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                                                            Inhale to the Chief

                        02.18.2022  My imagination stays on vacation*

  Hey Now! Welcome back my friends, to the show that never ends. It's just that some of the intermissions are longer than others. This show once again finds Sweet Ti and I tripping the light fantastic along the Atlantic coast. I've never really kept track of our AC trips, a rough guesstimate is about 47. This particular journey falls around President's Day. Hence, the title. Simple right??? 

                                                       IMG_9017.JPG (1361139 bytes)

 Butt crack departure chasing a Nor'Easter northward. The storm won. We had to make the obligatory stop for RoFo chicken.

                                                       IMG_9016.JPG (1123431 bytes)

By the time we boarded the CMLF ferry and crossed the Delaware Bay on the New Jersey we were rocking and rolling. Foxy the Rav4 was fairly covered in sea salt. We traverse the Pinelands  and proceed to Do AC. The Resorts self park yields a likely spot near the elevators on the 3rd floor. They aren't that busy at 11 a.m. on this particular Friday. We enter the Realm of Smoke ensconced behind our masks and proceed to the front desk to find our Polish Spinster Sisters. Maggie says "Let me tell you something!"  Oh wait, that was Ziggy. She tells us that our host Steph has given us a corner suite in the Ocean Tower. But Maggie is concerned that it will be too far of a walk for Sweet Ti. She does some furious typing and comes up with an alternative. I slip her a toke and we check out our digs.

     IMG_9018.JPG (1200378 bytes)  IMG_9022.JPG (1154284 bytes)  IMG_9021.JPG (1385111 bytes)  IMG_9019.JPG (1256521 bytes)

        IMG_9020.JPG (1303976 bytes)  IMG_9023.JPG (1738779 bytes)  IMG_9025.JPG (1679666 bytes)  IMG_9026.JPG (1549717 bytes)


                     IMG_9028.JPG (1120993 bytes)       IMG_9030.JPG (1162860 bytes)       IMG_9031.JPG (1327445 bytes)

                                                           IMG_9029.JPG (1036056 bytes)

                                                                Stretch keeps watch

 So this suite is interesting. It's basically 2 rooms. Considering the Ocean Tower was built was built in the 1920's, I'm sure there's been many configurations over the years. We make ourselves at home. The Fine Dining is on the 2nd floor, and the Spa/Pool is on the 3rd. Now if it wasn't so far from the self-park...... 

                                                                   Let's Gambol Jim->->->->


                                                                IMG_9037.JPG (1239904 bytes)          IMG_9038.JPG (1308049 bytes) 

                                                                                              Instant replay Jimmy?????



                                       IMG_9044.JPG (1346981 bytes)      IMG_9045.JPG (1031325 bytes)

 There's 3 of these giant SG consoles in a circle near the food court. They all have really nice bench seats. We had a blast!

               IMG_9041.JPG (1022644 bytes)           IMG_9040.JPG (397444 bytes)             IMG_9046.JPG (1180642 bytes)   

                                                                   Auspicious start indeed. 

 We ran into a slot attendant friend of ours, today's local, Barbara. Since we saw her last she has been fighting diabetes. She wasn't aware that she had it until she passed out in her bathroom at home and just happened to be found by her son. Poor thing. She is getting used to checking her sugar and eating right. We give hugs and our best to good ol' Babs. Back to our gaming we try this and that.

                                                              Queue up "This" please Jim......


                                                              Queue up "That" please Jim.....


                                                             IMG_9050.JPG (1178292 bytes)

 We are rocking! But alas, we are also hungry. I think a pie is in order. So we order one. From Familgia. While we waited we played.

            IMG_9051.JPG (1309177 bytes)               IMG_9054.JPG (1358796 bytes)             IMG_9055.JPG (1729921 bytes)

                                                           Fire up that Devil footage please James!!!



                                              IMG_9058.JPG (1311292 bytes)  IMG_9059.JPG (1003212 bytes)

                                                               IMG_9061.JPG (1837659 bytes)


 We kicked back in our pseudo-suite and I engaged the Amazon Fire and tuned in on the Olympics. We have been following the Curling again this biannual. It's an interesting game in a quirky kinda way. Sweet Ti unpacks and is gonna stay up here and chill. Fare the well my honey.

                                                               IMG_9062.JPG (1524715 bytes)

                                                                        Tell 'em Lou!!!

 I played that bad boy for a long  time and still cashed out a push. Then I popped by the club and picked up our monthly wino selection. Gallo's finest Pink Moscato. Tasty! I guess...... I dutifully toted my prize upstairs and left in the fridge for my Sweet Ti's drinking delight.

                                                            Fairy tale time please James.,.,.,.,



    There are only 3 of these machines. They were really busy all weekend. Haven't been here long and are really popular. I first heard about them on a Vegas Low Roller video. The kinda machines that you can vulture. When you can. If they are ever empty....

                                       IMG_9065.JPG (1652785 bytes)  IMG_9066.JPG (1428507 bytes)

                                                      Damn Lumberjack Crack Whore Beavers

                                                          IMG_9067.JPG (1446170 bytes)

        So they have these slot tourneys every Friday evening. Not many places pay. I came in 1948th. Your results may vary.....

                                   IMG_9068.JPG (1877471 bytes)                  IMG_9069.JPG (1918703 bytes)

 While I was playing VP these 20 something chicks were playing the WoF machines behind me. They were really loud, which I don't have a problem with. But they were also smoking, which I do. In this particular area especially. The whole area is non. I got up to leave and as I walked past I pointed to the no smoking sign on ONE OF THE MACHINES THAT THEY WERE PLAYING! "We didn't even realize." I pointed out that a sure giveaway was the complete lack of ash trays. Duh..... I decided to call it a night. At this point we are ahead a few hundy.


                                                               IMG_9142.JPG (1219248 bytes)                

                                                      02.19.2022 And I like to go there*   

    Hey Now! 4:20. Let's Boogie! The first morning after arrival is always the best. It always helps to have a stashed 500. TITO. I know what I'm starting with- W4 boost. All buffalo- all the time. I start out with a reasonable 4.80 bet.

                                                             IMG_9073.JPG (1789369 bytes)

                                                              11 buffalo!!!!!   Parley to 8.00

          IMG_9076.JPG (1646887 bytes)       IMG_9084.JPG (1532896 bytes)    IMG_9086.JPG (1363340 bytes)   IMG_9088.JPG (1296594 bytes)

                                                            IMG_9080.JPG (1080485 bytes)

                                                                   tasty breakfastes...

                                                            IMG_9081.JPG (913343 bytes)

                 The Trouble with Tribbles is that nobody wants to mess with them. These 2 cleaners just stared at it....


                                        IMG_9082.JPG (629317 bytes)  IMG_9089.JPG (1653953 bytes)




                                                           Bring on Miss Kitty please Jim!!!!!


                                                           IMG_9107.JPG (1379905 bytes)     


          IMG_9095.JPG (1255195 bytes)                IMG_9108.JPG (1274446 bytes)                 IMG_9111.JPG (1220775 bytes)

                IMG_9097.JPG (1262073 bytes)          IMG_9100.JPG (1298356 bytes)         IMG_9101.JPG (1332816 bytes)

                                                               IMG_9099.JPG (1002589 bytes)

                                                                Ye Olde Cracked Glass Special

                                                               IMG_9096.JPG (1723672 bytes)  

      Time for coffee Elizabeth. The line at Dunkin' wasn't super hazardous. Just semi. Took me 15 minutes. Back at the ranch I woke my Sweet Ti and we munched on Donuts and leftover pizza. Curling was once again our viewing of choice. We hung out for quite a bit and then I was ready to go back down but Ti wasn't. So I stayed upstairs till she was ready. I kissed her for luck and split. Gotta keep it 100. 

                                                                      Right Jimmy???????


                                                                 IMG_9113.JPG (1278313 bytes)                   

                                                                 IMG_9114.JPG (1158121 bytes)       

                                                                        Sweet Ti joined me.  

                     IMG_9117.JPG (1427813 bytes)      IMG_9118.JPG (1368052 bytes)       IMG_9119.JPG (1377472 bytes)

                                              She kept getting all the hits on Monopoly Money. I just took pics.

   IMG_9123.JPG (1176765 bytes)  IMG_9124.JPG (1571194 bytes)  IMG_9126.JPG (1851697 bytes)  IMG_9127.JPG (1427105 bytes)

                  IMG_9128.JPG (1125187 bytes)          IMG_9129.JPG (1278151 bytes)         IMG_9130.JPG (1109631 bytes)

                                            IMG_9131.JPG (1332758 bytes)   IMG_9132.JPG (947601 bytes)

                                                                  IMG_9133.JPG (1904161 bytes)

 We had a nice long session that netted several tier points with relatively little in the way of monetary damage. Sweet Ti moseys off to do some shopping. I played a bit more till she texted me to pay for her swag with my comps. We have relatively early dinner reservations so we go upstairs to get ready. Then I remember that I need to pickup today's gift. TD Bank cards. So I go back down and get in line at the Box Office. There's one line for the Red Hot Carpet folks, and another line for steerage. I'm in steerage. At the stern of the ship too I might add. Looks like I will be here a while. I liked it better when they had these upstairs. Plus, there's only 2 attendants serving people. I spot our host Stephanie talking to some folks in the Red Hot line but she's too far away to call out to. Then she heads off in the general direction of the club. I finally am called up and I retrieve my goods.

                                                                 IMG_9134.JPG (1327317 bytes)  

 I head over to the club to look for Steph but I don't see her. Manuela at the club tells me she was here a little while ago but left. Then she calls her and hands me her phone. She will be at Capriccio's herself later so we will see her then. I thank Manuela and hand her back her phone. Aloft we spruced up and headed down to our favorite restaurant in AC, Capriccio's

    Today's locals are the whole cast and crew here. Elvie greets us and informs us that we are to sit in Genaro's section. He's the Head Waiter here. Hugs all around. We order calamari and salad to start, Chicken parm, Surf and Turf, and cheesecake to go for later.

                    IMG_9135.JPG (1232021 bytes)       IMG_9142.JPG (1219248 bytes)       IMG_9143.JPG (1348701 bytes)


                                           IMG_9140.JPG (1179295 bytes)     IMG_9138.JPG (1132603 bytes)  


 We had a beautiful experience. Stephanie had a dinner date with the couple at the next table so we all chatted each other up the whole time. We were there for almost 2 hours. Very nice. And very comped. Thanks Steph!

                                                                IMG_9144.JPG (1331870 bytes) 

       We eased our way back to the room. Very conveniently I might add thanks to the nearby elevators. We called it a night.

                                       IMG_9147.JPG (1755399 bytes)             IMG_9148.JPG (1556554 bytes)


                                                     02.20.2022  When I have the Time*

  Hey Now! 5:45. This second bathroom is really coming in handy. Kiss on the cheek for luck and I'm outta here. I land in an elevator with 2 twenty-something couples. One of the girls is sitting on the floor. They are trashed. I put up with the "Santa" comments and bailed out on the 2nd floor just to get out of there. I waited till their car left and hit the down button. After a bit the doors opened on another car and wouldn't you know it- those same punks! I took the excalator past the Hooters instead. Then I headed to the pig sty.

                                                             Hit it Jim Jim!!!!


                                                     IMG_9150.JPG (1260914 bytes)


                                                      IMG_9151.JPG (1171035 bytes) 


                                                     Link us to that Fire James>>>>>


                                                       IMG_9154.JPG (1555724 bytes)    

                                                       Once more please J.J.,,,,,,,,


                                                      IMG_9156.JPG (1435854 bytes)

                                                         Dimes people,,,,,dimes!!!

                                                      Let's all take a trip to Buffalo Land

                                  IMG_9157.JPG (1414824 bytes)             IMG_9159.JPG (1354779 bytes)   

                 IMG_9160.JPG (1540742 bytes)       IMG_9161.JPG (1530264 bytes)       IMG_9162.JPG (1731676 bytes)

                                                             IMG_9163.JPG (1228393 bytes)

                                                      You say you want a revolution Jim????



                                                  The wheels on the slot go round and round eh J.J.?


                           IMG_9165.JPG (1135512 bytes)                            IMG_9167.JPG (1248419 bytes)

   I'm not doing too bad this morning. I'm thinking it's about time for coffee Elizabeth so I get in line. Sure enough- Sweet Ti texts me.

                                                          IMG_9169.JPG (1145453 bytes)

                                                                    right on time

 Upstairs I can't quite Make it Rain for my baby, more like makin' it sprinkle. We enjoy a leisurely repast and make plans for later on today. Looks to be a Spa day for Sweet Ti. My Paramount Plus Sized card entitles us to a quarterly manicure. So she makes an appointment for a mani and a facial. We hang around till it's time and elevate down to the 3rd floor. Oxymoron anyone???

     IMG_9170.JPG (1477451 bytes)  IMG_9171.JPG (1590904 bytes)  IMG_9172.JPG (1468453 bytes)  IMG_9173.JPG (1501244 bytes)

                   IMG_9174.JPG (1899087 bytes)         IMG_9175.JPG (1632149 bytes)          IMG_9176.JPG (1587136 bytes)  

                   IMG_9178.JPG (1835709 bytes)         IMG_9179.JPG (1150530 bytes)          IMG_9180.JPG (1749437 bytes) 

                                           IMG_9181.JPG (1420022 bytes)     IMG_9184.JPG (1846713 bytes)

                                                               IMG_9177.JPG (1667788 bytes)

 Beautiful view from up here. Interestingly enough, these might very well be some of the last photos from the pool/spa area in the "before" catagory. Unbeknownst to us at the time, tomorrow the entire complex is closing for a complete rebuild. Details here. That's probably not a bad idea either. We got Sweet Ti squared away and I left here to her pampering. Guess what I did? 

                                                                     Paging Jim.....


                                                              IMG_9186.JPG (1341461 bytes)

                                                                     just plain wrong....

                                                       Bring on the Beasts please Jimmy!!!!


     IMG_9188.JPG (1292103 bytes)  IMG_9189.JPG (1560400 bytes)  IMG_9190.JPG (1398003 bytes)  IMG_9192.JPG (1380372 bytes)

  These things are awesome! IGT strikes again. Killer graphics on a brilliant platform. This is a paid review. I wish. But I did manage to hit 300 subscribers on my YouTube channel. Believe it or not. Eat your heart our Christopher Brian. You too SDGy132748.... I ran out of bullets and headed aloft. Sweet Ti glided in quite a bit earlier than I expected. Turns out they messed up on her mani appointment. As in they forgot to schedule it. Not too sure how that happens in such a short span of time but it did. But she enjoyed her facial very much. Room charge. She didn't stay longer on account of the hot tub being closed. Damn Lumberjack Corona Beavers. Time for a session. 

                    IMG_9193.JPG (1064242 bytes)      IMG_9194.JPG (1531462 bytes)     IMG_9195.JPG (1413358 bytes)

                       IMG_9196.JPG (1513316 bytes)   IMG_9197.JPG (1336718 bytes)   IMG_9198.JPG (1139381 bytes)    

 Time for a bit of nourishment. I order up the 7.77 special at Famiglia's. 2 slices and a soda. Not a bad deal. After we eat I spot a couple of acquaintances I want my Sweet Ti to meet. They are the first of today's locals, Gil and Norma Benedict. Nonagenarians. From Philly.

                                       IMG_9200.JPG (1292889 bytes)     IMG_9199.JPG (1205235 bytes)

                                                   Norma is 99                            Gil is 97

 Gil is a WWII purple heart veteran. Norma is from Atlantic City. I met them last year while I was Surf Phishin'. Here's the commentary:He was stationed in the Philippines and was wounded aboard ship. He nearly died. Triaged in Papal New Guinea. Shipped to Frisco and then Ft. Lee, VA. He spent the rest of WW2 in Ft. Dix guarding German prisoners. Met his wife there and they were married in 1946. Fascinating story. Gil and his son started a travel business in 1980. Bus tours. They rode the bus here. Seriously. They ride the bus here every few weeks or so, spend the day, and ride it back home. We spent the better part of an hour talking to them. They were so pleased. Norma said everybody just ignores them and passes them by when they are here. Gil gives me his card (again) and makes me promise to give him a call when we are coming back. I think I will. 

                                                              FAs4i4wWYAMnr0U.jpg (261567 bytes)

                                                               He still keeps an office there

                        We said farewell to our friends and walked about looking for some prime suspects.

            IMG_9202.JPG (1150825 bytes)              IMG_9204.JPG (1063139 bytes)              IMG_9207.JPG (1329908 bytes)

                                                                      IMG_9208.JPG (1174711 bytes)

                                                                           My baby

 We found some and while we were playing a lady stopped to watch us play. She's today's emergency backup local, Ana Young.  Ana immigrated here from Korea 55 years ago after marrying an Irish gentleman. She's 77 years old. We tend to attract an older crowd. 

                                         IMG_9209.JPG (389224 bytes)  IMG_9210.JPG (398438 bytes)

                                  IMG_9211.JPG (1312055 bytes)                IMG_9212.JPG (1414994 bytes)     

            And........ we call it. 39 points. Gave up a few hundy. Had a nice day. Tomorrow- an early evening departure.   


                                                    02.21.2022   Which is all the time*

             Hey Now! 7:45 for a change. That's usually the way it works, I get up a bit later each day. We are catching the 2:30 ferry so there's plenty of time to pack up and lose win lots more money!

                                                            IMG_9214.JPG (613304 bytes)

                                 IMG_9215.JPG (1470191 bytes)                        IMG_9216.JPG (1500833 bytes)

                                                             IMG_9217.JPG (1449513 bytes)

                                                             IMG_9222.JPG (1101075 bytes)

                                                                 Can I take it down????

                  IMG_9221.JPG (959346 bytes)     IMG_9223.JPG (824040 bytes)     IMG_9230.JPG (926833 bytes)

    Oh hells no. It's been a while since I've taken down one of these dollar ones. Seems like they come in fits and starts. Time for a fit.

                                         IMG_9224.JPG (1361531 bytes)  IMG_9227.JPG (1322111 bytes)

                                                                     Warm 'Em Up!

                                                            IMG_9220.JPG (1072521 bytes)

 The line wasn't too bad for coffee Elizabeth either! I served my betrothed and we supped and packed. I made a couple of really long treks to Foxy and we decided this would be the last time staying at the Ocean Tower. Time for the final spurt.

                                       IMG_9231.JPG (1322670 bytes)      IMG_9232.JPG (1333356 bytes)

                                                                Bond........Jimmy Bond

             And to finish off this here adventure it was time for some VP. I always end the trip with that last 4OAK.

                                                           IMG_9233.JPG (1841589 bytes)

                                                                     Took a while!

                                      IMG_9234.JPG (1023142 bytes)     IMG_9235.JPG (1264324 bytes)

                                                              103 trip total tears

 We had the room for tonight too, so there wasn't any major hurry. We stopped by the front desk on the way out to say farewell to the Polish Spinster Sisters and to check on the room charges. Maggie was there and already had looked up our bill when she saw us in line. Steph had picked up the spa charges and my Paramount Plus Sized Card absorbed the resort fees. So that only left the 5. per night room taxes. Total came to 20. Lovely. We hit the road and had a leisurely 7 hour trip back to Sweet Virginia. 

          Well, once again thanks for playing along with us my friends. We will see y'all again next time...... Laters!!!!! 

                                                        IMG_8740.JPG (1199119 bytes)





                                                                        * I am Elvis, Keller Williams