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Loaded up Teal the xB and headed out early for Eastern Shore. The weather started out clear in Va. and got cloudier as I went north. Passed all the usual locals doing their usual workday commutes as I made my way 258 miles.

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0720120751.jpg (486285 bytes)  Gotta hit up at least one Royal Farms on the way.


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The ferry was slammed, and I had to park between an RV and the sliding doors to the stairs. I ended up bringing in the side mirrors to give people room to walk by. Makes you appreciate the off-season! Not much nappy-time. But soon enough we are in Cape May, and I chat with the couple in the RV. I ask them about their trip, and it turns out they have been at Hatteras Sands Campground for 2 weeks. I tell them I used to live there, and it turns out they are friends with Virgil and Belinda Willis who own Lee Robinson's General Store. They are old friends, and we talk about Sticky Bottom till it's time to debark.

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Got there about noon, and checked the kiosk to engage my free play and find the store pretty dead for a Friday in July. AC is feeling the competition from the surrounding state. I walked up front to check out the new penny machines. They took out quite alot of VP from the area next to the stairs going up to the shopping zone-restrooms. Did that make sense????? Anyhow- I walked back to the only 9/6 JoB .25/.50 machine. The entire time I was there, I never had to wait but once to sit down there. Time to GAMBOL!!!

0720121328.jpg (580746 bytes)  That will work for a start.. About 1 pm I head over to the check-in and inquire on the status of my room. Seems like every time I go to the Epic/Paramount desk there is someone there with a problem.. never a good sign. Carol has a room for me- but it's not ready. She is very sweet and calls housekeeping and tells them to expedite the cleaning and gets my CC info. At least I got that far. She tells me to come back in an hour, so I go play some more. Not much luck....

 I head back over at 2:20, and there is a line, but Carol waves me up, and I get my key cards and head back to Teal to grab my bags. To the room....

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Time to eat, so I head over to the Burger Bar and place my order.

0720121619.jpg (664815 bytes) while I wait, I walk around upstairs and over to the skyway to Taj. Or at least try to, as there is a dance competition going on at the Superstar Theater and the hallway is covered with Rug Rats....


0720121609.jpg (570374 bytes)         0720121609a.jpg (554227 bytes)  It's a rainy day... a real wet one.

I grab my burger and head to the room to eat and call my Sweet Ti.

Back down for my evening play...

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I switch back and forth between JoB and BP, and end the evening with a small loss.. Blanch is singing a bit too loud, and the smoke is getting a bit too much.....AMF!!!! I noticed that the ball on top of Revel has several LED panels not working during the light show, I took a video of it, but it didn't come out very good. Here's a pic..

  0721120556.jpg (469037 bytes)


Up with the sun I grab my meds and cereal, a shower, and go down to start my marathon session.


     0720122128.jpg (669499 bytes)   Wrong time to switch back to JoB!!!


     0721120736.jpg (653908 bytes)

Time for a break, so I head out to the boardwalk before it gets too crowded.


   Never seen this little trash truck before, kinda strange...

Time to head north to the Cat Colony and then Revel.

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0721120834.jpg (500866 bytes)  0721120836.jpg (927237 bytes)  They finally put up a sign....0721120836a.jpg (707581 bytes)  0721120838.jpg (608903 bytes)  0721120839.jpg (563264 bytes)

0721120842.jpg (708755 bytes)  0721120843.jpg (557431 bytes)  0721120843a.jpg (621392 bytes)


0721120844.jpg (635986 bytes)  0721120844a.jpg (502587 bytes)  I took the escalators to the hotel lobby area and went as far as I could without being a guest....

I found my new favorite game..

0721120900.jpg (720474 bytes)  Jackpot Station on steroids!! Here's a video of the bonus round..

    Put in a $20- cashed out this... 0721120947.jpg (707452 bytes)    noice!!

Walked around the entire perimeter of the casino, there are a string of sitting areas, looks like a bunch of stores/bars/cafes haven't opened yet.

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0721121055.jpg (634613 bytes)  I played some 3 line Super Times Pay for bad odds and gave back my winnings..

I stopped by the Showboat on the way back to register for the contest and sat down at the FP machines to earn my 25 TR points. Cashed out even..

 I grab lunch at the only place I tend to eat at, and go upstairs to take care of some business. I am supposed to meet Johnnylite from the Atlantic City One message board later on. We finally agree to hook up downstairs, and talk and play for awhile.

 0721121257.jpg (591051 bytes)    Had a great time playing together, I really enjoyed meeting him and talking VP shop. He had to meet his wife next door for dinner, so he left me to my task.

      Pr0721121539.jpg (572214 bytes)etty soon it's time for Blanche to fire up the karaoke machine, so I take a break to retrieve my Ipid and earbuds..I come back and start talking to a woman next to me about Blanche and the only FP JoB.. and it turns out we know each other thru the ACVPP site. She is AtlanticCityRose... she lives here, and soon she too splits.. I am still plugging along when another person shows up next to me and he looks familiar. He is a local that sat at the same machine the last time I was here. He plays Joker Poker for 10 coins, and has a good run. He tells me that he has heard from a very reliable source that the Jimmy Buffett deal is going thru very soon.. I'm getting hungry again, and it's time to go upstairs and watch the Virginia Derby and talk to Sweet Ti, so I wish him good luck!!

  I'm a bit upset because the internet is too slow to play the horsey videos, so I chill in the room for awhile..0721121943.jpg (673865 bytes)0721121943b.jpg (595360 bytes)0721121943c.jpg (618947 bytes)

I went back for one more session, but no screenshots....Bummer!


Last day, I get everything packed, and do my chores for the final assalt.

0721122003.jpg (488891 bytes)  0721122242.jpg (577340 bytes)  0722120712.jpg (502866 bytes)


0722120713.jpg (553401 bytes)    Stretch greets the day...0722120850.jpg (593241 bytes)

First 4OAK is dealt... could be a good sign!

    0722120913.jpg (604689 bytes)  0722120922.jpg (582467 bytes)

0722120928.jpg (607645 bytes)  0722121005.jpg (612553 bytes)   Time to catch the ferry south, so I check out and head south once more. Took a bit of a hit on the bankroll, but no more than the net gain from the last trip, so if you add up the two, it was a push. Time to see my Sweet Ti!! Next stop...Vega$ for Labor Day!!!!


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