IMG_3349.JPG (1515041 bytes)

                                               AC Summertime 2017- Heard there's a beach here.

  06.29.2017  Hey Now! We're so glad you could attend; come inside, come inside. I'm solo on this venture north. Sweet Ti is once again Herding Cats. I even forgot to bring Stretch. Heaven forbid! I stopped by work and filled up my cooler with ice. I made sure everything was sorted out and the boss told me to hit the road. Will do. The various bridges and tunnels were unusually clear of traffic. Over to the Eastern Shore in record time. In Kiptopeke there's a new Royal Farms being built. This is important. Royal Farms has the best gas station Chicken on planet Earth. Perhaps the entire solar system. Here's an example. During our Vegas Royal Holidaze 2013 trip, we were having an incredible NYE dinner at the Orleans. We were seated with 10 other people. This dude was talking about his trip to Baltimore. His buddy from there suggested they have fried chicken for dinner. Sounds good. So they went to....Royal Farms. Past the KFC, Bojangles, and Popeye's. Dude loved it!. Back to the road. Making incredible time. Rt. 13 to Rt. 113 to Rt. 24 to Rt. 9. I pull up to the ferry just as they are loading for the 10:15 departure. Boarded and slept my way to Joisey. The construction an the Parkway is fairly tame, and the next thing you know I'm perusing the Resorts self park. Busy. I finally find Yarma a nesting spot on the 5th floor. Inside, I kiosk my card and play the kiosk game and score $50 free play. I mosey to the front desk and see that the Polish Spinster Sisters are off today. So Joella checks me in. Rendezvous Tower, even number, non-smoking, close to the elevators. Room 3310.


                                                         IMG_3206.JPG (1408784 bytes)   

                                                           Elevator: first off, last on.

 On the way downstairs from the self park, I notice that there's a car with the door wide open. And nobody around. Back to unload Yarma, it's still like that. So passing a security guard downstairs with all my stuff, I mention it. He says he will take care of it. I stash my shit in the room and call my Sweet Ti to let her know I have arrived. Then I grab a tasty Claus hauser NA Amber and plan my attack. I'll try some Blazing 7's.

                                                        IMG_3207.JPG (1899677 bytes)

                                                            Insert coin free play

                                  IMG_3208.JPG (875978 bytes)  IMG_3209.JPG (916598 bytes)   

                                          And cash out a $500. ticket. Insert fitty coin.

                                 IMG_3210.JPG (997897 bytes)  IMG_3211.JPG (955860 bytes)



                        IMG_3212.JPG (990155 bytes)                     IMG_3215.JPG (1269625 bytes) 

                                 IMG_3216.JPG (1430522 bytes)   IMG_3220.JPG (1006957 bytes)  

                                                                 Hey Now!

 And I walked with a $1600. profit. Not bad for a fitty investment. It certainly made my Sweet Ti's afternoon at work better. Next stop was Wonder 4. My first hand playing 4  Buffalo games at 8. max bet I got Super Free Games but only managed 52. even with extra spins. Wonder 4 can be a cruel beast. Speaking of cruel beasts, they have Top Dollar Premium here now. Here, take a couple hundy. Go ahead! I did really well the first time I played it at Suncoast during Flysrb Visits His Money. Maybe I'll slink on over to Hollyrock Hills. Double Top Dollar Parley. I start out for dollars and hit for 45. and 90. Parley up to 2. I'm hearing the announcers voice even now- 

                                                         "Aww, yer a winner!!!!"

   IMG_3226.JPG (1467804 bytes) IMG_3227.JPG (1327155 bytes) IMG_3228.JPG (1440842 bytes) IMG_3230.JPG (1097979 bytes)

                                                        Upstairs to make a safe deposit.

If my Sweet Ti were here, I would make it rain. But alas. So I bundle up a grand and safe it. Time to visit the Margaritaville Uprights. On the way I spot today's local, Jackie. She works at the MVille Coffee Shop. Been at Resorts over 30 years. Her Mom lives in Vegas. We talk Vegas. I guess we will eventually end up there at the same time. Onward, I find the MVille Uprights have vacated the premises. Too bad, because on there particular machines it was much easier to earn points than other 8/5 BP machines here. But looking around, they aren't the only machines missing. Many of the older 3 and 5 reels are gone. Even the a bunch of the old video slots are toast. The slants between the food court and the self park? Toaster Strudel. I do find some next to the Joker Poker Progressives. Insert coin.

                                                         IMG_3231.JPG (1382048 bytes) 

                                                                   pretty pitiful

                            Time for nourishment. I select Ruby's Diner. Bacon Swiss burger. Used comps.



                                     Back to the action I switch it up with some Double Diamond Deluxe .50

                 IMG_3232.JPG (1088086 bytes)    IMG_3233.JPG (1301063 bytes)   IMG_3234.JPG (1210839 bytes)

                                                           Dollar Triple Diamond Deluxe

                                                          IMG_3235.JPG (1024007 bytes)

                                                                   Top Dollar

                                                          IMG_3236.JPG (1199838 bytes)

 Then I went back to the VP slants and blew through 200. Time to go up and converse with my betrothed. Then I kick back and crash.

                                                        TOTALS: 18 points    +1200. profit

06.30.2017  Hey Now! 4:30. I fired up NJTV and caught an episode of A Chef's Life. Great show. My brother Bill lives just down the road from Kinston N.C, where the show is filmed. His kids went to school there. Our daughter, her hubby and Sweet Ti ate at the 2 restaurants featured in the show. Then at 5 a.m. I give Sweet Ti her wakey wakey call. TGIF. Ti's Glad It's Friday. I am too. Just wish she was here with. I do my absolutions and take the quick carriage ride below. On the floor I spot 2 old friends at the front desk. Today's locals, Renata and Maggie. The Polish Spinster Sisters. Grins all around. Maggie tells me she had a room blocked off for me on a higher floor, but she was off yesterday. I asked her how she knew I was coming, because I hadn't called her. "We have our ways of knowing these things Meester Mays" I love the way she says Meester. These 2 live together in an apartment somewhere around here. I ask Maggie if she has a beau. "You are always kidding with me Meester Mays" Renata? "There aren't any available Polish men our age here Meester Mays" Geez y'all, please call me RB or Bruce. For the 100th time. "Okay Meester Mays". What great gals. 

 Next stop is the kiosk. I use Sweet Ti's card and she gets 15. free play. I get 100. free play and 2x comp dollars today. Resorts very rarely has multiple point days. I'll take it. I step outside just to make sure there's still a beach here. Yepper, still there. 


                                           Double Super Times Pay     Insert Coin.

IMG_3237.JPG (1358266 bytes)  IMG_3238.JPG (1400126 bytes)  IMG_3239.JPG (1186383 bytes)  IMG_3240.JPG (1246076 bytes)

                                                            9/5 DDB     Roll the tape Jim-




While all this silliness was happening I had yet to see a Non-Flying Waitress. I finally spotted Leo, the Octogenarian Security Dude. Hey Leo, where are all of the Beer Waitresses???? "There's only one on the floor and she is busy tending the pit". Seriously Leo? "The slot players don't tip as well as the table players". Well if you happen to walk by the pit would you send her my way please Leo? "Sure". 

                                 IMG_3242.JPG (1509240 bytes)                IMG_3243.JPG (1146293 bytes)

One thing I really don't like about Resorts is that all of the older machines have the chairs attached to the floor. Never enough belly room. But these newer IGT machines have free standing chairs. Noice. Then a wonderful thing happened. Not only did a Beer Waitress show up, a pair of them showed up. So I ordered a pair of Ab'Dulls. Seems like 8 a.m. is the magical shift change. I ended up playing around 2 hours at 5.25 a hand. Not quite as Crack Whoreish as MS/STP, but close. Cost me a couple hundy. Over to Hollyrock Hills I try some of this-

                                                      IMG_3245.JPG (1117426 bytes)       

                                                 $1. 5 line 3 reel Double Diamond Deluxe 

While I'm engaged in that a fairly elderly guy walks in and sits down at the next machine. It's just like this one. He inserts a ten and obviously is completely clueless. It's set on $2. denom and he hits max bet. Nuttin'. Then he realizes all of his credits are gone. Huh??? He looks at me questioningly. I give him a basic primer and suggest he try something a bit easier to play. He moves down. 

                                                     IMG_3246.JPG (1646336 bytes)

                                                          Bless his heart.

 I try some Double Top Dollar and QH 5x/10x Progressive, for naught. Suddenly I'm out of bullets and retire aloft to reload. Out the window I see that a group of cops in still hanging around the Big Pub parking lot. That's actually the Irish Pub parking lot. They were there when I got up this morning. One thing you can always count on in AC is plenty of police activity. I don't think I've ever looked out at night and not see flashing lights somewhere. Back to the downstairs action, there are 3 Buffalo Grand machines that are always busy. I score one by chance and insert coin. It doesn't take too long and I get a bonus. Fire up #3 Jimmy....


     At about 5:15 in that video a security lady told me not to tape but of course I kept on. I just slid the Ippy down close to my lap. 

 IMG_3248.JPG (1111427 bytes)  IMG_3251.JPG (1313667 bytes)  IMG_3253.JPG (1269118 bytes)  IMG_3254.JPG (1255689 bytes)


                                 IMG_3249.JPG (1621302 bytes)       IMG_3250.JPG (1441880 bytes)

                                                 It's fun, but volatile. Hundy profit.

                                                     IMG_3256.JPG (1020936 bytes)

                                                     DoubleDiamondDeluxe. .50  Push.

 I love the way the diamonds fall into place. That hand was fun to watch. Feed me Seymour time. Ruby's once again. I take a gambol and try the Fish and Chips. That represents .012546 of a spork. Do yourself a favor and don't order that from Ruby's. Resorts is getting busy too. I had to wait for a bunch of people to elevate before it was my turn. Back in the thick of things let's do Blazin' 7's Progressive.

                             IMG_3257.JPG (968922 bytes)      IMG_3258.JPG (910682 bytes)

                                     Negative 1 hundy. I just don't know when to stop....

                                                      IMG_3260.JPG (931635 bytes)

                                                        Time to use up my free play.

                                  IMG_3261.JPG (1331911 bytes)      IMG_3259.JPG (1732663 bytes)

                                        This bodes well. I cash out a 200. profit. Brillant!  #4 James!!!!


            IMG_3263.JPG (1618930 bytes)               IMG_3265.JPG (1668274 bytes)                 IMG_3266.JPG (1794536 bytes)

                                                                                                   IMG_3267.JPG (1260734 bytes)

                                                                                                      Safe deposit time once more.

 Sweet Ti is on her lunch break. She is planning on picking up her sister to stay for the weekend after work. I'm glad. They will have fun binging on Netflix and Chinese food. I ask for the next game to attack. Sweet Ti tells me to try some Triple Double RWB.

                                IMG_3268.JPG (1140084 bytes)         IMG_3269.JPG (1181369 bytes)

                                                                  nice choice!

                                IMG_3271.JPG (914294 bytes)          IMG_3272.JPG (952840 bytes)

                     I know I'm pushing my luck on these Blazing 7's. Maybe I'll stroll over to Hollyrock Hills. 

                                IMG_3273.JPG (1262069 bytes)          IMG_3274.JPG (1158018 bytes)

                            This is going just lovely thank you. Time for the Double Top Dollar mystery button.

                                                      IMG_3275.JPG (794170 bytes)


 I give some back here. And on DoubleDiamondDeluxe. And on 8/5 $1. BP. Dropped 3 hundy rather quickly. Break time. I take the lift aloft and give Sweet Ti our usual 5 p.m. Friday Welcome to our Weekend call. Then it's time to get cleaned up. I have reservations at Gallagher's for 7 p.m. On the way back downstairs I ride with a Spaniard named George. "You remind me of Kenny Legend". Who?

                                                       IMG_3282.JPG (511064 bytes)

                                                               "Kenny Legend"

"You know, that music guy from the 70's". Sorry George. I have no clue. I try some 9/5 DDB progressive. Nuttin Honey. That's 2 hundy without a quad. Time for dinner. I am seated at the Single Lonely Diner's Table in the Bar Lounge. Nick is my barkeep/server. I had him last time. I ordered the filet and shrimp special with garlic mashed and béarnaise sauce. Such a nice ambience here.

               IMG_3278.JPG (1155235 bytes)                                    IMG_3279.JPG (1111023 bytes)

                           IMG_3276.JPG (1319856 bytes)            IMG_3280.JPG (1386396 bytes)



I had a few duckies left on my $75. meal comp so I ordered cheesecake to go. Along with about half of the steak. Killer meal. Back upstairs once again I ring up Sweet Ti. The girls have pigged out on Chinese takeaway and are happily in TV Land. Goodnight Ladies.

                                                      IMG_3281.JPG (1533562 bytes)

                                                              WWII 100. RB Ø

               Blazin' 7's ate a hundy. Slant 8/5 $1. BP ate 2 hundy. That's 4 hundy without a quad. Time to cut my losses. 

                                                      IMG_3283.JPG (1486398 bytes)  

                                                        Early-late night munchies.   

                                                    TOTALS: 41 points     Pushed. 

                                                      IMG_3285.JPG (1022366 bytes)

 07.01.2017  6:15 a.m.   Rabbit.  Hey Now! I always try to remember to say Rabbit on the 1st of the month. Especially when I'm gamboling. Out my window, the fog has set in. Doesn't appear to be in any hurry to dissipate. Today's game plan is to hit up the Borg. I used to stay and play there, but I couldn't score weekend comps and they didn't really like VP players. But I got a flier for 50. free play and 50. express comps. Now I tend to avoid MLife properties in Vegas except for using MyVegas rewards. Maybe this will get my foot back inside the casino door. Since it's Saturday morning I didn't bother my Sweet Ti. I TCB and have some chores to do downstairs. 

                            IMG_3289.JPG (1413856 bytes)                 IMG_3284.JPG (1061187 bytes)

                                     AC Wheelie©                                        AC Wheelie© ice.

Before I left I called the Borg to find out when the MLife desk opened. 8 a.m. I've been reading horror stories about the switchover to MLife there. The lines are plaid ludicrous . It seems they opened new MLife accounts for regular Borg card holders without checking first to see if there were existing MLife accounts first. I plan on being the first in line. Let's boogie across town Yarma.

         IMG_3286.JPG (1062427 bytes)             IMG_3287.JPG (1013437 bytes)             IMG_3288.JPG (1121912 bytes)

                                                                 I surface park Yarma.

         IMG_3290.JPG (1458654 bytes)  IMG_3291.JPG (1827776 bytes)  IMG_3292.JPG (1255474 bytes)  IMG_3293.JPG (1129473 bytes)

                              IMG_3295.JPG (1226587 bytes)            IMG_3297.JPG (1002844 bytes)            IMG_3298.JPG (1715064 bytes)

                 They installed the Borgata Beer Garden and Outdoor Pool complex. This makes the 3rd outdoor pool at the Borg. 

                                                               IMG_3294.JPG (1446630 bytes)

                                                               Oh yes, you will follow the rules.

                                                               IMG_3299.JPG (465629 bytes)

                                                                  It's purple shirt day in AC!

                IMG_3300.JPG (1486547 bytes)        IMG_3302.JPG (1392382 bytes)       IMG_3303.JPG (853943 bytes)         

 The first order of business is to kiosk my MLife card and see if it works here. I have my doubts. Yepper, doubts confirmed. The kiosk instructs me to go the the Front Desk and get a new card. Seeing as it's around 7:30, that sounds like a plan. Karla takes my card but she can't do anything with it and tells me to see the MLife desk folks when they open. So I stroll about looking around.

                                                            IMG_3301.JPG (1576848 bytes)    

                                                             Brand new BUFFALLLOOOO!!!    

 I decide to invest a twenty in some electronic Roulette while I wait. I play 19 and 24 but fail to hit either. This frillin' thing plays a hand every 75 seconds. What a farce. There's hardly enough time to place your bets. A CW came by with a Shadow CW and I ordered up a Fine Irish Beverage as Hank Bonefish would say. Finally it was 7:55 and I begin the line at the MLife Desk. I am soon followed by a host of eager players. The attendants finally show up and I am called over. But of course there is a problem. I am told to wait at the next empty station for a supervisor. Christine will be my supervisor. She figures out the problem and quickly loads up all of my goodies. She also informs me that I have a 25. MP and to go by the kiosk to print it out. She hands me my new cards. Thanks Chrissio! 

                                                            IMG_3304.JPG (1859944 bytes)     

                                                          It takes 2 coupons for this here MP

  I peruse the BJ tables but don't find just what I'm looking for. I hate to sit down at an empty table where all the cards are nicely spread out just to do a hit and run which is what I plan on doing. I settle on an empty 10. Roulette table. I buy in for a hundy and ask for nickels. I show the Pit Boss my card and strange MP coupon. She finally decides it's legit. I play 19 and 24. 32 comes up. Next I play the MP along with 5 red chips on red. Nothing on the inside. 19 red comes up. Figures. But at least I win the MP. For my last hand I play the 1st 12 outside for 10. 9 comes up. Score. I color up and tip the dealer 2. for a 68. profit. Sweet. Time for some Crack Whore.

                                                           IMG_3305.JPG (1420014 bytes)

                                                           Insert 50. free play and 40.

 I'm playin' 8/6 .29 Boner Deluxe MS/STP. But be careful, these particular machines have a 20 coin max bet. Per hand. The first spin I hit max bet without first checking. With the 4 coin STP bet that's 84 coins. $21. Jeez, as if these damned things aren't volitile enough! I corrected my mistake and bet the usual $6. per spin.  A nice lady sits next to me and we chat it up. Soon enough we crap out.

 IMG_3309.JPG (1503140 bytes)    IMG_3310.JPG (1225371 bytes)   IMG_3306.JPG (1174055 bytes)   IMG_3308.JPG (1308248 bytes)

                                                       Holy Grail Quote 14 Picture Quote #1


        Time for a Glorious Feast. Brilliant! I need to use up the 50. express comps today so I spend 18.12 on the buffet. 

                                       IMG_3312.JPG (1012062 bytes)      IMG_3313.JPG (1616214 bytes)


 Filling. I decide to spend the rest of it on swag at the Borgata Collection. Unfortunately the comps are 2:1 here so that leaves me with 16. in express comps. I grab a couple of shot glasses and a sweet bottle koozie with built in bottle opener. $16.40. I have the correct change too. 

                                                         Image may contain: drink, table and indoor

 Sweet Ti calls to give me a Home Front update. Bandit the raccoon has been helping himself to the hummingbird nectar, the Tree Rats are busily scarfing the sunflower seed and Momma Doe has been bringing the Twins around for corn. The felines slept thru everything. All is well in VA. See y'all tomorrow. Meanwhile I just about made it out of the Borg pushing the ol' bankroll. But wait- what's this?????

                       IMG_3316.JPG (1340168 bytes)                        IMG_3317.JPG (1053990 bytes)     

                                         Let's get into the Wayback Machine Sherman. 


Sweet Ti used to play Double Diamond Run years ago at Terrible's. But it was for pennies. I would be playing BJ and she would keep winning and bringing me her tickets. Here, it's dollars. So I invest 40. just for old times sake. Minimum bet 9. I never got the bonus. Time to split for real before it sucks down a hundy. Or 2. Outside the fog has lifted up about 75 ft. or so. Yarma and I putter over to the booth and the parking fee is only 5. which is a bargin around here, especially on the weekend. Back across town, parking is free at Resorts with my Epic, the Golden Card. Otherwise it's 20. on the weekends. Free for all card holders during the week.  I head aloft for a Fine German Beverage. Then I kiosk. 135. free play today for me. Sweet Ti gets her usual 15. Miss Kitty?

                                 IMG_3319.JPG (1200442 bytes)   IMG_3320.JPG (1309862 bytes)

I should have realized that these fancy dancy machines wouldn't give up much. And they don't. One bonus for 47.70. Down a hundy. 

                                                        IMG_3321.JPG (1122336 bytes)

        Turned Sweet Ti's free slot play into a hundy by hitting this on her last free spin and then getting a couple of nice offers. 

                           IMG_3322.JPG (1832240 bytes)                 IMG_3323.JPG (915572 bytes)

 All I can say is that it's a good thing I took a picture of the front glass there, for that was all she wrote with Sweet Ti's hundy, my free play and an additional 3 hundy. Ouch! I only had a hundy left and tried another Blazin' 7's. While I was losing that one a lady using a walker sat at the next machine. "Nice shirt". I returned the compliment as she had one on too. She asked "Have you ever been to Hawaii?" Too many hours on a plane for my Sweet Ti. She said "I've been several times. Just went last year". Good for you. I never hit shit and was soon out of credits. I wished her luck and walked the few steps to the lobby. I was waiting for Maggie to finish with a customer at the Front Desk. I wanted to tell her about my recent trip to Vegas. While I was standing there, the lady I had been playing next to rushed up to me. No walker in sight. She said "I just hit a jackpot for 1300." Good for you. "If you put the paperwork in your name I'll give you 200. in cash!" Do what??? "I'm on disability and can't have a W2G in my name". Not gonna happen. "Please?" Look lady, forget it. "Well, I'll just have to find somebody else". I looked over to the machine she won on and the slot attendant was already there waiting for her to come back. That was just unbelievable. Some people. Maggie was finished with her customer and we had a nice little chat. See ya next time! I think I'll go on a walkabout. I went upstairs to get my hat and hit the walking boards.

                                                     IMG_3324.JPG (942668 bytes)  

       One of the first things I spot on the Steel Pier is the construction of the new Observation Wheel. It's gonna be 253 ft. tall. 

                                                      IMG_3326.JPG (1519615 bytes)  

IMG_3327.JPG (1363998 bytes)  IMG_3328.JPG (1395126 bytes)  IMG_3329.JPG (1194556 bytes)  IMG_3359.JPG (919677 bytes)

                                                        IMG_3331.JPG (1436601 bytes)  

                                    IMG_3332.JPG (1516109 bytes)       IMG_3330.JPG (1573333 bytes)

 There's a guy playing guitar that I'm trying to get a picture of, but there's a lady taking photos of her family in the way. So I politely stand there and wait. But she keeps moving herself and them around just so to get the shot right. I mean like for minutes. She finally tells me to go ahead by her. I tell her it's ok, and then walk behind her husband and photo bomb her shot. They love it. Here she is. 

                                                   IMG_3334.JPG (556132 bytes)      

                            IMG_3335.JPG (599567 bytes)              IMG_3336.JPG (845588 bytes)

   IMG_3337.JPG (1166326 bytes)  IMG_3338.JPG (1209990 bytes)  IMG_3339.JPG (1265558 bytes)  IMG_3343.JPG (1440082 bytes)

 It should be interesting to see what the Hard Rock does with this place. My new found friends and I walk upbeach. There's the couple, their daughter, and her toddler daughter. They are from the Philippines. Visiting the USA for a few months. I show them the kitties that live here as part of the Boardwalk Cats Project. They ask if the kitties will attack. I tell them only a can of tuna.  Very nice family. 

                                                           IMG_3340.JPG (1645201 bytes)

                                                         Hold computer upside down to read.

  IMG_3341.JPG (1435199 bytes)  IMG_3342.JPG (1375737 bytes)  IMG_3348.JPG (1493732 bytes)  IMG_3349.JPG (1515041 bytes)

 So as of 12:01 this morning the state of New Jersey is officially closed. According to Gov. Christie. This means in part that all of the public beaches are closed. For everyone except Gov. Christie. Things seem normal here. 

           IMG_3344.JPG (1163722 bytes)         IMG_3345.JPG (1244264 bytes)  IMG_3346.JPG (1422745 bytes)  IMG_3347.JPG (1189231 bytes)

 The Showboat is interesting. It's open as a boutique hotel. Whatever that is. But inside behind the screens, there appear slot machines. 

                                                             IMG_3358.JPG (1684767 bytes)

 A bit further down, I'm interested in what is to become of the old Garden Pier. The Atlantic City Historical Museum used to be there, but the whole structure was damaged by Superstorm Sandy. It was repaired, but never re-opened.

      IMG_3351.JPG (1629801 bytes)  IMG_3352.JPG (1398060 bytes)  IMG_3353.JPG (1361981 bytes)  IMG_3357.JPG (1254731 bytes)

                                                      Pier AC. Believe it once if it opens. 

                                                         IMG_3350.JPG (1321655 bytes)

                                                          University of Glenn Straub

 I certainly have the best hopes for this end of the beach. By the time I got here on the boardwalk I was pretty much alone. On a Saturday afternoon in the summertime. This end of the beach used to be packed. And the beach itself nice here. I mosey back home.

                                                        IMG_3360.JPG (1290420 bytes)

                                                            Every day is Christmas!

 I take BR stock. Today's been pretty brutal. I'm still up a few hundy for the trip. It's tempting this close to the end to just coast home with a small win. I've earned enough credits to keep me Epic, the Golden Card till December 2018. Aw shit- who am I foolin- I grab those hundies and hit the floor. I think proper BR strategy here calls for some VP. The slants over by the food court are free. As I'm inserting coin a dude sit beside me and asks if I mind if he smokes. I tell him since you asked, yes I do mind. But I'll move if it bothers me. He looks familiar. We start talking about the joint. He mentions that it takes 4k coin in for a single point on these machines. Ouch. It was better on those uprights in the MVille Casino. The ones that are no longer there. He introduces himself as Tom. His wife over at that other machine is Linda. Hello. Tom and Linda instantly became today's locals. Last year I remembered playing with them at those uprights.

                                                       IMG_3362.JPG (372361 bytes)

                                                         Remember that time???

 Tom remembers. There were those Weirdo APs (Advantage Players) that hung out there all of the time. We had a great time discussing those quirky darn APs. Tom and Linda live in Tom's River. It's about 45 minutes north of here. They have been gamboling in AC since it's been legal. They used to play at the Sands. He talks wistfully about the great VP. And especially about the comps. Apparently Resorts still takes pretty good care of them. They have been to Vegas a few times. Tom knew one of the investors back in the day and they put them up in a suite. Tom plays BP and Linda plays DDB. She's having a great trip, having hit a Royal and Aces with a kicker. They play for .25. Cool people. I can't hit shit. I blow through another 2 hundy. That's 6 hundy without a quad. Time to change things up. We all switch machines. Well, that seemed to help. Especially since the backglass on the machine I'm playing now says Deuces Wild. I used to play this same machine back when it was over between the pit and security. It was good for several hand pays. Insert coin.

                            IMG_3364.JPG (1644636 bytes)            IMG_3365.JPG (1409016 bytes)    

                                                         Lucky 7th hundy.

 And just like that the curse is lifted! I hit those 2 quads within 4 minutes. I cashed out 500. even and inserted the last hundy. 

                                                    IMG_3366.JPG (1450322 bytes)           

 What a turn around. Tom isn't hitting anything, but Linda keeps up her streak. We are having a good old time. I sent Sweet Ti some screen shots and she called me and said "It's about time!" But I'm not quite done yet.....Load up #5 Jim!



                                                              IMG_3368.JPG (1378289 bytes)

                 I had switched over to DDB before that last pic. Linda was tearing it up and I wanted in on the action.

                                 IMG_3369.JPG (1565245 bytes)    IMG_3370.JPG (1474508 bytes)


 This is going rather well. So well in fact I switched to my secret obsession 9/5 Triple Bonus. Kings or Better. Insane.

                                                     IMG_3371.JPG (1554495 bytes)

Well, that worked. I cashed out 600., cashed in the 2 TITOs and inserted one last hundy. Back to BP. My mission is a quad last hand.

                                                     IMG_3372.JPG (1571287 bytes)

 And that will do it. I gave Tom my interweb info and bid them farewell. I grabbed a couple of slices of pizza from Familgia's  and chilled. It's been a profitable trip thanks to that last VP session. I packed and called Sweet Ti to wish her goodnight. In the morning I paid the dreaded Resort Fee- 15. a night with comps and the 5. a night room tax with cash. Caught the 7:30 ferry and was home by 1:30 p.m. 

                                              Thanks for following along for the ride y'all!


                                                   TOTALS: 18 points        +1000.

                                               TRIP TOTALS: 77 points           +1000.





                            COMING THIS FALL-


                            HALLOWEEN IN VEGA$

                                     PART 4