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                                                AC May 24-27 2014

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   05.24.2014    Forty Eighteen and counting...

     Hey Now! Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends. Sweet Ti and her Bionic Knee are finally fit for travel! She we loaded up Teal and trekked up the coast once more. We caught the 8:45 ferry in Lewes, and got into AC around 11 a.m. First stop was Top Dollar 2x, Sweet Ti hadn't ever played it. I had a bit of luck back on my AC Feb 2014 Royal Adventure. I had $47 slot dollars, and she hit a bonus for $70. Time for a VP session. My lucky DW machine was occupied- who the hell do these locals think they are? So we tried a couple in the next row, keeping an evil eye on the interloperers...As today is my 18th anniversary on my 40th birthday-the 1st 4OAK is-

      0524141314.jpg (579580 bytes) 24. My lucky number...We always add up the numbers. Draw 2 6's- come on 24! Draw 3 5's- come on 20! Notice I was playing Triple Boner here. I bounce around, mostly playing 8/5 BP. Here Sweet Ti shows off her skills...


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  I went over to check in and our Maggie greeted me. Our room wasn't ready yet. We decided to hit the Epic Club for lunch, and were walking thru Hollywood Hills and ran into our Mignon. She and S.T. hadn't met, so I introduced them and as they were talking, I put my TITO into a $5 Top Dollar machine and it quickly sucked down my earlier profit. Time for lunch! Manny showed us to our table, and we chowed down. They have a nice spread for lunch and dinner, top shelf booze too. $12.95 in comps.   The room still wasn't ready, so we decided on another VP session, this time my lucky DW machine was free. AND $60 free play. Insert coinage...

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The room was finally ready around 4 p.m. Room 4422, Rondy Tower. We ascend, and notice a few things amiss right off the bat. The safe is locked open, the mini-fridge was sitting out on the floor, and the bathroom floor was hairy. S.T. called the front desk while I played Porter and retrieved our stuff from Teal. We got that all sorted out, and Sweet Ti decided to take a nap, so I went back down.

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  I played for a couple of hours, and S.T. finally came down and joined me. The 4OAKS were few and far between the rest of the day.

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  They are having a summer long promotion you can play twice a day, I tried it and got $10 FSP. Blew thru that too. Ended up with 24 points on the day. Makes sense to me. Time to crash! 

05.25.2014   Brunch Heaven and Locals Only....

Hey Now! My body is tuned to 4:30 a.m. Doesn't matter what day it is. So as I was awake, might as well GAMBOL! Off to Da Boat for some Epic Monopoly. As I walked through, I counted a grand total of 9 people. 5 of them were at one BJ table. Inserting coin-


 I got up and cashed out, and as I was getting my cash from the change machine a Boardling walks up and asks me for money. Time to leave! I walked out to the boardwalk and enjoy the sunrise.

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So it's dawn, and as I'm walking I notice these 5 people you can see in that last picture. As they were passing the Taj, a couple of the bouncers from Scores called out to one of the chicks. She runs over to him for a hug and he grabs her and swings her around. That mini-skirt she was wearing didn't stand a chance....Nice black thong!  I decide to attack the Cue da Dog, and manage a push. Next up, I hit up my Deuces Wild machine and managed a single score. 32 on Triple Boner....

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 At this point I either had a epiphany or gas...not sure which, but I got up and walked over to Hollyrock Hills to the $1 VP machine back in the corner, and proceeded to insert coin. Things were going pretty well and then I drew this.

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 I cashed out and stopped by Jackie's Coffee Shop for Sweet Ti's coffee fix. Jackie wasn't working, by the way. I elevated and awakened my Sleeping Ti. We make our plan of attack for today. Starting at noon, they are drawings every hour, and then at 6:00, they are drawing for a jeep. But first, I call down and make reservations with Jorge for the Sunday Brunch at Cappriccio's. He says come on down.

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Frillin' insane. It's like the Bellagio Buffet in miniature. Go. Eat. Eat More. Burp. $44.95. Worth it. 

Fueled up for our marathon afternoon, we descend to the battlefield. Curses! other warriors have taken our weapons of choice, so we set up on their Left Flank. We load our munitions...

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 Every hour on the hour they were drawing names, sure as shit. And, just as sure as shit, they would call our some frillin' locals name. Every time. All afternoon. Oh well! The good news was that Sweet Ti had an incredible run on the machines. She played all afternoon on the same benny. I'm steadily feeding them in, I think I went thru 5 to her 1. Finally it was 6 p.m. and they drew for the jeep...

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                                                          guess who won? A local...

        I digress. S.T. decided it was nappy time, so we went up and I stocked up my sling packsack with some refreshing Kaliber 



            I also grabbed my trusty IPod and tuned into some Talking Heads "Sand in the Vaseline" seemed apropos.  



                        Well, what do you know, my DW machine was finally vacant. Not for long. I.C....

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Sweet Ti finally joined me. We noticed that after the Jeep drawing, the crowds thinned considerably. It was fun watching the parade of beach goers walking their families thru the casino on their way back to the self-park. 

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We needed re-fueling so we walked over to the new food court, stopping to play some Roulette. Barney Fife.


Soup Man opened recently, and we went with a couple of sammiches which we scarffed back in our quarters.




  05.26.2014  Martha Monday

Time for yet another Hey Now! I hit the Boards, and it's summer. Like 70 at 4 a.m. Musta brought some VA weather with....

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 Northward I trek for Das Boat. Cue da Dog is available here- nickel version. Used to love/hate this one at the Borg.


    That cost me a benny like now. Not even a single "Tell 'em Lou". Onward thru my Parker Brothers Sojourn to Epic Monopoly.

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  Well, I got my Around the Board fix. And got my Hundy back. Time to catch Terra's rotation in the flesh...

             0526140454.jpg (626981 bytes)     Give me Casa Di Amore any day over this.       

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                                                       These 2 dudes are stalking us.     

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I felt the old Hollyrock Hills calling- time for a little bit of a change up. How about something completely different?

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That worked. Now onto a little VP. I spot a slot dude and ask about Mignon, he sez she's working the other end of the floor. I also ask for a C.W. Seems like they are never around much in the Hills. Time to I.C.>>>>>

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Top Dollar is up next, but not here. I think I'm better off at the $1/$2/$5 machine downcasino way. I wait for a chick to finish losing her money and I.C. and am doing the same when Mignon walks up. We talk a bit, and she is called away to pay somebody. I cash out and get my Sweet Ti some goodies from the new Dunkin' Donuts. This food court is really handy. Excalating (past the Hooters) up, I awaken my beloved. I have my usual cereal and S.T. decides to channel surf for a couple of hours. I suppose that means I have no other choice guessed it- Deuces Wild Machine.

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Sweet Ti walks up- wonder how she found me??? We made Resorts some money, and I decide to call our host, Martha. We haven't met her yet, she took over for our old host a few months ago. She's been really good to us. 3 nights pretty much whenever we want. Always in the Rondy Tower. I call her and she sez she will be right down. What a sweetie! We have a blast chatting- actually the 2 girls do most of the talking. Martha asks where we were planning on having dinner. Gallagher's. What time? 6 p.m. She'll take care of it. A birthday gift. Sweet! Well that was really nice of her. She gives us her card, and tells us to have fun. Sounds like a plan. Right now- I really want S.T. to see that Top Dollar bonus. 





We're feeling a bit peckish, so we hit Ruby's Diner for a salad. Meanwhile, they are giving away these killer 1st anniversary Margaritaville T shirts. Score! First in line too. Time to get back to work.

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Even after all the comps we've used there's $345. worth still left. Time to shop! Marshall Russo is the first stop, Sweet Ti gets a new purse and some scarves. Pretty. I noticed a pair of earbuds and got them. Noisy. Next stop is Essentials, the gift shop. We score some Resorts swag, and I get a pair of Reef flip-flops. Comfy. We decide to model our new accessories to each other upstairs. The next 2 hours are none of y'alls business...

Dammit Jim- it's 5:45 already! We casually stroll over to Gallagher's and are given a nice table. S.T. orders a Appletini and I go with the still water. We forgo appetizers for the Filet Mignon with grilled shrimp, and a dry aged NY Strip with Parmesan shoestring potatoes. Lovely dinner. Great atmosphere. Thanks Martha!

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                   0526141800.jpg (564782 bytes)          0526141836.jpg (466896 bytes)          0526141836a.jpg (468643 bytes)


                             Very nice repast. We shuffle back to 4422 and enjoy the evening sunset.


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                                       Sweet Ti is toast, so I am flying solo for the final session.

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    As I was jamming out to tonight's musical choice- Keller and the Traveling McCourys- when I noticed the girl sitting next to me was talking. I yanked my buds out and we started talking. Turns out it was Elaine (Atlantic City Rose) from the message board. We had met before a couple of years ago. We talked and played for about an hour, and she had to split. It was time for me to crash anyhow.

05.27.2014  Fare the Well, My Money

  Up, up, and away we went. I loaded up Teal and we caught the 11 a.m. ferry back to VA. Final tally for the weekend: 86 points earned. $250. in comps used. $145 in comps leftover for the next trip. Lost about 3/4 of the BR we took, but still quite a bit ahead overall for the past 2 years. It's nice to be back home, it's even nicer to start to plan our next adventure. What's next?????


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