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                                    AC Oct. 05-08 2012

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   Friday 10.05.2012

Hey Now! Well, this was yet another solo venture. I'm really trying to keep my Epic status alive in the midst of all of the changes going on at Resorts. Between the MS taking over the casino, and Margaritaville taking over the beachfront, I'm really not sure what is going on. I worked half a day and hit the road to the Eastern Shore..

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  I make good time- the traffic isn't too bad, and Teal is soon thirsty, so it's Royal Farms..

      1005121306.jpg (571869 bytes) and on into Lewes.   1005121347.jpg (748984 bytes) and the ferry.


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looks like the ferrymobile still has a flat. The water is beautiful, and I they park me in the sun up front, so I take a nap for the duration. ZZZZZZ....... Soon we are in Joisey, and we're cruising up the Parkway..

    1005121611.jpg (732166 bytes)    1005121618.jpg (610267 bytes)    on to the Expressway..

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 I head over to the Borg, I've got $30 of use it or lose it free play, so rather than go back later, I hit it on the way to the Boardwalk. The parking lot is fairly full, but I'm soon in.

    1005121807.jpg (820718 bytes)  they always do a nice job with the fauna here. I hit one of the 9/6 Double double bonus .25 machines and load in my free play along with a benny, but can't seem to hit anything, so I go over to a 9/6 JoB game, eyeing but resisting the Multi-Strike machines. Still no luck, I Barney Fife thru my remaining credits....

Time to boogie on across town...1005121817.jpg (409026 bytes)   1005121817a.jpg (568655 bytes)

Our host, Mark Howard has hooked me up with 3 nights in the Rendezvous Tower, he is a great host! I step up to the desk, and in no time am getting settled in upstairs.

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Time to GAMBOL!!! I've got a bunch of free play here over the next couple of days.. The only 9/6 JoB machine is taken, so I try my favorite 8/5 BP. It's just not the same without my Sweet Ti by my side. 10 days in Vega$ spoiled me... But I buck up, soon enough we will be back for our Turkey Day trip.. I am back and forth, and finally hit a 4OAK....1005121945.jpg (617674 bytes)  My tummy is yelling at me, and so is Blanche, so I cash out and go up to the Burger Bar for a comped Blackjack Burger.

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 I scarf down my meal, call my Sweet Ti to tell her goodnight and watch a few Britcoms. Z's.

       Saturday 10.06.2012

  1006120704.jpg (451678 bytes)  The sun beats me up- barely! I eat my raisin bran and am off to greet the ocean.

   1006120754.jpg (484068 bytes) kinda like the Death Ray at Vdara....       1006120754a.jpg (599468 bytes)              1006120755.jpg (452517 bytes)                  1006120756.jpg (513109 bytes)       

Of course I stopped by to see the kitties...

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   They are well cared for by their caretakers... and they fared the wrath of Sandy well...info HERE

   I stopped by the newly re-opened Garden Pier 


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and took this video



    I'll take another one with the damage from the storm when we go back. On to Revel!

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 I'm still walking around this place lost in space. I went up the excalator to the 4th floor, got lost. I finally found my way back to the 2nd floor and found the Party Station machine I did so good on last trip. I loaded up the entire $5 of free play the Revel was so nice to provide me, along with a $20. I was the only person playing on the 2nd floor. Holding my own, I soon get a tap on my shoulder. I was jammin to some My Morning Jacket . It's security, and they need to get into my machine so they can pay the bills. Not any of the other 300 empty machines on this floor, the only one that is currently being used! Of course I didn't hesitate, I cashed out and headed downstairs. Never piss off anyone packing heat. I headed straight for my alternate money making machine, The Hangover. We had a blast playing this game in Vegas, and I was soon hitting bonuses....

                                                    1006120846.jpg (672451 bytes) 

 I played for about an hour, and ended up pushing. Always works for me! Time to head back downbeach.

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Stopped by to see the progress- or lack of- on the upgrades to Resorts. This was the Asian Pit.


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At least my buddy Colin still has a job. Onto my Video Poker session. I have another $30 of free play today, so I sit at my now empty machine #18-0403 10013, and load in the free play.


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        After this, my luck decided to take a hike for the rest of the day. I played for 4 hours and never saw another 4OAK. Frilling unbelievable. I went upstairs and ordered yet another Burger Bar dinner, and ended up playing the ponies upstairs. They charge $12.99 a day for interweb connectivity, and the bandwidth sucks! Z's.

        Sunday 10.07.2012

    Well, it's my last full day here, and I can't afford another day like yesterday... I call my Sweet Ti after my in room breakfast, and start the day with a short VP session. Looks like things are looking up!

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     I've got some more free play at the Borg, so I jump into Teal and head on over. The weather is steadily going downhill, it was 80 on Friday, it's dropped to about 50 today and spitting rain. On the way down S. Carolina St. I spot something really wild. There are two hookers walking down the street, and one on the has a dress on that's so short, her ass cheeks are hanging out.. She's got it pulled down in the front to cover her business, just barely. It's about 7:30 a.m. She must be cold... I park and go in, back to my Jackpot Station. I pull up my $30 in free play, and throw in $50 for good luck. It worked! I was playing minimum and hit this

                                            1007121013.jpg (702995 bytes) 

Time to cash out! Cue da Dog is good to me, but it's a nickle game, and it will suck it back out in a hurry if you aren't careful. Many times I have put a benny in and never hit a bonus. The last time we were here I noticed a couple of new Monopoly games around the corner, I decide to check them out. Turns out they have 2 Epic Monopoly machines, another game we did well on in Vega$. So I put in my winning ticket, playing max......

                 1007121058.jpg (828027 bytes)  Mr. Monopoly just appeared with a hand full of wilds.... And then-

               400 Epic Monoploy win.jpg (954856 bytes)  he decided to do it again!!!! So I never even played again, just cashed out my loot, walked over to a change machine, and hauled ass back to the Boardwalk. Thanks Borg!

   1007121154a.jpg (735775 bytes)            1007121154b.jpg (896089 bytes)  1007121157.jpg (519856 bytes) I go to Revel's self park, park on this floor, you walk right in! I go down to The Hangover machine, put in a benny, and am soon joined on either side by  New Joisy housewives. We have a blast hitting bonuses and talking, I do pretty good and then give a bunch back. I end up pushing, and wish them well on my way out. I find the machine by the door to the self park to print out a parking voucher, and am pleased to find they are offering card holders free parking during October. Noice!  Back to Resorts I notice this sign as I check out the Club 1010 buffet.

                                            1007121440.jpg (679043 bytes) 

 Let the masses converge. But I really don't think they can draw too many people from New England here. Or Pennsylvania either for that matter.

I guess Only Time Will Tell ..... 


 I do know one thing- it's time for lunch and some football! The offerings at the Club 1010 didn't look too appealing, so I order up once more at the Burger Bar, I could eat these burgers every day- as a matter of fact I have! But free food is free food, and I refuse to eat at the Club 1010 for $13. worth of comps, or the regular buffet either. And the line is too long at Breadsticks. Off to my room it is. The burger is tasty, the Redskins on the other hand aren't.... Time for an evening session downstairs.

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 I end up giving back some of my earlier winnings, despite what those pictures say..

        Monday 10.08.2012

    Happy Columbus Day! Except for the native population of North America.. The weather is better today, and I am greeted by the sun just breaking the horizon over the Atlantic Ocean. Always a nice scene.

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  I go ahead and pack after breakfast, I've got an 11:00 a.m. ferry to catch. I load up Teal, and stop by the kiosk to activate today's free play- $33, and sit down once again for a last session of VP. Early on I get this-

                                      1008120736.jpg (636135 bytes)  

 but that's about it, so I cut my losses and check out and head south to my Sweet Ti. Not a winning trip, but I ended up keeping my losses to a manageable level. Once again, can't wait to get back!

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