0118150632a.jpg (579226 bytes)

                                                                           Oh the Gall Trip! Vegas Jan 2015

01.15.2015  Westward Ho

   Hey Now!

Solo Vegas Virginian Virgin pops his cherry. This is actually my 8th Vegas journey, but the first one without my Sweet Ti. Our daughter Heather is getting married in May, so I decided to make this trip all by my lonesome self. I got up at 1:30 to drive up to RIC. Parked at the Park n Go and caught the shuttle to the terminal. Had a great conversation with the driver about married life, and went inside to find that the ticket counter didn't even open till 4:30. AND the TSA didn't start their body intrusions till 5:00. So much for getting there 90 minutes early. Flight leaves at 5:29. So I wait. I'm flying US Airways, and managed to grab killer seats by changing them just at the 24 hour mark during check-in. Found them using Seat Guru. Stretch poses for some pictures while we wait.

  0115150337.jpg (509199 bytes)  0115150337a.jpg (655996 bytes)  0115150337b.jpg (399501 bytes)  0115150445.jpg (517761 bytes)

              0115150455.jpg (422692 bytes)              0115150455a.jpg (386623 bytes)              0115150721.jpg (408027 bytes) 

Easy transfer in CTL, and once again I had the primo seat for the long leg to LAS. I put some Dead on the Ipod and jammed....

0115150949.jpg (599958 bytes)    0115150949a.jpg (405590 bytes)    0115150957.jpg (785632 bytes)    0115151012.jpg (853907 bytes)

I went with Avis Preferred this trip. We usually go with Alamo, but their prices sucked. My name was supposed to be on the board at the Rental Center, but I was a bit early. The chick told me she had either a Jetta or an Elantra. I'll take the slower of the 2....

                                                        0115151034a.jpg (585560 bytes)

I sent Sweet Ti a picture of her and she said to name her "Penny". So Penny and I take the tunnel- on purpose- and go see Ziggy.     0115151102.jpg (1283378 bytes)  0115151102a.jpg (695622 bytes)   0115151135.jpg (445977 bytes)   0117151317.jpg (422648 bytes)

We have a nice catch up chat, and he tells me he has brought Wheelie the cooler for me. He has had custody since we were here last on our Vegas Royal Holidaze 2013 Trip. His dear wife Bo is looking forward to cooking for me. We make plans for dinner on Monday. I need to run a couple of errands before I check-in at Sam's Club (Town) so I tell him I'll be back tomorrow. Penny and I stop by Lee's Discount Liquor and buy them out of Kaliber. Next stop is Wally World for some room goodies and ice. I nestle Penny in Self Park #2 and take the bridge over to Sam's Club. I am the only one at the front desk, but an attendant quickly shows up. I ask for a 2nd floor room in the back. Not a problem. I'm only here 1 night. She even "upgrades" me to a Park View room. I called my Sweet Ti to tell her I'm safely at Sam's. 

 0115151338.jpg (440446 bytes)    0115151338a.jpg (507975 bytes)   0115151338b.jpg (472063 bytes)    0115151339.jpg (663441 bytes)

Time to Gambol! They are offering 20x Buffalo/10x slots/7x VP, so I take on the nearest Buffalo. I put thru $250 coin for a bonus round.



From 2pm till 6 pm if you fill up the little meter on the Penny Lane games, you get this here Free Spin. You can win up to $1k. I won $5. So I cashed out and went over to a Double Diamond Dollar machine. I love watching the flip flopping diamonds.

                                                        0115151456.jpg (667442 bytes)

Next up is some Emerald Deuces. There are only 2 machines in this section, so I sit next to a lady who is here with a girlfriend and her son. We have a blast talking, trying to see who is gonna get the first 4OAK deuces. We both run out of credits before that happens. Next I try the only Silver Strike here. From the looks of the coins available on display there are only 2. And I've got one of them already. The other one is a colorized version of the same one. I insert coin. Long story short, I finally got one after 2 duplicates. Tour time!

         0115151548.jpg (838301 bytes)        0115151548a.jpg (673963 bytes)        0115151615.jpg (829394 bytes)

      I walked over to the Sports Deli and had the special. Well that's what they call it anyhow. Worth it for a comp.. I guess.

                                                       0115151634.jpg (540277 bytes)


           I tried the $1 BP progressives, the Double Deuces, and some .50 JoB where I finally got the trip's first 4OAK.  

                                                        0115151834.jpg (596892 bytes)

I have yet to see a cocktail waitress all day, so I walked over to the Stagecoach Bar for a bottle of water and the .25 JoB progressive. Didn't hit shit, but the bartenders there are real friendly. I cashed out $40. which was the last of the day's BR. On the way back to the room I decided to have one more shot at a Buffalo to earn a few more 20x comps. 2nd spin this happened....




 And with that I cashed out. Brought me back to just about even for the day. "A push is a win!" sez Sofa King Kev. Coin in : $4400. 

01.16.2015   They stoned her.

Hey Now!

4 a.m. I'm up. I walked down to Dunkin' Doughnuts to take advantage of the AARP special. Free doughnut with a coffee. Works for me. I went back to the room to eat and take a shower. The cell rings and it's Sweet Ti. She should be at work. She's not. And she's crying. Last night she woke up with an awful pain in her abdomen. She drove herself to the local Hospital Emergency Room. They did some tests. An ultrasound. She has Gallstones. They gave her some pain meds, anti-nausea meds, and sent her home. My poor baby! I tell her I would come home right away, but she wants me to wait till she goes to the doctor on Monday. They said she would be alright till then. Her "work daughter" Elyse is on her way over to take care of her. Well, I'm worried about her. And over 3000 miles away. Ugh.... She tells me the best thing I can do for her in the meantime is to make some duckies. Screenshots. That I can do. Or at least try. She promises to call me when Elyse gets there and if her condition changes. Reluctantly I bid her adieu. I take a walkabout downstairs to see if I can pick a lucky machine. I try Buffalo Stampede, nope. Luxury Diamonds, nope. Loose Deuces- well, at least I have someone to talk to. I meet Marquitta and John from Minnesota. They are staying here with Minni the Pomeranian. They have to smuggle her out for walkies. Great folks. The machine I'm playing appears to be color blind. Or at least it is to me. No big hits, but I did take this just to show it was nearly impossible to tell which color each suit was. In the photo you can actually tell a little bit. Marquitta sez they told a slot tech. about it to no avail....

                                                              0116150756.jpg (687700 bytes)

I kept making mistakes and cashed out shortly after this. I wish my new friends luck. Time to blow this joint. I packed and checked out- the bill came to $42.00 including the dreaded resort fee. I didn't bother to find a Host for a comp- not enough coin-in. Total: $5300. I did run into a familiar face on the way out.

                                                                0116150758.jpg (924322 bytes) 

Sweet Ti calls to tell me that Elyse is there taking care of her, and she feels a bit better. I'm glad. Onward back to Terrible's... I mean Silver Seven's to see Ziggy. I park Penny and make my way to the Sports Bar. I fill in Zig on Sweet Ti's health. He knows quite a bit about gall bladder issues- his sister had gallstones. If the stones are small enough, they can be treated with meds. If the gallbladder needs to be removed, it can usually be done with a laparoscopy. He thinks I'm doing the right thing by waiting till we have an internal medicine specialist look at her case. I settle in for a Keno session. I really don't care to spend too much money here while I hangout with Zig, so my best option in 4 card Keno, .25 a card. Our old friend Scratchy turned us on to this game on a previous trip. I do a 4,5,6,and 7 spot using the same base numbers. I get enough small wins to keep playing for over an hour on $5. As a matter of fact, I ended up cashing out $20. I am soon joined by Crazy Kenny from Cali. It's 11 a.m., and he's doing shots with a beer chaser. Ziggy just rolls his eyes at him. We talk- or rather he talks and I listen. Pretty soon I've heard enough. Zig is busy anyway, so I take off. Looks like they are working the Stage Bar.. 

                                                       0116151057.jpg (475596 bytes)

I head across the strip to my home for the next 3 days, Orleans. I have an offer for a $100 Macy's card, a room, and some food comps.

                                                       0116151106.jpg (586276 bytes)

Penny hangs out in the self park guarding Wheelie and my stuff while I go inside in search of friends. First stop is Jitter Vegas, the Orleans equivalent of Starbucks to see our friend Reneee. I walk up and am greeted by the rest of her crew, but no Reneee. She has gone home early due to a lack of business. Her co-workers assure me that she will be back tomorrow. Next I find Hank Bonefish at the Crawdad Bar. I tell him about Sweet Ti, and he too re-assures me that everything will be alright. I hope so. I call Tammy, our host and leave her a message. I'm not sure if she's working. Time to check-in. I ask for, and am given a 9th floor, strip facing room not too far down the hallway.

 0116151157.jpg (655104 bytes)    0116151158.jpg (442661 bytes)    0116151158a.jpg (562458 bytes)    0116151158b.jpg (480764 bytes)

                          0116152026.jpg (663945 bytes)    0116151201a.jpg (625662 bytes)     0116151444.jpg (581687 bytes)

Best thing about the 9th floor is that if you use the elevators on the right, you are the first off and last on. Back to the Crawdad, I ask Hank where Gollum (Mike) is. He tells me that Sméagol will appear presently. I insert coin at Sweet Ti's usual machine.

                                                0116151305.jpg (498074 bytes)                                                              0116151341.jpg (550452 bytes)

Sure as shit, Gollum appears. Mike really is a dead ringer for Gollum. Poor guy. He sits in his usual spot a few seats down, fires up a smoke and fires down a shot of Jägermeister and a Bud Light. Ah, Vegas- some things never change... Soon enough Hank goes on break, and I ascend to the room for a Kaliber or two. Sweet Ti calls to tell me that our son Vik is coming over to stay with her the weekend, and then to take her to see the doctor on Monday morning. Way to go Vik! I go down and try a Multi-Strike machine. They took out a whole row of our favorite single play .25 8/5 BP machines, but thanks to vpfree2  I found another one. This one is multi-play, but I finally figured out how to play just one hand. Or just 4 hands. But it was greedy. Same with an Ultimate machine. Looks like Barney is on the case... 


I go back to the Crawdad Hole and sit at the shorty machine to avoid a by now very tipsy Sméagol and yet again insert coin. Better results

      0116151523.jpg (546408 bytes)           0116151539.jpg (566051 bytes)                0116151540.jpg (513009 bytes)        

                               0116151647.jpg (597285 bytes)                    0116151700.jpg (647833 bytes)  

Dinner time. I decide on the special at the Courtyard Cafe, spaghetti with homemade meatballs. Again, not so special...

                        0116151742.jpg (861721 bytes)                    0116151742a.jpg (797426 bytes)                       

                                                    0116151754.jpg (472784 bytes)


Onward, I played some DBDW at the slant machines near the buffet, to no avail. Next was the new single player Hangover.



                            Then I tried my hand at some triple play 9/7 DB just for a change.

                                                            0116151922.jpg (615076 bytes)

I ended up the evening hanging out at the Wally Gator with bartender Jay playing my lucky shorty machine. Once again, inserted coin.  

             0116151929.jpg (572978 bytes)            0116151932.jpg (505725 bytes)                0116151943.jpg (562058 bytes)

Well that last hit put me in the red for the trip. Just barely. But I'll take it! Coin in total: $8200.

  01.17.2015   Rugrat Onslaught                 

Hey Now!

 Up at 3 a.m., but what the hell- I went to bed at 9 p.m. I'm just gonna stay on East Coast time. Makes life easier. First up is yet another Buffalo- Thundering Herd. Insert coinage.....



Yet another impressive minor win. Back to the task at hand. RB's soon to be patented DBDW->BDLX->DBDW->BDLX->DBDW Method ®  In a nutshell: start out with Double Bonus Deuces Wild, play till you have lost 1/2 your credits. Switch to Boner Deluxe and hit a 4OAK. Switch back to DBDW. Repeat as needed. Drawing a 4OAK deuces is the goal. With a kicker. Spoiler alert: I didn't....

0117150446.jpg (648764 bytes)    0117150538.jpg (654162 bytes)    0117150545.jpg (698527 bytes)    0117150558.jpg (601581 bytes)

0117150605.jpg (735520 bytes)    0117150703.jpg (701231 bytes)    0117150722.jpg (691248 bytes)    0117150730.jpg (625216 bytes)

0117150732.jpg (618847 bytes)    0117150910.jpg (665927 bytes)    0117150927.jpg (760567 bytes)    0117150944.jpg (690177 bytes)

Well that was good for a small profit. I walk up front to see Reneee and she asks me where Sweet Ti is. I fill her in. Turns out her Mother had the same thing. She is fine now. I'm beginning to sense a trend here. We must have been the only family left in the USA that gallstones hadn't happened to yet! Reneee is doing good, her daughter is getting good grades. We make plans to visit more when she gets off of work. I give her a hug and let her get back to work. I go up to the room to get Penny's keys and have to wait in line for the elevator. There is some kind of drill team competition going on here this weekend and the place is run amok with rugrats. I finally make it to the 9th floor they are literally running down the hallway raising hell. But I digress. I grab her keys and we head east.

 0117151300.jpg (711233 bytes)  0117151300a.jpg (524410 bytes)  0117151301.jpg (787539 bytes)  0117151301a.jpg (529368 bytes)

Zigmund is at his old haunt for a change. The Stage Bar. At least at this time of the morning, this is probably the least smoky place in a casino that's always very smoky. Plus Zig has more time to talk, as the cocktail waitresses on this side aren't as busy. I sit down next to today's local- Ziggy introduces me to Matt. He's a former DJ turned into a sound engineer at the Mirage. We talk music. He has lived here for about 5 years. Sweet Ti calls to tell me she got her flowers. Tomorrow is out 14th wedding anniversary. When I booked this trip, I thought we got married on the 28th. Turns out it was the 18th. Ooops... But Sweet Ti was a real sport about it. I tried to offset my fuck up a bit arranging a little surprise for her. Back in November, I went on a solo trip to AC. My ulterior motive for this trip was to make a sojourn to Zephyr Gallery. Our favorite place to find one of a kind crafts and jewelry. I needed to get a Christmas AND anniversary gift for Sweet Ti. For Christmas I got her a sculpture from a local Atlantic City artist. It's a ceramic humming bird with Chuck Taylor's on.

                                                            0124151252.jpg (497133 bytes)

For our anniversary, I bought a piece of Robin Lee Becker jewelry. Toby, one of the owners knows Sweet Ti's taste and suggested a necklace. I hid it in my father's tender box next to our fireplace along with a card. I ordered flowers and they couldn't deliver them on Sunday, our actual anniversary, so she got it today. I wrote her a poem with a clue in it on where to find her goodies. Vik and our grandson Marshall were there taking care of Sweet Ti, and they had a good time finding the surprise. Sweet Ti is pleased, and send this pic.

                                                                  IMG_0810.jpg (67852 bytes)

She's having a pretty good day health wise, and I'm glad to be able to do something nice for her, especially since I'm not there. Back in Vegas, Matt needs to leave, and I do too. I tell Ziggy I'll be back tomorrow for the pre-game festivities, and Penny and I boogie back to the Big Easy. The afternoon's plans are to run thru a few MP/FSP coupons. I've got $20 in free slot play coupons, and $20 in match play coupons. I dodge the rugrats back to the room and retrieve them. Onward to the player's club, I transact, and ask the boothling if I've earned 12k points yet. They are offering a promotion for a jacket for each 12k points earned, or each handpay. Up to 2 per player. I have earned around 14k here, so have qualified for my first jacket. Only problem is that they only have small. That won't work for me. They are expecting a shipment on the 21st. That will work. I decide to try some more Thundering Herd with my free play.



Time to try my hand at the pit. I decide to try the Mardi Gras Pit, as everyone always seems to have a blast there. I find an empty $10. double deck table with a friendly dealer. Dory the Dealer. I buy in for a hundy. She shuffles and surprisingly, places the cut card really deep. Sweet. I play a couple of hands and win. So I play a match play with my bet. Blackjack!. She even pays me 3:2 for the MP. Thanks Dory. I play my other one and win that too. A couple of more people join us, they ask if I want them to wait till the shuffle. Nice of them to ask, but I tell them to go ahead. We finish out the shoe, and I'm up by half. The next couple of shoes don't go so good. I find that as long as I'm toking Dory, I seem to win. So I start toking her every hand. Next shoe, I'm down to $20 and I get a pair of 6's to her 6. So I split and draw a 3. I double. On the other hand I draw a 4. I double, and I reach in my pocket and buy in for $10 to cover my bet. She is dealing my double cards face down. She turns over a Jack as her other card. And draws a ten. Monkeys! So that brings me back. The rest of the shoe goes my way, and I color up for $138. Noice! I walk over to the $1. 9/7 DB progressive and notice it's up to $8k. So I invest a hundy- to no avail. I head for the Crawdad. I sit at my shorty, and Nancy hooks me up with a Sobe. Hank is busy at the other end with Gollum. I insert coin.

                                    0117151540.jpg (571940 bytes)                        0117151643.jpg (612454 bytes)

 That took forever. Hank and Nancy end their shift and I run out of duckies. Time to get something to eat. But no more specials. I stop by Coast Liquor and grab a bag of chips. I grab a Subway foot long and fight my way thru the kiddies back to my room. I watch some PBS and have a chat with Sweet Ti. The noise in the hallway is deafening. But they all seem to be on their way to some event, and it finally quiets down. Yet another early night for me. Coin in: 9000.

01.18.2015 Strip Chip Trip, Keno, & Everything

Hey Now!

Happy Anniversary my Sweet Ti. Yet again, at 3 a.m. I sprang up for action. Today's adventure starts with Penny and I taking the back way to Mirage self park- Dean Martin to Industrial to Buccaneer Blvd. I leave Penny and walk across the bridge to Mirage. I admire to fishies behind the front desk and the atrium in the casino.

                0118150516.jpg (276742 bytes)          0118150517.jpg (289156 bytes)          0118150517a.jpg (264530 bytes)  

First stop is Barbary Coast  Bill's Gambling Hall-The Cromwell. Need a chippio for the collection.

 0118150522.jpg (378999 bytes)   0118150528.jpg (295861 bytes)    0118150529.jpg (334710 bytes)    0118150535.jpg (326322 bytes)

Too funny- it's about 5 a.m., and there is still a long line to get into Drai's. The Crom is very well appointed. I guess to old Hot Dog Cart is long gone.. I grab a chip and run.

 0118150537.jpg (293481 bytes)   0118150538.jpg (293112 bytes)   0118150538a.jpg (329566 bytes)   0118150538b.jpg (334749 bytes)     0118150539.jpg (416451 bytes)    0118150539a.jpg (302291 bytes)   0118150540.jpg (305703 bytes)   0118150544.jpg (428989 bytes)

I notice a wrecker between the Crom and the Flamingo and police cars surrounding a killer Porsche. I'm not asking any questions. I stop and check out the chips at the Flamingo but they haven't changed. Outside in the Flamingo Habitat, the fowl are asleep. On to the Linq cage for a chip, and then Harrah's where they have a new run of chips, so I grab one. I notice something new to me, they have electronic Big Wheel along with electronic BJ- looks like a new video dealer on the later.

                     0118150552.jpg (604939 bytes)                               0118150552a.jpg (555079 bytes)

0118150556.jpg (294747 bytes)    0118150556a.jpg (513267 bytes)  0118150556b.jpg (505123 bytes)   0118150558.jpg (615805 bytes)

                                            0118150559.jpg (570943 bytes)                

                                            0118150605.jpg (806318 bytes)      

I am presently at the Venetian on a mission. Silver Strikes. I've taken down their whereabouts here from the Silver Striker's website- between the Bourbon Room and Rock of Ages- but I don't see anything. I ask a slot tech and he points me across the casino. I finally find it- in front of Chow Baby BBQ. Nice machine, with a bench seat no less! Of course, I insert coin.

 0118150610.jpg (236484 bytes)    0118150610a.jpg (480176 bytes)     0118150611.jpg (312449 bytes)  0118150613.jpg (306002 bytes)



I got 3 strikes from my session- all duplicates, so I kept 1 and turned in the other 2. Tight machine. I ended up spending $30 to get one $10 strike. while I was playing, the same slot tech came by and asked if this machine really gave out tokens. I showed him one. It's pretty funny that he hadn't ever worked on this machine. He had been working here 3 years. Onward back across the strip to Mirage. I know where the 2 Silver Strikes are there. I just hope I get a different strike this trip. So far I've always gotten the same one..

0118150628.jpg (347900 bytes)    0118150628a.jpg (598035 bytes)    0118150628b.jpg (368879 bytes)    0118150629.jpg (390297 bytes)

0118150629a.jpg (324349 bytes)    0118150630.jpg (367932 bytes)    0118150632.jpg (352631 bytes)    0118150632a.jpg (331055 bytes)

          0118150632b.jpg (361073 bytes)               0118150633.jpg (345253 bytes)                0118150633a.jpg (387937 bytes)

                              0118150636.jpg (284410 bytes)                            0118150636a.jpg (415447 bytes)               

I sit and insert coin in each machine. These are usually pretty loose, and in no time they spit out a total of 7 strikes. 2 new ones this time, and I keep a total of 3, so I can show the other side of one in my display case at home. On the way to the cage I spot this...

                                                         0118150645.jpg (395330 bytes)

          I loves me some Top Dollar. Never seen it in a progressive version either. But $15 a spin is a bit much for my BR.

                            0118150648.jpg (361316 bytes)                  0118150649.jpg (290580 bytes)     

Penny and I made our way back to Orleans. I called my Sweet Ti to wish us a Happy Anniversary. She had a rather bad night- couldn't sleep on account of the pain. My poor baby. Well, she's going to see the specialist in the morning. I tell her once again that if he thinks her gallstones are bad enough to require surgery, then I will come straight home. I feel helpless. She sez as long as I'm here, make some money! So I say goodbye, and gather some coupons for a mini-run on my way to Ziggy's Bar.

                                                            0118150859.jpg (382743 bytes)

 First stop is Hooter's. I have $20 in FSP and a $10 MP here. I run $20 thru an old 4 play Hangover Machine. I push, and go over to the player's club and the nice boothling loads up my card. I sit at a Family Guy machine and insert card. I end up with a $10 profit. I cash out, and walk over to the pit to try some roulette. I buy in for $10 and pick red. I put down my MP and my 2 red chips. The wheel lands on 17 black. Insult to injury, that's my son Mark's lucky number. Oh well. I head out to my next stop- Ellis Island.

                                                            0118150926a.jpg (374649 bytes)             

Not too sure what this building is- or was? I walked into Ellis and needed to put thru $20 to activate my $20 FSP. I spot an old fav- Epic Monopoly. I insert coin, and play max bet which is $2.50. On my 2nd spin I hit for $56. a couple of spins later I hit for $51. Sweet! I walk over to get my card loaded up with my FSP and was headed back to the Epic but some other people were playing. So I wandered around looking for some playable VP. They have taken out several of the machines I liked, and moved others. I had my vpfree2 cheat sheet back at Orleans, but didn't feel like going back for it. I finally walked back over to the Epic and it was available. I loaded up the free play


I cashed that out too. Profit for Ellis Island- $130. I'll take it. Penny and I make the short trip to Silver Terrible Sevens and I take my usual spot at Ziggy's Bar. The pre-game festivities have started. There is a group of about 15 Seahawks fans there getting tuned up. I insert coin ($20) into a bartop and Ziggy and I talk about tomorrow's plans. I'm looking forward to seeing Bo and their guard terrier, Dusty. A traditional Polish dinner sounds very nice. I'm supposed to be there at 3 p.m. I set up my 4 Card Keno with my lucky numbers at .25 a card. I have a few small hits, just enough to keep me going. It's getting close to game time by now. The Seahawks fans are snockered. Matt and I are talking and one of them doses Matt with beer. Didn't even say anything about it. Matt is pissed and decides to leave. I don't blame him. I won't be long after. Zig is getting busy, as the place is filling up. I happen to look down and see this-          

                                                      0118151119.jpg (773386 bytes)

I told Ziggy I'd see him tomorrow and cashed out. I drove Penny back to The Crescent City and I sat at my lucky shorty machine at the Wally Gator to watch the game. Hank is off, and Jay and Daniel are serving behind the bar. Time to insert coinage.0118151347.jpg (283261 bytes)    0118151504.jpg (511128 bytes)    0118151544.jpg (587777 bytes)    0118151633.jpg (529170 bytes)

Great game, Jay took Green Bay and the points. 7½. He is pleased. I'm feeling peckish, and walk over to the Courtyard Cafe and sit where I can watch the other game. I play some Keno, and order a burger. The burger was great, the Keno and the game weren't.   

                                                             0118151802.jpg (280168 bytes)


I dodged the kiddies on the way up to my room. Tomorrow is MLK Day, and school is out. Hence Rugrats. I check in on my Sweet Ti. She seems well medicated, and is ready for nappies. Pleasant dreams my love! On the way back down, I'm in the elevator with 2 dudes. We chat it up, and one of them is on his way to checkout. The other dude turns out to be a local. We share some of the same interests, namely flyfishing. His buddy comes back and right before they leave the local reaches in his pocket and fishes out 2 red chips. He hands them to me and tells me to play it at a craps table on the field. He sez he knows it's a terrible bet, but to go for it. I thank him and head for a craps table. Alas, there are only 3 here, and they are all mobbed. I pocket the chips for tomorrow. I play a bit more VP, but run out of funds and decide to call it a night. Coin in: 6000.

01.19.2015  Trippus Interruptus

Hey Now!

3 a.m. my eyes pop open. Time to Gambol! I head down to the slants across from the buffet. RB's DBDW-> BDLX->DBDW Method®

0119150416.jpg (627743 bytes)    0119150428.jpg (658907 bytes)    0119150434.jpg (715168 bytes)    0119150450.jpg (724205 bytes)

                                0119150455.jpg (638792 bytes)            0119150541.jpg (584440 bytes)            0119150544.jpg (669714 bytes)

Cut to the chase- I pushed. I checked my points at a kiosk, and got a chit for my 2nd jacket. I went back to the room to get it organized for my move. Going to Green Valley Ranch. The sun was just coming up. It's supposed to be 72° here today.

                                                                0119150655.jpg (526572 bytes)

While I'm doing this, my cell rings. It's Sweet Ti. She's back from the doctor. It's not good. She has to have surgery. Soon. Her gallstones are pretty bad. So I tell her I'll book a flight right away. While I'm canceling rooms and calling USAirways, she sets up the surgery for Wednesday. I get a flight out at 2:40. They charged me an arm and a leg, but I don't give a shit. My Sweet Ti needs me. So I  finish up packing, and need to go downstairs to take care of a couple of items. First of all, I've got those 2 red chips and a TITO to cash out. Then I stopped by the player's club with my 2 jacket chits. I figure 2 small jackets are better than nothing. The boothling offers me a sweatshirt and a couple of sweet long sleeve shirts instead. I jump all over that. Back to the room, I call Ziggy to let him know about Sweet Ti. I'm gonna stop by there on the way to the airport to see them and to give him back Wheelie and my leftover beverages. I've still got 3 six-packs of Kaliber and some bottled water. I check out- total bill for 3 days plus meals- 0.00. Looks like my host Tammy took care of me anyhow. I load up Penny and head for Henderson. I visit with Bo, Zig, and Dusty for about an hour. Dusty is Bo's boy...    

                                                                                                    0119150948.jpg (434412 bytes)

I leave my goodies with them and we hug our goodbyes. I promise to bring Sweet Ti next time. I drop Penny at the car rental place and recieve credit for my unused days (5). Next stop is ticketing, and I check my bag. TSA was quick, and I am at the gate 2 hours early. I get a Bratwurst and fries. Surprisingly tasty..

                                                                0119151121.jpg (591154 bytes)


 I play my usual Keno- pushed, Hangover, lost $20, and 9/5 DB. Lost $20. Didn't play this one, but since it's Sweet Ti's namesake took a pic. Her real name is Martina, but most people call her Tina.

                                                                0119151258.jpg (910978 bytes)

I did manage to get my killer seat for the flight to Philly. Zzzzzz. The flight out of Philly was delayed, so I didn't get to RIC till 1:30 a.m. I rolled up in my driveway at 2:30 a.m. I snuggled up to my Sweet Ti while she slept. The surgery went very well, and she is recovering nicely. I'm glad I got back to take care of her.

Coin in for the last day: 2000.

Total coin in for the trip: 33,083.

BR total for trip: Pushed almost to the dollar.

That keeps me Sapphire till May 2016. Next up will be our regular bi-monthly trips to Resorts in AC. We are planning to come back to Vegas for Labor Day. Thanks for the ride Penny!

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