AC NOV 9 - 12 2010

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I did this journey solo, tried my best to talk a few people into going, but life does get in the way sometimes.

I had a couple of nights at Resorts  

and a couple of nights at the Borgata Borg.jpg (129336 bytes) with Wednesday double booked.

I worked a few hours and took off for Eastern Shore, past T-Less Corner  1109101256b.jpg (463669 bytes)

and the Biggie Sized Art Yard 1109101433.jpg (836317 bytes)

  then hauled butt to the ferry  1109101558.jpg (740010 bytes) and breezed into AC about 7:00 pm.

1109101844.jpg (493443 bytes)

I'm glad it wasn't much later than that, cause the Resorts Self-Park garage is iffy at best...

You don't want to be hanging out there too long in the dark.

I checked into the Rendezvous Tower, and the safe didn't work and the neighbors were very noisy..

So I got another room, I also didn't like the complete lack of security around the elevators.

You have to go right by a side street door to get from check-in to the elevators, and anyone could go upstairs unchallenged.

The room was dated, but the bathroom was pretty big..

1110100457.jpg (544437 bytes)  1110100457a.jpg (565399 bytes)  1110100458.jpg (490040 bytes) 

I tripped on into the casino looking for the full pay Bonus Poker at a reasonably smoke free area, and settled in for a short session  1109102101.jpg (659796 bytes)  The place was more or less deserted, the $2 BJ table was empty, but I'm not paying the Vig two bits per hand.. So I crashed..

Up early to scope out the Boardwalk, I notice some Boardling lurking just outside the front doors, and decide to wait till full daylight to venture out..      1110100619.jpg (571152 bytes)  1110100619a.jpg (436723 bytes)

I head over to the Showboat  1110100745.jpg (633005 bytes)  1110100821.jpg (484048 bytes) to check out the Buffet offer- $10 slot play and a 1/2 off next day Buffet..

But they are closed for breakfast..

So I head north to see the progress on the Revel, but the boardwalk is closed, actually gone, storm damage..

1110100836b.jpg (515739 bytes)  1110100837a.jpg (948351 bytes)  the water got all the way to the Revel front door...

This is another area to avoid at night, here's what I found right in the middle of the boards...1110100836c.jpg (1188561 bytes) yuck..

The AC Historical Museum was closed, as was most everything else..

1110100840.jpg (574404 bytes)  1110100833.jpg (518125 bytes)  1110100705.jpg (485138 bytes)  1110100731.jpg (480097 bytes)  1110100836a.jpg (565033 bytes)

So I hung at the Cat Colony

1110100843.jpg (1104563 bytes)  1110100741b.jpg (874744 bytes)  1110100740a.jpg (1029864 bytes)  1110100740.jpg (973108 bytes)

I went back to Resorts to play a bit more , they have penny Jackpot Station, and a waitress finally came by so I ordered an O'Douls. The girls in this joint make me feel young, and I'm 54..... She brings me a plastic cup of beer- I said I'd prefer a bottle and she sez " it's O'Douls...I watched him pour it, we don't serve bottles to slot players"

so I cashed out and checked out.. I mean really, were they saving the other half for another player?

I digress.... The room was only $5, so at least they don't do resort fees...

So I drove over to the Borg and was pondering carrying my bags in or not seeing as it was 10 a.m. I decide not to, and walk up and score my room immediately. Figures!

My room is right next to the elevator, 39th floor. The Borg rooms are nice..

1111100821.jpg (463889 bytes)  1111100821a.jpg (480806 bytes)  100_3429.jpg (1318434 bytes)  100_3430.jpg (1335456 bytes)  1111100820b.jpg (527739 bytes)

Time in get my gambol on..

1110100908.jpg (689534 bytes)  1110100917.jpg (703825 bytes)  just like that.. wham bamm..

and then it ended. I wish Lady Luck had finished the dance, but apparently she had her eye on someone else.

I gave it my best shot tho... the $5 BJ table was 3 deep all day. I found a new Monopoly- Advance to Boardwalk- game but didn't do much.

Every time I got a bonus, I fired up the vidcam and nothing happened.. the bonus would end. 

Barney Fife....


I grabbed a Tony Luke's and crashed.


Veterans Day

Up for a workout 1111100721.jpg (504930 bytes) and a soak at 6am- Adult Swim till 8am!

Nice pool water..

1111100736.jpg (817682 bytes)   1111100738.jpg (728290 bytes)

Time to play tourista and head for the Marina District. There is a still Northwest wind howling, and the tide is all over the roads. 100_3470.jpg (1310615 bytes)  So, logically I head to the water.

 100_3432.jpg (1294249 bytes)100_3433.jpg (1326495 bytes)100_3434.jpg (1287271 bytes)100_3435.jpg (1324142 bytes)100_3436.jpg (1336005 bytes)100_3437.jpg (1335110 bytes)

On to the Aquarium  I'll bring Ti here in the spring, they have artsy craftsy cottages on the water in season. Cozy spot.

100_3441.jpg (1315648 bytes)  100_3442.jpg (1306787 bytes)  100_3457.jpg (1322133 bytes)  100_3465.jpg (1335253 bytes)  100_3468.jpg (1305480 bytes)

Plenty of finny creatures inside  100_3445.jpg (1307303 bytes)  100_3446.jpg (1318235 bytes)  100_3447.jpg (1329947 bytes) 100_3461.jpg (1321133 bytes) and shady ones outside...

one big tank 

I head over to lighthouse, which is closed for repairs 100_3471.jpg (1313408 bytes)  100_3473.jpg (1309235 bytes)

and then thru the projects to Tony Baloney's 100_3478.jpg (1311835 bytes)  100_3481.jpg (1288776 bytes)

great food- but remember- they deliver EVERYWHERE!  Not such a great location. Order in....

100_3487.jpg (1351897 bytes)


Back  to the Borg to compete with the crowds for space on the floor near a TV, as they were giving away $777 every 7 minutes. Plenty of winners with Robert for a first name, but no Mayses..

I played Keno to save money, 1111101310.jpg (710008 bytes) and did my best to dodge the crowds.

I found the nearest thing they have to full pay Pick-Em Poker, which is very easy to play, and I did bring the strategy cards...Up and down, so I switch up and go back to my regular games  1111101550.jpg (791389 bytes)  1111101555.jpg (690293 bytes)

and then all of a sudden, I got this...1111101922.jpg (366170 bytes) the Black screen of Death.. Actually I got the Blue screen of Death, and noticed a bunch of machines that were blue screened.. out of service..  mine wouldn't do doddly squat. Even the service button did nothing. A techie was working on a nearby machine, and a slot attendant stopped to talk to him and I called him over. He put his card in and it went from blue to black.. He asked me how much money I had in and I was honest, the computer knows all.. Techie wonders over and opens her up and gets nothing.. Suit sits down on the other side of Techie and ignores me and whispers in the attendants ear and is busy looking good.. Attendant finally offers me about a dime more than I said I had in to even it up...$17.00...but I have to agree to take the money and call it even. At this point I had to pee, and said sure. Then he has to go to the main cage to get the money.. I'll bet they were checking to eye in the sky.. So I wait some more.

He finally comes back and I get my hand pay.. No free play or nothin.. He did say sorry for the wait. All this has taken half an hour.... I find a bathroom, and head upstairs. I've had enough!

OK- last day, I bop on downstairs to checkout the $5 table at 5am and..... sure as shit there's 2 empty spots! Not 3rd base, but I'll take 2nd base. Tony and Grace are dealing too.. Looks promising! Nice guy at 3rd and a student at JMU at shortstop... let's go.

I'm back and forth and the student leaves, so I move to SS, and then a couple sits down- turns out to be the other guy's brother and his wife. We play several shoes and much too quickly it's time for me to boogie. I check-out and go across town to the Trop for some unfinished business.

I grab a box of taffy from James' and walk over to Firewaters to see Nancy and she is actually behind the bar. The last 3 or 4 times I have been in town she has been off.  We talked for a bit and then I need to go so I head across the resort towards the Quarter. I stop by Zephyr to say hello, and then decide to play one $20 on crappy video poker where Ti and I used to play when we stayed there . The machines we used to play are busy with a guy smoking, so I stick the twenty in a Super Times Pay and hit a full house for 5x pay.. Nice way to end the trip. And I find the Reel's O'Dublin with the cracked glass.. Something to look forward to next trip.

Thru Red Square to enjoy the decorations..


1112101120.jpg (900353 bytes)      1112101121.jpg (888737 bytes)


Thanks AGAIN for the ride Sue...



1112101137.jpg (711165 bytes)