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                                                                                  Emergency Back-Up AC Trip

  07.08.2016   The show that never ends

    Hey Now! Welcome back my friends. This here trip was just plain necessary. Sweet Ti & I haven't done any gamboling together since our Royal Fire Monkeys Invade Clark County trip back in Feb. Of course, Mark and I went back to Vegas in May/June and had a blast on our A Pirate Looks at 60 trip. But alas, Sweet Ti stayed home to take care of the kitties, wildlife, and Hacienda.

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 So we were quite overdue for a trip. I booked the 8:15 Cape May ferry out of Lewes, which meant we had to leave the house at 3:30 a.m. in order to catch it. I had loaded up Teal, the Scion xB the night before, and my Sweet Ti slept most of the 220 miles to the ferry. We arrived right on time, and both slept our way across Delaware Bay. Into Joisey, they are working on Exit 0 at the parkway.


How screwed up is this. You have to go thru the same stoplight twice in order to get on the Parkway. But we made it and in no time we were safely pulling into the self park at Resorts.

  IMG_0967.JPG (781786 bytes)  IMG_0969.JPG (682414 bytes)  IMG_0968.JPG (724465 bytes)  IMG_0970.JPG (1131277 bytes)

 We earned 51 points on our AC NYE 2015 3OAK Adventure thus maintaining my Epic card level. You have to re-qualify every 6 months which is a bit of a bummer. But Epic gives you free parking which comes in handy considering the going rate here is $20. on weekends. Inside the casino, we kiosked in and went in search of a bathroom. The closest ones were closed for cleaning, so we had to hike thru the food court to get to the next ones. On the way, I noticed they had been busy adding new machines and moving around the existing ones. In the old tournament section near said food court, I spot a bunch of VP slants. 15 to be exact. Each and every one of them have 8/5 BP in .25/.50/$1. denominations. How nice is that? Especially since they have been whittling down their full pay machines for awhile now. So after we answer nature's call it's time to insert coin. Sweet Ti leads off the action-

                         0708161114.jpg (569139 bytes)          IMG_0972.JPG (1227586 bytes)

 An auspicious start methinks. Meanwhile I can't hit shit and lost my first hundy. Even though it's only 11:30 a.m., I decide to try and score us a room. As I'm walking up to the front desk, our friend Maggie behind the counter spots me and by the time I arrive at her station, she has already punched up my room and just needs my credit card to secure it. Now that's what I call service. As she is finishing up, we have a nice talk. Her sister Renate is working next to her. Maggie and Renate are from Poland and have lived in AC for about 20 years. Let's call them today's locals. Great gals. They are both single and share an apartment. How nice is it to be known by name when checking in?  Between Ziggy and Bo in Vegas and the sisters here in AC we have Polish friend all over the map. Maggie hooks us up in the Rendezvous Tower, Room 4220. I hook her up with a $20. I head back to the slants and and Sweet Ti and I go out to Teal and haul our shit up to the room. I text our lovely host Martha. She wants to take us out to lunch. We decide to meet outside the Epic Club. So we walk over, and Martha promptly arrives just as we do. Hugs all around. We are going to try to Landshark. We have never eaten there. We are seated and order up. Fish Tacos, Fish Sammy, and Philly Cheesesteak. We have a blast talking while we wait. And wait we do. Like almost 45 minutes. They aren't even that busy either. Finally our food arrives. I didn't even bother to take pictures. It wasn't much. But it was great talking to Martha. Her son Chazz had his 17th birthday yesterday and Martha is taking him and a friend to Dorney Park this evening. She uses a comp for our lunch. We walk with her back to the elevator to her office and hug her goodbye. She reminds us she has set us up with a $150. comp and reservations for dinner at Cappriccio tonight. She is the best! We gift her with a nice bottle of Williamsburg Winery Blush Zinfandel and a thank you card with some duckies in it. We go back on the floor and go off in search on the new Royal Derby. Jim??



             IMG_0974.JPG (1372604 bytes)    IMG_0975.JPG (1344610 bytes)   IMG_0977.JPG (1429884 bytes) 

Obviously this is like an updated version of Sigma Derby. .50 minimum bet on the exotics. A saw buck for WPS. We lost $10. Stopped by the 5x/10x/Quick Hits and dropped a Quick Hundy. Back over to the sparkling new slants. I loaded up today's free play- $68. I hit a couple of full boats and flushes and cashed out a hundy profit. Sweet Ti as usual is first on the 4OAK wagon with this.....

                                                       IMG_0980.JPG (2055818 bytes)

                                  She cashes out that ticket and we have already turned $300 into $1k.

                                                       IMG_0981.JPG (1986319 bytes)

                                                           But she isn't done yet!

                                                      IMG_0982.JPG (1898457 bytes)

                                                      Roll that footage for us Jim-



                                                                                                            IMG_0986.JPG (1546514 bytes)

                                                          I finally hit the boards.

                                                       IMG_0987.JPG (1617346 bytes)

 We cash out and wander around a bit. I park Sweet Ti at a Wonder 4 machine that I load up with 4 Buffalo games at max bet while I go take a leak. I return and Sweet Ti has to do the same. She returns as I hit the Super Free Games but only net $35. Next I hit a regular free game. I thought it might turn out the same, but boy was I wrong. Let's pick up the action midstream. Hit it James.....


                                                                                                    IMG_0993.JPG (1628284 bytes)


Time for showers. I take mine first and go back down for a bit more play while Sweet Ti is getting ready for dinner. Exiting the elevators, I notice a circle of 4 slants with 8/5 BP. $1/$2/$5. Blow thru a hundy playing $2. BP. Blow thru another playing Top Dollar. Coyote Moon?

          IMG_0995.JPG (1979584 bytes)       IMG_0998.JPG (1606718 bytes)       IMG_0996.JPG (1879740 bytes)

                                                                  + 175.

Time for vittles. I go up and escort my love to our favorite AC dining establishment. We see Ulysses the barkeep on the way it and stop to talk. Jorge greets us and seats us at a booth. Jose, Nick, and Genaro are tonight's servers. Sweet Ti orders wine. Still water for me. 

          IMG_1002.JPG (1481553 bytes)   IMG_1011.JPG (715055 bytes)  IMG_1013.JPG (1492655 bytes)   IMG_1014.JPG (1541967 bytes)

                                                    IMG_1017.JPG (1062062 bytes)

         Genaro goes over the specials. I choose a prosciutto appetizer and Sweet Ti went with the Insalata Casalinga.  

          IMG_1020.JPG (1728878 bytes)      IMG_1030.JPG (1334262 bytes)      IMG_1022.JPG (1758443 bytes)                               

               Insane. For our entrees, S.T. gets the Seafood Lasagna. Me? Oh hells yeah- I'll take the Filet.

                               IMG_1024.JPG (1285070 bytes)       IMG_1029.JPG (1284286 bytes)

                               OMG! Whatever that means. Jose produces the desert offerings.

                                                      IMG_1032.JPG (1350144 bytes)

                                              We ordered the Ricotta Cheesecake. To go.

                                                      IMG_1033.JPG (1270526 bytes)


 What can I say? Great atmosphere, impeccable service, and delicious consumables. Double Urp. To top it off- comped!  Back on the floor we spot a new machine- Hangover II. I insert coin, but it locks up on me. Rick the slot puppy is clueless. Beverly the slot Top Dog finally has to re-boot the thing. It's an IGT AVP model. The problem here is that they have gotten so many new and different machines on the floor, the slot mongrels haven't figured them all out yet. We finally get back our inserted coinage and try some Double Top Dollar in Hollyrock Hills. Hit one bonus, but ended up giving up a hundy. Sweet Ti is toast, so we elevate to the room. I give her a nice foot rub and she settles in for the night. I have one more session left in me tonight. I start out at the slants with $1 BP and crapped out. Triple Boner?

                                                      IMG_1036.JPG (1692895 bytes)

                          Ended up blowing thru 2 hundy. Next up is some .50 Double Diamond Deluxe.

                                                     IMG_1037.JPG (1096214 bytes)

There is one $1 Top Dollar next to Bar None. 3 credits. I hit bonuses of 35./35./60./35. Let's call it a push. I finished off the evening with another hundy loss at 5x/10x Quick Hits. It's been a rather long day. But profitable. Somewhere around 1k. 


 07.09.2016  Here on the inside, outside so far away. 

 6 a.m. I awaken not too sure where I am. I'm usually surrounded by kitties imploring me to feed them treats. But there's no felines here. And I've shut the blackout curtains completely. I can't see shit. And Sweet Ti is way on the other side of this big assed king bed. I finally realize- Hey Now! I'm at a Casino! Time to GAMBOL! 

                                                 IMG_1038.JPG (1811678 bytes)

       Looks like a nice start. But looks are decimating. According to my notes, to the tune of -200. Time to hit the ATM.....

                 IMG_1041.JPG (1814930 bytes)                   IMG_1044.JPG (1822986 bytes) 

                                               Wonder4 ATM that is......Jim?????



                                         0709160809.jpg (712879 bytes)                               IMG_1049.JPG (1455251 bytes)

Perfect timing. While I was filming that one, Sweet Ti texted me. It's time to serve her coffee and make it rain. So I bop on over to see today's local- Jackie. She works at MVille Caffeine Shoppe. She worked for 32 years at Resorts. When they closed the java kiosk they let her go. Fortunately for her, the MVille Corp. picked her up. Thank you Mr. Buffett. She smiles when she sees me and we talk Vegas. Her Mom lives there, and she went for a visit recently. Glad to know her Mom is doing well. I get a couple of danish to go with the coffee and leave Jackie with a couple of $2 bills which she collects. Upstairs, I serve up my Sweet Ti and we dig into that Ricotta Cheesecake!

                                                  IMG_1050.JPG (1002913 bytes)

 Sweet Ti wants to read, so I go down for a session. I start out on that Top Dollar I was playing last night. Bonuses: 40./35./25./60./15. Lost a hundy. Next! Triple Diamond Deluxe $1. Lost a hundy. Back to Da Slants. Lost a hundy. Notice a pattern? Double Diamond Deluxe .50 lost a fitty. Triple Double Wild Cherry .25 lost a fitty. Down to my last tenner. I hit the Royal Derby. When we were there yesterday we noticed a dude handicapping believe it or not. We had a spreadsheet set up and was recording all the info from each race. There's a whole shitload of info too. They actually do past performances on each horse and jockey before each race. Of course, there's a new race every 3 or 4 minutes so.....I played a couple of longshots and actually doubled my money, cashing out $20. That kept me from taking the walk of shame upstairs for a while. I put my last $20. into Mr Cashman and it lasted quite a while before Mr. Cashman ate it up. So shamefully I walk upstairs and get fresh bullets. Along with my Sweet Ti. On the way down she suggests we play some Top Dollar. Insert coinage. Bonuses: 45./40./35./60./60./85. It's a push. $1 WoF -50. Electronic Roulette, "nuttin' honey!" Back to Da Slants.   

                                                   IMG_1051.JPG (1790845 bytes)   

Once again looks can be deceiving. Sweet Ti hit that fairly quickly and then we both went into a 4OAK drought. Like 3 hours long. We decide on a late lunch/early dinner combo and order a supreme pizza from Famous Famiglia Pizzeria . While we were waiting, I hit up Teal for a fresh batch of refreshing beverages. We grab our goodies and go to the room to eat. The pie was just okay. The oven must have been too hot. The bottom was scorched, but the middle was raw. After we ate I literally had to take a shower to get the grease off my hands and out of my beard. Today's gift is a $75. bank card instead of free play. I'll take that any day. Sweet Ti says it's nappy time, so I boggie back to Da Slants. The 4OAK drought continues, but I get enough full boats to keep me (mostly) afloat. It's bank card time and I notice that the express line no longer includes Epic cardholders. So I get in the cattle call line. Half an hour later I get my bank card. What do you want for nothin'- a rubber biscuit? Back to Da Slants I finish up the process of losing 3 hundy. Time for a Hexbreaker, but I can't find one. I settle for some Sex Inna City. I hit the dreaded Ring Present Bonus. Paid $47.50 on a max bet. Lost yet another hundy. It's a good thing I won that grand earlier, because I pretty much gave it back the rest of the day. Time to go upstairs and read.

 07.10.2016  We'll march till we drop, the girls and the fellas

                                        Let's watch the sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean

               .IMG_1054.JPG (1094567 bytes)      IMG_1055.JPG (1160246 bytes)      IMG_1056.JPG (1075526 bytes)     IMG_1057.JPG (1538848 bytes) IMG_1058.JPG (1184156 bytes)  IMG_1059.JPG (1140960 bytes)   IMG_1060.JPG (849539 bytes)    IMG_1062.JPG (1404041 bytes) IMG_1063.JPG (1440110 bytes)  IMG_1064.JPG (1334286 bytes)   IMG_1068.JPG (1080804 bytes)

IMG_1069.JPG (600864 bytes)  IMG_1071.JPG (718712 bytes)  IMG_1074.JPG (740423 bytes)   IMG_1077.JPG (1611621 bytes)

                                                                                   IMG_1066.JPG (631725 bytes)

This dude walked up to me and we talked about metal detecting. I asked if he was familiar with Detectorists. He had. He bragged that his unit would detect objects up to 3 feet in the ground and 10 feet underwater. Spiffy! Next I walked down to check out the strikers.

                 IMG_1082.JPG (982974 bytes)  IMG_1083.JPG (895094 bytes)  IMG_1084.JPG (1267034 bytes)  IMG_1085.JPG (1410381 bytes)

                                                   IMG_1087.JPG (1735290 bytes)                  IMG_1088.JPG (1747117 bytes)


Keep in mind that it's about 6:15 a.m. I spoke with a couple of the strikers. They were surprised the strike had lasted this long. I walked down to the next entrance to have a look inside.

           IMG_1100.JPG (1314952 bytes)     IMG_1101.JPG (1624258 bytes)      IMG_1102.JPG (1339245 bytes)

                                                  I didn't see a soul in the entire joint. 

                    IMG_1103.JPG (1228100 bytes)    IMG_1104.JPG (1198217 bytes)  IMG_1105.JPG (1429416 bytes)

I have comped tickets to see the Nik Wallenda Show at the Taj tonight but that's not gonna happen. Back at Resorts, I find that the 4 full pay BP uprights are still at the MVille Casino. They were taken off the vpfree2 list awhile ago. And I'm not about to update it. Nor Da Slants either. Not gonna bite the hand that feeds me. Meanwhile I FINALLY break the 4OAK drought. 

                                                     IMG_1108.JPG (1300688 bytes)

                                             I'll take a push for a change. Wolf Run?

                                                     IMG_1109.JPG (1560614 bytes)

                                              Deception once again. Scratch that hundy.

                                     IMG_1110.JPG (1439618 bytes)                IMG_1111.JPG (1083995 bytes)

                                                             I'll take it! +75.

                                   IMG_1112.JPG (1601993 bytes)   IMG_1114.JPG (1970702 bytes)

 Sweet Ti sends me a nice Good Morning text. Time to head to the MVille Meth Shoppette for a couple of gigantic caffeine bombs. Done and done. After we eat and have some alone time, Sweet Ti is all about watching her CBS Sunday Morning, so I descend once more. 

                                                      IMG_1116.JPG (1155715 bytes) 

I'm determined to take down one of those progressives. I know how to do it. Did it twice on my Royal Hunting Beside the Ocean: 2015 trip. As I'm button punching a friend stops by. It's today's local- Bill the Slot Dude. Bill is a sweetie. He tells me he just got back from Vegas. His best friend's son was turning 21 so they took him to Vegas to do it right. And from the sound of the tales Bill told me, they did!  Back to my buttons, the machine won. Cherrie Bye Hundy! Top Dollar Bonus Update: 40./40./35./35./60. Total- minus 40. Wonka- minus 60. Another hundy bites the dust. Time to hit the slants and give my remaining stash a fighting chance. And right after I sit down, my Sweet Ti shows up. Perfect timing. My Sweet Good Luck Charm. And she found a leftover ticket from last night! Work your magic Baby Duck!

                             IMG_1117.JPG (1614852 bytes)        IMG_1121.JPG (1644560 bytes)         

 That's my Lady! Meanwhile I kiss another hundy bye bye. Lucky for me Sweet Ti smoked out a 142. win. We try some of the new House O' Cards but can't even scare up a bonus playin' 3.75 a spin. Yet another Top Dollar Bonus Update: 40./15./60.

                                                     IMG_1122.JPG (1047938 bytes)

                                                     Total- there goes that 142.

Walking Dead @ 3.00 a spin. That frillin' TV show we have never watched ate another hundy. I thought they ate brains....


                                                     IMG_1123.JPG (1031312 bytes)

 But Hey Now! It's after 12 o'clock which means that the little dollar sign is blinking on the keypad. I find a 5x/10x/ Quick Hits and instruct Sweet Ti to download today's free play. 35. She does and proceeds to hit a few winners.

                                                     IMG_1124.JPG (1128610 bytes)                              

 She turned that into 163. Cash out that puppy! Time for chow. The Epic Club is right around the corner. I hand Manny my card and he does his thing and looks at me. "How's your host?" Martha. "She put you in for a comp here starting last Friday till tomorrow." Who knew? Way to go Martha! So we partake. 

                        IMG_1125.JPG (1273087 bytes)                      IMG_1126.JPG (1091189 bytes) 

                  IMG_1127.JPG (947214 bytes)   IMG_1128.JPG (710844 bytes)    IMG_1129.JPG (1343871 bytes)

                  IMG_1130.JPG (1245041 bytes)   IMG_1131.JPG (1417955 bytes)    IMG_1134.JPG (1399632 bytes)

  This is a really nice setup. It usually costs 12. a head in comps or cash. Epic card holders only please. Paramount has it's own club.   

                                          Pop the 88 Fortunes tape in the VCR there Jim.......


                                                           IMG_1135.JPG (1207977 bytes)

 Saw a small profit out of that venture. Wandered over to the W4 machine and dropped that profit like now. We head aloft to do the packing. The weather has been perfect this weekend. Low 80's with low humidity. Not that we have spent much time outside.

                IMG_1139.JPG (1577412 bytes)      IMG_1140.JPG (1430465 bytes)    IMG_1141.JPG (1434653 bytes)

 Sweet Ti decides to read her book. I haul down a bunch of our shit to Teal, and armed with fresh bullets I attack Da Slants. And attack. And attack. I go over 3 hours without a single 4OAK. And then.....finally!

                                 IMG_1143.JPG (1670874 bytes)          IMG_1144.JPG (1310820 bytes)

 Yet another dark cloud hovers over my machine and I am reduced to quarters. But I'm determined to hit one more and cash out. Done!

                                                         IMG_1145.JPG (1351254 bytes)

I always like to finish my last session with a 4OAK. Kinda a tradition. Well, it's been a lovely journey. We ended up earning 61 points. That will keep me Epic thru June of next year. The bankroll made it thru almost intact- only a 200. hit. The room was mostly free. I paid the dreaded 15. a day Resort Fee with comps. Taxes on the room are 5. a day which I paid cash. All our food was comped. Now we are just counting down the days till our Oct. Vegas trip. Thanks for hanging out with us. Till next time-

                                                        IMG_1147.JPG (977777 bytes)