0519120837.jpg (528556 bytes)  Hit Counter

41 Hours in AC....

Hey Now!


Yet another solo journey begins anew.. half day at the salt mines and it's off to beat the traffic to the DelMarVa Peninsula.


0518121214.jpg (624466 bytes)  0518121225.jpg (655241 bytes) 0518121305.jpg (911356 bytes)  0518121337.jpg (704827 bytes)

0518121340.jpg (680203 bytes)  0518121341.jpg (720365 bytes)  0518121435.jpg (732696 bytes)  0518121455.jpg (713547 bytes)                                                     

0518121516.jpg (705326 bytes)  0518121523.jpg (686709 bytes)  4 hours later I hit the ferry dock and check out the facilities. OpSail 2012 is getting underway soon, and I spot another possible route across Delaware Bay..

0518121530.jpg (658831 bytes)  0518121532.jpg (681096 bytes)  but they don't have room for Yarma, so I opt for more conventional craft.. Rock and rolling across the Bay to the sounds on car alarms in stereo- why people use those things on a boat I'll never know, makes it awful hard to take a nap! On to Joisey..0518121804.jpg (563055 bytes)

and in no time I'm headed down South Carolina Ave. for Resorts...

0518121901.jpg (580586 bytes)  0518121901b.jpg (551484 bytes)  0518121902.jpg (562712 bytes)  I am lucky enough to get an Ocean Tower room-565, and head upstairs to find a smashed TV, no fridge, a broken clock....but 2 bathrooms????


0518121951.jpg (408643 bytes)  0518121952.jpg (567505 bytes)  0518121952a.jpg (394810 bytes)  so I go back down and get room 1064. Smaller, but with better stuff. I call the Burger Bar and order a prime beef burger and kick back in the room to check in with my Sweet Ti..0518122108.jpg (534966 bytes) 

Time to GAMBOL!!! First 4OAK is dealt to me right away...  turns out to be the only one of the night, so I crash..


I fortify with my usual cereal and head over to the Taj  0519120810.jpg (532418 bytes)  0519120811.jpg (538448 bytes)

0519120812.jpg (658390 bytes)  0519120812a.jpg (577939 bytes)  0519120813a.jpg (652099 bytes)  Out to the boardwalk ....  0519120814.jpg (688396 bytes)  0519120814a.jpg (652597 bytes)  0519120815.jpg (621987 bytes)  I run into a nice couple, and we watch the Cat Colony Critters and chat.  

  0519120815a.jpg (1035452 bytes)  0519120815b.jpg (1062200 bytes)  looks like they had been partying....


0519120816.jpg (1007826 bytes)  0519120816a.jpg (841806 bytes)  On up-boardwalk to Revel....

0519120837.jpg (528556 bytes)  0519120837a.jpg (616505 bytes)  0519120837b.jpg (507750 bytes)  0519120838.jpg (823653 bytes)

0519120840.jpg (653891 bytes)  0519120840a.jpg (1029123 bytes)  0519120841.jpg (527269 bytes)  0519120842.jpg (761073 bytes)

The entrance is a bit hard to find, there aren't any signs so just look for the big white sail looking thingy and there are steps going up each side. The first set of stairs you get to take you to the taxi/ valet driveway...

0519120842a.jpg (472831 bytes) 0519120940.jpg (582782 bytes) 0519120941.jpg (953996 bytes)  0519120941a.jpg (638850 bytes)

       0519120941c.jpg (839629 bytes)   0519120842b.jpg (506345 bytes)   0519120943.jpg (879139 bytes) 0519120843.jpg (705835 bytes)



0519120843b.jpg (629243 bytes)  0519120844.jpg (677432 bytes)  0519120844a.jpg (750746 bytes)  0519120852.jpg (748131 bytes)  0519120854.jpg (519214 bytes)  0519120855.jpg (591040 bytes)  0519120856.jpg (679189 bytes)  0519120917.jpg (771783 bytes)  0519120934.jpg (639032 bytes)  All I can say about this place is it reminds my of the Cosmopolitan in Vegas...

http://www.flysrb.com/0907100656.jpg Mark wanted me to play the Hangover machine, and it was a hoot!!!!

   now granted I was there at 8 am on a Sat. before the grand opening, but the place was seriously empty. While playing this game, 3 different servers came up....I only played for 20 minutes. There were 6 BJ tables opened, only 1 had players. $10, 8D, H17, DAS, DOA, no surrender, hand shuffled. Scored a chip, but didn't play. Got some comps to earn in my limited time frame!! I stopped by Showboat to get my dining reward credits I earned for playing their TR Rewards game, and played a bit of 9/6 JoB and pushed. I was gonna spend my credits at Johnny Rockets...but apparently everyone else in the joint had the same idea, and the line was off the hook!! I went over to the Taj to grab a tipsheet for the Belmont and to see if they still had an offer going for inactive players, but I struck out on both.... Looks like The Donald is sitting on his magic carpet and not budging.


0519121012.jpg (458304 bytes)

Time to head back to the room and rub Stretch for luck   0519121716.jpg (639765 bytes) and do some serious gaming! I find the only 9/6 .25 JoB in the store and get to work. My first 4OAK is dealt to me...An omen???

    looks that way....next!

    I switch to BP and right on time    0519121354.jpg (592590 bytes)  OK, it's time to get ready for the big race, so I stop by the Burger Bar and order the king of all the burgers..the Hubcap

0519121601.jpg (654468 bytes) 24 oz of Prime Beef on a specially made bun with about a pound of killer fries. I barely make a dent.. still have lunch for the ferry ride tomorrow! (or so I thought...). I make my pony picks for my capping contest and for real, and call my Sweet Ti and we watch the races together. Damn near a carbon copy of the Kentucky Derby! We have the trifecta, for what it's worth...another push. Time for the evening's play.

0519121908.jpg (662509 bytes)  0519122006.jpg (561269 bytes)  0519122037.jpg (642540 bytes) and then once again...

    0519122115.jpg (572281 bytes)  0519122200.jpg (599481 bytes)  I'm sitting next to this dude who is playing Joker's Wild, and I've never really played this game and it's interesting talking to him and learning the strategy, time to practice for Vegas on the software back home. One thing I like about this game is that you can play it for 10 coins. Which he was, pretty volatile! I hit a very long dry streak, and end up putting way too many Bennys into the slot. Time for bed....


Well, the ferry countdown is on, the BR is lookin' weak, so I collect my belongings and shuttle most of them to Yarma so I can concentrate on my gambol..

 0520120820.jpg (628865 bytes)  0520120838.jpg (649574 bytes) and them for only the second time in all of my sessions this

0520120851.jpg (608721 bytes)  oh Hell Yeah!!!!! and no stinkin' W2-G either! So I cash out this 0520120857.jpg (643413 bytes) and go back upstairs to retrieve a stashed Kaliber  and headed to the $1 machines... OUCH!!!...... time to crawl back to reality. 

ended up getting dealt 5-4OAKs, got to be a new record!! One final hit,  0520121128.jpg (593341 bytes)

and it's upstairs to do some last minute paperwork, grab my last beer and road sandwich, and play one more session before heading to the ferry. I pop upstairs and the door is open...and some dude is cleaning my room! I look around and the fridge is wide open and my $24 sandwich is gone, along with my Terrible's Casino satchel, and I am asking this guy "What's Up?"... he speaks no english, but sez "No Baggage"... I am pissed. He retrieves my bag from his cart, but my sandwich is in the trash. I grab my last near beer and bag and head downstairs. At the desk I ask for the supervisior, and she can't seem to grasp the idea that I wasn't checked out yet. It was 10 a.m. and she said the help knocks on doors, and proceeds to clean up if the baggage is gone. I tell her there was still some of my stuff in the room, but she just shrugs her shoulders. She takes the $12 interweb charge off the bill, but not the room tax. ($5 per nite.). I ask for some comps on my card to cover the sandwich, and she can't do that..but sez I can goto the coffee shop and charge stuff to the room, and come back and she will take it off. They don't even sell sandwiches!!!!!!! I tell her ferget it, and pay the room tax. I ask for her business card, and she disappears in the back and I send the clerk back to get her card... He gives it to me, she never comes back. That sucks!

I still have an hour left, so I go back to my lucky machine, and I chat with a nice couple about the different payouts and strategies , it's always nice when people respond well to the realization they can have a bit of a better edge on the casino. It's getting time to leave, so I but a little seed money into my 9/6 machine, and invite them to play it out at better odds than the one they are playing, and wish them well .....Pay it forward!!!! I still have shown a profit for the trip, and earned a bunch of comps for the next trip , so if the room fiasco is the only thing that went wrong.... it was a pretty good trip!!!!

Time to head Yarma south and home to my Sweet Ti!!!!


                                                                   0520121214.jpg (451787 bytes)