IMG_4448.JPG (1706654 bytes)

                                       It's a Rainy Day: AC May 2018

  05.17.2018 A Real Wet One. 

       Hey Now! Welcome back my friends. Let's DO AC as they say. Solo. Well, I did remember to bring Stretch. It's already been raining a day and a half, but it did slack off long enough to get us to Lewes for the first ferry of the day. 

                                     IMG_4387.JPG (850531 bytes)                 IMG_4388.JPG (877004 bytes)   

 There was a delay boarding the ferry, the support vehicles for the National EMS Memorial Bike Ride East Coast are deboarding. They are riding 500 miles to support local EMS. Pretty much through the rain. Our dear friend Kevin White is also on a bike ride. He's riding from the Atlantic Ocean in Florida to the Pacific Ocean in Cali. Touching Mexico and Canada along the way. Enjoy the ride.


                                                                 Sofa King Kev

 We finally boarded and left the dock about a half hour late. I never even left Yarma and slept my way across Delaware Bay. There were no whale sightings reported. But before we can deboard in Cape May, they have to get the Atlas truck and car touting RV out the way.

                                        IMG_4389.JPG (922849 bytes)       IMG_4390.JPG (840359 bytes)

So they had to back people up to unhook the car, back it up and the RV, and make room to backup the Atlas. Then they let us off. For all I know, Atlas Van Lines still has a truck on the ferry. Onto Exit 0 and off on Exit 38 and in no time I'm on S. North Carolina Ave. 

                                                            0d894fe7e36f9be6a8a7922f329c5ccd.jpg (26874 bytes)

                                 IMG_4391.JPG (869942 bytes)          IMG_4392.JPG (1226680 bytes)

 I notice they have changed the garage car park set up. You now pay as you leave. That makes much better sense. Parking is still free for Epic or above card. That's one of the reasons I'm here. To keep my comps coming, as I haven't been here since way back last year.  Storm Avoidance: AC Sept. 2017. Their earned comps disappear after 6 months. I'm startin' from scratch. It's not quite noon, but I hit the front desk anyway. They aren't busy. I'm actually kinda surprised. But it is Thursday. Our Polish Spinsters are off today, and Amphora checked me into a Rendezvous Tower room for 3 nights. 3 p.m. checkout. Even numbers look downbeach. Perfect. 

     IMG_4395.JPG (1370293 bytes)           IMG_4396.JPG (1239877 bytes)              IMG_4397.JPG (1376325 bytes)

         I called my Sweet Ti and decorated the room festively. I even put out Mexicandy for Stretch to graze on.

                                                      IMG_4399.JPG (1318378 bytes)

                                                                  Pika Slices

                                                Kevin sent us a care package from New Mexico


Time to hit the floor. I think Hollyrock Hills is in order. I'm gonna invest my first hundy in SDGuy's 1 line 5 credit strategy for dollar machines. Just play the middle line max credits and hope for a bonus. Texas Tea. Insert coin. I didn't hit a damn thing till my last spin.

                                                      IMG_4400.JPG (1788377 bytes)

                                                 Cashed out that 75. and tried Double Top Dollar

                                                      IMG_4401.JPG (1362631 bytes)

                                                   I added today's 60. FSP to the mix.

 A couple of Rascal riding hotrod ladies shove their way in on the next 2 machines. You gotta watch those things, they will run over you. Especially when the slot machine chairs are bolted to the floor. And I'm wearing flip flops. We sort it out and have a blast rooting each other on. But my money gave out and I bid the speedsters luck. I've got a 3 day pass to the Epic Club. And a dinner comp at Gallagher's tonight. Plus Sunday Buffet at Cappriccio's if I'm around that long. Our newish host, Shaunda has hooked me up. I just grab a small sandwich and an Ab'Dulls. Back on the floor I spot an old acquaintance- 

                                   IMG_4402.JPG (1112575 bytes)  IMG_4403.JPG (1162281 bytes)

 This particular machine is in it's 3rd location since I've been playing here. Back in the day it had 9/6 JoB in .25/.50/1. Still has 8/5 BP

                                                        IMG_4405.JPG (869966 bytes)

                                                          Damn spotlights!

 Another game it has is 9/7/4 Triple Boner. Kings or better. Tough game. I switch and start with dollars but end up with quarters.

                                                        IMG_4406.JPG (1244857 bytes)

                                              Narrowly avoided greatness. Small profit.

                                    live dealer stadium games casinos atlantic city

                            I check out the Live Dealer Stadium Games. I saw a total of 1 player. 

                                IMG_4408.JPG (1257809 bytes)  IMG_4409.JPG (1321220 bytes)

                                                     BJ pays 1:1. No thanks. 

                                                 IMG_4411.JPG (1035629 bytes)

                                                   Quarter Progressive. 3 coin.

                 IMG_4412.JPG (1087671 bytes)   IMG_4413.JPG (988796 bytes)  IMG_4414.JPG (908739 bytes)

                                                   Roll that Live Play Jim.....


          Break time. On the way aloft I notice that Atlantic City's first slot machine has been replaced by this-

                                                IMG_4416.JPG (1645539 bytes)

                   They are using the slot machine in a promo next weekend. Everyone gets a pull. 

                                 Resorts AC First Slot machine

              Upstairs I talk to Sweet Ti. Our daughter Feather recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

                                                              Image may contain: 1 person, baby

                                                              Penelope Iris Pace

 Everyone is healthy and happy in Pace Land. I set about getting ready for dinner. I head down a couple of minutes early. Just enough time for a short session at the Blazing 7's Dollar Progressives. I've got 5 minutes. Insert hundy.

                                  IMG_4417.JPG (965773 bytes)     IMG_4418.JPG (1026725 bytes)

                                                      Cashed out 400. Time to munch.

 IMG_4419.JPG (1120680 bytes)  IMG_4420.JPG (1218932 bytes)  IMG_4421.JPG (1431796 bytes)  IMG_4422.JPG (1364894 bytes)

                   IMG_4423.JPG (1086824 bytes)   IMG_4424.JPG (1114871 bytes)    IMG_4425.JPG (1016006 bytes)


 Gallagher's  I take my usual spot at the Lonely Diner Table. In the lounge. The barkeep is my server and Maddie. She's Irish. Too funny, we are friends with a barkeep down at the IP in Biloxi named Carol who is from Scotland. Maddie wanted to know what part of Scotland Carol is from. I have no idea. I order a cowboy steak with truffle oil fries and béarnaise. Still water to drink. While I ate I was entertained by today's locals, 2 truly Jersey Guidos. One old school, and one metro. They had opinions on politics, the economy, and sports. Actually I was a bit surprised at their points of view. Using the current chaos in DC to their financial advantage. They certainly were vocal about things. I ended up getting most of my food bagged up. It was a 28 oz. steak for heaven sake. The generous comp covered everything. This is always an interesting place to eat. I grossly over-tipped Maddie. 

                                                          IMG_4429.JPG (1456435 bytes)

                                                             88 fortunes sucked me in. 

 I had to part with a hundy, but I eventually made it upstairs to stash my dinner. I have to say that the new aroma in the hotel hallways is a bit much to say the least. Even though it's a non smoking floor. The canned cologne dispensers are kicking. PHEW! 

                                                                IMG_4431.JPG (1140617 bytes)

                                                       Double Diamond Deluxe .50  3 coin

                                                       Image result for photo not found


                              Nopper, yet another hundy. Moving on, I try something completely different. 

                   IMG_4432.JPG (1688612 bytes)  IMG_4433.JPG (1238008 bytes)  IMG_4434.JPG (1037054 bytes)  

                  IMG_4435.JPG (1178909 bytes)   IMG_4436.JPG (1077295 bytes)  IMG_4438.JPG (1087416 bytes)

                                               Let's see an instant replay there Jim.....


                                                     cashed out 200. profit

                          Moving on, let's try some Lock it Link. Dime denom. 5. bet. Hit it Jimmy!


                                                   IMG_4440.JPG (1451903 bytes)

                                              Let's try free games this time James-


                                                   IMG_4443.JPG (1427156 bytes)  

                                                           It was a push.

 I made the fatal mistake of parleying up in credits. My notes also inform me that I inserted a hundy in a W4 Buffalllo but once again no screenshots. I'm pretty much toast so I end the evening back at the ,25 Blazing 7's Progressives.

                             IMG_4444.JPG (997404 bytes)      IMG_4445.JPG (1063973 bytes)

                                                That makes it +200. on the day

                            IMG_4446.JPG (1212945 bytes)       IMG_4447.JPG (1590129 bytes)

                                     There's hardly ever anyone checking room keys

They are remodeling the 2nd floor. They are also doing some construction in the food court. Like maybe they are putting in some new food offerings. They never really utilized the full space when they built it. Looks like the weather is here to stay. Not supposed to get above the low 50's for the next few days. I really wanted to get some shots of the 2 new casinos. Maybe it will clear up. I earned 18 pts.

                                                      IMG_4597.JPG (1230536 bytes)

05.18.2018    It's all dark and gray

 Hey Now! Up at 5 a.m. to give my Sweet Ti her Friday morning wakey wakey work call. It's raining in VA too. Pretty much from ME to NC. I tell her to be careful on her commute and that I miss her. In the gaming area there's a regular beehive of activity. Security is changing out cash boxes and there's a whole mass of Jersey Union construction workers coming to work. I notice that that 1. Blazin' 7's Progressive is up to 1073. and counting. A lady is camped out there trying her best to hit it. I keep an eye on her at a Sex inna City game.

                                                    IMG_4449.JPG (1418779 bytes)  

They finally moved these machines to a better spot. I'm just punching buttons waiting for my chance at that Progressive before it hit the 1200. mark. "You don't look like a Sex in the City type." I look up. She has dirty blonde hair, a tank top and cutoffs. I explain I'm waiting for another machine. " You look like you need a break-wink, wink." I thank her anyway and she wanders off in search of prey. I cash out and she is still playing. So I seek another diversion. Red White and Blue 7's. 5 line. .50 denom 2.50 max bet.

                                                    Queue up that Live Footage Jimmy-


                                                      IMG_4451.JPG (1009868 bytes)

                                                           Damn machine still ate a hundy.

                                                      Hit the Top Dollar Live reel Jim-


 IMG_4452.JPG (1523786 bytes)  IMG_4454.JPG (1183996 bytes)  IMG_4455.JPG (1576357 bytes)  IMG_4457.JPG (1599292 bytes)

                                                           Cashed out + 200.

 I really like Top Dollar. I've hit the 1k twice on this machine. Like anything else, you just gotta know when to walk. As that same lady is still chasing the Progressive, I ease over to the front desk to see our Polish Spinsters, Maggie and Renata. We chat and they scold me for coming once again without Sweet Ti. But they relent when I whip out Pip baby photos. After the requisite ohhs and ahhs I take my leave. 

                                                              IMG_4461.JPG (1214088 bytes)

         It's a bit chilly down here. Hence the wearing of my bibs. I tried some .50 Triple Double Diamonds.

                                                      IMG_4462.JPG (930585 bytes)

                                                        I wisely cashed out at 300.

         I wanted to play some Quick Hits 5x/10x .50 Progressive. They are non-smoking. But nobody told this lady.

                                   IMG_4464.JPG (1253273 bytes)     IMG_4465.JPG (742653 bytes)     IMG_4466.JPG (799577 bytes)

                                                 She even brought her own ashtray.

                                                       IMG_44660.jpg (35764 bytes)

                                        She finally left and I got down to business.


                                    IMG_4469.JPG (1202933 bytes)    IMG_4470.JPG (1412222 bytes)

                IMG_4468.JPG (869211 bytes)    IMG_4471.JPG (842734 bytes)    IMG_4472.JPG (936632 bytes)

                   IMG_4473.JPG (837010 bytes) IMG_4474.JPG (831366 bytes) IMG_4475.JPG (813137 bytes)

  The Black Eyed Susan  is being run at Pimlico Downs today. That means the Preakness is tomorrow. I attempt to use the Twinspires mobile app to place some bets. Too funny, it doesn't work in Atlantic City. I guess they don't want competition for their racebooks. And Resorts doesn't even have one. I used to go next door to the Taj to place live horsey bets. But I'll bet Resorts will get one now that the SCOTUS has sided with New Jersey on legalizing sports betting. I predict it will be where the EGaming area is presently, next to the Higher Limit pit. I'll just have to go upstairs and bet on my laptop. After I finally ran out of bullets at that machine I took a walkabout.

                                                        IMG_4476.JPG (1352344 bytes)

                                                                   Or not.

 It's just a bit too moist for taking construction shots. Back inside I find the missing Buffalo machine. Only regular one here.

                                                       IMG_4477.JPG (1122706 bytes)

                                                  They moved it over by the player's club.

               IMG_4478.JPG (1656111 bytes)   IMG_4479.JPG (2008068 bytes)   IMG_4480.JPG (1894084 bytes)

 Sure as shit, someone sits down at the Buffalo while I'm taking these shots. So I try some Stinking Rich. I didn't hit squat, but you gotta love the theme music they play. Barbara the slot attendant says hello as she passes by. I need to ask her if Mignon is getting any hours. I noticed Mignon's hubby is working in the Pit. She worked here for years and all of a sudden they slashed her hours. That's just not right. They also must have slashed the cocktail waitresses hours as I haven't been served yet this entire trip. I've been bringing one down with me every time I go up. To augment my usual Kaliber, I brought some Penn's Best NA. At Total Wine it's 2.49 a six pack. Cans. It's an easy drinking all day sort of product. Tastes like more. I think it's time for some Lightning Link. Insert coin.

                                                                  Roll it Jim! 



                                                         IMG_4482.JPG (1579043 bytes)   

                                                                    #2 Jimmy......




                                                                                                             IMG_4484.JPG (1418153 bytes)

                                                                                                                            line hit

                                                                    IMG_4485.JPG (1586180 bytes)

                                                            And cue that last one James-


                                                              IMG_4487.JPG (1490635 bytes)


  Break time. On my way back these was actually was a security guard checking room keys. My old buddy and today's local, Reggie. We have chatted a bit here and there on the floor. He tells me he was stationed at Norfolk Naval Base during 'Nam. I've done some work there. He had some great tales from Ocean View during the 60's. Nice guy. Back at my digs I tuck into Cowboy steak part 2.

                                       IMG_4488.JPG (1047707 bytes)  IMG_4490.JPG (1202882 bytes)

 I log in to Twinspires and spend some time handicapping this afternoon's horsey races. I'm thinking I'll watch a couple of them at the club. The weather took a breather and I used the opportunity to grab some shots out on Pennsylvania Ave.

        IMG_4492.JPG (905993 bytes)        IMG_4493.JPG (752698 bytes)        IMG_4494.JPG (1091919 bytes) 

                                IMG_4495.JPG (962758 bytes)    IMG_4497.JPG (818319 bytes)  

                   From the looks of things there's still plenty to do before the opening in a few weeks. 

                               IMG_4499.JPG (988699 bytes)   IMG_4501.JPG (1386523 bytes)

                                            Resorts spiffed up the bus depot a bit.

                               IMG_4502.JPG (1605810 bytes)    IMG_4504.JPG (1528879 bytes)

             This was one of those huge Fast Cash Miss Kitty Gold with the random progressives. Those were both random. Meow!  Then it's over to the slant VP machines for a session. I'm gonna hit the club for the horsey race. I wrote down my bets and we will see.

                                                    IMG_4505.JPG (1553335 bytes)

                                                           wrong game again

              IMG_4507.JPG (1017141 bytes)  IMG_4508.JPG (1397993 bytes)  IMG_4506.JPG (1378817 bytes)

                                                              right game

I cashed out 600. Right on time. Speaking of right on time, it's a few minutes before the race. I'm getting ready to walk up the few steps to the club when I notice there's a photographer taking someone's picture in Hollyrock Hills as they lean on the rail overlooking the casino. I try my best to photobomb the shot. I go on into the club. Man, that dude looked familiar. I stroll in and walk over to check out the race. It's not on yet and I give my card to Manny so that he can comp me in. I ask about the race, he said they would change the channel in time. I'm waiting for Manny to finish and the dude from the picture walks up with the photographer trailing. "Hi, I'm Mark Giannantonio. Resort's CEO." Hey Now Mark. I'm flysrb from VA. I thought I recognized you Mark G. "So you drive all the way from Gloucester VA to play?" Yepper.  "Where's Amy? She needs to interview Mr. Mays." The photographer took a couple of shots of Mark G. and me. Mark was really a casual dude. Then the reporter came up and introduced herself. "Amy Rosenberg." Nice to meet you Amy. We walk off for the interview. Amy pulls out her IPhone. She asks if I mind. Nope. She asks me a bunch of questions about, well, gamboling and comps. I ask when this will be published. "Sometime next week". We end up just shooting the shit for a bit. Her friend is a Deadhead too. This shot is from the article.

                                                       dixon-525649-e-wp-content-uploads-2018-05-1158714_7897128dc5378d7-1.jpg (237611 bytes)

                                                           Here's a link to the article.

 What a great diversion. And from then on I was a rock star to all the workers at the club. Plus I hit the exacta in the race! The fun never stops here. I go aloft to call my Sweet Ti and tell her about my afternoon. On the way up I hit the convenience store to look for a new pair of Reefs. Best flip flop ever. They aren't carrying them anymore. Bummer. They were a great deal here, and comps are 1:1. As Sweet Ti and I are talking I am looking at my mailer. They are giving away mobile ice containers - aka Wheelie©! I bid S.T. farewell.

              IMG_4509.JPG (1786032 bytes)    IMG_4510.JPG (1343574 bytes)   IMG_4511.JPG (1429271 bytes) 

 It's a pretty much serviceable unit. I will try it out before I leave. I like these promos where you don't have to hit the kiosk and print out a voucher. Here it was ID and player's card. No line either. They also had a FSP promo. Of course I won 5. The least amount possible. 

             IMG_4512.JPG (1262346 bytes)    IMG_4513.JPG (1459269 bytes)    IMG_4514.JPG (1473484 bytes)

  That dude was playing 6/5 JoB at 5. denom. I mean they don't have 9/6 but they do have 8/6. I tried some 2x/5x/10x Bonus Times and had every intention on filming some live play. But right next to me a guard was standing there. And I know from experience he will tell me to stop. Just as well, I never even had a winning spin. Onward! 

          IMG_4515.JPG (1391439 bytes)      IMG_4518.JPG (1267517 bytes)       IMG_4516.JPG (1139098 bytes) 

 I never could make heads or tails of what was going on in this game. There was a 4th reel that did something. Like suck down hundys. Moving on, I tried some various VP and could barely eek out a high pair. I'm bleeding hundys at this point. I've got to conserve the BR at this point. Tomorrow is a rare comp multiplier day here. I hit up Familgia's  for a slice of pie and leave the smoke behind me.

                                                   IMG_4519.JPG (1218039 bytes)

 I pull out some more cowboy leftovers for sides and check out the Weather Channel. It is still raining pretty much from New England to the Carolinas. I see that the Vegas Knights are playing in Vegas tonight. I doubt if I'll watch the entire game, but I'm really mostly interested in the spectacle before the game. Only in Vegas y'all. It was very interesting to say the least. I made it thru 2 periods and crash with Vegas leading the Jets 2-1. I ended up earning 30 points. 48 total puts me 2 points shy of the halfway point to maintain Epic for another year. The points used to last 6 months, but they changed it to a year. Works out great for me, seeing as I don't make it here like I used to. Added Biloxi to the gaming destination list. Time to crash.

                                                       IMG_4568.JPG (1167894 bytes)   

   05.19.2018 All dark and gray, no sign of the sun.

  Hey Now! Slept in till 6 a.m. Time to activate my mystery comp multiplier. It could be as much as 25x! But realistically, gonna be 3x.

        IMG_4520.JPG (1510747 bytes)          IMG_4521.JPG (1613181 bytes)         IMG_4522.JPG (1382475 bytes)

                                                                    told y'all.

                                 IMG_4535.JPG (1654400 bytes)  IMG_4534.JPG (1351624 bytes)

 Time to make a serious attempt take down that progressive. It's getting dangerously close to the W2G mark. Speaking of that, I thought the powers that be were considering raising the threshold a bit higher. I haven't heard anything more about that lately. I once again try to shoot a live play flick, but am being noticed by a guard. Not just any guard either. It's Frau Blucher- 



  In other words, she has warned me more than once about shooting videos. So I didn't press my luck. Plus, the canned music tracks in the background will be noticed by the copyright police on YouTub.  I will take pics. Insert coin.

                            IMG_4529.JPG (968502 bytes)             IMG_4530.JPG (1025365 bytes) 

                            IMG_4531.JPG (998118 bytes)             IMG_4532.JPG (954603 bytes)

                                               I didn't hit it, but I did cash out 500.

                                                   IMG_4538.JPG (1031766 bytes)

 But then I actually had a cocktail waitress come by. Literally the 2nd time this trip. So of course I had to feed the monster more hundys.

                                                   IMG_4540.JPG (993947 bytes)

                                              Took me 3 to win 2. Jackpot still growing.

                         IMG_4541.JPG (1137558 bytes)         IMG_4542.JPG (985036 bytes)

                                                 Roll the live play there, please Jim?



                                                                                                     Real life at a casino.

  IMG_4544.JPG (923162 bytes)  IMG_4545.JPG (908754 bytes)  IMG_4546.JPG (936799 bytes)  IMG_4547.JPG (1426198 bytes)  IMG_4548.JPG (932413 bytes)

               IMG_4554.JPG (1433037 bytes)  IMG_4555.JPG (1612514 bytes)  IMG_4556.JPG (1550254 bytes)

 So these Dynasty games are where the Margaritaville Pit used to be. I can't see it lasting. Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat. Too bad, that was my favorite place to play BJ. Mark and I had some nice sessions there. The last time we played there together, it was a 10. table and we had been sitting there at least an hour. They raised the stakes to 15. and the PB grand fathered us in. That is rare even around here anymore. Never seen it in Vegas either. Since I'm moving toward the boardwalk end of the casino, think I'll go hit the boards.

              IMG_4568.JPG (1167894 bytes)        IMG_4562.JPG (1040213 bytes)     IMG_4567.JPG (1167037 bytes)

                                                             Not a Rolling Chair in sight. 

                                                                  5930568421eac.image.jpg (196798 bytes)

              IMG_4565.JPG (1230018 bytes)        IMG_4566.JPG (1243819 bytes)     IMG_4563.JPG (1435678 bytes)

                  I'm a little surprised that the Steel Pier's new The Wheel isn't lit up. Here's a video I shot last fall.




 There is supposed to be some kind of Halloween Trade Show going on at the Steel Pier. Their Mardi Gras Ball tonight sounded tempting, but let's be real- it starts at 9 pm or so. I'll be upstairs by then. I don't venture past the canopy. It's supposed to quit raining a bit later. Maybe I'll try again then. Back inside I head over to the section of the casino formerly known as the Margaritaville Casino. I'm sensing a pattern here of the shrinking of Jimmy Buffet's presence at Resorts. I run into today's local, Reggie the security guard. Same dude from the other night. I ask him about his time in AC after he got out of the Navy. "I was a Detective for the local police department from Sept. of 1974 till 2001. I was right outside on the boardwalk when they signed the bill legalizing gambling in 1978. All the gangsters were there. When they opened the crowds were everywhere. Then in 2003 I went to work for the C.C.C. I worked in all of the casinos." What great stories you must have Reggie. "It's been an interesting career." He did tell me a couple of stories about Mayor Matthews and Sen. Jim Whelan. I asked him about the rules against taking videos here. "We're supposed to say to stop, but it depends on the situation. Try not to make it look too obvious." Gottcha Reg. Then he was called off to help find a missing busling. Before he left I told him that reporter should have interviewed him. Nice guy. I headed for the room to call my Sweet Ti and saw our Jackie working at the coffee shop. I stopped by and asked about her Mother in Las Vegas. "She's doing just great!" Good to hear Jackie. I'll take a danish to go. Sweet Ti and I chat while I eat. Of course it's still raining in VA. The girls are just chillin' out binging Netflix. Time for another session. 

                                                           Money Rain Live Play Jimmy-


               IMG_4570.JPG (1590488 bytes)        IMG_4571.JPG (1584300 bytes)         IMG_4572.JPG (1537085 bytes)


                                                              Free spins #1 James-


                                  IMG_4574.JPG (1400887 bytes)        IMG_4575.JPG (1488086 bytes)

                                                          Free spins #2 Jim-


                            IMG_4577.JPG (1633964 bytes)        IMG_4578.JPG (1370951 bytes)

                                                   And free spins #3 Jim Jim-


                                IMG_4580.JPG (1443195 bytes)       IMG_4581.JPG (1383881 bytes)

 The volume wasn't even all the way up. I've noticed that these machines are generally loud. I cashed out 180. profit. I'm feeling like some VP so I stroll over to the slants near the food court. But they are busy. I try the uprights nearby and got served by Ledya. She has been working here awhile. She even remembers that I drink Ab'Dulls. I insert coin and dial up 1. 8/5 BP.

                                                   IMG_4582.JPG (1477551 bytes)

 I switch to 1. Triple Boner and blow thru those winnings shortly. Some dude huffing on a stogie is killing me and I move to the now vacant slants. The only problem with these is the spotlights beaming their intense wattage onto the screen. But I've got that covered.

                                                   IMG_4583.JPG (1299708 bytes) 

                                                          Post it notes.

                                                  IMG_4585.JPG (1452387 bytes)

                                                     I always have them with.

 I used today's FSP to augment my coinage. 35. today. I see by my notes that I'm listening to Emerson, Lake, and Palmer. Karn Evil 9. Back in the day when that album came out I had a friend who has a quadraphonic sound system. Brain Salad Surgery. It's still pretty mind blowing in stereo. I ran out of bullets and went upstairs to shower and handicap the afternoon's horsey racing. As I am capping Sweet Ti calls and tells me something is going on with the power in the house. It seems to be acting up on the backside of the house. It's still raining there. Why do these things seem to happen when I'm away? Like the first time I went by myself to Vegas for what turned out to be the Oh the Gall Trip! Vegas Jan 2015. You guessed it, Sweet Ti's gall bladder all but exploded. I offer to come on back to VA but she she says to wait.I tell her that I'll get a hold of Mark. His good friend Kevin had an Electrical Contracting business. I call Mark and he says it sounds like one of the legs of the circuit feeding the house is damaged. He suggests we call Dominion Power. Great idea. I call Sweet Ti and she says now the AC has stopped working. Time to call the power company. I offer, but she takes care of it instead. They are getting ready to go to her other sister's house for dinner which is right next door anyway. The power company tells her they are sending out a crew. Sounds like a problem with their buried wiring. Good. I went ahead and changed my ferry reservation to the 6:30 ferry. That will put me home around noonish. I finish my capping and head down towards the club.

                                 IMG_4586.JPG (1102636 bytes)     IMG_4587.JPG (1201142 bytes)

I got sucked in by those darn reels to the tune of a hundy. Time for one of the lead up races to the Preakness. I hit a dime super for 22.03. Noice! I've got an hour before the Black Eyed Susan. Time for some Margaritaville slots. Get us rolling Jimmy-



                                                       IMG_4589.JPG (1379099 bytes)

        IMG_4589.JPG (1379099 bytes)          IMG_4590.JPG (1706560 bytes)             IMG_4591.JPG (1384199 bytes)

                                                          Next one there, Jim?




                                                        And the last one Jimmy




                                                  Cashed out 325.70
     I walk over to the boards and it's finally quit raining. But it's 54° and windy. I stayed out as long as I could. Ocean Casino will wait.
       IMG_4595.JPG (1392270 bytes)  IMG_4596.JPG (1503476 bytes)  IMG_4597.JPG (1230536 bytes)  IMG_4598.JPG (1241700 bytes)

                     IMG_4599.JPG (1248550 bytes)      IMG_4600.JPG (1108886 bytes)      IMG_4601.JPG (1271581 bytes) 

                    Like I said earlier, they have a ways to go. Too bad they couldn't have kept the elephant.

                                                          100_3242.jpg (1321167 bytes)

                                                                   Not that elephant.

                                                        bz00acfile-37-kurdzuk-ed788c912190356e.jpg (699982 bytes)

                                                                   That elephant.

     I bebop to the club to watch the next race. Felix near beers me. It was a great race, but I put my money on an also ran.

                                                        IMG_4602.JPG (1195015 bytes)

                                                          Pretty darn good meatloaf!

 I inserted coinage in an old school Cleo and dialed up .05 denom and quickly donated a hundy. I've been wanting to try some DSTP but it's been busy. I check and it's free. I dial up 9/5 DDB 3 hand .25 and watch the credits quickly fade. Break time. Aloft Sweet Ti calls to say that Dominion has arrived and is digging up the front of her sister's yard in order to fix our power. Our underground line runs across the front of their property. Power should be fixed shortly. It's time for the Preakness. Sweet Ti picked Justify for the Kentucky Derby and thinks he will win again today. I place a wager for her. And he comes thru! I also hit the exacta and the tri. Profitable day at the races. It's too bad that I can't withdrawal the money here. My bankroll is slightly up for the trip. I've got one more session to break the bank. I have to get up at 3 a.m. to catch the ferry. 

          IMG_4603.JPG (1203582 bytes)       IMG_4604.JPG (966469 bytes)       IMG_4605.JPG (1666600 bytes)

                                                               wrong order

                                                      IMG_4606.JPG (962532 bytes)

 That Blazing 7's progressive made it past the threshold but I decide to give it a shot anyway. It would be nice right about now.

                                                      IMG_4607.JPG (1135313 bytes)

  Before I sat down I was watching a Duo at Bar One. She sings and he plays guitar. They have a synth AI drum machine. He dude was looping himself. They were pretty good. I could see them from my seat at the machine. The next song was "Country Road". They both looked over at me and nodded. OK. The machine and I called it a draw for the trip.

                                                     IMG_4608.JPG (1158867 bytes)   

 I played a few more slots and was down to my last hundy. I always like to end every trip with a 4OAK. To the slants one last time.

                                                    IMG_4609.JPG (1452562 bytes)

 That will work. I cash and stop by Ruby's Diner for an ice cream sundae. Upstairs I pack and Sweet Ti calls to tell me that the power is back on. Awesome. I crash and arise in the middle of the night. Time to put my new folding Wheelie© to use.

                      IMG_4613.JPG (1406635 bytes)       IMG_4614.JPG (441846 bytes)      IMG_4615.JPG (1273274 bytes)

 At checkout I find out they aren't accepting comp dollars for the 15. nightly dreaded Resort Fee. So it's 20. a night including tax for a comped room. Yarma made killer time to the ferry and I was home around noon. It never rained a drop on the way. Really good trip to maintain my comps. I earned a total of 79 points. 21 to go keep Epic another year. It expires at the end of Jan. 2019. Sounds like a New Year's trip might be on tap. And I actually (almost) pushed. That's all I could ask for. I really do appreciate y'all sharing my adventure.

                                                  IMG_4616.JPG (1202152 bytes)