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Hey Now! Well, we went back again. Good thing too, since it's liable to be a while before we get there again. We took the Cape May Ferry as usual, 0316111045.jpg (505244 bytes) and arrived at the Borg around 11:45 am. We didn't bring our bags with us inside, as last time that little trick worked, but this time Mark and Becky were already there on the 44th floor, and I requested a room near the top so we could ride the same elevator and were told to check back with the bell desk a bit later. So I had some free play, and we head for our fav 5 reel video slot.

Cue da Dog    I did pretty good, but Ti had some issues with the machine on the right- that one has ongoing problems with the touch screen, Mark had the same prob last year. These are nickel ones, so it tends to be feast or famine. This day we ate well.... I hit the bonus, and landed on Park Place AND Boardwalk on the bonus within the bonus, and cashed out a $237.00 ticket. I was going to take a screenshot, but the security chick was standing behind me and told me not to- especially since she was standing there!  So I let Ti take my place, and she had a couple of killer bonus rounds.. Security chick safely out of sight, I grabbed this  0316111244.jpg (599850 bytes)  SWEET!!!  My Sweet Ti comes thru!!! She cashes out $680.  nice start!  We head over to the bell desk, but our room isn't there yet. So we head over to MY fav, the $1 FP BP VP machines. I can only handle them during the day, as they are in a  non-non-smoking area.  I had my good luck charm sitting by my side, and she worked..  


0316112043.jpg (650281 bytes)      0316111318.jpg (608264 bytes)   0316111335.jpg (625845 bytes)  That works.. I played it down to $300 and cashed out.  Back once again to the desk, but again, no room at the inn... Time for lunch, so we grab a couple of Fatburgers.

By this time it's 3 pm, and still no upper floor room available, so we settle for the 33rd floor. Overlooking Absecon Inlet, the view is a bit stark on this late winter afternoon...1111100820c.jpg (689239 bytes)   We go on back downstairs and find the brand new .25 DDB, just where vpFree2 sez it was. We meet up with Mark and Becky, and go back downstairs for a bit. We're tired and crash early as usual.


Up early, I head to the gym to work off the Fatburger, and jump in the hot tub for a soak. Then into the pool ...  1111100736.jpg (817682 bytes)  I wake up Ti and she and Becky go to the Met for Eggs Benedict , while I use my St. Paddy's Day Green Mystery free play at an emergency back up  VP machine, as mine is being occupied by a cigar chomper. I play it down to my last $5 and press the button and this happens...    Noice!   Time to cash out, and we all meet up and hang out at the Borg for a while ... We are up and down and just before it's time for the Zuzma clan to split I hit this..   0317111244.jpg (584536 bytes)   Time to boogie on out to the boardwalk to check in at Resorts. On the way out of the Borg, I always take a couple of shots of the landscaped water feature. 0317111827.jpg (801215 bytes)   0317111827a.jpg (711747 bytes)  We check in at Resorts  to the violin chops of Colin and I'm supposed to play in a slot tournament, but the line is beyond ludicrous. .It's plaid. So we head upstairs for our free buffets.  0317111558.jpg (804369 bytes)  0317111559.jpg (727790 bytes)  0317111606.jpg (684152 bytes) they are proud of that caramel coloring...0317111606a.jpg (730851 bytes)  We grab our Moonshine Follies tickets and head to the penny Cue da Dog for a losing free play session, then outside to head over to the Showboat to check out the St. Paddy's Day events.  Lots of partiers out for the celebration.


0317111617.jpg (609138 bytes)   0317111617a.jpg (669189 bytes)  0317111617b.jpg (684481 bytes)   But it's just too damn cold, so we head back to Resorts for some BP action.  0317111735a.jpg (645170 bytes)   0317111753.jpg (548858 bytes)  To the room to get ready for the show..0318110825.jpg (699813 bytes)  It was quite the production, 70 minutes of song and dance with a very good cast including an awesome stage band. We really enjoyed ourselves...0318110825a.jpg (463579 bytes)  the billboard on the way in is a treat too..

Quite a busy Irish day..


I get up and head out to the beach to check out the cat colony and the sunrise..    

   0318110726.jpg (789457 bytes)   0318110726a.jpg (890042 bytes)    0318110726b.jpg (862705 bytes)   0318110727.jpg (699134 bytes)   0318110727a.jpg (714563 bytes)   0318110727b.jpg (642337 bytes)   the cats are sleeping in this morning tho. Typical feline behavior!

On down to the Revel to check out the progress on the repairs on the Boardwalk and the general building progress...

0318110729.jpg (595705 bytes)   0318110729b.jpg (709621 bytes)   0318110809.jpg (543364 bytes)   0318110809a.jpg (614394 bytes)   0318110810.jpg (807087 bytes)   0318110811.jpg (829736 bytes)   0318110811a.jpg (868502 bytes)   0318110811b.jpg (739769 bytes)

0318110811c.jpg (1021099 bytes)   0318110812.jpg (851572 bytes)   0318110812a.jpg (715333 bytes)   0318110812a.jpg (715333 bytes)   0318110812b.jpg (682627 bytes)   0318110813.jpg (644130 bytes)   0318110813a.jpg (597522 bytes)

0318110813b.jpg (654408 bytes)   0318110814.jpg (706955 bytes)   It's coming along pretty well. On the way back I did the Showboat/Taj/Resorts inside route, it was still pretty chilly...

0318110734.jpg (709903 bytes)   0318110734a.jpg (601419 bytes)   0318110744.jpg (577914 bytes)   0318110823.jpg (432375 bytes)   0318110824.jpg (507898 bytes)   0318110928.jpg (463485 bytes)

Time for our lunch date at Knife and Fork.  0318111613a.jpg (582435 bytes)   We try to eat here every trip, and once again it was awesome. Heidi was our waitress once again, and Tim was once again behind the bar. Ti orders up a Martina martini, and I get a Kaliber I ask Tim if they are serving them because I requested one last year, and he says yes, that he does have a bit of pull here.. Glad I could help! We get our first course, and tuck in.  0318111510.jpg (691203 bytes)  0318111511.jpg (560340 bytes)  followed soon after we get our entrees..

0318111535.jpg (710774 bytes) Ti has the K&F Fish and Chips

0318111536.jpg (533273 bytes)  I have the Jambalaya . They are both incredible.

Time for dessert... 0318111554.jpg (517677 bytes)  We ate in the Terrace once again, always a pleasure.

0318111559.jpg (730718 bytes)  0318111559a.jpg (731742 bytes)  This is quite the historic place, and it's certainly worth a visit.

0318111613.jpg (475906 bytes)  Back to Resorts, we settle in for an evening VP session....0318111826.jpg (557004 bytes)   0318112134.jpg (618695 bytes)  We go down to the pool water for Adult Swim and soak in the hot tub for a nice way to end a nice day...


0319111010a.jpg (715033 bytes)

We get up late for a change, and I start to load up the car and Houston, we have a problem... I can't find the Scion. I'm carrying bags up and down the elevator along with the throngs of other peoples checking in and out, but no Teal the xB. I call Ti down and we are pretty much sure the car has been stolen, and I tell the front desk and they call security. A guy pulls up on a bike and continues the search.. He finds Teal hiding behind a big SUV on the 6th floor of the parking deck, so we are very appreciative and get our stuff together and haul butt down to Cape May and were just in time to catch our ferry home.. A bit of excitement to end a relaxing trip.. On your way out, please watch your step.....