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                                                                   Prima Aprillis

                  03.30.2021 This must be heaven* 

   Hey Now! Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends. It just seems longer between acts. Sweet Ti and I got our first Moderna jabs a few weeks ago and decided to go for it. AC Baby! January 21st was our 20th wedding anniversary. But seeing as we were in the middle of this mess, we hung tight. Mark and I went for our Masktober in AC trip. So neither of us have been here for a good bit. We came up by the usual suspects, DelMarVa to CMLF ferry. Boom. There. They are working on the self park, which has been needed for years. The signage is a bit ambiguous as it says not to park where there is construction, but not which floors. Threatening to tow. We find a spot on the 3rd floor. Seems to be a lack of activity here. We park and head in. I hit the kiosk to activate whatever they are offering. 

 Sweet Ti is ready to gambol. I suggest a.25 TriDou RWB machine. 9 line. 2.25 bet. I leave her and head over to check on our room. I have a surprise for Sweet Ti. I called our host Stephanie and asked for a Rendezvous Tower suite. AND, there should be flowers waiting at the front desk. Today's local, Maggie, greets me with "You are late!". Hey Now! to you to Maggie. Typical Polish behavior. Non-filtered. She has us all set up. Our room is ready and she hands me the keys and I hand her a twenty. The flowers are huge, they are covered in cardboard. Maggie heads for the bell captain and yells at him. He is busy helping someone but soon comes over. I tip him a few TJ's (2. bills) and ask him to deliver the flowers. Maggie and I chat for a minute. She and her sister are excited, they get their Pfizer jab today. Noice! I promise to bring Ti by to see them, and seek out my baby. She has done well in my absence. Damn near doubled her stake! I make a run out to the car for our stuff, and then we went aloft to check out the room. I still haven't told her anything. 

     IMG_7941.JPG (1331031 bytes)  IMG_7942.JPG (1489016 bytes)  IMG_7943.JPG (1134259 bytes)  IMG_7944.JPG (1379412 bytes)

    IMG_7945.JPG (1375244 bytes)   IMG_7946.JPG (1424634 bytes)  IMG_7947.JPG (1349853 bytes)  IMG_7949.JPG (1373329 bytes)

    IMG_7950.JPG (1352262 bytes)   IMG_7951.JPG (1096103 bytes)  IMG_7952.JPG (1461735 bytes)  IMG_7953.JPG (1281786 bytes)

                               IMG_7954.JPG (1218138 bytes)                     IMG_7955.JPG (1754510 bytes)

          It's a little shopworn, but nice. It's basically 2 rooms. The jetted garden tub is a nice touch. I'm sure we will indulge.

                                        IMG_7956.JPG (1172944 bytes)  IMG_8097.JPG (1054323 bytes)

                                                             Happy Anniversary Year to us!

                                          IMG_7959.JPG (1313264 bytes)IMG_7958.JPG (1469046 bytes)

 Next up is some sustenance. Ruby's will do just nicely. But only because they closed down Gallagher's Burger Bar. Along with Gallagher's. I retrieve said burgers and we pig out in the room. Urp! Back downstairs for a session, the place isn't crowded at all. Looks like they have shuffled the machines around yet again. The 3 .25 9/5 DDB Progressive slant machines are now beside the other various VP machines between the food court and the Rendezvous Tower elevators. Nice move! They used to be way up front. This is much better. The linked progressive is at 1140. We both insert coin in a joint attempt to take it down before it hits the dreaded W-2G threshold. The middle machine of the 3 is shut down, plus it only goes up a penny a spin so it's not going to happen anytime soon. Sweet Ti strikes first.

                                                           IMG_7960.JPG (1483745 bytes)   

                                                 Then I am presented with this. Please Jim????



                                                That happened way to often.

                                                          IMG_7962.JPG (1660152 bytes) 

                                                                Sweet Ti once again

                                                          IMG_7963.JPG (1391568 bytes)

                                                               I finally popped one.

 Sweet Ti has built her original hundy BR into 250. I halved mine. I introduce S.T. to Heat 'em Up. I managed to pull a handpay from these last trip. But not this time. Mayhaps some B7's progressives??? Insert coin.

                                                           IMG_7964.JPG (1255429 bytes)

                                                                        mix it up

 I downloaded today's 70. FSP to add to our BR and ended 50. up. Gotta know when it leave B7's. Sweet Ti is still up 140. on that original stake. Now's the time. S.T. gets to choose the next game. Crazy Money Deluxe. .01 denom/3. bet.   Let's look in on the action...Jim???


                                                      IMG_7967.JPG (1361328 bytes)

                                                                That's my girl!   

 Next up is some Monopoly Money. I sure miss those Jackpot Station machines. .25 denom/2.50 bet. Lots of small hits- but it can't keep up with the drain. We drop 150. and cash out before it's all gone. Sweet Ti is doing lovely, still got that hundy. Meanwhile I've blown thru a couple more. But I'm up to 7 points. Time for a break. We arise to the 52nd floor. I commence to hooking up the handy dandy Firestick so that we can expand the crummy TV selection to Infinity. 

                                                         See the source image

                                                                   And Beyond!!!!!

                                                         IMG_7968.JPG (1147002 bytes)


 Sweet Ti is done. Kiss for luck and I'm back in the game. I try some Double Top Dollar, crappy offers. DSTP shows it's Crack Whore Bitch ways. Ouch. So I wander around. It's Tuesday afternoon around 5:30 pm. The place is pretty much dead. Time for a walkabout.

     IMG_7969.JPG (1769493 bytes)  IMG_7970.JPG (894646 bytes)  IMG_7971.JPG (1886776 bytes)  IMG_7972.JPG (1510190 bytes)

    IMG_7973.JPG (1636844 bytes)   IMG_7974.JPG (1383558 bytes)  IMG_7975.JPG (1211756 bytes)  IMG_7976.JPG (1236246 bytes)

  It's very brisk with a dastardly west wind. Nice to see that the Beach Nourishment Project is moving right along. DDB Prog. time....

                                IMG_7978.JPG (1409515 bytes)                       IMG_7980.JPG (1414461 bytes)

                                                                       tough crowd

                                                              IMG_7981.JPG (804093 bytes)

   I went up to check on Sweet Ti. She's sleeping like a baby. That's my girl. So I very quietly raid the BR in the safe. Then I ease my way down to that TriDou RWB machine. It's got that certain charm. As in it's yet another in my continuing series of finding those elusive Cracked Glass Specials. There's 2 of them at the Orleans in Vegas and this one here at Resorts. This one even has a free standing chair.

              IMG_7983.JPG (1489391 bytes)          IMG_7984.JPG (1780999 bytes)          IMG_7985.JPG (1191405 bytes)  

                                                             IMG_7986.JPG (1099526 bytes)

                                                                      Ye ol' namesake

                                     IMG_7987.JPG (1187824 bytes)      IMG_7988.JPG (1810027 bytes)

 I gave up a bit but had fun. Sweet Ti texts me to let me know she is awake. And hungry. I'm thinking Bubbakoo's Burritos. This is easily the best priced joint in the Food Court. $10.95 for a loaded pile of goodies in a shell or a bowl. Load us up. Plus..... they take comps. So I ordered a massive burrito that the huge tortilla barely covered. Carlos hooked me up. I left him a couple of TJs. Aloft, we pigged out and chilled out to whichever Brit detective series she happened to be binging at the time. So we have been earning 3x cashback today playing on my card. We earned a grand total of 12 points. $36. Only cost the BR 200. Such a deal.


                                  03.31.2021  Tonight I cross the line*

     Hey Now! I am up at 3:30. One of the nicest things about having a suite is being able to shut the door between the bedroom and main room, plus having my own bathroom. I have staged everything so a kiss for luck and I am outta here.

                                                                     IMG_7993.JPG (1597271 bytes)

 I tried some B7's dollar prog. Seems like there's always one approaching the dreaded 1.2k mark. Not happening. Time for some chips.

                                                             IMG_7994.JPG (1709928 bytes)


 Turns out I was a bit premature on that point total for yesterday. Resorts now has their gamboling day start at 6 am and end at 5:59. So that means I'm still getting 3x cashback. Time to hit the slots hard.

                  IMG_7995.JPG (1559083 bytes)         IMG_7996.JPG (1876182 bytes)        IMG_7997.JPG (1159718 bytes)  

 I played right on up till 6 am. Ended up yesterday with 19 points for 57. cashback. That means I have to come back within 2 months to pick that up before it disappears. Oh well. If I have to. I do have a birthday coming up. Time to chase that DDB Prog again.

                                         IMG_7998.JPG (1269082 bytes)    IMG_8001.JPG (1590983 bytes)

                                                                        3 spins apart

  Of course right about now I have to vacate the premises on account of it's time for them to change out the change boxes. Right when the machine is smoking. I digress. But it turns out to be fortuitous, as Sweet Ti has awoken from her slumbers and needs coffee Elizabeth. 

                                IMG_8003.JPG (1569044 bytes)                 IMG_8004.JPG (1087049 bytes)

                                                                     half hour wait

 Bad news is that it was like that every day. They never had enough help. I ease into the room to awaken my sleeping lover. We have a leisurely morning that I won't go into. Hey Now! We wandered around for an undetermined amount of time. What is time anyway inside this fortress called simply enough, Resorts. Rather than set up each machine we played, I'll just slam up these pics.

             IMG_8005.JPG (966819 bytes)              IMG_8006.JPG (1145931 bytes)               IMG_8007.JPG (1427339 bytes)  

                                          IMG_8008.JPG (1067692 bytes)     IMG_8009.JPG (1349353 bytes)

                                                                         old school style

           Sweet Ti is barely still hanging on to her original stake. I spot some shiny new slots over by Hollyrock Hills. .01/3.bet

                                                               IMG_8010.JPG (2770210 bytes)

                                                                          RB Legend

                                        IMG_8011.JPG (1419087 bytes)    IMG_8012.JPG (1308426 bytes)


                                                          IMG_8013.JPG (1669860 bytes)

 I used my free play on a Bonus Times and turned it into 50. Which I invested along with Sweet Ti's TITO. Roll the WoF please Jim....





   Well I suppose I should have listened to Sweet Ti. She told me not to tape our play. But I believe it's important to show both sides of the coin so to speak. I need to produce content for my channel anyhow. We move on down the line to the DDB Prog bank and insert coin.

                                 IMG_8015.JPG (1751277 bytes)         IMG_8019.JPG (1688083 bytes)

That's Sweet Ti's screenshots. Not mine. Plus, while I was in the john she hit Quad 4's but didn't bother to take a pic. She cashes out ahead 350. for the session. Time for our daily meal. We order a pie from Familgia's. Half pepperoni and half basil and buffalo mozz. We go up and pig out on the sofa watching more British fare. Pretty good pizza.


 After our repast, it's time to pick up today's gift. Wine spodie- odie. They are giving it away in the conference room that used to be the buffet. On the way I checked out the progress being made on the new Dougherty's restaurant going in where Gallagher's was.

     IMG_8020.JPG (1192288 bytes)  IMG_8021.JPG (1110568 bytes)  IMG_8022.JPG (1609235 bytes)  IMG_8023.JPG (1171968 bytes)

                                               No telling what they did with those giant palm trees. 

  I found the wine room and it was empty with the exception of today's local, Matt, who was in charge of parceling out the fine beverages. Matt looked quite bored. I ask him if he remembers when the buffet used to be here. "What?" Stands to reason that Matt doesn't remember as he looks to be maybe in his mid 20's. He took the chit I received at the player's club earlier. " You get 2 bottles" Moscato please Matt. They are pulling out all of the stops and handing out a truly world class California vintage. Thanks Matt. "What?".

                                                          IMG_8024.JPG (1475214 bytes)





  Next up is my old VP slant machine with the DW faceplate. I've been following this machine around all over the casino. .50 DDB.

                                                       IMG_8025.JPG (1570195 bytes)

                                                                Parley to 1. BP

                               IMG_8026.JPG (1664954 bytes)      IMG_8027.JPG (1602237 bytes)

                                                               back to fitty

                                                    IMG_8028.JPG (1706992 bytes)

                                                              cashed out 350.

                           I moved over the DDB prog. as it's now up over 1150. Take us there please Jimmy.....


                                                  IMG_8030.JPG (1565164 bytes)

                 IMG_8031.JPG (1627110 bytes)          IMG_8032.JPG (1726712 bytes)          IMG_8034.JPG (1747651 bytes)

                                              What's this? I have competition! A button slapper too!

                                                                IMG_8035.JPG (1234555 bytes)

                                                              Looks like a Delta evening , right Jim????



                                                           IMG_8037.JPG (1463420 bytes)

                                                               Take that ya Rounder!!

                                IMG_8038.JPG (1489739 bytes)          IMG_8039.JPG (1509453 bytes)  

                                                           cashed out 250. Insert fresh hundy.        

                                                        IMG_8040.JPG (1546628 bytes)

                                                               He left. So did I.

                                                       IMG_8041.JPG (1341962 bytes)

                                                         Heat 'em Up really didn't.

 I called it a night around 9 p.m. Today we earned 22 points on my card. The BR ended up ahead by a few hundy. Nice work Team RB!

                                       04.01.2021 You must be an angel*

 Hey Now! Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit. Welcome to Prima Aprillis. In Polish no less. I awoke around 6:30 to the rain hitting the windows. That's fine, we aren't going anywhere today anyhow. Kiss for luck and I'm off to earn my keep. The DDB prog swallowed up 2 hundy and Dragon Link Happy and Preposterous sucked up another without a screenshot in sight. 

                                                     OIP.jpg (18120 bytes)   

                                                          I hit rewind and started over.

                   IMG_8043.JPG (1478043 bytes)     IMG_8044.JPG (1514241 bytes)     IMG_8045.JPG (1718162 bytes)

                             Much better. Then it was time once again to visit Deltaville. Do it to it J.J...........



                                                      IMG_8048.JPG (1602508 bytes)

                                                    pulled a Lucy Van Pelt on the kicker

                                                      IMG_8049.JPG (1497666 bytes)

                                                        what was under that 9??????

 I played for 2 hours and ended up with a push. Time for coffee Elizabeth. It only took me 15 minutes today. There were 2 people working. Sweet Ti & I hung out upstairs for a bit chilling and watching the rain. We plan the day's attack. Gambol. Right Jamie????


                                                      IMG_8051.JPG (1141506 bytes)          

   IMG_8052.JPG (1088895 bytes)   IMG_8054.JPG (1137672 bytes)   IMG_8055.JPG (1642193 bytes)   IMG_8056.JPG (1312208 bytes) 

                      IMG_8057.JPG (1242088 bytes)    IMG_8058.JPG (969802 bytes)    IMG_8059.JPG (1426737 bytes)

                                                               IMG_8061.JPG (1137364 bytes)

                                                                That's how you Heat 'em Up!

 We walked around checking out the boardwalk end of the joint for a bit. There are new machines scattered about, along with several of the same old machines moved around. The pit is almost empty. There isn't even much going on in the Asian pit. Maybe 75 customers in the entire property. Noice. We did a bit of hit and run play on a variety of machines.

                IMG_8062.JPG (1372974 bytes)           IMG_8077.JPG (1385580 bytes)              IMG_8063.JPG (952326 bytes)  

                                                                IMG_8064.JPG (352859 bytes)


                            IMG_8065.JPG (1169515 bytes)        Kansas?????           IMG_8066.JPG (1304448 bytes)

      IMG_8068.JPG (993826 bytes)  IMG_8069.JPG (1623268 bytes)  IMG_8070.JPG (1189926 bytes) IMG_8071.JPG (1497795 bytes)

                                                             Make it Rain for us please James!


                                                        IMG_8073.JPG (1336698 bytes)   

 By now it's time for dinner and a break. We decide on Capriccio's to go. Sweet Ti heads to the room and I make a beeline to the 2nd floor. Elvie greets me and I ask her to get today's local Genaro for me. Genaro greets me with a fist bump and a grin. His eyes twinkle so much I can tell he is smiling even thru his mask. I order a Caesar salad, and veal parm. That will be plenty for both of us.

                                                        IMG_8084.JPG (1600423 bytes)

Genaro returns shortly with our order. "Your wife likes Moscato right?" Correct my friend. "I threw in a bottle for her" You are the best dude. I gave him a 60% tip for our comped meal. It was lovely. 


      Sweet Ti is done for the day. I have one more session left in me. Time to make yet another effort at that DDB prog. Insert coin.

      IMG_8082.JPG (1272623 bytes)  IMG_8085.JPG (1474732 bytes)  IMG_8086.JPG (1481171 bytes)  IMG_8087.JPG (1466838 bytes)

     Nope. But I held my own. The joint is getting busy this evening. Time to split. We earned 28 points today. Padded the BR by 2 hundy.

                                            04.02.2021  I thought I might never find*

       Hey Now! 4:20. I'm up. This is it. We are catching the 2:30 ferry home. Once again, I try that DDB Prog. Insert leftover coin.

                                                           IMG_8088.JPG (1326098 bytes)

                                                                      nice start!!

                                     IMG_8089.JPG (1401128 bytes)  IMG_8090.JPG (1445904 bytes)


 I took a break and went to see today's local, Renata. She's the other half of the Polish Spinster Sisters. Maggie is still in the back. I needed to make sure we had a late check out. Yepper. I asked her how their vaccination went. "Great, neither of us had a bad reaction." Excellent. Are you seeing anyone? "Giggle....no." Such a sweetie. We will see y'all next trip. 

                                      IMG_8091.JPG (1369596 bytes)  IMG_8092.JPG (1002415 bytes)

                                I stumbled around throwing hundys at various slots. Then back to DDB prog.

                              IMG_8093.JPG (1498747 bytes)             IMG_8094.JPG (1475234 bytes)

                                                              made a bit back

 I faithfully did my coffee Elizabeth routine at D.D. The line was about the same as yesterday. I awaken my Sleepyhead wifey and we hang out and then get most of the packing done. I make a run out to Foxy with the first load.  

                                                           IMG_8096.JPG (1245332 bytes)

                                                                    precious cargo

                                        IMG_8098.JPG (1174786 bytes)    IMG_8100.JPG (1680107 bytes)

    Nine Buffalos weren't enough. W4 still snarfulled up that 70. FSP and a hundy too. Let's try our luck on some Bingo what Jim?????


                                                            IMG_8102.JPG (1291251 bytes)

   Interesting game. They suck you in with that top screen. The closer to a bingo you get, the harder it is to walk away. Brilliant. I certainly made sure to cash out right after that BINGO! By now it's time to finish clearing out the room. It's just past 11 a.m. The elevators are overwhelmed. 4 per car is out the window. Being as we are on the 52nd floor, it sucks. We end up stopping on every floor in each direction. Ludicrous. Bordering on plaid. We finally made it back down and now have a bit more than an hour left to gambol. 

   IMG_8104.JPG (1575009 bytes)  IMG_8105.JPG (971848 bytes)  IMG_8106.JPG (1077466 bytes)  IMG_8108.JPG (1440071 bytes) 

                                          And as always, my last VP session ends when I get that last 4OAK. 

                                                               IMG_8107.JPG (1400544 bytes)

                                                                       Semi-Premium too! 

 Alas, the Royal progressive remained intact. We had a nice leisurely trip back home to our awaiting felines. We earned me 84 points. Whatever that's good for. The ol' bankroll came through really well. A few battle scars. But intact enough to fight another day. Which it just so happens is coming up really soon. As a matter of fact, I barely got this one finished before it's time to start packing for.....

                                                                     A Pirate looks at 65

                   Well, thanks for playing along on our misadventures once again. See y'all again soon my friends!!!!




                                                                                          * Saint of Circumstance, Weir & Barlow
























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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