to stash my swag booty, and to show off my lucky shirt. Today is lucky shirt day by the way...

    0824131251.jpg (503345 bytes)  0824131327.jpg (702959 bytes) Methinks it's time to GAMBOL!!!!!! My sling backback fortified, I descend to battle...On my way down, Sofa King Kevin calls and we talk about the race. He suggests I go by the pit and play some blackjack. He wants me to try his progressive strategy. I buy in for a hunny at a $10 table and sit at 3rd base (where else is there???) There's 3 ladies playing first, second, and short stop. They have a Match the dealer side bet here. 4:1 if one of your cards marches the dealer's first card, 24:1 for a perfect match. Works on the player's first 2 cards. One of the ladies is playing the side bet for $5, and cleaning up. I'm up and down, and score the side bet a couple of times. I get up quite a bit at one point, and raise my bet to $15 and draw 2 6's.The dealer is showing a 3. Basic strategy calls for splitting those 6's. So I split. First card drawn is a 6. I re-split. Next card is a 3. I double. I draw a 4. Bummer. On to the next hand. I draw a 5. I double. Next card is a 5. Bummer. On to the last hand. I draw and 8. I stand. Dealer turns over a 6. She draws a 10. I lose $75. I color up for $82. I toke the dealer the $2.Well that was exciting...VP time. As I settle into my regular spot, there's this well seasoned lady sitting next to me. She is in the process of downloading some free play. She ends up doing this often. Very often. She downloads $30 at a time, plays .25 Joker Poker at 10 credits per hand- the only game you can play for 10 credits per hand, loses that, and does it again. I have no idea how many times this happened. She seems to have virtually unlimited free play. Meanwhile, back at the RB Ranch, things are looking good....

0824131340.jpg (590149 bytes)  Not soon after that this happens>>> 

 0824131401.jpg (721476 bytes) The cocktail waitress comes around with a tray of various flavors of Boat Drinks to offer, but none for me thanks. I feel the Family Guy calling me, so I cash out as the downloading lady is doing just that yet again... On to JB's Casino!

0824131420.jpg (597778 bytes)    0824131423.jpg (584203 bytes)    0824131433.jpg (642136 bytes)    0824131444.jpg (575773 bytes)

All the above happens in about 15 minutes. I love this game. At Gold Coast in Vega$, I got hooked.. Time for some more BP, only at a new location. I walk over to the machine that was so good to me last night. There's 2 gentlemen sitting next to me. One of them is about 70. The other one is at least 90. Turns out to be a father and son. The father has had a small win and decided to double up. Neither of them have any idea how this works, so I explain it to them. The father wind and doubles up twice more. I congratulate him. Turns out they really had no clue about video poker at all, so I gave them a quick demo. Right away I fill in a full boat, and the father says" He's got 3 of a kind!" Junior tells him it's a full house. I end up getting about 4 more in short order, and every time the father repeats the same sequence. He never did catch on. I never hit a 4OAK, but had enough full boats to raise my cash to $450. I cash out, and give each of them a $2 bill for luck. They are all smiles. Time for a Burger Bar lunch. I tale the excalator past the Hooters- wink wink- and place my order for Onion Straws and a Blackjack Burger with extra cheese.

 0824131546.jpg (637273 bytes)  0824131546b.jpg (720190 bytes)  0824131546c.jpg (508960 bytes)  0824131546d.jpg (703205 bytes)

I walked across the hall into Gallagher's for some shots. One of these days I'll take my Sweet Ti here for dinner.

0824131547.jpg (576128 bytes)    0824131547a.jpg (701627 bytes)    0824131547c.jpg (537117 bytes)    0824131547d.jpg (522078 bytes)

        0824131548.jpg (587997 bytes)              0824131548a.jpg (560416 bytes)              0824131548b.jpg (567052 bytes)

I get my dinner, and go back to the room and fire up Lappy the laptop and the TV. Almost time for the Pacific Classic, and it's on TV too! I place some bets, and call Sweet Ti so she can give me her picks. We are both watching it, albeit in different states, and watch Kettle Corn place behind Game On Dude. Exciting race! Made a small profit. I finish my call along with my dinner, and go back down to my regular spot and grind away. I insert my $450 ticket. I watch is slowly disappear. Granted, I've had quite a run in the last couple of days, but it's still a bit distressing. To say the least. If I stop playing, I can go back home with a small profit. If I continue- I could go home an even bigger winner. Or......Aww hell, I guess that's why they call it GAMBOLING!!!

0824131903.jpg (652664 bytes)  0824131939.jpg (626007 bytes) well, even a sorority of Queens can't salvage this session. I play out my remaining credits and decide to call it a night.


The Final Frontier. I wake and get straight away to my chores. I pack and load up Teal for the journey to VA. I'm supposed to catch the noon ferry, but have made sure a couple of the earlier ferries still have open spots. I check out using comps for all but the taxes. I hate taxes as Mr. Monopoly would say. I go over you know where, and put in the last hunny I'm pulling out for the trip, select .50 BP, and hit the max bet button. I play for a while, promising myself that if I fall below $50, I'll go down to quarters. Well that happens soon enough. Looks like I will be home really early....then I hold 2 Aces and.....

    0825130800.jpg (721524 bytes) Noice. No dummy, I cash out- I mean move back up to .50. This time I conveniently forget to lower my bet after I fall below $50, and before I know it, I'm out. Oh well. I end up earning 76 points, and after everything was comped I still have $116. left in comps. Total bankroll hit for the trip- down $120. Almost pulled off a push. But I didn't spend hardly anything on the room ($15 taxes-I hate taxes) nothing on food, or swag booty for that matter.( except James' Salt Water Taffy- $13.95) Killer trip. Now it's back where I belong, the Mays Hacienda with my Sweet Ti and Obs, Raoul, Bitster, and Callie Girl.    Thanks for the ride Lady!!!!



                                                              0825130835.jpg (471083 bytes)