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                                 Blazing into Springtime

                                                      04.04.2019   We've got thrills and shocks.

 Hey Now! We're so glad you could attend, come inside, come inside. A trip all alone once again, naturally. Sweet Ti is using most of her vacay for visits to our newest granddaughter Pip. Although we did manage to slip up here in Feb. for our The Earth Pigs of 2019 trip. The Gamboling Gods have been smiling so far this year. Will the handpay streak survive intact? We shall see. I went on in to work to take care of a few loose ends and to feed my work kitty. Mostly for the later. 

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 Yarma & I made great time around the various bridges and tunnels and up the Eastern Shore. Made the ferry with 10 minutes to spare. 

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                                                                        Nature calls!

              I dozed to the rock and roll of a 10 knot breeze from the northeast. Soon in Joisey and into Resorts self park.

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        The Polish Spinster Sisters are off but Amphora stepped up to the plate and served me up a nice room toot sweet.  

    IMG_1575.jpg (2022351 bytes)  IMG_1576.jpg (1794261 bytes)  IMG_1577.jpg (2327555 bytes)  IMG_1578.jpg (1750456 bytes)

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                                                              Stretch keeps watch

 Our opening stake is augmented today by 115. cash back. Not too sure why the name but- it's slot play. I earned 115 points last trip. Sweet Ti and I were both playing mostly on my card. We got her a few token points to keep the comps flowing. I try some 9/5 DDB.

               IMG_5701.JPG (1034598 bytes)           IMG_5702.JPG (935699 bytes)       IMG_5703.JPG (1630775 bytes)

  I did have to insert a hundy by the time I hit that. I cashed out 300. Time for sustenance. I've got some comp dollars built up, time for a visit to Gallagher's Burger Bar. I order at the bar. I am attended by today's local, Rená. Interesting spelling. French masculine. 

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                                                                    Interesting work

 Thai burger to go please Rená. Such a great deal. I went back to the room and wolfed it down. Back to the action, I select Double RWB.

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                                                                   Today's FSP

                                 IMG_5705.JPG (1794905 bytes)    IMG_5707.JPG (1040149 bytes)

                                 IMG_5708.JPG (1229944 bytes)    QTEK8555.JPG (2979789 bytes)


 I am feeling some Lightning Link High Stakes. I am holding my own when I am interrupted by a wall of smoke. Time to leave. Stank!!!!!!

                                                       Hit #1 there Jim-


                                                            IMG_5711.JPG (1471609 bytes)    

                                                      Of course I had just dropped to nickels...   

                                      IMG_5712.JPG (1103249 bytes)    IMG_5713.JPG (1029225 bytes)     

 I obviously was bouncing around. I wanted to try some DSTP but it was being occupied by a busling who was playing nickels. Or make that 3 nickels. 3 hands. 3 nickels. It looked like she was going to be there a bit. Walking around I see they have moved the Top Dollar machines yet again. I found them, but now they are .50 denom. Used to be a buck. I played thru a hundy and never even hit a bonus. I went back to that Bonus Times and inserted coin. There is a whole wall of machines that are empty next to me. Some beatchey sits down right next to me huffing a stinky assed ciggie. I cashed out immediately and walked to the empty bank of Top Dollar machines. I swear it wasn't 3 minutes later she walks over and does the same thing again. Time to go. I finish out the evening at the B7's Progressives.

                                                         IMG_5714.JPG (828815 bytes)  


 I ended the evening up 500. and I managed to earn 10 points. I called to say goodnight to my Sweet Ti and called it a night.

                                                 04.05.2018  Supersonic fighting cocks

   Hey Now! 4:20. I showered and gave Sweet Ti her wake up call. It's Friday- I'm in love. She was already awake, courtesy of various felines. They do the same thing to me everyday. I head into battle just before 6 a.m. Today's promo is either 7x cashback that must be used in 30 days, or 80. FSP for me, and 40. for S.T. We will never make it back within 30 days, so I choose the slot play. It's 45° and really cloudy out there. They are calling for rain later. I'm not going anywhere today. Maybe next door to Hard Rock, but that's about it. I have dinner reservations at Cappriccio's this evening. But It's not the same alone. I notice that one of the B7's Progressives in the carousel is up to 1128. Whenever these get much over 1100., they tend to get played hard till they get to 1200. There's a lady trying her luck right now as a matter of fact. I'm headed for the lone DSTP machine. My favorite time to play this is right now, before it gets stinky. There are 2 rows of non-smoking machines right next to these smoking ones. It makes absolutely no sense.

                                     IMG_5717.JPG (1588436 bytes)       IMG_5718.JPG (1475197 bytes)

 At least they offer 9/5 DDB triple play @ .25. I notice that the right deal button is gimpy. But these All star machines conveniently have a button on the left. So I get to exercise different brain cells to execute play. Even despite being left handed. Insert coin.

                                                           IMG_5720.JPG (1467938 bytes)

                                                                   one pointy away.....

                                                           IMG_5722.JPG (1660696 bytes)

                                                                       mo' money

                                                           IMG_5723.JPG (1512461 bytes)

                                                               where's my spinners????

                   IMG_5725.JPG (1507320 bytes)                                          IMG_5726.JPG (1610894 bytes)  

                                                         IMG_5727.JPG (1450117 bytes)

                                                          Again I hit this sans spinners!

 One of the scarce CWs walk by but I brought a beer down with so I tell her to check back in a few minutes. She never returned. A bit later I saw Barb the slot chick and asked her to scare up a CW. I played another hour or so but never got served. Or another quad. 

                                                        Go with the old school there Jimmy.......


                                      IMG_5729.JPG (1476502 bytes)    IMG_5730.JPG (1759297 bytes)

                                                                Once more Jim-


                                                                                          IMG_5733.JPG (1691993 bytes)

    I'd love to say that I cashed out with a profit, but that didn't happen. I pull out Sweet Ti's card and download her promo play.

                                                          IMG_5734.JPG (1876682 bytes)

                                                               Triple Double Diamonds

                                                          IMG_5735.JPG (1125339 bytes)

                                                               "It keeps you running"

    Strolling about, I spot these 2 ladies having a blast on W4 Jackpots playing Panda for minimum bet. Whenever they hit a bonus.......

                                                          IMG_5736.JPG (1751232 bytes)

                                                        they let it eat as the pennies roll in

 I camp out at the giant 88 Fortune machines in the foreground of that last picture. Double decker double wide version. Jim??????


                                                           IMG_5741.JPG (1540510 bytes)     

                                                Now let's up the bet on the next one Jimmy..... 


                                                     IMG_5743.JPG (1434762 bytes)                                                 

                 IMG_5737.JPG (1258014 bytes)           IMG_5738.JPG (1502988 bytes)          IMG_5739.JPG (1501997 bytes)

                                                                        Time lapse line hit

 While these shenanigans were commencing, I notice that the pizza joint is in the process of opening. I watch the chef put a pepperoni pie in. Let's see, that means in about 12 minutes my brunch will be piping hot from the oven.

                                                            IMG_5744.JPG (1755603 bytes)

                                                                 damn serviceable too

  The 7.77 deal deal. Few comps necessary. My next play is some old school Buffalo. The only one I can find in the whole joint. Jim???


                                                         IMG_5746.JPG (1904610 bytes)



                                                        IMG_5748.JPG (1684964 bytes)


 This particular machine is in front of the player's club. There are doors here leading to S. Pennsylvania Avenue, and whenever someone walks in or out I get a blast of cold air up my backside. Time to move. I am going back to that DSTP as I know it's warm there. 

                                       IMG_5759.JPG (1650417 bytes)  IMG_5760.JPG (1362311 bytes)

                                                         IMG_5724.JPG (1363711 bytes)


 I am actually holding up my Virgin Pulse Max that I wear dangling from the side of my bibs. Sweet Ti works for Ferguson Enterprises and they offer a wellness program. I earn 125. per yearly quarter for wearing this around. It's like I carry around a little piece of Richard-

                                                         untitled.png (698258 bytes)

                                                                       everywhere I go.

 Methinks it's diversion time y'all. Maybe a stroll over to the Hard Rock. I have only been inside one other time, during my Beach Blanket Bingo trip with Mark back in Jan. But we were only walking thru so I didn't scope out many machines. Just a quick trip to the pit for a chip.

     PXAA8802.JPG (2287148 bytes)   IMG_1602.jpg (2265531 bytes)   IMG_1604.jpg (2482784 bytes)   IMG_1603.jpg (2486406 bytes)

                                                               IMG_1605.jpg (3091919 bytes)

                                                                          quoted RB

      IMG_1607.jpg (3471590 bytes)  IMG_1608.jpg (2345210 bytes)  IMG_5761.JPG (1504847 bytes)  IMG_5762.JPG (1397530 bytes)

                             IMG_5763.JPG (1664665 bytes)                             IMG_5764.JPG (1605916 bytes) 

                                                             IMG_5765.JPG (1120301 bytes)

 I do like high ceilings in casinos. This feels unlike being in a Hard Rock though. Not enough rock and roll swag around. I didn't bother to get a player's card. Their year runs out soon. I want to make the upgrade last as long as possible. I insert hundy in Buffalo Gold.

          IMG_5766.JPG (1436151 bytes)              IMG_5767.JPG (1358149 bytes)               IMG_5768.JPG (1628635 bytes)

                      low rolling                                 wish all casinos did this!                     Wonder 8?????

              IMG_5769.JPG (1499870 bytes)         IMG_5770.JPG (1403097 bytes)        IMG_5771.JPG (1506536 bytes)


 I'm kinda surprised that there's now a bigger crowd here. It's Friday afternoon at this point. They are busier next door. I ended up donating a twenty. One holdover from the Taj days is the excalator (past the Hooters) up to the 2nd floor. This monstrosity has been making weird noises for years now. It still does. Back  at the ranch that progressive I had my eye on still hasn't been hit. Insert coin.

     IMG_5772.JPG (954552 bytes)  IMG_5773.JPG (881793 bytes)   IMG_5774.JPG (929254 bytes)  IMG_5775.JPG (938514 bytes)

                                                                 just need one more Blaze

                              IMG_5776.JPG (1127529 bytes)                      IMG_5778.JPG (1191951 bytes)

                              I actually do the parley routine up to 2. denom. after each of these hits but....... 

 So I spot this dude sitting here playing 2 machines at the same time and I swear he was slapping the buttons with more force than I have ever seen. I mean he was being downright violent. I took this clandestine shot and vacated the premises.

                                                        IMG_5779.JPG (1580985 bytes)

                                                                     smack 'um

                                              Let's dial us up some Stinkin' Rich there James-


                                                           IMG_5781.JPG (1736917 bytes)

                                 IMG_5782.JPG (1894489 bytes)     IMG_5783.JPG (1761930 bytes)

                                                             Thrill us again Jim!


                                                        IMG_5785.JPG (1786594 bytes)    

 Yet another successful if a bit fragrant session. This makes the 3rd trip in a row that I've pulled a profit off of this machine. 

                                                    srich.jpg (67860 bytes)

                                                                     Go Pepe!

                                   Next up is some 9 line Triple Diamond. Volatility on steroids.

                                                      IMG_5788.JPG (1137123 bytes)

            I spot a lady getting up from the ever growing B7's progressive after an unsuccessful run at it. My turn to run at it. 

                                      IMG_5789.JPG (843863 bytes)            IMG_5790.JPG (969207 bytes)

                                                             WBQE0102.JPG (2554107 bytes)

                                                                 current state of affairs

 It's now time for the "Welcome, to our weekend!" song. That means it's 5 p.m. on a Friday. I call Sweet Ti. We miss each other's company. It doesn't help that I'm going to our favorite restaurant for dinner. Hopefully we will be together up here soon. <sigh> I dress, which consists of putting a Hawaiian shirt on over my bibs. Down at Capriccio's I stop to say hello to Ulysses the barkeep and Elvie finds me a window seat overlooking the Boards. Jorge is on vacay in Portugal. Genaro is on vacay in Peru. Obviously, I over tip. But today's local, Alberto is assisting Joseph serving me this evening. Alberto has recovered nicely from his open heart surgery. He is a really nice dude. I have a generous comp considering it's just me. I order Calamari and Strozzapreti alla Bolognese. A bottle of Acqua Panna. I enjoy the view.

                                                             IMG_5791.JPG (1169217 bytes)

                                                                     it even looks chilly

                                                              IMG_5792.JPG (1614883 bytes)

                             IMG_5793.JPG (1676348 bytes)                               SOPK6225.JPG (2163348 bytes)

                                       IMG_5794.JPG (1561299 bytes)      IMG_5795.JPG (1671610 bytes)


 As always, the service is impeccable. So is the food. I am entertained by this dude holding court with his son at the next table. It's all very Jersey. Almost like he is some kind of Don. People keep coming by and fawning over him. Very interesting to watch. Kiss the ring. I have a few bucks left on my comp so I order a cheesecake to go for later. Alberto bags up that and the leftovers and I settle up. After I stash my tasty treats in the room fridge, I go down and notice the B7's progressive is empty. I check the offering.

                                                         XNRP5564.JPG (1925646 bytes)

                                                             Goes up .03 per spin

                              IMG_5796.JPG (965908 bytes)              IMG_5797.JPG (982002 bytes)

 I'm holding my own as the meter slowly creeps up. I have been playing on that same TITO for hours now. If I ever get it to 1k I'll cash. While I'm playing, I notice a young lady who is obviously waiting to get on this machine. This carousel has maybe 7 machines, but this one has the highest progressive. She sits 2 machines to my left and inserts coin. 5 spins later she walks around the backside of the machines and sits down 2 machines to my right. She plays a few spins and repeats this. Several times. A security dude walks by and asks her for an ID. She commences to bitch him out. "I play here all the time and I'm sick of being carded." When he hands it back to her she storms out. Then he nods at me and I tell him he had every right to card her. He says to me " She's 22."  Then this happened- 

                                                               Let it roll Jim.....


                                                      IMG_5800.JPG (956473 bytes)


 So the streak stays alive- minus the paperwork! I was paid and I did a couple of emergency backup spins and cashed out. Onward to W4!

                                                 Jackpot edition Miss Kitty please Jimmy.....



                           IMG_5803.JPG (1656291 bytes)                           IMG_5806.JPG (1778479 bytes)

                                                                      again Jim!




                         IMG_5809.JPG (1731034 bytes)                           IMG_5811.JPG (1583169 bytes)     

                                                                 WW2 next Jim-


                                                      IMG_5814.JPG (1615381 bytes)

                                                       Finally, queue the Bison dude...



                                                      IMG_5817.JPG (1561702 bytes)         


 Considering I'm spinning at 10. a pop- all but the second hit seem a bit light. I finally ended up blowing that same ticket I'd been playing on all day. So I walked around and inserted a few of the hundys but it seems like I used up Mistress Luck. I did hit this-

                                                      IMG_5819.JPG (1061092 bytes)              

 At that point, I had done Royal Flusher's parley and upped my denomination. Savvy. Well, I only followed the 1st part. The 2nd part is that you're supposed to drop your bet back down at a certain losing point. Not only did I not lower my bet, I followed that loss with a couple hundy and lost that too. Just for good measure I stuffed a couple more in a RWB machine to no avail. It sounds like a good time to call it a night. Aloft, I call my Sweet Ti and we pretty much are missing the shit out of each other. It seems to get worse with age. Next time I hope to bring her with. I'm toast. I earned an astonishing 55 points today and still earned a profit. That's the way to do it. 

                                                  04.06.2019 Leave your hammers at the box  

 I awoke as usual before the sun. I rolled out of the room around 6 a.m. I see that someone has swiped my Do Not Disrupt sign. Again. I'm beginning to see a tie in between the signs mysteriously vanishing and the advent of the once every 24 hours room security check. I hit a kiosk to give up 7x cash back in lieu of 80. FSP. That done I insert coin in the .50 version of B7's. Non-stinking and everything.

                                       IMG_5823.JPG (1731691 bytes)   IMG_5824.JPG (1246749 bytes)

                                                                  non-populated too

                I can't hit a lick at a snake. Blew thru that 80. plus another hundy. Time for a diversion. I hit the boards.

 IMG_5826.JPG (1254687 bytes)    IMG_5827.JPG (1227758 bytes)   IMG_5828.JPG (1187067 bytes)    IMG_5829.JPG (1098464 bytes)

 It's quite nipplie outside. I head someplace to get warm. DSTP. Insert hundy and hit nothing. I repeat that maneuver once again. Nada. I couldn't even scare up a 4OAK. Screw this! I'm not going to give it all back. And even though I have another 90. FSP coming at noon plus a generous dinner comp this evening at Gallagher's,  I think I'll call it a trip. I misses me seriously some Sweet Ti. Coming home a day early will be a nice surprise. Plus I am still about 1k in the black. I pack in record time and am on my way to the ferry. Surprise! 

          I earned 65 points and turned a thousand profit. Thanks for riding along on the RB funwagon. See y'all next time in Vegas!  

                                                            IMG_1630.jpg (1817301 bytes)