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  VEGA$ ROYAL TRIP MAY 2013              0525130705.jpg (943972 bytes)


     Hey Now! This incredible journey starts out very mundanely indeed. Sweet Ti and I get up and go to work. I snuck out around 

  11 a.m. and got our last minute chores done, and Ti soon joined me as we bade farewell to our Feline menagerie, after kicking Oblio out of Biggun I wanna go to Vegas too.jpg (532055 bytes) We used the Park n Go and waited for our aircraft. 0522131546.jpg (752298 bytes)

  Our flight itinerary had us changing planes in Cincinnati, and I went off in search of a Hudson News. 

                                                                                               0522131615.jpg (504988 bytes)

    They tend to be about every 10 ft. in every airport, and sure enough there was one 8 feet away. I was in search of elusive game. A confidential source (Capt. Tripps) had told me that Rolling Stone had a collector's edition out. The clerk too had been regaled with such tales, but had no copies available. So as Sweet Ti (wo)manned the luggage... including our Virginia gifts, I walked another 10 feet to the next Hudson News. There it was- in all of it's shiny crimson, white and indigo glory.


                                                0524131353.jpg (919159 bytes)

   Now we have our reading material for our epic journey. Half step to Bobby for the insight. Meanwhile Stretch is keeping watch at the gate.

           0522131939.jpg (575558 bytes)                               0522131940.jpg (511306 bytes)

                            0522132056a.jpg (265977 bytes) 0522132055.jpg (436057 bytes) 

  Much to our surprise upon the highly anticipated closing of the cabin door-we are the only ones in out triple seated row. 

Room to snuggle and snooze!!!!    0522132057.jpg (554888 bytes)    

No Grand Canyon sightings on account of the clouds, but soon enough...Vega$!!!                                           0522132121.jpg (697701 bytes)

  A quick shuttle ride and kiosk check in at Alamo (the best and closest) we are given a choice of anything in the standard aisle. We settle on the silver Kia Soul, who Sweet Ti promptly names Serena.



  0522132217.jpg (596826 bytes)                                        0522132217ab.jpg (226174 bytes)                       0522132218.jpg (398789 bytes)             

  we load up Serena and she whisks us up Las Vegas Blvd. to our home for the next 9 days- Orleans.


0522132244.jpg (594070 bytes)        0522132248.jpg (866360 bytes)    0522132248a.jpg (1175493 bytes)    0522132311.jpg (878308 bytes)


  The friendly clerk Dana turns us on to Room 1501-  0522132332.jpg (453006 bytes)  which is fine, except for the fact that it's all the way down at the end of the looonnnng hallway in the old section.

   0522132332a.jpg (552605 bytes)                           0522132334.jpg (610833 bytes)                0522132334a.jpg (548054 bytes)

   Ti relaxes while I fetches her a refreshing beverage- or 2. I cruise down to TGIF and Max greets me to take my order. It's Happy Hour ( isn't it always?) but Sweet Ti just wants a smoothie, so Maxie hooks me up with his special blend and gives me the 2 for 1 dealio.. I excalate up and butler my baby and it's time to GAMBOL!!!! I only take 2 hundred to the floor.. First up is my long awaited 8/5 MS BP .25 machine... I'm up and down till a dude sits down next to me and we introduce ourselves. His name's John, a semi- local. He brings me luck...

        0523130037.jpg (797936 bytes)   $400.jpg (803154 bytes)    Well that will work for the first hundred , on to DBDW...

                     100.jpg (825378 bytes)  then I switch to NSUD   0523130237.jpg (817790 bytes)  

   not bad for the 2nd hundred..0523130653.jpg (689711 bytes) Time to call it a night!


   Up fairly early, I got about 5 hours sleep- still on Right Coast time, and Serena and I head out to Wally World for room supplies.

    On the way out I spotted this.. 0523130731.jpg (603106 bytes) Looks to be a '66 VW micro-micro bus. Holiday traffic seems to have arrived as we cross the strip. 

     0523130736.jpg (507178 bytes)    The parking lot at Wally's is just about empty, so I grab a cart, and and score a brand new IglooŽ Wheelie Insulated Cooler (not a paid advertisement) and proceed to stock our pantry. I get in line to check-out, and the dude asks me how I've been doing, he remembers me from last year. I guess I'm strange enough looking to remember- even in Sin City. I head on back to Orlean's and grab Sweet Ti her breakfast at Caffeine Vegas, head upstairs to make the loooonnng journey once more to our room.

                     0523130922.jpg (613839 bytes)               0523131018.jpg (757419 bytes)            0523131018a.jpg (632175 bytes)

I awaken my Sleepy Ti, and we break our fast. Next up it's time to call downstairs for a room change. We got in so late, there wasn't much of a selection, but now we are able to score a room closer to the alleviators in the new wing. It will be ready by mid-afternoon. We decide to go down and see Hank the Magnifico. He's at the Alligator Bar today. They tend to shift the bartenders around quite a bit. He comes out and we exchange hugs and sit down at our usual spots to partake in some wagering... Sweet Ti leads us off... 

 0523131239.jpg (607421 bytes)   I'm busy chatting up an interesting couple from Sunny California. We discuss the typical post-hippie topics, all the Dead shows we have seen, and all the mind-altering involved in attending them. DUDE!!!!

I have to register for the 3 Ring Circus of Tournaments , so I trip on over, get a plum 9:30 a.m. session time, and then go outside for some pics of the joint...

  0523131347.jpg (685245 bytes) Air Supply is playing here every time we come. I swear they are following us around.


      0523131348a.jpg (692598 bytes)    0523131349.jpg (994145 bytes)        0523131349a.jpg (955120 bytes)        0523131351.jpg (687655 bytes)

 This dude was hatin' life having to get his picture taken by his wife and her 2 sisters..   0523131352.jpg (766984 bytes)



     0523131354.jpg (592902 bytes)    0523131354a.jpg (586513 bytes)  Sweet Ti has been busy  0523131406.jpg (542193 bytes) 

Time to grab the key cards to our new digs. Looks like we get to stay on the 15th floor. Quick stop by the gift shop, where we spot yet another familiar face- the clerk. We exchange pleasantries and head on upstairs. 

                     0523131429.jpg (477202 bytes)    0523131430.jpg (844032 bytes)    0523131518.jpg (693221 bytes)    

 Time to see the Zigmeister at Terrible's. Or what's left of the old Terrible's- soon to become the Silver Sevens. Changes are already in progress. The giant cowboy on the sign out front has trucked on down to the Neon Museum

                     0523131550.jpg (702378 bytes)    0523131551.jpg (746539 bytes)          0523131551a.jpg (650336 bytes)

 They have turned the Stage Bar into a Corona Cantina.. whatever that means. Ziggy tells us it's just free ad space for Groupo Modelo.

                                                                                            0523131552.jpg (532034 bytes)  

 He's working at the Sports Bar today, and we walk on over. Ziggy looks great- sporting a furry chin!

        0523131609.jpg (471113 bytes) "Let me tell you something". We sit down at our usual spot. 0523131605.jpg (538545 bytes)

 We present Zig with this year's gift- a genuine Smithfield ham that I've carried way out west. He loves it. We make plans with him for dinner at their house in Henderson on Monday. Then my phone rings and it's Bobby, our HVAC guy. Our AC has been on the fritz, and he has good news/ bad news. The good news is that he found our freon leak, and fixed it. The bad news is that a very nasty storm is headed toward Gloucester County, home sweet home. Tornado watch in effect. Bummer! We just lived thru one 2 years ago. I go back inside to tell Sweet Ti, and she's on the phone. It's our son, who lives about 30 miles from us. He has the same news. Then my phone rings again, and it's Robbie, an old friend who lives in OBX, N.C. He's watching the radar, and it looks bad fairly close to our house. Time for me to call Ti's brother-in-law, Joe, who lives next door to us. He sez not to worry, the storm is moving due East and should miss us. He's keeping an eye on our Hacienda, and promises to call if there's a problem. Time to gambol. Sweet Ti draws this...

0523131642.jpg (452349 bytes) works every time! Time to chow down, so we bid Ziggy farewell for now and head over to our favorite Italian joint in Nevada...

Casa di Amore


    0523131747.jpg (869171 bytes)    0523131748.jpg (879454 bytes)    0523131752.jpg (915240 bytes)    0523131801.jpg (512614 bytes)

 We have managed to make it here for dinner on every trip so far. Our dear friend Scratchy turned us on to this fine establishment on our first Vegoose adventure, way back in '05. As usual, we were not disappointed. AND, as an added bonus, tomorrow is my birthday and they have emailed me an offer for a free appetizer. We didn't have reservations, but Vinny (actually could be his real name!) seated us immediately in the corner booth, and we settle in as the night's entertainment starts. Our waitress gracefully accepts our coupon and wished me a H.B., and we order. Sweet Ti gets her usual Cape Cod, I am boycotting O'Doul's, and stick with aqua. Calamari with marinara sauce if you please...

    0523131803.jpg (648549 bytes)    0523131804.jpg (741527 bytes)    0523131810.jpg (741520 bytes)    0523131904.jpg (552509 bytes)

 very tasty indead! Now on to our entrees, Ti goes for the eggplant parm., and I get the lasagna. I always get the lasagna. 

                0523131832.jpg (863363 bytes)               0523131833.jpg (888981 bytes)                0523131905.jpg (926393 bytes)    

  We decide to forgo the free birthday Cannoli, as we are too full, so she turns me on to a free T-shirt. First time they have had one in stock!

        0523131914.jpg (516436 bytes) This place just can't be beat!!!     0523131916.jpg (852382 bytes)

 We bid Vinny arrivederci, and as we walk out to Serena, we spot Yarma the Yaris' western cousin...


0523131919.jpg (658810 bytes)                        0523131918.jpg (613170 bytes)        

 What's a merkin??? Inquiring minds want to know. Google it.......

Time to trek on back across the Strip to the Big Easy. We notice the MGM Gato seems to be a bit more confined.

0523131931.jpg (613654 bytes)  We self park Serena, this place is a gettin' busy! Upstairs I deposit our Sweet Ti for the evening, and I go down for a quick session.

0523132005.jpg (456318 bytes)    This is about all that I can manage..  0523132151.jpg (708639 bytes) Sleepytime!     


Well my birthday starts off rather nicely, I am awakened by a phone call from my brother Bill, and we catch each other up on things, and I go over to Gold Coast for some free play and and match play. Free play--$40., MP- well that was interesting. I bought in for $20. and bet $10 on my first hand. Lost. Put down my MP and my last $10. and was dealt an eleven to the dealer's 9. The Asian lady sitting at 2nd base told me to double it, but I was broke- so she doubles it for me. I drew a 2. Dealer turned over a 10. Oh well! Thanks anywhoo.

 Back to Orleans and  Jittery Vegas to try out Tabby, my new Droid tablet.. spotty wi-fi.0524130756.jpg (495118 bytes)

 My trusty ol' MS machine sucks me in, and deposits this.

0524130842.jpg (575306 bytes)  Yepper, the VP streak yet continues. Back to Nervous Vegas for Sweet Ti's BnB, I serve her, and I open my birthday cards. Thanks y'all!!!.We excalate down for today's slot tourney. 



0524130926.jpg (816259 bytes)    0524130937.jpg (811572 bytes)    0524131126.jpg (663598 bytes)    0524131126a.jpg (653326 bytes)

Met yet another interesting local, Amil, and we talked while waiting for our session to begin. I end up with 13,500 points, just about 40 points out of the money. Oh well, VP session tomorrow! I score a rack of Beck's NA and we head for 1593.

    We grab quick showers, and make our way over to soon to be formally Terrible's.  On the way over Sweet Ti got some pics of the old Key Largo Casino that has recently burned down.

0524131203.jpg (374593 bytes)   0524131203a.jpg (433827 bytes)    0524131204.jpg (582870 bytes)

We still can't get used to the sign without the cowboy reigning over it...

0524131204a.jpg (447902 bytes)   Ziggy is back at Ziggy's Bar..        0524131222.jpg (399869 bytes)   No sign of Lou this trip, so we don't have to listen to his Lamestream Media rants. But we do meet Ed, a 30 year Vegas local, and enjoy his tales of Vegas back in the good ol' bad ol' days. Time to traverse El Stripo once more to get ready for our celebrations yet to come. Here kitty, kitty, kitty....

0524131330.jpg (873029 bytes)  We leave Serena in the car park, and get ourselves gussied up for the evening, and look in on Hank the Magnifico down at the Wally Gator. He hooks us up with some sweet Sailor Jerry swag, and we give him his peanuts from Gloucester Co. VA and a couple of koozies.

 0524131516.jpg (593261 bytes)  0524131517.jpg (633321 bytes)   0524131518.jpg (617191 bytes) I deposit our swag upstairs, and we head on over to NYNY and self park. What an easy commute. There's a left turn lane between the interstate and LVB so it's zip, zap, just like that. I always like to take a photo of where we leave the rental..

                                                                          0524131559.jpg (317592 bytes) 

         0524131600a.jpg (530763 bytes)     0524131600b.jpg (713805 bytes)       0524131601a.jpg (319059 bytes) 

Only been in NYNY once a few years ago. Our mission is to find the PC and redeem some MyVegas rewards. Couldn't be easier..2 premium tics for Zumanity and a $50 comp to Nine Drunk Irishdudes. We wander round .

 0524131605.jpg (399813 bytes)    0524131605a.jpg (472012 bytes)    0524131607.jpg (376946 bytes)

  0524131621.jpg (459008 bytes)      0524131625.jpg (623831 bytes)      0524131639.jpg (438119 bytes)

We are seated right away at NDI and order a Sweetini and a Kalaber. We are joined by Jay from VMB. While we are getting to know each other we order Shepard's Pie and Fish and Chips

  0524131644.jpg (686206 bytes)    0524131646.jpg (482134 bytes)    0524131646a.jpg (748900 bytes)

                                    0524131646a.jpg (748900 bytes)       0524131813.jpg (253472 bytes)

That came to exactly $50. We say our toodles to Jay, and head over to the Theater. I grab our front row tickets

0524131914.jpg (178180 bytes)                                                                                            0524131915.jpg (216325 bytes)

Incredible seats. Soon a few characters from the show start walking around. 2 bawdy sisters are serving up chocolate dipped strawberries from a tray. Sweet Ti is offered one. Next this dude is walking around with a Polaroid style camera.

                                                                           Antonio & Sweet Ti 1.jpg (194752 bytes)

He hands me the camera and grabs Sweet Ti and takes her up to the edge of the stage. I document the action...

Antonio & Sweet Ti 2.jpg (190859 bytes)   Antonio & Sweet Ti 3.jpg (75280 bytes)    Antonio & Sweet Ti 4.jpg (58467 bytes)

Well that was interesting. The show starts and it's all pretty much topless. I'd rate it dead sexy... Take the wife. Maybe she too can be dry-humped by Antonio... We stroll back thru the Big Apple and back to the Big Easy. DBDW?????

                                             0524132249.jpg (709233 bytes)       0524132320.jpg (730278 bytes)

0524132339.jpg (747871 bytes)             0524132357.jpg (773423 bytes)



                                        0525130121.jpg (785240 bytes)                         0525130136.jpg (632582 bytes)

It's been a fine 57th birthday. I call it a year.


Hey Now! Up with the dawn- let's play some DBDW while the earth rotates awhile...

            0525130723.jpg (648914 bytes)                         0525130810.jpg (679492 bytes)     

I stop by Meth Vegas and Reneee hooks me up with Sweet Ti's repast and I deliver said and awaken her to the day. We feast and soon it's time for today's VP Tourney. Tammy is there and gets me registered. We talk to Amil while we wait. I find out that we are playing 9/6 DDB so I figure my strategy will be to only go for 2's,3's,4's, or Aces. And of course anything to a Royal. 

            0525130920.jpg (629355 bytes)                                            0525130922.jpg (561369 bytes)


Well that strategy was a tragedy. We went by the front desk and scored the key card for our Feather's room. She's driving in today from L.A. Got one just down the hall. Sweet. Upstairs for showers, we then take Serena over the river and thru the woods to see Ziggy. While there, we recieve a call from Feather- she's in Nevada, headed our way. We make our plans for an evening at Ziggy and Bo's in Henderson. Zig is busy so we boogie.

                                                0525131226.jpg (487318 bytes)

Feather is due any minute, so we play some Multi-Strike while we wait, as it's just inside the casino from the car park. She arrives, and we pile her stuff in her room and decide to have a bite at Coasta Cantina. 

                    0525131705.jpg (676572 bytes)                                                         0525131734.jpg (574734 bytes)           

I notice this small instrument on the way in and as the waitress brought us chips and salsa I asked if I could play it. " It's just for looks Honey, but you just go 'head on and help yo'self!" So I did. Let's see, 5 strings. I kinda  got it into some sort of tuning and serenaded them with a John Prine song, "Fish and Whistle". Then we feasted and talked. It's great to see our Feather. After our fiesta, the girls decide on a soak in the on some Hot Tubbin'. I decide to gambol. Seeing as DBDW has been good to me today, I hit the uprights up front. Insert coin. A few hands in- let's join the action. Jim?




                                                                                      0525131831.jpg (731652 bytes)      

                                             Oh RB!...how do you follow up that??????


                                                                                    0525131926.jpg (687094 bytes)

I cashed out. I do love this game, but you can't stand under the spigot too long. You will get burned. Wait- that doesn't work. Anyhow, I thought I might try some more MS. It's .25 8/5 BP. $5- 4 hands at a time. If you win the previous. I've been practicing at home as the strategy is quite a bit different from regular BP. I insert a hundy, and don't hit shit. I'm down literally to .25 and claw my way back up. Then I hit this.

                                                0525132127 down to last penny then this.jpg (724057 bytes)

That kept me going for a bit. Sweet Ti called and said they were finished soaking and were getting cleaned up. I gave her an update on my winnings and she said they would be down later. A few hands later this happened:

                                               0525132206.jpg (688955 bytes)

Isn't that special! I got a Royal on the 2x hand. But it just went on to the next hand like nothing happened. So I stopped playing and called my Sweet Ti to tell to get the hell down here so that she could see me get a hand pay. So I hung out until Feather and her Mom showed up. I gave phone to Sweet Ti so that she could record the rest of the hand.


 0525132211.jpg (334111 bytes)               0525132212.jpg (781895 bytes)              0525132220.jpg (728915 bytes)

I tipped the attendants and gave our Feather a hundy. Sweet Ti got the rest. They went about their womanly duties and I hit the High Limit room. Within about 5 minutes I un-hit the High Limit room $200 poorer. It was getting really crowded in the main part of the joint. Smokey too. But fortunately, I have the key- to escape reality. There are 2 banks od uprights, back to back, between the food court and the poker room. Not nearly as smokey as  the rest of the place.  The machines all offer full pay DBDW, DW44, BDW, and Boner Deluxe. I choose my usual DBDW. Insert coin and engage. I must have played 3 hours on the same hundy. I was down to my last few duckies and I got this-

                                                       0526130007.jpg (744246 bytes)

That just plain completes the day. Can't tell very well from the pic, but 4 deuces and an ace pays 2k credits. I cashed out that puppy. Yepper. Yet another Hella day in Vegoose. Our Feather is here, the room safe is bulging with hundys, and all is well. 


I was up at like 4 a.m. I can't keep Pacific time. I've been getting up early for so many years on Eastern time that I don't even try. Probably why we crash around 10 p.m. here. I'm bumping around the room looking for my coupon books. I found the ACGs, but can't seem to find the MRB. Shit I must have dropped it somewhere. I always cut all the non-coupon pages out of one of the ACG books and slip the MRB book inside. Looks like it must have fallen out. So today's coupon/chip run consists of the Alamo Casino. Easy drive from the Big Easy. Right down Dino Drive. Made it to the truckstop/casino in about 10 minutes. Walked thru the Quickie Mart to the back room/casino. Michelle greeted me from behind the bar. I inquired about getting a chip and signing up for the player's club. She walked the 10 steps from the bar to the cage/player's club and signs me up. I buy a chip from her and she tells me I get $5 free play for signing up and all members get $1 in free play every day. Back at the bar she tells me I can use the free play on the bartop VP- and sez don't bother to use my own money, just load up the $5. I order an Ab'Dulls and sit. The only other person in the joint was a local at the bar. So Michelle introduces me to Mark. He's a truck driver. Go figure. He's having a great time, hooting every time he gets 3 of a kind or a straight. I play some cruddy BP and lose my free play in short order. I finish my near beer and leave Michelle a $5 tip. I tell her I'll be back once I get a new MRB coupon book. Laters Y'all! 

             0526130715.jpg (661952 bytes)        0526130715a.jpg (586701 bytes)        0526130742.jpg (798550 bytes)

             0526130743.jpg (730119 bytes)        0526130743a.jpg (677455 bytes)        0526130750.jpg (834103 bytes)

                        I rather enjoyed cruising up Dino Drive as it's parallel to I-15/ Da Strip. 

         0526130806.jpg (482939 bytes)     0526130807.jpg (473702 bytes)     0526130808.jpg (566527 bytes)

I stopped by Jitter Vegas and grabbed coffee for the girls from our Reneee. They were just getting up. I was due downstairs for the last day of the tourney- back to slots today. But I couldn't catch shit. Here's today's total:

                                                  0526130946.jpg (661447 bytes)

It took 16k to be in the money today. Hey- at least we got an extra 3 comped nights out of it. The girls came down, and as Hank Bonefish was working at the Crawdad today, we encamped there. 

                                    0526130952.jpg (547431 bytes)                  0526130955.jpg (627106 bytes)                         

I felt a blackjack session was in order, so I found an empty 3rd base at a DD table and bought in for a hundy. Great group, I was sitting next to this crazy dude named Jason. He was full of stories. Or something. He was born in Vegas, but his parents split up when he was 12 and he and his Mom moved to Hawaii, but he didn't like it there, so he ran away. Back to Vegas. Tales of Fear and Loathing...We played for a couple of hours. I cashed out a nice profit. 

                                                0526131234.jpg (436005 bytes)

The women-folk went to get a pedi and enjoy lunch at the Egg House, so I occupied myself with some Multi-Strike.

0526131247.jpg (745455 bytes)             0526131342.jpg (777416 bytes)         0526131343.jpg (760990 bytes)

I got a call from Turtleman from VMB, inviting me over to Gold Coast to join him, Ms. Gecko, and Vern. Sounds like a plan!0526131441.jpg (665423 bytes)             0526131441a.jpg (653309 bytes)            0526131441b.jpg (680738 bytes)

I brought Stretch along. They are at the bar when I arrive, and we talk a bit and let Stretch and Vern relax together.

                         0526131648.jpg (602593 bytes)            0526131649.jpg (602044 bytes)

Time for a blackjack session, and we sit at a DD table. It's full, and the dealer is cutting off one whole deck per shuffle. So after every 2 hands, there's a shuffle. Come on people, it's a $5 table! What the hell are they afraid of? I wasn't hitting much anyhow, so after an hour or so I cashed out. They were doing pretty good and stayed. We made plans to get together in a couple of days. Serena, Stretch, and I headed back to Orleans. The ladies showed me their newly coiffed feet. Purtty! They had been for a swim and were feeling peckish. I wasn't too hungry. They went off to the Prime Rib Loft, I made a beeline for the Wally Gator Bar. I really like playing at the shortie machine. It was available. Inserted coin and punched up $1 8/5 BP. Second hand I got a full house. Nice start. Next hand I got this...

                                                        0526132008.jpg (578713 bytes)

                                                                Next hand....

                                                        0526132011.jpg (564147 bytes)

Next hand I didn't hit shit so I cashed out an even $500. Inserted another hundy. About 5 hands later>>>>>>>>>>>>>

                                                        0526132043.jpg (651465 bytes)






                                                                                        0526132112.jpg (529481 bytes)

I met Sweet Ti and Feather as they were leaving the restaurant. We went upstairs and celebrated a bit. I stuffed our loot in the safe. They are gonna watch TV awhile, so I descended for some DBDW.

                     0526132322.jpg (663147 bytes)                            0526132344.jpg (674502 bytes)

                            Helluva day once again. This is turning out to be a helluva trip!


                   Time for a bit of a diversion. Can you spot the Orleans in this picture???

                                                    0527130832.jpg (630514 bytes)

That was shot from the self park at today's first stop, Palms. I wanted to play some 10/7 DDB. So I did.

                                                    0527130853.jpg (699208 bytes)

Cash out and run- across the street to Gold Coast. I looked around for the Turtle Clan, but I doubt if they are up yet. My mission this morn is DBDW. I can only play it at the .25 level at Orleans, but here at Gold Coast they have it .25/.50/ $1. in the High Limit Room. That's where I head. Employing Royal Flusher's Strict Rules of Parlay here....0527131022.jpg (675818 bytes)            0527131037.jpg (641015 bytes)               0527131049.jpg (712215 bytes)     

                    0527131052.jpg (606972 bytes)                            0527131052a.jpg (550816 bytes)

                                    That will work. How about some sitcom cartoon fun???

0527131114.jpg (696574 bytes)                                                                                                        0527131149.jpg (735796 bytes)