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Hey Now!


We got up and went to work as usual, but high tailed it over to the Eastern Shore at lunchtime, grabbed the ferry and made it to the Borg by 6pm..1012112012.jpg (821030 bytes)  Into our 4th floor room, and onto the floor for some Bonus Poker, there's really nobody much around on a Wednesday night.. Played our free play on my lucky $1 machine, but no luck, so I switch back to the .50 machine   1012112102.jpg (777443 bytes) turns out to be the only 4OAK all evening, so we crash early..


I ease down early to check out the Multi-Strike machine I found listed on vpfree2 and sit down

1013110604.jpg (651508 bytes)    1013110619.jpg (658249 bytes)   fair start.. Time to feed my Sweet Ti, and head on over to the Resorts for check-in #2... They have come a long way in a couple of months by giving up the free for all that they had at the front desk, and let you start at 1:30, so I got there a bit early and had no problems, so we got our Rendezvous Tower room and played free style a bit..1013111205.jpg (587394 bytes) oh hell yeah!!!!

Time for some lunch, so we ate at Breadsticks, thanks to their liberal comps and walked out to talk to our friend Colin

1015110701.jpg (675056 bytes)  We met his wife, and had a nice chat, now it was time to get down to business..

1013111529.jpg (548048 bytes)  1013111541.jpg (586499 bytes)   1013111739.jpg (759351 bytes)  1013111746a.jpg (750946 bytes)  Back to the Borg for  the night, I play a losing round, and we crash early again...


Once again up early, I have another losing round, and serve Ti breakfast in bed. We head down for yet another losing round, and decide to cut our losses and check out early and go across town... we play some Cue da Dog {Jackpot Station}  but no luck, so we eat lunch at Gallagher's Burger Bar, which is always a treat. I get the Kobe Burger, and Ti gets the regular one. 1014111246.jpg (313154 bytes)  1014111246a.jpg (402712 bytes)  1014111222.jpg (537149 bytes) 1014111246b.jpg (438181 bytes)  tasty!! We walk around a bit to let our lunch settle...  1014111223.jpg (669146 bytes)  1014111238.jpg (552364 bytes)   1014111314.jpg (455551 bytes)  1014111239.jpg (426545 bytes) next time we're going across the hall to Gallagher's Steak House! 

Time to play again....


1014111040.jpg (659517 bytes)  1014111052.jpg (595988 bytes) 1014111330.jpg (604553 bytes)   1014111412.jpg (631260 bytes)   1014111444.jpg (612681 bytes)     1014111447.jpg (607329 bytes)

1014111715.jpg (620096 bytes)   1014111817.jpg (641327 bytes)   1014112049.jpg (652177 bytes)  1014112126.jpg (579965 bytes)  1014112129.jpg (576202 bytes) things are looking up!!  Time to check out the sunset  1014111748.jpg (604296 bytes) and take a break.. Yet another early evening as things are getting too smoky downstairs.....


I head out for sunrise and spot this placard on the way out...1015110652.jpg (537218 bytes) Apparently the picketers are still around...

1015110654.jpg (437484 bytes)   1015110657.jpg (546545 bytes)   1015110657a.jpg (566631 bytes)   1015110657b.jpg (527651 bytes)

1015110658.jpg (567800 bytes)   Time to feed Ti a comped breakfast from Boardwalk Perks, and we play a bit

1015110959.jpg (593151 bytes) and head out to the boardwalk.. We were going to check out the giant monopoly game at Bally's, but the picket line is blocking the way.. Nice sign on the way out..1015111051.jpg (877200 bytes) click on pic to read....  So we head north instead and visit the cats on the way to the Museum 1015111106.jpg (702414 bytes)

1015111107.jpg (819154 bytes)   1015111107b.jpg (599333 bytes)  they have finished the beach restoration project

1015111110.jpg (552490 bytes)   1015111111.jpg (532366 bytes)  the Revel is coming along nicely

1015111112a.jpg (639692 bytes)   1015111114.jpg (770735 bytes)  1015111114a.jpg (496925 bytes) next up we visit the Garden Pier

1015111115.jpg (821825 bytes)   1015111116a.jpg (761741 bytes) 1015111115a.jpg (667360 bytes) 

the AC Historical Museum is always worth a visit, make sure to catch the video. We walk back and play one last losing session, and get ready to get on the road to the ferry. It's been a great trip, and we're ready to go again!!!


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