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The journey begins anew..
Afternoon departure leads to tried and sore 1/2 century old models..
Grabbed the cheap rental and boogied to Terrible's.
11pm check-in meant no standard rooms, so we got a tower room.
These rooms are only 4 years old, but we like being on the other side of the place.
The room on the 3rd floor was a bit smaller, but we settled in.
These rooms actually cost more ....

We poked our heads in the casino- couldn't help it as you had to walk thru the back of the casino to get to the room from anywhere on the prop.
I'm missing the east coast atmosphere already. Smokin!! sucks♠♣♥♦
Very few new machines, this is a small place- and my 5 JoB 9/6 is MIA, just as reported on vpfree. Rest of the .25 machines are still there.

So are most of the staff..
just fewer per shift..
tiny pit just got smaller..

Ziggy's Bar
(The Stage Bar)
along with Ziggy's hours got cut back.
The bar opens at 5pm on weekdays.
Timmy in the store is working evening shift, and they announced more layoffs on Sunday.

Time to catch some zzzzzzs and kick some jet lag back east...




Went down to the spa and found things just about the same.Vegas Rex had posted this great shot of Paradise looking out east from the strip at the construction on Flamingo..

too funny.
Stilll have the computer up there, and the H2O too..

Terrible's Spa

RB! | Myspace Video

perks are where you find them.
On to Lee's for my Kalaber stash..

2 cases were waiting, nice people-zany TV commercials

5x day at THC so we get down to the business of earning our keep..

Met up with Scratchy and caught each other up on our lives ..turns out Steve (Scratchy) is staying put in Vegas, got a new gig.
Sweet, we'll have more time together while we're here.
We head out to Ellis Island for some BBQ and Root Beer, but they are SLAMMMED!!
Got caught-up in the parking garage from hell..
and ended up across Flamingo from THC. .(Terrible Herbst Casinos) at a place called Buca di Beppo

family style!
YO! TRACY!! was our server, lots of photos and knick-knacks, many small rooms makes getting lost easy, I broke my glasses, and the spares didn't make it to the appetizers..

Fuzzy but tasty meal.The couple next to us turned us on to a coupon, so that was nice.
I had a pizza, Ti had Chicken Marsala, and Scratchy had the meatballs, leftovers abounding.

Back to THC and Scratchy had the hook-up, and we got our gamble on..DW called, and then some MP BJ, I mostly played 6D for $5 and some DD.. up and down, no killer sessions all trip really.

The elevator up to the room takes the card key to work, and the controls are iffy..

you have to re-insert the card if you lose the green lights.
so I rescued a French couple.. (Baguette!!!)..who probably gone nowhere for minutes, and then got hijacked upstairs thanks to an employee override ...her card trumps ours..

Scatchy shows us Keno patterns...
another game to learn BS for..

and goes home, I put Sweet Ti to bed and play a bit more..


Went in search of FPDW at the Gold Coast

vpfree2 is spot on again..
Found the no point machines, and then grabbed my free play, no much pit action..
$5 MP goes unplayed..
Over to the Palms for some more MP, no FSP here, and the pit only has $25 tables...and the place is deserted..
The FP VP has a few people, and I try my luck, but split quickly and go home to wake Ti and see Ziggy.

We give Ziggy his gift- Polish candy- and get a good report on Bose, she's much better.
Scratchy shows up, and we boogie over to the strip.
I drive to Tropicana and take it to the Strip, traffic is still bad due to the City Center construction, opening soon!!

We park at Paris-
1030091422.jpg (738131 bytes)

could have walked there from Ellis Is.

Love the way the Tower runs right thru the casino..

1030091430.jpg (586154 bytes)

We brave the crowds and go up the Tower Ride.. coupon of course!

Ti doesn't like heights, but she bravely makes it up..
1030091447.jpg (766179 bytes)  1030091449.jpg (972755 bytes)  1030091454.jpg (916410 bytes)  1030091448.jpg (714344 bytes)1030091510.jpg (778007 bytes)

84 people up top..
We stroll on over to the PH via the Shoppes, and sign up for our cards and FSP!
Ran into the Fake mannequin out front..

1030091516.jpg (711823 bytes)  1030091516a.jpg (721828 bytes)  1030091516b.jpg (786503 bytes)

Peace out Dude!!
Scratchy made money on Jackpot Station.. tho Ti didn't...Do Not Cue The Dog!!
Dropped back over to THC and got ready for our romantic dinner..

1030092059a.jpg (359616 bytes)

Casa Di Amore
Rocco will be your server this evening.
George had hired a drummer

1030092045a.jpg (432738 bytes)

and serenaded us thru our meal.
Sinatra would weep..
We had the clam appetizer, and Lasagna- best I've ever smelled- and the Veal di Amore..
What can you say, it's like the 60s all over again.
is your friend in the digital age.
Rolled back home, and crashed..


Let Ti sleep in again, and made a run back to G.C./Palms..
Amazing how dead it is around here in the a.m.
Ended up at Ellis Island in a heads-up DD game.
Won using the MP and had a blast!
Nice dealers and PB-he was from Philly and I pissed him off by being a Skins fan.
He did order me a Root Beer tho- that's gotta be one of the tastiest secerts in this town. They make it onsiteand it's sooo creamy..
And I'm not really much of a Root Beer fan.
Ended up ahead a bit, nice place to hang out in the morning, as it isn't as smokey as it is at night
Tiny pit, they only had 2 BJ tables, 1 roulette and 1 craps.

Good VP tho.
I like this place a lot.
And very tasty BBQ and great coupons..

1031090803.jpg (671364 bytes)

Grabbed an RB to go back to my Sweet Ti and woke her up the proper way for a Saturday.

1103091008.jpg (1074888 bytes)
We went down to the pool water to check out the Hot Tub
the temps have been rising each day and should be in the 80's today.
Ti made friends a nice couple from the UK-Allen and Ruby-on their 27th trip-and I joined into the chat..what..
We all agreed that the property had gone downhill
We went to eat at the cafe-same problem, not enough wait staff..Even the food is suffering there.I hope the bank can turn around the place.I don't want to see all these nice people have to leave.
Played a bit of BJ with the nice daytime dealers, since Bo isn't there...still having good luck with my MP.

Ti was with Ziggy and he left as he felt ill, he's worn out about now.
She makes friends with a local construction dude..Louis, the man with a scheme for everything.
He has notes, even went home o get Keno notes..strange character.
Morebad news, as he's working on the City Center, whick will oped in 6 weeks, then who knows???

We got ready early for the show.
1031091755.jpg (789464 bytes)

and drove over to Ti..
1031091722.jpg (600515 bytes)
Took the tram over to the Mirage,

1031091735a.jpg (480304 bytes)

1031091736.jpg (545145 bytes)

the waterfalls are spectacular!
1031091746.jpg (598847 bytes)

the aquarium at the hotel check in is wild too.

1031091741.jpg (612051 bytes)  1031091743.jpg (563944 bytes)

The Mirage was SMOKIN".. as in people everywhere, so we got in the will call line with 100 other people .they need more room to queue up.
But everything in the area is LOVE themed, even the slot machines!!
1031092053.jpg (594067 bytes)  1031091812a.jpg (544337 bytes)  1031091757.jpg (665545 bytes)  1031091811.jpg (869867 bytes)

We made our way in and grabbed a rail for the trip up to our seats..
We're in the front row!!
Interesting theater, the stage starts out as 2 intersecting rinways, and curtains bisect the theater.
The usher, in his strange outfit, sez we have prime seats.
The show opens with video footage of WW 2- and then all hell breaks loose...too many details to go thru, suffice it to say that the story continues thru history till 1969, which makes sense, but noy much else does..
In some scenes there are 50 people onstage and 10 more in the air.
This is easily the best production either of us has ever seen.
Believe doesn't come close..
Octopus's Garden is like eating peyote buttons. Completely Frilling awesime.

We stumble out after the show still stunned back into the crowds and head for the gift shop.
$35.00 youth T-shirts?????
We mobbed our way out to the strip to join all the crazies...
Stop at the BLT for a shake and beer, and hit the street to head back to TI and ran into Bobby Light!!!
1031092137.jpg (506637 bytes)  1031092136.jpg (629062 bytes)
Found the
1031092148.jpg (731352 bytes)

Sirens of Ti and inched our way to a good viewing spot off the starboard bow

even saw some real pirates at the club next door..the show starts with the Sirens calling the pirates,,,ARRRRGGGGG!!!! and it didn't take 5 minutes to realize something's wrong.. the sound was off a bit.
"Due to technical difficulties blah blah blah..See Ya!!!
We ran into Austin and Foxy Brown  

1031092146.jpg (461394 bytes)OH BEHAVE!!!!
now this is getting kookier and kookier...
Never in my life seen so many people trying to get into a night club, and all the guys are in costumes and all the girls were dressed as street whores!
Grabbed the car and did the strip crawl back to Flamingo and made it safely back to THC..
Busy there to boot....guy singing karaoke at Ziggy's Bar...
Too many smokers as my usual bank of 9/6 machines, so we look around for new ones.Worse thing about stay/playing at such a small property-not many machines, but plenty of locals. And few areas with enough OXYGEN!
I found a .05 Multi'Strike machine next to the sportbook and played a bit- it's a hoot!
Played some DW- not FP. but..
Ti found her long lost Double Diamond Run, but no
I hit a couple of times on my machine for not much at that level, and then hit 4 Deuces at the 8x level...
$2.00 per play..
About this time a couple of drunk Beaners stumble by, on their way to the can.
Guy starts calling me "Creedence Clearwater Revival" in broken Spanglish and patting me on the back.He pulls out a handfull of casino offers from a big plastic bag and shows me a picture of John Fogerty, who is in concert that week at Primm..too funny, turns out this guy is 50 and from Mencino CA. We share Uriah Heap and Blue Oyster Cult memories.Far out and Bud Light Fueled they stumble off..
Turning my attention back to my machine, I start to realize the 8000 credits I won equals $400!!
1101092225.jpg (740443 bytes)
Bad pic, but you get the drift!!
This score is right on time to bring the BR around..The 4OAKs haven't quite been enough..

I do like this game.. Bonus Poker Deluxe.. wish we had it in AC..
We head upstairs to grab a burger before bed..
At least the cafe still serves up one 24/7/365


1031090723.jpg (809161 bytes)

 Hey Now!
I suspend my Gold Coast Run and grab a workout instead.. Played a bit of BJ- gotta use up those coupons..ended up playing 5-$10 MPs at Terribles..won 4 and DDed on one of them!
Krispy Kreme Bfast deal, and we're off on our Westbound Coupon Run..
1101091021.jpg (1164622 bytes)  1101091144.jpg (966538 bytes)  

We hauled ass across town to Rampart.. this place is a really nice Mariott resort with a nice cozy casino..made us feel quite young compared to the crowd.. or all 11 people there early on a Sunday morning..
We grab our cards and free T-shirts and FSP and I find a DD game and win on my $25 MP..always hate to play green chip- but love that win!! Enjoyed talking to the pit crew, and a local came in and sat down at 1st base, and we played a few shoes.
Up a bit, we decide to book for the Suncoast
1101091146.jpg (623739 bytes)  1101091149.jpg (580099 bytes)

Day and night difference ..Suncoast is a typical Coast prop.. movies, bowling,etc..
Ti finds her Reel's O Dublin and I found my DW (NSUD)!
We both score..
Things are looking good!!!
Scratchy caught up with us after we have the 241 buffet
1101091227a.jpg (791666 bytes)

Pretty good after too many Terrible's buffets.
We went in search of a Pit, and talked Ti into playing some .50 Roulette..we bought in for $40 each.. I played even/odd and black/red switcheroo and was hitting so I joined Ti in playing the inside..I hit solid on 19 and pull my chips to cash out and 19 comes up again...DAMN! shoulda let it ride..Ti hit on 17 and we cashed out about $80 ahead..
Nice place-got a bit crowded, thinking about staying here next time.. a bit far from the strip tho..
We said our goodbyes to Scratchy and take off for Red Rock Canyon..
1101091428.jpg (794197 bytes)

We found our way to the brand new visitors center and scored some nice swag..
Hit the scenic road and 7 miles of pictures and gawking.. no donkeys tho.. plenty of beautiful vistas.
The rock formations rival anything we saw in Yellowstone ..

1101091428a.jpg (783866 bytes)     

wpe13.jpg (27377 bytes)

 check this place out, a nice break from the Strip, and only 40 minutes away or so.
I would go in the morning unlike the evening when we did, less peoples I'm sure.
Next stop was the Red Rock Casino, amazingly just down the road a couple of miles..

1101091606.jpg (572683 bytes)
More water features everywhere, very Desert feel to the place.
Upscale Station prop..
The Air-iest casino around, while still being closed in with the large round bar in the middle.
I used the MRB coupon-$120.00 for $100.00 buy-in.
$20.00 in non-nego chips tho.
I found a dime game with an interesting crowd, a para-quad with a friend to help, an old guy, and a very chatty chick next to me on 1st base.
Only table I could find open, so that's why 1st base.
Don't like to be on 1st..
Friendly dealer,but I walked away after 1 shoe ahead, and he didn't pay me right for the non-nego chips, but I
didn't realize till I had lost them..
The Red Rock has one of those still water features that is weird looking, and a waterfall at every exit so we had trouble finding the car, but just as the sky grew too dark to see, we found it and went back to Terrible's..

wpe17.jpg (47213 bytes)

10x day at our home base, so we search for new slots to play, but after being in those nicer places- we realize this place is a DUMP!!!
Upstairs is a joke, way too smoky-the frilling Bingo Room takes up 1/2 of it and the buffet and restaurant take up the rest.
The non-smoking area ought to be where the food is!!! It's a mess..
Scratchy begs off dinner, so we eat once more at the Bourginville Cafe..
Ti goes upstairs to begin packing loot, and I go back to my nickle VP..
Addicting game even with shitty odds..
Another busy day in the Wild, Wild West..

  wpe19.jpg (18342 bytes)   wpe1B.jpg (18401 bytes)
Hey Now!
Up with the dawn-me anyhoo- and off to the Strip for a Brisk Chip Run to conserve time...
I drive down Flamingo to Paris rather than down Trop... much better choice..
I boogie thru Paris to Bally's and take the Moving Sidewalk to the Strip..

Moving Sidewalk

RB! | Myspace Video

Other than a few joggers, I have the corner of Flamingo and Las Vegas Blvd to myself.

wpe1E.jpg (25275 bytes)
7am, Monday morning....
this Rocks!!!
Time to hit the rest of HETVille...
wpe20.jpg (31048 bytes)  wpe22.jpg (31579 bytes)   wpe24.jpg (19750 bytes)

let's see that again???

wpe26.jpg (19750 bytes)
Over to Bill's, the Flamongo, O'Shea's...all dead..

wpe28.jpg (28525 bytes)

Harrah's and then to Casino Royale, the only privately held joint in sight.
wpe2A.jpg (27528 bytes) I sign up at the hotel check in..
small place, but I can't use my free play till 10am...yeah right like I'll still be there, the pit isn't even open...this is where they have 100x odds on craps too..on to the Imperial Palace..which I didn't get a chip from, to the Venation where I stroll up the canal into Venice..
wpe2C.jpg (21590 bytes)  
and grab a Palazzo at the same time..
Across Sands Ave. to SteveVille..

wpe2E.jpg (38247 bytes)   wpe30.jpg (34583 bytes)  wpe32.jpg (26500 bytes)

wpe34.jpg (27848 bytes)  wpe38.jpg (21724 bytes)  wpe3A.jpg (27544 bytes)

Wynns is classy, the P.C. is even open and the dude there is very overdressed to give out player;s cards.
I play my FSP on bad VP had head across the Strip to the Fashion Show Mall past the flying saucer out front..
wpe3C.jpg (19055 bytes)
A bathroom would come in handy right about now..
they are nowhere near the front door of a casino, and apparently the same holds true for Malls here too...

wpe3E.jpg (31048 bytes)  wpe40.jpg (35709 bytes)   wpe42.jpg (22806 bytes)  
this place is huge, and finally in the food court I find one.
There's 3 other people here this morning.All at Starbucks.
Across Spring Mtn. Road heading north, I hit TI and the Mirage for some daytime pics.
wpe44.jpg (20279 bytes)  wpe46.jpg (20083 bytes)  wpe48.jpg (44145 bytes)  

wpe4A.jpg (39461 bytes)  wpe4C.jpg (26072 bytes)  

Onto Caeser's Palace and thru to Bellagio

wpe4E.jpg (32353 bytes)  wpe50.jpg (20916 bytes)  wpe52.jpg (30435 bytes)  wpe54.jpg (31048 bytes)
Back across the strip to the car
wpe56.jpg (19427 bytes)   wpe58.jpg (26819 bytes)
this entire run has taken me 45 minutes..
I call Ti, and she wants to sleep more, so it's time for a BEER!!-Root-style that is..a la Ellis Island.
wpe5A.jpg (25896 bytes)

Pull in up front, and headed to the pit for some DD action..
Not a very kind shoe, so I walked over to the bar for some Not So Ugly Deuces..