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                                                        AC Sept 12-15 2014

                                     Hey Now!  

     09.12.2014  To da Shore!

      Welcome back y'all! Sweet Ti & I got up at a ridiculous hour yet again and headed south to head north. We made killer time, and after a quick 4.5 hours we were awaiting the 8:45 a.m. ferry in Lewes. We grabbed a sammach for breakfast and munched out while we waited . Then it was nappy time, and when we awoke, we were in Joisey. We nestled Teal in a prime spot and got our gambol on. We have a total of around $400. in free play coming this trip including a $260. loss rebate from the Evil Empire. More on that later. First stop was the $1/2/5 Top Dollar, where we turned $70 in free play to nada very quickly. Bummer. Then on to my emergency back-up $1 VP machine where I turned another $25 free play into $25 cash. That's more like it. Hunger struck, and we walked over to Ruby's Diner and ordered up a couple of tasty salads . They really hit the ol' spot! Sated, we went to our old stand by VP machines. It didn't take long for the 4OAKS to start kicking in...      

0912141328.jpg (593022 bytes)   0912141445.jpg (616989 bytes)    0912141449.jpg (583044 bytes)    0912141517.jpg (557729 bytes)

Y'all will notice the 'shroom appearing in most of these pics. My wins are the green ones, and Sweet Ti's are the purple ones. The one's without any 'shrooms are me playing by myself. "Shrooms courtesy of Hank Bonefish". I took a break to go over to check-in and our host Martha had an "upgraded" room waiting for us. Room 4915. Just about the only things we could figure out were upgrades were an oversized TV and an extra Lazy Boy lounger. We found this note on the night stand-

                                                        0912141817.jpg (541413 bytes)

                                  Interesting name surrounded by oh I don't know- Titties??? 

I hauled up our gear, and we got cleaned up for our fancy dinner at Capproccio's. But first I had some business to attend to. Today they are giving away a couple of pieces of carry on luggage. They are supposed to begin at 6 p.m., and I got to the Horizon Room at about quarter after 5, hoping they would start early. There were a few people already in line. One of the hosts called over a couple of his Red Carpet players and let them in. Turns out most of the people in line were Paramount, one step below Red Carpet. They weren't pleased. Once upon a time, Paramount was the highest card. They finally got their shit together and let us in around a quarter to 6. In and out, just like that. But we had a great time telling casino war stories while we waited...

                                                    0915140759.jpg (670077 bytes) 

Back to the room, I retrieved my Sweet Ti and we went off to dine. Jorge showed us to our booth, and we admired the room.

        0912141848.jpg (505687 bytes)                         0912141849.jpg (457090 bytes)            

                                          0912141910.jpg (1149480 bytes)

Andrew was our waiter, and described to specials for the evening, which we both selected, along with the calamari.

0912141849a.jpg (575860 bytes)  0912141854.jpg (521527 bytes)  0912141913.jpg (445591 bytes)  0912141913a.jpg (462160 bytes) 

Sweet Ti had the salmon with crabmeat and gnocchi and I had the filet with Maryland bleu cheese, roasted peppers and fresh figs.


We had a meal comp that covered the bill. Everything was just insane as usual! We eased our way back to the room, and S.T. was toast, so I went down for a long solo session at our regular spot...

                                        0912142043.jpg (625016 bytes)      

                                           0912142216.jpg (671304 bytes)    

                                        Ended up down about $100. for the day.

09.13.2014   Evil Empire Revenge is sweet...

I awoke around 5 a.m. and suited up for combat. First stop was Top Dollar, where I had played for quite a while. I kept getting mediocre offers, but enough to keep me playing. There was this chick with dreads playing a dollar machine nearby, and she seemed to be having an issue with her machine. She got up to leave a couple of times, and then sat back down. She finally grabbed a security dude, who called over a slot attendant. The security guard filled me in. Turns out she hit a $1k jackpot and didn't even realize it. She couldn't figure out why the machine wouldn't take any more bills. Too funny! Glad she didn't just leave. But I did, time for a VP session. Started out fairly well-


                                                                                                      0913140616.jpg (663068 bytes)


Yet again, it was time to change out the till where I was playing. Seems to happen every morning I'm here. So I played a bit of Cue da Dog (Jackpot Station) and Mignon stopped by to say howdy. We talked for a bit, she said that the Taj employees had received their 60 day notice on Friday. Tough times in AC no doubt. I made the fatal error of going to Hollyrock Hills and made a donation. I took a break to walk out and take a couple of pics on the boardwalk, man it was really chilly out there!

                             0913140659.jpg (591835 bytes)                    0913140659a.jpg (591767 bytes)

I stopped by the Margaritaville Coffee Shop and Jackie was working. We chatted, she had great news about her Mom in Vegas, she was doing really well. Sweet! I scored some coffee and a fruit cup for S.T. and went up and gently awakened her. We enjoy a nice breakfast of cereal and fruit. Next we  trip over to Harrah's Resort to redeem some Loss Rebate play I had from da Boat in July. We headed to the Marina...

                            0913140952.jpg (556013 bytes)                                0913140952a.jpg (598321 bytes)

The self park is packed. But Harrah's Resort isn't. It's about 10 a.m. The flyer I got from the Evil Empire has a bunch of fine print concerning the loss rebate. Go to the promotional kiosk, print out a coupon, go to the cage, exchange for free play. Must use all the free play at chosen machine. At the cage, the girl asks me how I want the free play. How about $20. coupons? Done! Armed with a handful of coupons, Sweet Ti and I try to figure out where to make the best plays. I have written down the location of a few favorites along with the vpfree2 printout. Epic Monopoly? 40R 20L. Top Dollar? 15R 25L. Now to figure out what the hell that means... There is an interactive touch screen thingy nearby. Yepper, same longitude and latitude directions. Now if we had just brought Sue the GPS... Ahh- but it also gives a sort of follow the line map of how to get there from here. Still confusing. But nothing says 40L or 25R.  The only waypoints are like EE or RB................

                                                                 0719131130a.jpg (733918 bytes)

For all you archivists in the audience, that is actually a vintage shot from da Boat, but they use the same nomenclature at Harrah's. Anyway we finally find a Quick Hit and turn the first $20 FP into $20. cash. Next up is Epic Monopoly. $40 into $00. Next we find the triangular formation 9/6 JoB. The old uprights have been replaced by spiffy new machines. They look suspiciously like some of the machines from Revel. Looking around, there are a whole shitload of machines that look like Revel machines. Back to the new VP machines, we notice they are only .25 denomination too. AND, they don't accept free play! Well that sucks. So we look around and find a .25 Multi-Strike Super Times Pay 7/5 BP. It accepts free play. Insert script. $100. I love this game. It's like Multi-Strike on steroids. $6.00 per spin. I finally make it to the top hand and get a Delta Flush. Cash out $92. Time for some Top Dollar. The only ones available are .25. Insert rest of script-$100. Cash out $50. Total for day: $260 free play into $160 cash. We take the money and run! Well, we made it to the ticket boothling before being mugged for $10 to park. You have got to be kidding! As we are driving back across town, the weather looks rather dark. The Miss America Parade on the boardwalk starts at 5 p.m., right about when the rain is expected. As we enter Resorts Self Park, we notice they are asking $20 here. But I flash the lowly Epic card and park for nada. We once again score a sweet parking spot for Teal. Time for some lunch, so we hit up Ruby's Diner once again for a couple of Bacon Cheeseburgers and shoestring fries. We ascend to our deluxe upgraded loft to munch out.


Time to Gambol! As we descend, we realize the busses have arrived. Turns out that all the busses that used to go to da Boat now come here. We feel like kids amongst this crowd. Our regular machines are taken, so we find a couple of others on the other side of the Big Mirrored Column. I use Mark's free play for the day- $35. Sweet Ti uses mine-$98. It's on.....

               0913141252.jpg (676110 bytes)                                0913141325.jpg (696317 bytes)

                              Final Results: I turned my $35 into $350, S.T. turned her $98 into $00.

We ended up playing for quite a while, but the 4OAKS were no where to be found. Sweet Ti was ready to veg, so we went up and hung out in the room. The rain started about the same time as the parade, and we watched from our window. We actually couldn't see very much, all the convertibles with the contestants inside had the tops up. Stretch wanted to check out the scene....     

                                                 0913141801.jpg (542233 bytes)

Sweet Ti decides to lay down. I decide to gambol! I play some Top Dollar, and push. I move to some .50-2x,5x,10x pay. I'm doing pretty good, jamming out to some tunes when I realize this chick is talking to me. I pop out an earphone. She tries to put the move on me till I tell her about Sweet Ti. Then she hits me up for $5 to get back to western PA. I cash out and leave. Next up is some $1 Diamond machine where the reels sometimes shift up or down. Strange. But I hit this...

                                                 0913141545.jpg (617473 bytes)

I played a couple of more $1 slots, Luxury Diamonds and Quick Hit and went off to my old standby VP machine.

0913142008.jpg (639505 bytes)    0913142037.jpg (678048 bytes)    0913142105.jpg (652604 bytes)   

                                          0913142128.jpg (625461 bytes)

I was playing next to a nice lady from Exit 2, and we had a great time talking about AC and Resorts. Sweet Ti came back down and we played VP and then decided to try some Power Spins- maybe win a car???? Nope. I do hit a progressive for $86. though.. We have fun watching all the soaking wet people coming in from the parade. The balloon guy has been busy making balloon hats . We retire with a small profit.

09.14.2014 Hail to the team which shall not be named...

I slept in this morning till 5:30 a.m. and then I had me an extended session..

                       0914140629.jpg (603965 bytes)    0914140718.jpg (645372 bytes)    0914140755.jpg (585560 bytes)

I ended up making a donation to the cause. I head over to the M'ville Coffee Shop for beverages and make the long trek to our abode. The weather has broken, and Sweet Ti enjoy a leisurely repast while watching CBS Sunday Morning. We descend and find our regular machines once again occupied! The nerve... So we play at what is turning out to be our regular spot for this trip. Mignon stops by for a chat. We end up playing for quite a while. The Skins game starts at 1 p.m., and Kevin sends me updates.

                                        0914141159.jpg (635761 bytes)                    0914141245.jpg (720845 bytes)           





 0914141250.jpg (634095 bytes)  0914141300.jpg (614840 bytes)  0914141311.jpg (572074 bytes)    0914141312.jpg (631765 bytes) 

We are quite hungry by now, and I figure that maybe the Epic Club will be showing the Skins game, as the Eagles played on Thursday night. We walk in and sure 'nough- the game is on...multiple screens! We sit and order a round. A'Bdill's for me and an Appletini for Sweet Tini. We are soon joined by a couple- Trudy and Tom. Locals. Time to check out the spread...

                0914141410.jpg (265824 bytes)    0914141417.jpg (489164 bytes)    0914141427.jpg (642964 bytes)

                 0914141427a.jpg (655714 bytes)      0914141428.jpg (663562 bytes)       0914141428a.jpg (793072 bytes)\

                Man- what a spread! Stromboli, quarter pound Nathan's, killer hot wings, subs, chips, and everything. And the Skins won!. We played some $1 VP at the quiet emergency back-up machines, but didn't hit shit. Then we found a new slot area behind the tourney machines. Brand new machines, around 25. We inserted coin...

            0914141620.jpg (858875 bytes)     0914141621.jpg (877327 bytes)        0914141621a.jpg (913259 bytes)

No big hits, but the graphics were fun, and when you touched the screen, stars flew all over the screen.... We take a break, time for Sweet Ti to do some shopping. We walk over to Marshall Russo and pretty soon I am bored, so I tell her I'll be at Hollyrock Hills. Come get me when it's time to pay for the goodies. There's a lady at my lucky 2x5x10x machine, and I sit beside her at a 4 reel game. We start talking, and I swear she is a dead ringer for the mother-in-law of Sweet Ti's sister, Marylin. She even wears the same perfume. We have a blast, and just as S.T. comes to get me, I hit something, and after the respins it ended up-

                                                          0914141753.jpg (537538 bytes)

Sweet Ti picked out a really nice purse, and yes it had a removable shoulder strap. We tried some Power Spins, but they were powerless. Next up was some Organic Roulette. Not too sure why they call it that, but we played our usual numbers, 19 and 24. 24 hit the first hand! Noice! One last stop at the ole Top Dollar.

                                                          0914141837.jpg (629028 bytes)

 As we are walking back toward the elevators, we notice yet another new machine near the lobby. Reminds us of home.

                                                          0914141938.jpg (730567 bytes)

                                    I left Sweet Ti upstairs and went down for one last frontal attack.

                                                          0914142100.jpg (576348 bytes)

      I played for a long time, but the cards had lost their mojo. Plus, the place was mobbed. Too much smoke. I ascended to the room and to my surprise, Sweet Ti was still up watching Joe Bonamassa. We jammed out, then crashed.

09.15.2014 The Party's Over....

This morning I slept till 6 a.m. We are due to leave around 8:30, so there's just time for a quicky session. I find an old upright near the lobby and insert coin.

                                                        0719131334.jpg (745637 bytes)

  I picked up some Dunkin' Donuts coffee and we quickly broke our fast, finished packing, showered, loaded up Teal, checked out, and were ready to go by 8:15. Time for one last shot at the brass ring. Top Dollar it is-

                                                        0216140354.jpg (549211 bytes)

And with that, we cashed out. Always nice to leave with a win. We made great time, and even caught the 9:30 ferry. The traffic wasn't too bad, and we got home around 4:45. The kitties were pleased. Great trip, ended up coming home with half our bankroll.

                                                   Thanks for reading, see y'all next time!

                                                         0915140829.jpg (513510 bytes)