AC July 6-8 2011                                                                                    Hit Counter

Hey Now! 

 Getting ready to start my new job, I grab a quick couple of days of R&R at Resorts. 

Up early as usual, I join the queue to get on the ferry.  Man, this really makes you yearn for wintertime.. I enjoy being on an empty boat.  There's always somebody's alarm going off during the summer..wpe22.jpg (11045 bytes) and the loonies they hire for security!!!!

I get to Resorts about noon and make my way to the lobby to check-in. I walk right up, but instead of getting my info, they give me a tag with 2:30 written on it. "Come back then"...

So I play some Bonus Poker..      starting out ok, I wander around and find my buddy Colin fiddling at his new location outside of the Asian Pit 

Wednesday afternoon, and this place is dead..  I head on out to the car and grab a few things about 2:15 and go back to the lobby and encounter this..

a very slow moving line and only a couple of clerks behind the counter. There's no rhyme or reason to this. People ahead of me have tags for 3:00. Others notice this and tempers flare. Finally a manager comes out and tells us to sort ourselves out by tag times.. So I move ahead of 3 parties, but it still takes 45 minutes to check-in. Major chaos there Dennis... I had asked for an upgrade to the Rendezvous Tower, and the girl said I had it and my room was ready, as if....

I throw my stuff in and bust out for the Borg, and to my BP table.. I can always count this machine for a couple of 4OAKs, but I don't have the bankroll this trip for much $1 play, so I retreat to a more affordable machine, although there's no cheap 8/5 BP at the Borg...      I'm tired, so I head back to the room and call it a night.


Up at 4:15 for a shower, then and downstairs to try to keep up this streak!  No luck tho, so I went back upstairs for a Raisin Bran breakfast, and then over to check out the new Golden Nugget. Nice sunrise over the Inlet. I went by the pit for a chip for my collection and found a nice $5 BJ game. The dealer didn't have a clue, and I played the Match the Dealer side bet, as she was checking her hole card to see if we had a match each time! The Pit Boss was letting her get away with all kinds of strange plays.  So after 3 decent shoes I was doing well, but then disaster hit, and she dealt the shoe from hell and I gave it all back... So I left for the Borg for some more BP.. I surfaced parked and saw this on the way in   this Boardling was a long way from home... I didn't hit a lick at a snake at video poker, so I went back to the Resorts, and headed over to Revel to check out the new lounge.  They had a bunch of computers set up to register everyone for their email list, and a pool table and video games for the kiddies. T-Shirts, hats and drinks at a counter for sale, and a couple of tables outside.  A video was playing on a wall showing the construction progress outside, but no inside shots. I watched the beach replenishment going on across the boardwalk    they really need it here, as part of the boardwalk washed away last fall. I went to the Garden Pier and checked out the Atlantic City Historical Museum which was interesting, especially the video of old AC. Time to stroll the boards and check out the touristas..



  Back to the Hacienda to see the progress on the circus tent going up in the parking lot next to Resorts. I've been listening to the clacking of the tent hoists since I got here.       

        Hard to believe they can fit over a thousand people into that tent. According to the interweb that is.....

good to know the Guardian is on the job protecting the valet staff a Resorts...  

Time to hit the Burger Bar for the 2 for 1 burger special.. Killer deal, these burgers are made from aged Gallagher's beef, and as I was alone, they hooked me up with one of them to save for later..

Nice view too     Right across the hall from the new club...   

AND upstairs from the 1st slot machine in Atlantic City!  

    Gosh, the excitement just never ends here!

OK, full belly, time for a bit of play..

wpe1.jpg (13365 bytes)    wpeD.jpg (14483 bytes)  wpeF.jpg (12586 bytes) I'm jammin to the tunes, so it takes me a minute to realize that this nice lady is asking me a question, so I pull out an ear bud and give her a listen. She asks how much to play this machine, and I explain that it's a quarter multi-game machine. I set her up with a Joker Poker game, and she puts in her $5... We talk, and she sez she's down $300 and tired of losing money! (aren't we all!!) She turns out to be 95 years old, and staying with her son-in-law and daughter, and can't wait to get back to her own house. She makes her BR last a good 30 minutes, and we say our goodbyes..

Back to a bit more serious jamming....


wpe11.jpg (15871 bytes)   wpe13.jpg (13300 bytes)  wpe15.jpg (15821 bytes)

best not push my luck, time to crash.. 10:15 ferry in the morning......

Friday (always comes too soon)

Up at 5 am, gotta love those early hours, just me, a couple of drunks at the tables, and a nearly smoke free casino!!

I find a nice slant machine and start my day

wpe17.jpg (14160 bytes)  wpe19.jpg (13672 bytes) about this time security comes around to cash out my row of machines, and asks me to move. Figures..

So I find a row of Monster Uprights. Sitting in front of them makes me feel like a munchkin...wpe1B.jpg (13810 bytes)  all to soon it's time to leave..


  but on the way out there's always hope!!!!


wpe1F.jpg (8754 bytes)