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                                                          SURF PHISHIN'

                                 08.13.2021 That it's the ocean flowing in our veins*

           Hey Now! Welcome back my friends! Ah yes, the show that never ends. When I planned it, I had forgotten all about Phish playing those particular 3 nights on the beach. Not that I'm interested in attending any super spreader events this weekend. The last time I saw Phish was in Vegas for Halloween 2018. The stage is set up next to The Pier Shops. Facing north which is my direction. I should have no problem hearing the shows at least. Should be interesting. I'm traveling solo this time. Except for Stretch of course. Before I left I stopped by Totally Wine and stocked up on Penn's Best NA. Already a deal at 2.99 per six pack. A coupon emerged at checkout.

                                                        E9V-pMnXsAgbyze.jpg (448309 bytes)

                                                           So I bought another 6 for 99

          Same thing happened again. So I bought another. I could have done this all day long. But I didn't really need any more.

                                                        E9V-pMmXsAYZA9q.jpg (791197 bytes)

                                                                  plenty o' suds

 Our Foxy the Rav4 fairly flew thru the darkness around the CBBT and up the Eastern Shore. I breezed into the Ferry queue about half an hour before departure. We boarded early. I need to take care of a bit of business. I usually call the front desk the day before I arrive to talk to one of the Polish Spinster Sisters and make sure that my room is ready early. I forgot to call at work yesterday. So I called and asked to speak to Maggie. Maggie didn't answer- it was her sister Renata. Renata said " You aren't coming this weekend." Yes I am Renata. I'm on the ferry. "Hold on please, I need to check"......... And the line went dead. I called back and got the other sister, Maggie. Maggie said "We are completely sold out. I don't see a reservation from Stephanie in your name. I am going to try to get a hold of her. You do the same. I'll call back if I hear anything." Yikes! I called and left a message for Stephanie. Then I texted her.


                                                                    Crisis narrowly averted

 I Called Maggie back and she said "You are all set. Drive with care." I did and boom- we are there. Maggie was awaiting me and Said she did the best she could on my room. 3804. 8th floor.  Not as high as I would have liked, but at least facing south.

         IMG_8335.JPG (1243741 bytes)            IMG_8306.JPG (1375780 bytes)             IMG_8308.JPG (712820 bytes)

                                      Frilling Atlantic Palace is  completely blocking my view of the stage.

 Oh well. At least I got a room early. Considering they are completely booked up the next 2 nights, the 8th floor will be easier for ingress and egress. Parakas the room attendant greets me and asks if I require anything. Maybe some towels and more bottled water. I tipped him and asked him to keep an eye on the place. Turns out that all weekend he was hanging out in the hallway. Nice touch. I make a run to Foxy which ends up taking a while on account of there's only 2 elevators in the self-park. There's a queue. I do spot some Phish Phans milling around. They are pretty easy to spot. Clean cut white guys wearing drab t-shirts with witty sayings driving late model Audis. Much more upscale than Dead heads or WSMFP fans. I finally made it back to the room and stocked up the fridge. 

                                        IMG_8310.JPG (1239774 bytes)       IMG_8311.JPG (1285986 bytes)

                                                                It's 97 by 12:45 p.m.

Then I called Sweet Ti to give her the low down. She tells me it's time to gambol. 2x tier points and 3x comps today. Mark graced me with a copy of his card to use up his cashback money. Not his daily free play. I will go ahead and put a couple of points on his card too. Don't want to mess up his ADT.

                                                           IMG_8313.JPG (1028095 bytes)   

                                                                    Nuttin' Honey

                                       IMG_8314.JPG (1888953 bytes)    IMG_8315.JPG (1317482 bytes)

                         I used up his cashback along with my 90. FSP for today. Things went downhill from there...

                                                           IMG_8316.JPG (1126892 bytes)

                                                             Famiglias to the rescue

I went upstairs to eat and was treated to the soundcheck for tonight's show. Depending on the wind, I should have no problem hearing them play from my room. I'm wearing my mask at all times even though I'm fully vaxxed and they are optional. Not worth the risk. Looks like maybe 25% of the gamblers are following suit. And don't even get me started on the smoking. Sheesh! They had finally pretty much gotten rid of the smell.

                                                                 IMG_8317.JPG (856449 bytes)

                                                                      my kinda sign.

                          IMG_8318.JPG (1300498 bytes)     IMG_8320.JPG (1750268 bytes)   IMG_8321.JPG (1670062 bytes)

                                                             Time to Heat 'em Up Jim!!!


                                                          IMG_8323.JPG (1330568 bytes)




                             IMG_8324.JPG (1455908 bytes)              IMG_8326.JPG (1303723 bytes)

                       IMG_8327.JPG (1397583 bytes)    IMG_8328.JPG (1483313 bytes)    IMG_8329.JPG (1260962 bytes)

                                                   living up to it's name. +250.

                        I'm feeling some Crack Whore DSTP. Only problem is that I'm seeing this here screen as I sit down.

                                                            IMG_8330.JPG (1411556 bytes)

                                                                I hit the Service button.

  While I'm waiting, an actual CW walks by. Damn. I order my usual. The slot lady stops by and takes one look at that screen and shakes her head. "That's past my perview." Thanks anyway Sug. I played a bit of Super Triple Play .50 DDB @ 9. a spin. Ouch!                   

                                                           IMG_8332.JPG (1611116 bytes)

                                                                     RB & NA for RB

        Whilst I enjoy my beverages, I watch the parade. I'm next to the main drag from the selfish park and the boardwalk. So there's lots of beachgoers along with plenty of Phisheous Pholks. The weed smell is powerful even through my mask. Aloft time.

                   IMG_8334.JPG (743060 bytes)         IMG_8335.JPG (1243741 bytes)         IMG_8336.JPG (678186 bytes)

 I glass what I can of the Phestival grounds. There's a pretty good crowd there already. They even have their own lifeguards. I heard that the band coughed up the funds for them. Good. The rest of the beaches are open to the public as usual and man, they are packed.  The ocean is harboring a platoon of police watercraft. The skies are alive with helicopters and toted signs for pre-show shows and late night after-show shows. Lots of interest online for Lettuce playing at the Hard Rock.. Personally, Imma be crashed. Hopefully the wind will be from the northeast. Enough voyeurism for now. 

                 IMG_8337.JPG (1114543 bytes)           IMG_8338.JPG (1174458 bytes)         IMG_8339.JPG (1624235 bytes)

 You can tell by the lack of patronage that this craps table isn't exactly herding them in. Even with a 5. minimum as opposed to the 15. minimum at the regular tables. They are packed. All in the name of reducing labor overhead. Same thing with these. 

                                             IMG_8341.JPG (644340 bytes)   IMG_8342.JPG (586953 bytes)

                                                               IMG_8340.JPG (1612183 bytes)

                                                               again, people are not feeling it. 

                                         IMG_8343.JPG (1390630 bytes)       IMG_8344.JPG (1116255 bytes)

                                                             IMG_8345.JPG (1002237 bytes)

                                                                   Hollyrock Adventures.

 As a matter of fact, while I was playing in Hollyrock Hills, there were these 2 dudes in the upstairs section. Let's call them today's locals. One of them was playing in the upstairs area. The big time high roller machines are there. He hit on a 25. denom Top Dollar machine. While he was waiting to be paid, he started playing another machine. Meanwhile, I needed to take a leak so I bopped over to the head. In walks the jackpot winner's friend. I nod and congratulate him on his friend's luck. I ask if he has been lucky too. "No, but that's cool. Tonight while he's asleep I'm gonna steal his wallet." Alrighty then. I drifted a bit after that. Let's try some W4 action. Jimmy????


                                                      IMG_8347.JPG (1717269 bytes)




                                                        IMG_8349.JPG (1594357 bytes)

                                                             not many buffalo chips

                                        IMG_8350.JPG (1247112 bytes)        IMG_8351.JPG (1269348 bytes)

                                        IMG_8353.JPG (1226109 bytes)       IMG_8354.JPG (1125594 bytes)

                                                                eked out a small profit

 Which is more than I can say for the rest of the day. I'm toast and retire upstairs for the evening. The kiosk tells me I earned 26 points today. I'm pretty sure that's times 2 on account of today's multiplier. No one knows for sure. Crashed listening to "Sand".

                                               Here's someone else's take on the show opener. Nevaklass?




                                                   IMG_8388.JPG (1188545 bytes)     IMG_8389.JPG (1173627 bytes)

                                                                08.14.2021 And the shadow glides below* 

  Hey Now! 4 a.m. Wakey wakey. Time to take advantage of the waning hours of the 2x/3x offer before it expires at 5:59 a.m. Insert.

                     IMG_8355.JPG (1035819 bytes)      IMG_8357.JPG (1042822 bytes)      IMG_8356.JPG (1159313 bytes)

                                                                     Can't beat old school

     Next up is a brand new to me iteration. Buffalo Gold Revolution. This version is .01 denom/4.50 maxi bet. Here's the rules and such.

                                                               IMG_8359.JPG (1497291 bytes)

      IMG_8360.JPG (1501630 bytes)  IMG_8361.JPG (1543281 bytes)  IMG_8362.JPG (1554738 bytes)  IMG_8363.JPG (1497839 bytes)

                       IMG_8364.JPG (1592215 bytes)   IMG_8365.JPG (1746423 bytes)   IMG_8366.JPG (1607952 bytes)

                                                Let's see how we faired on this 'un there Jim>>>>>>>>>>>



                                                                                                    IMG_8370.JPG (1489467 bytes)


                                                              IMG_8372.JPG (1739977 bytes)     

             I do kinda like the way random symbols turn into Buffalos. Too bad the bonuses were so puny. I can see potential though....

                                                 The name is Rain, James Rain. Right Moneypenny?


                                       IMG_8373.JPG (1550477 bytes)       IMG_8376.JPG (1127242 bytes)

                                                                 key word being penny

                                                          IMG_8383.JPG (1221941 bytes)

                                                                5:59 traffic report

                                                          IMG_8380.JPG (2068738 bytes)  

                                       IMG_8381.JPG (1831170 bytes)  IMG_8382.JPG (1839010 bytes)

            This morning is going very well so far. The best thing about playing around dawn is the lack of people. Especially nowadays.

                                 IMG_8386.JPG (748503 bytes)          IMG_8387.JPG (1036293 bytes)

                                                            yes, it's legal in Jersey 

                                                     IMG_8390.JPG (1525682 bytes)

                                                           wrong frillin' game!!!!

 Bumping about, I sit down at a Lightning Link Heart Throb machine. A couple machines down from me sits today's local, Eloise. She's having a blast and we root each other on. I can't hit doodley squat. She gets up to leave and tells me "Everyone should have a heart throb." Truer words have never been spoken there Eloise. I am so lucky to have my Sweet Ti. I proudly show her off.

                        IMG_3202.JPG (1652238 bytes)                                             IMG_3512.PNG (1557765 bytes)

                                                               My heart throb

                                                      IMG_8391.JPG (1484631 bytes)

                                                                my hydration

                                          W4 Miss Kitty Super Dooper Games please J.J. 


                                                      IMG_8394.JPG (1723342 bytes)


                                                      IMG_3893.JPG (1366915 bytes)

 Break time for some leftover pie upstairs. It's quite beautiful outside today. I talked to Sweet Ti. Our daughter Feather and granddaughter Pip are visiting us this weekend. I miss out on seeing them. Pip even told her Grandma Ti that "Granddaddy is never home." So we Facetimed just to let our Pip know that I still exist. Then I decided it was time for a walkabout. First stop, Showboat. 

                                                         IMG_8396.JPG (1478863 bytes)

                                      IMG_8397.JPG (1404427 bytes)               IMG_8398.JPG (1331845 bytes)

     IMG_8399.JPG (1346675 bytes)  IMG_8400.JPG (1062851 bytes)  IMG_8401.JPG (1280773 bytes)   IMG_8402.JPG (1558855 bytes)

     IMG_8405.JPG (1667889 bytes)  IMG_8406.JPG (1608857 bytes)  IMG_8407.JPG (1483015 bytes)   IMG_8408.JPG (1369563 bytes)

    IMG_8409.JPG (1967902 bytes)   IMG_8410.JPG (1244410 bytes)  IMG_8411.JPG (1482512 bytes)   IMG_8412.JPG (1208155 bytes)

                 IMG_8413.JPG (1736361 bytes)          IMG_8414.JPG (1283104 bytes)         IMG_8415.JPG (1679495 bytes)  

                     IMG_8416.JPG (1536375 bytes)       IMG_8417.JPG (1124696 bytes)     IMG_8418.JPG (1581152 bytes)

                  Brilliant! Turn the slot floor into an arcade for up and coming gamblers. Get 'em hooked while they're young! No body here.

                                            IMG_8419.JPG (1738445 bytes)  IMG_8420.JPG (1816333 bytes)

                                                                        Cirque Risque

     IMG_8421.JPG (1609739 bytes)  IMG_8422.JPG (1644096 bytes)  IMG_8423.JPG (1526575 bytes)  IMG_8425.JPG (1452192 bytes)

                          IMG_8430.JPG (1311757 bytes)IMG_8428.JPG (1282788 bytes)IMG_8427.JPG (1381864 bytes)

                                                                      The Garden Pier

                                                          IMG_8432.JPG (1641764 bytes)     

                                                                  IMG_8434.JPG (428196 bytes)

                                                           They've taken away my name 

                                                          859713_10151563360877252_1603048313_o.jpg (52271 bytes)

  Never could figure out the naming scheme. Considering it was changed from an R to an O, my sleuthing senses tell me it's Revel to Ocean. Now the B is unchanged. What remains unchanged about this particular floor. Beach bitch. Bingo. Revel Beach to Ocean Beach. 

                                        IMG_8435.JPG (1745453 bytes)     IMG_8436.JPG (1701045 bytes)

                                                             even less people here.

  This is my 2nd trip here since they opened in June of '18. For a chip for my collection. While the Revel was open, we came here a few times. It reminds me of maybe one of the Fiesta Casinos in Las Vegas. Or Sunset Station maybe. But Ocean lives up to it's name.

                           IMG_8437.JPG (1398515 bytes)                IMG_8438.JPG (1518828 bytes)  

                                                 Hard to beat that view while playing 

                                                   IMG_8439.JPG (1237545 bytes)

                                                        yet another mutant...

                                IMG_8440.JPG (1150677 bytes)     IMG_8441.JPG (447996 bytes)

                                                    scary excalator past the Hooters

 I didn't play anything. I haven't signed up for their card yet. Maybe they will fatten up their welcome offer come wintertime. But I am gonna take advantage of what Hard Rock is offering. I'm not sure if they are going to keep me at Paramount next year at Resorts. I haven't earned the required tiers. 600. They did it last year. As a matter of fact, not long after we started using Stephanie I was bumped from Epic to Paramount. I never could get all of those tiers on my own. It's a beautiful walk back downbeach to the casino. The Phisheousness has found it's way here on the Boardwalk. The Cosmic Jerry Band is cooking at the Garden Pier. Probably literally. Not very crowded, probably 80% maskless. Even for this end of the boardwalk, it's not very busy. Inside the Hard Rock I am in pursuit of the Player's Club. I ask, am directed to the rear of the property. I find the hotel lobby and valet along with a memorabilia exhibit that was pretty cool  behind the escalator. No club. But I did find out where a large majority of the weekend Pescadorian crowd are hanging. 

                             IMG_8442.JPG (1498569 bytes)                       IMG_8444.JPG (1500368 bytes)

                                                                   Upstairs dummy...

 I found it. The line was short. I showed my Resorts card and received an Elite card good to the first of the year. Their 2nd level card. Plus 20. free slot play. The week after I got a flier for a couple of free weekday nights, a 50. food comp, and 25 free play. Good until the end of Oct. Let's see what we can do about taking some of their money. I download the 20. and add a couple more and insert coin.

                        IMG_8448.JPG (1267363 bytes)   IMG_8449.JPG (1623929 bytes)   IMG_8452.JPG (1769766 bytes)

              This is going well. I'm giving Sweet Ti the play by play. Mark told me that you can order a drink from the machine. 

                                                              IMG_8447.JPG (985252 bytes)

                                                                         easy peasey 

 Except for the fact that she is certainly taking her time getting here. So I take in the view. I am just a few steps removed from the elevators and the endless flow of humanity spills past. Along with several Phishous looking suspects. Ah, she finally shows.

                                                              IMG_8451.JPG (1805245 bytes)

                                                                 get yer ice cold near beer

                                                              IMG_8453.JPG (1433787 bytes)

                                                                    never ending selection

 I played that Buffalo for a bit and ended up pushing for my first HR session. Earned 5. in comps and 127 tier points in about 45 minutes. 

                                                               IMG_8454.JPG (1177054 bytes)

                                                                           secret exit

     IMG_8457.JPG (992220 bytes)  IMG_8458.JPG (1606292 bytes)  IMG_8459.JPG (1578944 bytes)  IMG_8460.JPG (1516131 bytes)

     IMG_8461.JPG (1449746 bytes)   IMG_8462.JPG (1485392 bytes)  IMG_8463.JPG (1545097 bytes)  IMG_8464.JPG (1508946 bytes)

                IMG_8465.JPG (1600524 bytes)          IMG_8466.JPG (1608140 bytes)        IMG_8467.JPG (1544642 bytes)

                                                                    back home

      IMG_8468.JPG (1292569 bytes)  IMG_8469.JPG (1111815 bytes)   IMG_8472.JPG (1594014 bytes)  IMG_8471.JPG (1055185 bytes)

                                                    The former Burger Bar is now Dougherty's Raw Bar

       IMG_8475.JPG (830836 bytes)  IMG_8476.JPG (830137 bytes)  IMG_8477.JPG (657390 bytes)  IMG_8480.JPG (813374 bytes)

                                    IMG_8482.JPG (885682 bytes)                     IMG_8483.JPG (915839 bytes)

        Our final stop today is at Resorts pool. Kinda cool the way the roof opens. They also extended the adult only hours. Beauty.

                                                              IMG_8484.JPG (878340 bytes)

                                                                Still can't see the stage

                                          IMG_8486.JPG (483123 bytes)     IMG_8487.JPG (1791902 bytes)

                                                     Mumsie                               Lone Quad

 Mumsie and I tried to take down the .25 DDP Progressive. It didn't happen. But we had fun talking. Then it was time to pick up today's gift. It's a Visa debit card. Always an easy choice between slot play and a Visa card. I never like to turn down a sure thing.

                                                               IMG_8488.JPG (1538498 bytes)


  I walkabout and am feeling a bit peckish. I angle towards the club. You really can't go wrong. It's 12. in comps usually. But I recognize the hostess and as for a comp. "No problem." I peruse the food options and nod to a waitress I know. Isabelle. She shows me to her section and takes my drink order. The club used to be divided into 2 sections by card level. But they have combined them so there's one serving area for entrees and one for deserts. Plus 2 bars. 

           IMG_8490.JPG (1103237 bytes)                  IMG_8491.JPG (1095344 bytes)               IMG_8492.JPG (1045917 bytes)  

                                       IMG_8493.JPG (1166876 bytes)     IMG_8494.JPG (1030936 bytes)

                                                              IMG_8489.JPG (1169305 bytes)


 The shrimp tortellini is really good. I'm impressed. Isabelle is providing me excellent service. We talk grandkids. I tip her a twenty. It kills me how these mid to upper level card holders tip shitty if at all. Isabelle was very appreciative. 

                                                       Fire up the Ol' Spitfire there Jimmy......




                      IMG_8498.JPG (1292415 bytes)      IMG_8501.JPG (1297279 bytes)      IMG_8502.JPG (1238636 bytes)     

                                                                      The fun never stops

           IMG_8503.JPG (1593875 bytes)                IMG_8504.JPG (1699068 bytes)                 IMG_8505.JPG (1710851 bytes)

                                                        Roll the Scintillating footage please Jim!




                                                              IMG_8507.JPG (1560929 bytes)

     I played another session of .25 DDB Progressive for an hour without a single quad. The quads are few and far between this trip.

                                                              IMG_8508.JPG (1487373 bytes)


                                                               IMG_8509.JPG (1524813 bytes)       

                                       IMG_8510.JPG (1310930 bytes)          IMG_8511.JPG (1446907 bytes)

                                                                    Awesome graphics

 And that's all folks. Today the BR took a hit- but not too bad. I fulfilled my wanderlust for the moment. My lullaby was Pescatoral.

                                                            Hey Now!, it's DJ Ryan-




                                                        IMG_8513.JPG (1451449 bytes)    

                                       08.15.2021 They say she feels my heartbeat 

  Hey Now! 6 a.m. Rough night. The music coming and going I didn't mind. The show was over before midnight. It was the people running up and down the halls. Not used to that. Well, technically I live with 5 cats that are doing the same thing on any given night. Meow.

                                                           IMG_8526.JPG (1231018 bytes)

                                                             my sentiments exactly


                                                        Fire up the bingo please James.......



                                                         IMG_8515.JPG (1539968 bytes)

                                                                   crack whore

      IMG_8517.JPG (1609765 bytes)  IMG_8518.JPG (1372988 bytes)  IMG_8519.JPG (1745620 bytes)  IMG_8520.JPG (1445612 bytes)

                                                             Rock and Roll us J.J.!!!



                                                           IMG_8522.JPG (1702569 bytes)

                                                                 worse. bonus. ever.

                                                        Drum solo if you please James??!?!!



                                                          IMG_8524.JPG (1325135 bytes)

                                                          IMG_8527.JPG (1528963 bytes)

      This is why I always carry a stash of post it notes. Those insidious spot night stategically placed in the ceiling over VP machines. Especially slant machines. The glare is that of a welding rod. Vdara Death Ray. Problem solved with a 3M trademark. 

                                                            IMG_8528.JPG (1233666 bytes)

                                                                   Today's offering

                                                           Time for some HEAT there Jim Jim>>>>>



                 IMG_8530.JPG (1260108 bytes)        IMG_8531.JPG (1516203 bytes)          IMG_8532.JPG (1442911 bytes)      

                                       IMG_8533.JPG (1202654 bytes)          IMG_8534.JPG (1352558 bytes)


                                                             IMG_8535.JPG (997343 bytes)  

                                                                     VP gods are angry

                                IMG_8536.JPG (948682 bytes)                       IMG_8537.JPG (1457678 bytes)

  I almost forgot about this puppy. The scatter pay feature on this one is sweet. Too bad they don't have it in dollars....

                                                               IMG_8539.JPG (946413 bytes)

                                                                             take it

                                                              IMG_8540.JPG (359131 bytes)

             Took a break upstairs to chat with my betrothed. I forgot to wear my mask and hurried to Essentials and I got this for 2.  

                                  IMG_8541.JPG (1384933 bytes)              IMG_8542.JPG (1889522 bytes)

 I decided to give this a go. I bought in for a hundy. Which means I inserted the hundy into the cash acceptor. A couple of Phish Mongers are playing. I start with 5. pass line bets. Backed up with max odds.  The first 2 shooters 7 out quickly. I managed 6 rolls and did the same. I was blowing right thru that hundy. A lady sat at an empty seat while I was shooting and got set up. As soon as she grabbed the dice I could tell she was a player. I upped my bet. She hit a couple of points before the dreaded 7. Enough to make back my stake. I cashed out. Everything about Roll to Win craps is a bit odd. The results of each roll has to be put in manually by the lone stickman/dealer. And the felt has been replaced by plastic which makes a weird clacking noise when the dice roll along. But the 5. minimum with 2x/3x/5x odds. Table minimum at the regular tubs in 15. Plus it doesn't have that loud social vibe. Strange. I like Bubble Craps better. 

                                                           IMG_8543.JPG (994841 bytes)

              IMG_8544.JPG (1014511 bytes)        IMG_8545.JPG (1036379 bytes)           IMG_8546.JPG (1113090 bytes)

                                         All the fun of a handpay without the bothersome paperwork

                                                            IMG_8547.JPG (1913910 bytes)


   I am playing over by where the busses nest. It's quite quiet. There's a guy in a walker playing a couple of machines down. Here he is.

                                                             IMG_8548.JPG (373172 bytes)

He's today's quasi-local, Gil Benedict. From Philly. He is there with his cougar wife. She's 2 years older than him. He's 96. Gil enlisted in the Navy on Oct. 24, 1944. He was stationed in the Philippines and was wounded aboard ship. He nearly died. Triaged in Papal New Guinea. Shipped to Frisco and then Ft. Lee, VA. He spent the rest of WW2 in Ft. Dix guarding German prisoners. Met his wife there and they were married in 1946. Fascinating story. Gil and his son started a travel business in 1980. Bus tours. They rode the bus here. Seriously. 

                                                             FAs4i4wWYAMnr0U.jpg (261567 bytes)

                                                                 He still keeps an office. 

                                                             IMG_8551.JPG (1016982 bytes)

  Dinner time. Capriccio's. Where else?  The usual suspects abounding. Ellie seated me, Genaro and Alberto served me, and I ate. All that was missing was my Sweet Ti. I had a standing food comp that covered everything nicely. Delicious! 

                     IMG_8553.JPG (1298315 bytes)     IMG_8554.JPG (1639861 bytes)     IMG_8555.JPG (1352387 bytes)


        IMG_8557.JPG (1654821 bytes)  IMG_8558.JPG (949911 bytes)  IMG_8559.JPG (979352 bytes)  IMG_8561.JPG (912733 bytes)

                                                               Wandering thru the Jammy Phans.

                                             IMG_8556.JPG (994385 bytes)     IMG_8562.JPG (1187205 bytes)

      IMG_8563.JPG (1277984 bytes)  IMG_8565.JPG (1181455 bytes)  IMG_8566.JPG (1216889 bytes)  IMG_8567.JPG (975929 bytes)

     IMG_8568.JPG (991372 bytes)  IMG_8569.JPG (1295319 bytes)   IMG_8571.JPG (1152220 bytes)  IMG_8572.JPG (1099070 bytes)

            Deep Sea Magic ends the evening's festivities. Drop & Lock feature was few and far between. But it was nice to cash out a slightly winning ticket. Brutal day on the BR. But enough left for a last ditch assault in the morning. 

                                             IMG_8573.JPG (1944537 bytes) IMG_8574.JPG (1123608 bytes)

                                                     Let's do the Moma Dance together Jimmy!!!



                                                             IMG_8584.JPG (1258034 bytes)

                                      08.16.2021  Oh, but how I'll never know*

    Hey Now! Happy 70th Birthday to my only brother Bill. He lives in Warsaw NC. A bit too far away to be today's local. I texted him my best wishes as I'm sure he's out in his boat, probably on the Cape Fear River somewhere chasing speckled trout. Cheers Bill! 

 I'm booked on the 1 pm ferry today. But I would love to catch an earlier one. Judging by what I am seeing on the website, they are booked up for the first 3 crossings. I call as soon as they open to see weather they had any cancellations. But no go. The lady kindly told me I could come and wait- maybe they could squeeze me in. No thanks. So I have till 11 am to pack and leisurely win a fortune. No problem. So I set about my business. 

                                           IMG_8577.JPG (1074854 bytes)  IMG_8578.JPG (1035396 bytes)


               IMG_8579.JPG (1325233 bytes)          IMG_8580.JPG (1568621 bytes)         IMG_8581.JPG (1359340 bytes)

                                         IMG_8582.JPG (1301146 bytes)     IMG_8583.JPG (1112416 bytes)

                                                         Damn thing might as well be an ATM

                                                             IMG_8575.JPG (1104127 bytes)

                                                                  today's free ammo-

                                                             IMG_8576.JPG (1496704 bytes)


                                        IMG_8585.JPG (2012466 bytes)  IMG_8586.JPG (1040763 bytes)

      Great morning! With 4OAK Pointies to end the trip and a few extra hundy to fill in the previously made gaps in the BR. Beautiful weather to cross the Delaware and back into the arms of my Sweet Ti. Well, thanks for tuning my my friends and the fun returns soon.


                                                           IMG_8587.JPG (1436521 bytes)




                                                                              * The Wedge, Anastasio/Marshall