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                                                      Down Around Biloxi

 02.19.2017  It's time to cross the wild meridian

Hey Now! Once again, Welcome back my friends. This edition of Sweet Ti & RB's Gamboling Life takes us way down South. We were looking to do something different, and had heard great things about this place. So thanks to Grant 1982 from the VMB, I got in touch with Alice Brown, a Host at the IP. She comped us a few nights upfront. I scored us EconComfort on Delta, and we're off! We are TSAPre, but thanks to Sweet Ti's Bionic Knee she has to go thru the body scanner. Her shoe shows something funny, and is checked out. Strange. 

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Onboard, we have a great fellow aisle mate named Bea. She lives in Iowa but grew up in Middlesex Co. It's the next county over from us. She even knows one of the girls Sweet Ti works with. Small world. We layover in ATL. and grab lunch from Garbanzos.

                IMG_1978.JPG (1429045 bytes)   IMG_1979.JPG (1268417 bytes)  IMG_1980.JPG (1122945 bytes)


                                                               Short hop to GPT.

                                                        IMG_1981.JPG (313600 bytes)

                                       National Car Rental provided us with a tasty red Maxima.

                                IMG_1984.JPG (1741152 bytes)        IMG_1985.JPG (1427481 bytes)

                   Full blown leather, and when you hit the throttle, the bitch moves. We shall name her- Ready. 

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 The trip from GPT to IP was a piece of cake. The kioskling tried to up sell me a GPS/Sirius package. Nope. Ready had both at my disposal for gratis. Didn't even have to call on Sue, our GPS. Now, there's Emerald parking around here somewhere..... Found it!

                                IMG_1994.JPG (1375599 bytes)         IMG_1995.JPG (1287873 bytes)   

 Not too sure what I'm doing, I park on the first floor. But we have to dodge Valet bullets to get to the front door. Turns out the 2nd floor is a straight shot into the casino. Lesson learned. We make our way to the Emerald check in. Across the way from the Front Desk. Reminds me of Invited Guests at Orleans. Sitting room with a Kerig machine, couch, and TV. The whole lobby area is nice.

                    IMG_2010.JPG (976259 bytes)    IMG_2011.JPG (776187 bytes)    IMG_1996.JPG (1118779 bytes)   

                                     Alice has set us up on the 28th floor, with a Room with a View.

  IMG_1997.JPG (1177474 bytes)  IMG_2003.JPG (992296 bytes)  IMG_2004.JPG (1057930 bytes)  IMG_1998.JPG (1407013 bytes)

                  That will work just lovely, thank you. Plus a safe and a mini-fridge. And check out the view-

 IMG_2006.JPG (1194292 bytes)IMG_2005.JPG (1357047 bytes)IMG_2008.JPG (756595 bytes)IMG_2007.JPG (675947 bytes)  

 We meet today's local- Cherylyn. She's cleaning the room across the hall. What a sweetie. We get a couple of towels from her and give her a tip. Next thing you know we are talking about her hubby's cough. Cherylyn is plum worried sick about him! Poor thing. We cluck over her for a bit. I tell her she doesn't have to clean the room tomorrow. "Fact is- if I don't clean your room, I don't get paid for it!" We will let you in and you can code it out on the phone Cherylyn. "Bless your Hearts!" I give Sweet Ti a hundy to gambol with and get busy unloading Ready. But first I move her to the 2nd floor. Yepper, straight into the Casino. At every casino entrance, even coming in from the rooms, there are security guards. If you are under 21, they are supposed to give you a wristband. And they are real sociable. William introduces himself, and next thing you know we are hanging out in his compost heap he keeps for his garden. "I go around town and collect bags of Live Oak leaves people leave at their curbs. Heap runs way past that chandelier." I look over the floor and spot the chandelier. "AND higher than the ceiling!" Bet you sprout a nice crop William. " Makes no sense for anybody to be hungry." I make my way thru a long assed hallway to the allieveators. 2 go all the way up. There's 4 floors above us. On the 32nd. there's 32. A fine steakhouse. With an even better view. But that's for another day. Right now I stash our shit and head down to find my Sweet Ti...

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                                                      Promptly, I find her at Zuma.


                         IMG_2014.JPG (1037567 bytes)           IMG_2015.JPG (1219861 bytes)

 She has managed to turn a hundy into 604.90. That's what I'm talking 'bout. Team Mays- Føck Yeah! She made money at Miss Kitty, Blazin' 7's dollar and Top Dollar too. We walk around to get a feel of the place and find an area of dollar machines and a Noodle Bar.  We decide to go for $5 Top Dollar and insert hundy. 10 spins net exactly nuttin'. Let's try the dollar version and some Double 7's. Insert coin.

                               IMG_2016.JPG (1331264 bytes)       IMG_2019.JPG (1250133 bytes)

 We are waited on by Julie. Yet another friendly employee. Julie likes Moscato. She picks some up every time she goes to see her brother  in Texas. Can't get it around here. "Here's the label, I carry it around with me" She is serious. What a pistol.

                                                          wine bottle label

I stopped by the kiosk to check my points and see that I have already qualified for the weekly $50. Emerald dining comp, and the monthly $150. Spa comp. And I will get another $50. dining comp tomorrow, Monday. Noice. We will use the first one this evening. 

                                                      Hit that Money Rain Deluxe vid there Jimmy- 


                                                    IMG_2021.JPG (1466712 bytes)

 Time to check out the VP. There's actually very little available. Upstairs in The Cove has about the most machines. I see there are some full pay machines with a progressive at the Insomnia Bar, according to vpfree2. We find some empty seats. Bonus Poker. Insert coin.

                                                    IMG_2024.JPG (1646326 bytes)   

This is interesting. It's 30/30/30/8/5. So all 4OAKs pay the same. 150 credits. Looks like the point accrual sucks for VP. $4.=1pt. 

                                                Then I find a decent paying DBDW. 

                                                     IMG_2025.JPG (1547303 bytes)   

 Mark is our barkeep. Asks our names. I mean, it's like everybody truly welcomes you here. When Mark goes on break, he introduces us to his relief. Uncanny. But enough of this, let's eat! Costa Cucina. Luckily, there's a table available. We will be Miguel's customers tonight.

 IMG_2026.JPG (1213902 bytes)  IMG_2027.JPG (998988 bytes)  IMG_2028.JPG (1195712 bytes)  IMG_2029.JPG (1036715 bytes)

                             We order calamari and a salad and I do a walkabout. They have a pizzaiolo. I looked it up. 3rd photo.


 IMG_2030.JPG (1072840 bytes)  IMG_2031.JPG (1074391 bytes)  IMG_2032.JPG (1157058 bytes)  IMG_2033.JPG (680990 bytes)

                                                      Makes me wish I'd ordered pizza....

                 IMG_2034.JPG (1055836 bytes)   IMG_2035.JPG (1278718 bytes)   IMG_2036.JPG (1347210 bytes)


 IMG_2037.JPG (1145035 bytes)  IMG_2038.JPG (1358644 bytes)  IMG_2039.JPG (1243983 bytes)  IMG_2040.JPG (1388866 bytes)


 The calamari was lightly breaded and fairly tender. The family style salad was fresh and crisp. I had the lasagna that had very good sausage in it. Sweet Ti had the shrimp scampi. The pasta is made fresh. Huge shrimp. No room for Blue Bell though. AbFab sweetie darlin'. And that dining comp covered almost all of it. I have plenty of comp points for the rest. Plus here, 500 comp points = $1. IP Rocks.  

                                        Seeing as it's Mardi Gras season, Stretch poses amongst the lights...


                                                           IMG_2041.JPG (1008332 bytes)

 Sweet Ti is toaster strudel for the evening. I've got one more session left in me. We haven't scoped out much of the 2nd floor, so I set out. Lordy be I found best place in the joint- The Cove. No Smoking. Strange ambient music mix. I try some Miss Kitty. 

                                                              IMG_2042.JPG (1725631 bytes)

I played a couple of other slots but couldn't hit shit. The point accrual for slots is off the hook. Emerald gets 50% more than whatever the base is. And from the looks of it- these are actual card points. I stick with slots. I mosey down to that $1 slot area for some Top Dollar.

                                                             IMG_2044.JPG (1111354 bytes)

 I'm beat. It's been a profitable first day. I forgot to keep a running total of my card points. No idea. But a great start in a great place! I stop by Infusion and score a waffle cone of that Blue Bell Butter Pecan for Sweet Ti and I and call it a night. 

       02.20.2017   Billy pulled in in a jaguar, Red convertible sixty-five

 Hey Now! So we gained this extra hour here in Biloxi. It became evident when I was wide awake around 5 a.m. Ready and I have chores to do first thing this morning. I kisses a sleeping Sweet Ti and take off....into a fog. 

                                                       IMG_2045.JPG (1266350 bytes)   


                                 IMG_2046.JPG (1451347 bytes)      IMG_2047.JPG (1963216 bytes)

 It's 64° already. I'm going to D'Iberville. Pronounced Dee Íberville. Wally/Winnie Run. I have a good idea where Wally World is, but am relying on Ready to point me to Winn Dixie. I pick up various room supplies at Wally World, but they don't carry any NA beer but Ab'Dulls Green. I refuse to buy it. Bad enough I have to drink them in the casino. No way Jose. So I let Ready find the way to Winnie. Right down the street. D'Iberville is a small place. Haven't been in a Winn Dixie since they shut ours down. Back in '03. At least they sell Ab'Dulls Amber. That I will drink. If I must. I suppose. I grab a couple 6 packs and head back across the Back Bay of Biloxi. Infusion supplies the coffee. Emerald perk is a small cup a day. That and a giant cup should rev up my betrothed. Schlep everything to da room.

                                                     IMG_2048.JPG (856112 bytes)

              We feast on yogurt with fruit and granola. Then it's unpack, shower, and attack The Cove.

                                  IMG_2049.JPG (1122027 bytes)   IMG_2050.JPG (1139914 bytes)

             IMG_2051.JPG (910973 bytes)    IMG_2052.JPG (1110881 bytes)   IMG_2053.JPG (1124220 bytes)

          There's a Poker Room up here, and also a smoking lounge. As if the entire rest of the casino isn't enough.

 IMG_2054.JPG (1289501 bytes)  IMG_2055.JPG (1039840 bytes)  IMG_2056.JPG (1046864 bytes)  IMG_2057.JPG (1400654 bytes)

                                     Well, without a doubt it is Mardi Gras season at the IP.

  IMG_2060.JPG (1654411 bytes)  IMG_2062.JPG (1508113 bytes) IMG_2063.JPG (1371432 bytes)  IMG_2064.JPG (1446947 bytes)

  IMG_2065.JPG (1502064 bytes)  IMG_2066.JPG (1489580 bytes)   IMG_2067.JPG (1532480 bytes) IMG_2068.JPG (1504597 bytes)

            We are at a loss to figure out the decorating scheme in the rest of the joint though. Kinda Post Industrial?

                                                      IMG_2069.JPG (981663 bytes)

 Since it's Young at Heart day, we take advantage of the cheap lunch buffet. The Emerald thingy gives us a line break. 

 IMG_2070.JPG (1483658 bytes)  IMG_2071.JPG (1636050 bytes)  IMG_2072.JPG (1449642 bytes)  IMG_2073.JPG (1337763 bytes)


 It's really packed. And even at 60, the crowd makes us feel like youngsters here. Lots of Southern Mississippi dishes. Time to GAMBOL!

                                                 $5 Top Dollar video cued up there Jimbo?



          IMG_2075.JPG (1199152 bytes)          IMG_2078.JPG (1275290 bytes)        IMG_2079.JPG (1234133 bytes)

                                                                     Scary, but fun.  

                                                           IMG_2080.JPG (986892 bytes)

While we were playing, a couple about our age walks in with the cutest little terrier. Yepper, the IP is pet friendly. We nodded to them on our way out. But I had left my player's card at The Cove. I went back to get it and the dude was sitting at the machine and handed me my card. We start talking, and I ask his doggie's name. Merci. I walked over to his wife who was holding Merci. We also started talking. "where are y'all from?" Newport News. "Us too!" Turns out Dave and Pam graduated from Denbigh High School, right down the street from where we went to school. Amazing. 

 This afternoon's game plan calls for a drive about Biloxi. Beautiful day for it, 73°.  Ready is ready, and we head down Back Bay Road. The road is torn up from construction for storm drains. It also seems like there's 2 empty lots for every house. Apparently, after Katrina the insurance companies wanted houses built on stilts so a bunch of people couldn't afford to rebuild. We found the closed MVille Casino.

                                     IMG_2081.JPG (1845129 bytes)  IMG_2082.JPG (1467395 bytes)  

     First I thought it was the Palace Casino, but we drove on and found it alive and well. This is indeed a small town. 

IMG_2083.JPG (1969563 bytes)  IMG_2084.JPG (1249120 bytes)  IMG_2086.JPG (1564747 bytes)  IMG_2094.JPG (1366145 bytes)

                                      We self parked Ready and enjoyed the view on the way in. 

                                      IMG_2095.JPG (1772238 bytes)  IMG_2096.JPG (1500694 bytes)

 The Palace is Biloxi's only smoke free casino. Got a player's card and spent 20. earning 10. free play. Grab a dollar chip for my wall. 

                     IMG_2097.JPG (1083241 bytes)  IMG_2098.JPG (1730452 bytes)  IMG_2099.JPG (1503974 bytes)

        Very clean joint. And once again, the people are really friendly. We cruise Beach Road downbeach to Treasure Bay.

 IMG_2100.JPG (714877 bytes)  IMG_2102.JPG (1009904 bytes)  IMG_2104.JPG (1554151 bytes)  IMG_2106.JPG (1347651 bytes)

                     IMG_2107.JPG (1532519 bytes)  IMG_2108.JPG (1636321 bytes)  IMG_2110.JPG (1438614 bytes)

                                                         Dam Lumberjack Beavers on Strike.

                                                           IMG_2109.JPG (1144794 bytes)

 Signed up and lost the obligatory 100. to take advantage of the loss rebate tomorrow. Sweet Ti points our that Ready came personalized.

                                                           IMG_2111.JPG (1219366 bytes)

                                                                    M is for Mays.

              On the way back we spotted a couple of highly recommended eateries. Maybe we will try them next trip. 

                             IMG_2112.JPG (1348721 bytes)                    IMG_2113.JPG (1439424 bytes) 

 The YAH drawing is at 5 p.m. and we are a few minutes early. We stop by the spa and Sweet Ti makes an appointment for a Mani/Pedi tomorrow to take advantage of my 150. Spa comp. The Spa is very swanky! In The Cove they proceed to call out names. One of those creatures on the table has a progressive cash prize under it. The rest are free slot play. Talked to a winner who got 250. We didn't. 

                                                       IMG_2116.JPG (1036635 bytes)          

 My lover has a bit of an upset tummy, and I assist her back to the room so she can have a bit of a lie down. Gettin' stormy too...

                                                      IMG_2117.JPG (705791 bytes)

                                                              Boomtown Casino

  I head back down for a session at my now favorite Top Dollar 1. Offers- 240./120./110./35./30./45./45./65./45./30./35. I could play this game for hours.

    IMG_2119.JPG (1026064 bytes)   IMG_2118.JPG (1273476 bytes)      IMG_2120.JPG (1340560 bytes)       IMG_2122.JPG (1222417 bytes)

But Sweet Ti calls and needs an Alka-Seltzer fix. I'm off to the Essentials gift shop where I meet today's local, Elizabeth. She's a life long Biloxi gal who tells me all about this weekend's Downtown Biloxi Krewe of Gemini Mardi Gras Parade. And I'm a Gemini. But alas, we will be back in VA. by then. I thank her for the info and pop upstairs. S.T. slugs down the meds and has a Twist soda. Feel better my love.

                                                                 IMG_2124.JPG (1216260 bytes)

 I hit the Insominia Bar for a bit of DW44, but soon got smoked out. Looks like the time to play here is in the morning. Back to my Top Dollar. Offers- 55./40./35./90./60./35./40./30./60./40./40./30./30./40./40./30./35./30./35./40./45./35./55./60. Played 2 hours and only lost 100. Meanwhile, tonight's Cocktail Waitress is Chris. She's from Wisconsin and has the accent to prove it! I ended the evening at a Triple Double Red Hot 7's Dollar machine and scored a quick 150. That brings us back to somewhere around even for the trip. Back in the room my Sweet Ti is feeling a bit better. We watch a bit of TV. Yet another nice perk here is the TV channel selection. 57 channels and nothin' on. They actually do have IFC and Sundance. We snuggled and crashed out.

02.21.2017  And the storms will blow from off towards New Orleans.

Hey Now! Slept in till 6 a.m. Old habits and all that. As soon as I get into the loo I get a text. It's Rayray from work. Yesterday was a holiday, so it's the first day I haven't been there. So it took Rayray all of 5 minutes at work to text me. 'Puter problems. I sort it out for him. I'm bound and determined to figure out the point system here. I kiss my Sweet Ti farewell. On the way down I'm riding with a lady with a Jesus Rocks shirt on and earbuds. Sez she's listening to Gospel music. Brings her luck at the machines. 

                              IMG_2128.JPG (1233041 bytes)       IMG_2129.JPG (1100836 bytes) 

Okay, from the looks of things, .75 = 1 point. Or something like that. I played all over the place but everything was sucking hundys. I scored caffeine at Infusion. Tiny little clerkling named Brittany. She sez I look "Groovy." I awaken my S.T. and we break our fast and shower. She is still feeling a bit iffy, but gets herself ready for her pampering. We proceed to the Spa and kiss our goodbyes. I am on a mission. To hit all of the area casinos up for a $1. chip, and do the Treasure Bay loss rebate. Outside, the weather is here.

                             IMG_2132.JPG (1139681 bytes)          IMG_2133.JPG (1168035 bytes)

         Squalls out on the Gulfstream. Big storms coming soon. At MGM Park I spot a smaller version of the MGM Grand kitty.

                             IMG_2134.JPG (1205232 bytes)          IMG_2135.JPG (1204206 bytes)

 I head west on Beach Road. The speed limit is obviously just a suggestion. 45 mph. And it's raining on and off. Sometimes pretty damned  hard too. Doesn't appear to be any storm drains either, so there's lots of water on the road. Ready handles is well. On to Treasure Bay.

 IMG_2136.JPG (1205418 bytes)  IMG_2137.JPG (1357180 bytes)  IMG_2139.JPG (1347336 bytes)  IMG_2141.JPG (1690621 bytes)

                   IMG_2142.JPG (1053922 bytes)  IMG_2143.JPG (1374277 bytes)  IMG_2144.JPG (1497851 bytes)

                                                      Roll the kiosk footage Jim-


     That done, I look for a likely suspect in order to make the most of my 100. But first a pit stop into a very strange head.

                                    IMG_2145.JPG (1110164 bytes)  IMG_2146.JPG (924979 bytes)

 I check out the VP at the bar and see that they have 8/5 BP for dollars. So I order an Ab'Dulls from Jeremy. Insert loss rebate.

                                    IMG_2148.JPG (1160110 bytes)  IMG_2149.JPG (1134179 bytes)

 No big hits, but by the time I ran the hundy thru, I was at 120. Cashed that puppy out, grabbed a dollar chip at the pit, and split.

IMG_2152.JPG (617158 bytes)  IMG_2153.JPG (1185927 bytes)  IMG_2154.JPG (1077111 bytes)  IMG_2155.JPG (1160588 bytes)

IMG_2156.JPG (1199022 bytes)  IMG_2157.JPG (622817 bytes)  IMG_2159.JPG (1442461 bytes)  IMG_2160.JPG (1628159 bytes)

 I parked on the Gulf side, and then realized I was on the Hotel side too. But there's a skywalk over to the casino. This place is nice!

IMG_2162.JPG (1499466 bytes)  IMG_2165.JPG (1234879 bytes)  IMG_2166.JPG (1255411 bytes)  IMG_2167.JPG (1111325 bytes)

                                               IMG_2168.JPG (1065080 bytes)                           IMG_2169.JPG (1216347 bytes)      

               I made a beeline for the cage and scored a chip. Then made the long walk back. The view from the Hotel is sweet.

                   IMG_2170.JPG (1084405 bytes)   IMG_2171.JPG (1208685 bytes)   IMG_2172.JPG (1424120 bytes)

 Gulfport is quite a bit bigger than Biloxi. But I don't hang around, I'm headed to the Beau. But getting into the self park garage turns out to be a real bitch. So I find a surface lot between there and the Hard Rock. 

                                                          IMG_2173.JPG (1118043 bytes)

 Unfortunately, it's raining pretty hard, and there's a big wall between the parking lot and the Beau. But I'm close to the hotel tower for the Hard Rock, and the bottom floor has parking. A small gate is open and I run for cover there. But there's a fence the rest of the way around. Hummmmm. Then this Rastafarian dude comes in thru a gate. "Yo Mon- I & I was just about to lock that gate you came in" Well, I was actually trying to get to the Hard Rock and eventually to the Beau.. "Come with I & I Mon." He leads me thru the pool area and uses a key card to get into the joint. Then he takes me to the elevator and even punches the buttons. " There you go Mon, name is Lewis. Rasta!"

                                                        IMG_2174.JPG (366856 bytes)

                                                                 Thanks Lewis! 

 IMG_2176.JPG (1499948 bytes)  IMG_2177.JPG (1177644 bytes)  IMG_2179.JPG (1410219 bytes)  IMG_2180.JPG (1329929 bytes)

       I find the cage and scored my chip. Then I hit the gift shop for a Hard Rock pin for THAT collection. So many collections....

 IMG_2181.JPG (652406 bytes)  IMG_2183.JPG (1378816 bytes)  IMG_2184.JPG (1239802 bytes)  IMG_2185.JPG (1242458 bytes)

                 Out the front door it thankfully has stopped raining. I make my walk leisurely over to the Beau Rivage.  

IMG_2186.JPG (634549 bytes)  IMG_2187.JPG (1108722 bytes)  IMG_2188.JPG (1994086 bytes)  IMG_2189.JPG (1486011 bytes)

                                                                               It really is like a miniature Bellagio.

                              IMG_2190.JPG (1479999 bytes)  IMG_2191.JPG (1642778 bytes)  IMG_2192.JPG (1496879 bytes)  


                                IMG_2193.JPG (1420353 bytes)   IMG_2194.JPG (1884481 bytes)

                                    I try to take some shots inside but am scolded at by security.

                                        IMG_2195.JPG (669171 bytes)

There's an empty BJ table with a dealer, so I buy a dollar chip and scram. Back to Ready, I pull her out into traffic and battle my way to Harrah's Gulf Coast and garage park. What can I say about this place? It's a Harrah's. Meh. Pit chip and move on to Gold Nugget.

                                    IMG_2197.JPG (757144 bytes)  IMG_2198.JPG (1332769 bytes)

        The Gold Nugget is nice- they usually are. Parking garage elevators were very iffy. Pit chip and vamoose.

                                    IMG_2199.JPG (1449209 bytes)  IMG_2200.JPG (1168302 bytes)

          Since it's still around 1 p.m., I decide on hitting one more. Scarlet Pearl in D'Iberville. I-110 Ready!

 IMG_2201.JPG (1296632 bytes)  IMG_2202.JPG (1129263 bytes)  IMG_2203.JPG (990364 bytes)  IMG_2204.JPG (1762422 bytes)

                                     Never too far from a Waffle House. Fun fact: there are 70 in Mississippi.

IMG_2205.JPG (1654055 bytes)  IMG_2206.JPG (1729972 bytes)  IMG_2207.JPG (1403801 bytes)  IMG_2208.JPG (1531135 bytes)

IMG_2209.JPG (1283933 bytes)  IMG_2210.JPG (1518972 bytes)  IMG_2211.JPG (1148646 bytes)  IMG_2212.JPG (1337550 bytes)

  What a beautiful place! The construction outside is a parking garage. I sign up for a player's card. It comes with 10. free play, along with earning another 10. free play for every 300 points, up to 40. Plus it's gift day, 700 points gets you a sweet Mardi Gras Bag full of goodies. I spot W4 machines and insert coin, dialing up 4 Buffalo games. First spin I got free spins. Hit it Jimmy!


                                    IMG_2218.JPG (1624647 bytes)  IMG_2220.JPG (1676850 bytes)

 This is going great! I got Super Free Spins once and regular free spins 4 times. I used my 40. FSP and ended up pushing with 959 points. I got a chip at the pit.....pit chip. Just realized that phrase was a bit ambiguous. Went to the kiosk and printed out a ticket for the bag. I had earned 7.48 in comps already too. I got my bag. Huge string of beads, and a killer Mardi Gras T-shirt. Thanks! In the gift shop they had King Cakes- they are everywhere. But we will be getting a couple at the IP on Thursday. So I got a nice oyster shell Mardi Gras ornament. Sweet Ti calls. She's done with her treatments. But she's still feeling a bit off. She didn't even use to hot tub at the spa. Poor Baby! Her request for me is a grilled cheese and a bowl of chicken noodle soup. So I head back across the Back Bay of Biloxi.

  IMG_2221.JPG (1470976 bytes)  IMG_2222.JPG (1327820 bytes)  IMG_2223.JPG (913768 bytes)  IMG_2224.JPG (1034149 bytes)

 Back at the Ranch, I peruse the To Go menu at the High Tide. Antonio takes my order. I play some Jackpot party while I wait. Insert. 

                                               Last spin I hit this. Spool it James!



                                                IMG_2227.JPG (1413892 bytes)                 IMG_2229.JPG (1369980 bytes)

I picked up my order and made 58.70 to boot. Back to the room in record time. It's not even been an hour since Sweet Ti called me. She eats while I regale her with my misadventures. The soup is chock-a-block full of chicken chunks and veggies. And the grill cheese is on sourdough bread with an order of seasoned fries. Killer. Forgot to take pictures, but really good food.


                                    IMG_2230.JPG (1508567 bytes)           IMG_2233.JPG (1337974 bytes)

Sweet Ti is feeling a bit better, but decides to chill out and I go down for a session. I stop by the Host Desk and ask for Alice. She comes out and we hug and get to know each other. Nice person. I decide to head upstairs and find yet another area of the casino we didn't know about near the Buffet. There I spot a couple of the Willy Wonka World of Wonka slot machines. Pretty damn fancy. Insert coin......Jim? 



                                                     IMG_2235.JPG (1352221 bytes)  

 Downstairs I try the Zuma. I hit the Battle Boss Bonus and notice a couple standing behind me. The lady says she left some credits in the machine. Well I didn't notice when I put my ticket in. The slot attendant works it all out. Turns out it was the Play Here Now Play. It stays with the card. You don't download it. Much ado about diddly squat. I cashed out and hit the kiosk to check my points. There was some promotion game today and I won 50k slot points. That's cool. I checked Sweet Ti's card. We haven't played on her card today, so she didn't qualify for the game. But she did have a Sapphire 20. dining comp. 

                                                            To The Cove!

                                                    IMG_2237.JPG (1153937 bytes)

                            IMG_2238.JPG (1071231 bytes)   IMG_2239.JPG (999615 bytes)

Not getting any drink sevice on the floor, I walk over to the Cove Bar and play some shitty VP and order an Ab'Dulls from today's local, Guy. He is full of stories. He was born in Las Vegas. Daddy was in the Air Force. He got transferred to Kessler Air Force Base here and stayed after he retired. Guy has been working in casinos for 15 years. He said that during Katrina the water was 6 ft. deep here on the second floor of the casino. Crazy. But the barge remained mostly intact and was the first to reopen. Sweet Ti calls and is wanting some company. And I'm hungry. So it's back to the High Tide. IP Burger and Pecan Pie . Awful tasty! Used Sweet Ti's 20. dining comp. 

                                                     IMG_2241.JPG (1294585 bytes)


 Took a bit of a hit today. I didn't include a plethora on slots I tried. My notes tell the tale, along with the lack of screenshots.             


 02.22.2017  Waitress I need 2 more Boat Drinks

6 a.m. Bounce time. Peck on the cheek. Bluetooth and Ippy tuned to my Vegas playlist. Buffalo Gold sucks a hundy. Top Dollar?

                                                     IMG_2245.JPG (1070503 bytes)

 Insomnia Bar sounds good right about now. Blake is behind the bar and hooks me up with a Rockstar and an Ab'Dulls. Insert coin.

                                IMG_2247.JPG (1098362 bytes)  IMG_2248.JPG (1572159 bytes)

                                                  IMG_2249.JPG (1619149 bytes)

                                                 At least it was a straight flush!

 I notice that people are just randomly walking up to the bar and ordering drinks. I mean top shelf too. Not even a pretense of putting a few bucks into a machine and playing a bit. I ask Blake about this. "Considering there's just one CW on each floor, I figure they are just mostly slot players that are thirsty". Makes sense to me. I'll never understand how people don't tip. Behind the bar Blake is scurrying around. The Health Dep't. is making the rounds in the casino and he is cleaning like mad. And nobody can find any PH strips to check the dishwasher water. It's shift change time. Blake introduces me to the morning shift  barkeep. Today's local, Carol Burns from Cambuslang, Scotland. Bonnie Miss Carol. She takes to calling me Robert the Bruce. And singing Scottish ditties. PH strips finally make an appearance.

                                                    IMG_2250.JPG (1146569 bytes)

Bonnie Miss Carol has been living here for quite a few years. Her sister who lives in Florida is here for a visit. Party time tonight for the Scots. Meanwhile one by one the suits are stopping by to check on things. Not only is the Health Dep't. hanging around, the entire Executive Committee for Boyds in here for an event. Carol doesn't miss a beat. Back to my game.

                                                    IMG_2251.JPG (1563900 bytes)

                                                    Coffee Elizabeth time once again. 


  Quick Breakfast with Sweet Ti and I'm back at the Bar. She will join me in a bit. Cherylyn's hubby is doing very much better, thank you very much. She tells us this as we let her in to call in the code that pays. Back at the Insomnia, Katrina the CW has come on duty. She looks to be maybe 22. Bet that was a tough name to have around here for the last 12 years. Sarah comes on duty next. She has a new IWatch and compares it to Katrina's. Bonnie Miss Carol sez " Don't need anything that fancy. Robert the Bruce, ask me what time it is-" What time is it Miss Carol? She checks the wristwatch on her left arm. "It's 10:15 a.m. in Biloxi." Then she checks the wristwatch on the right arm. " It's 4:15 p.m. in Scotland." I love it. Once again, back to the game.

                                                   IMG_2254.JPG (1636122 bytes)

                                    I switch over to 1. DBDW and right away hit this-

                                                   IMG_2255.JPG (1559819 bytes)

                                                              5 pointies!

 The bar is getting a bit busy, so I insert coin and Sweet Ti's card at the next machine. I want to make sure she has a place. I'm playing BP on her machine and DBDW on mine. Talk about Left Brain, Right Brain. "Focus Robert the Bruce!" said Miss Carol. We have company.

                                                   IMG_2257.JPG (1413033 bytes)

                                 Gotti the Pit Bull. Leaves Pit Chips. Thank you. Be here all week fans....

Sweet Ti arrives and I introduce her to the Gang. Sarah the CW stops by and tells us she is marching in the D'Iberville Mardi Gras Parade. Which Krewe? "The I have no idea Krewe." Have fun Sarah. "I've already bought 200. worth of beads!" Another nice thing about the bar is that they serve hot beverages in mugs. Sweet Ti gets a coffee and Bailey's. Miss Carol goes on break, so we do a walkabout.

 IMG_2258.JPG (1023846 bytes)   IMG_2259.JPG (1190615 bytes)   IMG_2260.JPG (1434756 bytes)  IMG_2262.JPG (1085066 bytes)

 We slowly played our was upstairs. It's a good thing I hit those Pointies, 'cause we are Bleeding Money now friends. Let's do lunch!

 IMG_2263.JPG (1608286 bytes)  IMG_2264.JPG (1239926 bytes)  IMG_2265.JPG (1308727 bytes)  IMG_2266.JPG (1121210 bytes)


Stuffed catfish with etoufee . IP Burger with onion rings. Catfish was just okay. Burger rocked. Sweet Tea hurt your teeth. Used points once again. I hit the head on the way out. There was a lady walking out of the Ladies Room, and took a wrong turn and walked right into the Men's Room. I said "Come on in!" She demurred. We didn't win YAH drawing. I showed Sweet Ti that infamous Wonka machine.

                                                    IMG_2267.JPG (1597664 bytes)

                                           Nice little hit. Hey- there's W4 Jackpots Jim!!





                                                     IMG_2271.JPG (1361557 bytes)

                                                   We try a variety of dollar 3 reels.

     IMG_2272.JPG (918182 bytes)  IMG_2273.JPG (947205 bytes)  IMG_2274.JPG (946173 bytes)  IMG_2275.JPG (997820 bytes)

                                                        Interlude time upstairs. Y'all just talk amongst yourselves................

      Gettin' near sunset. We wanted to check out 32, as this is the first night it's been open since we got here. Way up High.

 IMG_2276.JPG (905986 bytes)  IMG_2277.JPG (1149746 bytes)  IMG_2278.JPG (1572965 bytes)  IMG_2280.JPG (1291584 bytes)

 IMG_2283.JPG (639439 bytes)  IMG_2282.JPG (1441025 bytes)  IMG_2285.JPG (1252453 bytes)  IMG_2286.JPG (1549199 bytes)

 IMG_2287.JPG (970731 bytes)   IMG_2288.JPG (1129108 bytes)   IMG_2291.JPG (1390697 bytes)   IMG_2292.JPG (1219394 bytes)

                          IMG_2294.JPG (1318576 bytes)   IMG_2296.JPG (1428655 bytes)    IMG_2297.JPG (1460906 bytes) 

                                                      IMG_2298.JPG (1223272 bytes)      IMG_2300.JPG (1388197 bytes)

                                                                                         IMG_2302.JPG (1268102 bytes)

                                                                                                    Pretty spectacular. 

 Back in The Cove, things are humping. Studio B is hosting the "Team Member of the Year" soiree. As in all of Boyds. That's why the Executive Committee is here. Including the Boyd entourage. It's fun watching everybody walk by as we take the IP's money.

               IMG_2303.JPG (1192015 bytes)  IMG_2304.JPG (1187273 bytes)  IMG_2305.JPG (1121849 bytes)  

                                               Let's head to Bedrock. Onward Fred Jim!



  IMG_2306.JPG (1505957 bytes)  IMG_2307.JPG (1966950 bytes) IMG_2310.JPG (1889731 bytes) IMG_2313.JPG (1251365 bytes)     

               Outta The Cove we saddle up to a bunch of different slots. Spotted these sporty sisters.

                             IMG_2314.JPG (1217166 bytes)      IMG_2316.JPG (1312248 bytes)


                                                      IMG_2317.JPG (1159943 bytes)  IMG_2319.JPG (2362605 bytes)

 Time for some sustenance. Infusion has a variety on Po' Boy sammiches available and we choose a couple of cold cuts and chips. Room to munch out. Tasty! Sweet Ti is done for the evening but- y'all know me. Kisses for Luck! Let's see that WD movie Jimmy.



                                                                                  IMG_2322.JPG (1474325 bytes) 

                                                                                          White Orchid Baby!

                                                IMG_2323.JPG (2351532 bytes)

                                                     Back to my fav Top Dollar.

                                                  IMG_2324.JPG (1119395 bytes)

                           I just rolling right along. Offers: 85./40./120./45. And then I hit this-

           IMG_2325.JPG (1396071 bytes)   IMG_2327.JPG (1012691 bytes)    IMG_2326.JPG (1179348 bytes)

WOOHOO!!!!!! I cash out that 1206. and hit the cage. I elevate and just before I enter the room, cue up Makin' In Rain. 




                                                             HEY NOW!

                                                                                  IMG_2328.JPG (1590875 bytes)

                                                                                       The Magic Feel o' Hundys

02.23.2017 She runs the Space Station and Bake Shop down near Boomtown.

                     Hey Now! Once again beat the hell out of the sun out of bed. Take that! 

                                                  IMG_2329.JPG (1595591 bytes)

 This morning I will attempt some sunrise pics. Ready and I cruise Back Bay Road. I spotted a vista on Google Earth that should have a perfect Easterly view. But when we get there, there's a locked gate. That didn't show up. Next stop is Boomtown Casino. The only local joint I haven't chipped from. From the parking lot I can see our room. 4th floor from the top, 5th room on the left. See?

                                        IMG_2330.JPG (645728 bytes)

                                  You can see the colored lights. Sort of. Trust me.

                             IMG_2332.JPG (1075230 bytes)  IMG_2335.JPG (1768024 bytes)

                          Under the canopy there's a a whole flock of birds just waking up. Jim?



       Maybe I can get a few shots over on the East side of the barge. And there's no gate- I can walk the entire side.

IMG_2339.JPG (1241491 bytes)  IMG_2341.JPG (425109 bytes)  IMG_2342.JPG (1209106 bytes)  IMG_2340.JPG (1195680 bytes)

Inside, I ask the ever present Security Guard when the General Store starts selling baked goods. The Bakery here has gotten rave reviews on all of the interweb sites. "They bring out the Beignets around 9 a.m. Store opens at 10." Thanks. Mind if I take some photos?

                                                           "Help yourself!" 

                            IMG_2344.JPG (1338544 bytes)        IMG_2345.JPG (1258988 bytes)

            IMG_2346.JPG (1204466 bytes)                                       IMG_2347.JPG (1231641 bytes)

                                                 Cashier provides a sleek new chip. 

                                                  IMG_2348.JPG (1117578 bytes)

                                                  General Store/Bakery- closed.

                               IMG_2349.JPG (670209 bytes)  IMG_2350.JPG (983735 bytes)

                                                            Old Brick House

 I go back next door and ride the eleviator to see if I can get some roof shots. The pool area is closed, so I hit the parking area. 

IMG_2351.JPG (922995 bytes)  IMG_2352.JPG (875192 bytes)  IMG_2353.JPG (976623 bytes)  IMG_2355.JPG (1222024 bytes)

IMG_2356.JPG (994193 bytes)  IMG_2358.JPG (761432 bytes)  IMG_2359.JPG (829789 bytes)  IMG_2360.JPG (829458 bytes)

                          IMG_2361.JPG (755169 bytes)  IMG_2362.JPG (866018 bytes)  IMG_2363.JPG (613092 bytes)

                                        It's already 70º. Gonna be another beautiful Gulf Coast day. Never went back out.

                                                     IMG_2364.JPG (1009346 bytes)

Insomnia Bar with Travis- followed quickly by today's local, Phil. Yet another life long Biloxi Brat. Phil is a nice young dude. He is interested in putting together a mid morning Beer Bash at one of the local bars. He's trying to get some of his buddies at work to join him. "Dollar drafts at the Beer House!" He rounds up a posse. I then proceed to get him a lesson in VP 101. Phil introduces me to John, the beverage manager. Bonnie Miss Carol comes in and announces "Robert the Bruce! Do ye know what I call John behind his back?" Why no I don't Miss Carol. Do tell. "Hitchcock. For when he enters a room sideways, he looks just like Alfred Hitchcock from the TV show."


                                                "Oh, and by the way, I'm dead hungover."

                  Seems like Miss Carol and her sister stayed in their cups a bit too long last night.

                   IMG_2367.JPG (1569825 bytes)         IMG_2368.JPG (1528195 bytes)    IMG_2369.JPG (1534795 bytes)

                                                    IMG_2370.JPG (1561416 bytes)          IMG_2371.JPG (1578527 bytes)



Text time. That would mean Coffee Elizabeth. I do the Infusion Boogie. We enjoy the view and finish up our yogurt, fruit, and granola. 

                                                    IMG_2252.JPG (1326602 bytes)

                                              Back to the Battle. Fire up # 16 Jimmy.....


                                                                                           IMG_2373.JPG (1283897 bytes)

During all of this, there's a very non threatening fire alarm going off along with strobe lights flashing on the ceiling. Not a single person pays it any attention. Not even the Security Guards. But my, are they friendly. It finally stops. I decide to take my winnings to $5.Top $$

   IMG_2374.JPG (778748 bytes)         IMG_2375.JPG (1114021 bytes)       IMG_2376.JPG (984793 bytes)        IMG_2377.JPG (956319 bytes)

            I cashed out and tried a couple of other slots. Nada. Sweet Ti finds me and she tries her dollar Top Dollar.

                                                    IMG_2380.JPG (1091621 bytes)  

                   She wants me to try some Zuma. Or as we say- Zuzma. Roll the footage Jim-


                                                         IMG_2382.JPG (1577567 bytes)        

           Sweet Ti takes my place at Zuzma. I think I'll hit the Buffalo Gold machine once more. James??????


                                                       IMG_2384.JPG (1566003 bytes)

                       This sign was there the whole time they were supposed to be open. I never saw ANYBODY inside.

                                                       IMG_2387.JPG (1317225 bytes)

 Time to hit the Insomnia. Bonnie Miss Carol introduces us to Ginger. Ginger too has a new IWatch. She shows us the Creepy Eye Desktop Picture. Indead Creepy. Follows you around. Miss Carol said "I'm gonna get me one of those at the Dollar Store."  What time is it in Scotland Miss Carol? "2 p.m."                       Insert double coinage. 

           IMG_2388.JPG (1671688 bytes)      IMG_2390.JPG (1769008 bytes)       IMG_2391.JPG (1660204 bytes)

 Gettin' pretty danm smokey in The Bar That Can't Sleep. Time for a walkabout. Wanna see how quick I can make a couple hundy vanish? 






 Time to take care of some business. I ring up Alice. She comes out and meets Sweet Ti. Alice has already taken care of our room charges, and since it's our last night, I ask for a dinner comp at Tien. She makes the reservation, and goes in the back to check my play. She comes back out and tells us that the way it works here, you have to use comp points first before she can give out discretionary comps. Same thing with room service and Spa charges. She informs me I have 500. in points if I use them for food. This is true. And I have a 50. Emerald dining comp. But it's good to know these things. She points out that every property handles these things differently. I ask about Junkets. According to her, they are currently looking into running junkets out of RIC. That would be nice. We thank her for everything. Slangé!

                                       Sweet Ti wants to play the Giant Kooza Machine. James????


                                                     IMG_2396.JPG (1482301 bytes)   

                      An Infusion for lunch sounds like a plan. This time we try a Asian Po' Boy 

                           IMG_2398.JPG (1350991 bytes)        IMG_2399.JPG (1284069 bytes)


               Back out on the floor, Ginger stops by. She wants to know my website so she can check out the insanity.

                                                        Ginger's 5 minutes of fame.

                                                    IMG_2400.JPG (1171214 bytes)

It's King Cake time. We print out our coupons and get it line. Doesn't take too long to get to the counter. And they are out of King Cake after serving up maybe 40 people. So we hang at the Promotions Desk till more arrive. They are all cream cheese. We receive ours and stop by Essentials to score some trinkets for the folks back home. Then up to the room to munch out. 

                          IMG_2401.JPG (2154345 bytes)                  IMG_2402.JPG (1948225 bytes)


 Sweet Ti is toast. We come to a joint Team Mays- Føck Yeah decision. No dinner at Tien tonight. Too much to do. Like Gambol.

                                                    IMG_2404.JPG (1145908 bytes)

                                             Triple Double Stars Live Play please Jimbo-


                                                    IMG_2407.JPG (1063643 bytes)

                                              Triple Diamond Haywire next Jim Jim.....



                            And now for something completely different, but strangely relevant...J.J.?  



                                                   IMG_2412.JPG (1620581 bytes)    

 Turned all my greenback to TITOs. With that, I boogie to the High Tide and order up as close to 50. worth of food that I can. I cash out my TITOs, sign for the food, elieviate, and do the ol' Makin' It Rain routine for my Sweet Ti. 

  IMG_2413.JPG (1126763 bytes)  IMG_2416.JPG (1339454 bytes)  IMG_2414.JPG (1187233 bytes)  IMG_2415.JPG (1152697 bytes)

                                                        Consume Mass Quantities


     I even leave a few extra hundys in the safe, and kiss for luck for one last session. The band is rockin' the house down.

                                                     IMG_2417.JPG (574109 bytes)

 Turns out to be a good thing I left a few hundys upstairs. Cause I'm flat out getting heavily fleeced down here. You name it, I threw a hundy at it. Even my fav Top Dollar. I went so far as to download 125. in slot play from my points. Top Dollar ate that too. Time to pack. 

02.24.2017 Most of them dreams.........most of them dreams

Hey Now!  Ended up getting 90% of our packing done last night, so I slept in till 7 a.m. Our flight doesn't leave till 1 p.m. so there's plenty of time. I ease down after a bit to fetch the java. Well that sojourn cost me a hundy on account of Buffalo Gold.  Back up we finish packing and decide we have time for a session.  We normally don't play on the last day as not to mess with the ADT. But temptation. We stop by to see Bonnie Miss Carol. She is wide open yet again, albeit not hungover. 

                  IMG_2420.JPG (414805 bytes)    IMG_2421.JPG (398353 bytes)   IMG_2422.JPG (403342 bytes)

                                                        Till next time ye wee Bonnie Lass-


 I always like to end the trip with a win. Usually it's a 4OAK, but since most of this trip has centered around Top Dollar- here goes.

                                                           IMG_2423.JPG (1292303 bytes)

 I hit the Front Deck to check out as the Emerald Check in seems to be perpetually closed. Not unlike the Emerald Lounge. Alice took care of every penny of the room charges. So other than the gamboling, the IP visit has all been comped. I pack up Ready and we bid goodbye to Biloxi. Easy rental return. Been fun there, Ready. Enjoyed very much the Sirius Grateful Dead Channel. We are TSAPre. This place is even smaller than RIC. The entire TSA screening area is maybe 12 feet wide. Quick and easy though. With plenty of time to spare we grab an Arby's lunch. Haven't eaten at one of these like forever. Wonder if they still have Horsey sauce?

  IMG_2426.JPG (1130943 bytes)   IMG_2428.JPG (1530432 bytes)   IMG_2430.JPG (1622875 bytes)  IMG_2431.JPG (1409280 bytes)

 Of course they do. Sammich was damn tasty too. Our gate is soon slammed with people. Turns out they are overbooked and ask for volunteers to give up their seats for 500. We scurry to the counter. But we are 4 and 5. They only need 3. 


 Before you know it we were home and mobbed by our 5 kitties who all jumped up and licked us in the faces. Seriously, who am I kidding? They are felines. But the place looks great thanks to Christina. And on some level, the cats are happier with us around to bother. Especially Chairman Meow, aka Raul Castro. Before we left I checked my card points. I earned 101,578. In basically 4.5 days of gamboling. That's incredible. In Vegas it usually averages around 10k a day. But that leaves me with 43k points to go to maintain Emerald. Very doable considering Mark and I are going there for 8 days coming up in May. Stay tuned y'all. As far as the bankroll went, we ended the trip down around a grand. Very good for that many points. 

 The entire Gulf area of Mississippi is very scenic. There are lots of things to see, and almost too many great places to eat. Maybe next trip we will actually do some of these things. But be sure- we will be back! Thanks for hanging out with us Down around Biloxi.


                                                  IMG_2419.JPG (2005277 bytes)