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                                                                                Beach Blanket Bingo: AC Jan. 2019


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                                01.03.2019  North by Northwest by Northeast

 Hey Now! Welcome back my Friends to yet another thrilling flysrb adventure. This journey to the stars takes us to exotic Atlantic City. I picked up my traveling companion, Mark and we were off. He lives northwest of our county, so instead of my beloved CMLF we went Rt. 301 to the upper Delmarva Peninsula and into Jersey. 6.5 hours of driving later here we are. 

                                                                    EADH3926.JPG (1170927 bytes)

                                                                     It's a self park!

 The Resorts smell is unmistakable. Even though some salesperson talked them into introducing Industrial Strength Fabreeze© into the mix. It's that vintage AC casino aroma. Desperation, mixed with a subtle hint of the Atlantic at low tide. The Polish Spinsters were nowhere to be found at the front desk. My Rendezvous Tower room was ready, but Mark's wasn't. So we brought everything up to my room. I took a shower and pretty soon Mark's room was done. That sorted, I grabbed a Famiglia slice to go with my Mt. Dew Ice.

                                                         IMG_5383.JPG (1511220 bytes)  

                                                              Energy food and drink

 I downloaded today's FSP- 100. and inserted hundy and that into a 1. BP VP machine. Promptly they both vanished. Not too sharp of a start. Then Buffalo ate another hundy. We walked around a bit. Mark hadn't been here in over a year. Hell, I only made it here once in 2018 myself. There were new machines here and there. I swear they just move them around to give the impression there are even more new ones. SofaKing Kev called. He and his Mom, Shirley have driven up from Ocean View and just got in at the Borg. Kevin just finished a bike tour of the USA logging over 7k miles. Do it Kev! He invites us over. Sounds like a plan. We dial up Lyfty and Umar picks us up. Umar has the Mid-Eastern Rap jammin' as he regales us with tales of AC Cops and Cabs. If you happen to catch the lights just right on North Carolina Ave. like we did, it's a quick trip to da Borg. We meet Kev near the lobby and set off to find Shirley. Kev and I went to see the Dead cover band Last Fair Deal at the Boathouse Live recently. Nice place, above average band. The rhythm guitar player has Bobby down pat. I hazard a guess that our Shirley is playing at the Asian Pit near the Metro. I was right. I based that on Kevin's playing preferences. Hugs for Shirley. I haven't seen her in 12 years and Mark has never met her. Shirley is playing Pai Gow Poker. We leave her to her House Way and go off in search of opportunity. I don't plan on doing much gamboling here. I like to concentrate my play. We find a 10. table that's about to open and the dealer seems friendly. We talk to him about the squirrelly side bet they are offering. He figures it will be about 15 minutes till they open and holds our spots. We shall return. The Higher Limit area is nearby and I decide to bite the bullet and invest 40. in a slot machine. I pick Triple Double Red Hot 7's. At the Orleans it's the Cracked Glass Special. 1. denom. 5 line. Insert coin.

                  IMG_1358.JPG (3812868 bytes)  IMG_1359.JPG (4373477 bytes)  IMG_1360.JPG (2536771 bytes)           

                                                                       IMG_1362.JPG (2958463 bytes)

                                                                             3rd spin.


 Well that was nice. I cashed out, but Kev wanted me to spin off that win. So I did and we walked back over to the BJ table. I gave my 3 friends a hundy each. Shirley went back to her Pit, and the 3 of us each bought in for a hundy. Fun table, but the cards were cruel to everybody and we all to soon went bust. Sweet Ti has a request, she wants my boys to play guard for me for the trip back across town. Kev graciously offers to drive. So we bid Shirley farewell and strike off in the Kevmobile. Back at the ranch, SofaKing goes in search of the player's club and we head upstairs. I stash most of my winnings and descend into the smoke. Mark and I are wandering toward the pit and this dude springs out at me. "Dood- best casino outfit ever!" said today's local, Jimmy. "And I've been around". 

                                                             IMG_1365.JPG (1682462 bytes)


          Jimmy really wanted me to get his zip code right. And the name of his club that marched in the Philly Mummers Parade.

                                                            IMG_1366.JPG (2947700 bytes)

                                                                The Two Street Stompers

 Jimmy is that rare Eagles fan who can actually respect the fact that we are Skins fans. Mark suspects that Jimmy is well into his cups. We find Kev at a 3CP table. Mark joins him and I head for Hollyrock Hills. I'm feeling me some Double Top Dollar action. Roll 'em Jimmy-





                                                                           IMG_5388.JPG (1448627 bytes)               

                                                                             Could have been worse. Maybe.

 It did get worse in fact. I blew thru a couple hundy quick like and went back to the pit to check on the posse. Kev has got Mark playing blind. He is such a wise gambler passing on such secrets. Kev is bound and determined to make an even more degenerate gambler out of Mark. I leave them to their debauchery and get on with mine. It looks at this moment to include some B7's Prog. live play. Hit it Jim-




 Mark went on to an epic 900. 3CP run and Kev went home. I went to bed. It's been a really long day. I managed to earn 5 points here. That means I need 16 more to maintain Epic for another year. I smell a winning trip.

                                   01.04.2019 Gee, and it's still got that new casino smell too!

   Hey Now! At 7 a.m. my eyes spring open. I must have been tired to sleep this late. I get cleaned up and check in with my Sweet Ti. Everything is lovely down south. Ray Ray from work calls as he is wont to do when I'm away. We take care of that and I need supplies.

                                                   IMG_1368.JPG (4187025 bytes)

                                                             hand truck

    This thing really comes in handy. That's one thing I have to say about Resorts- they give useful gifts away. I use it all the time. IMG_1369.JPG (2634432 bytes)  IMG_1370.JPG (2712282 bytes)  IMG_1372.JPG (2571478 bytes)   IMG_1373.JPG (2023760 bytes)

                                    IMG_1375.JPG (4098335 bytes)      IMG_1376.JPG (4080812 bytes)      

 Our old favorite Top Dollar machines have a new home in front of Hollyrock Hills. I stop by to see Maggie and Renata, aka the Polish Spinster Sisters. They tell me about a 3rd sister who lives in Warsaw, Poland. I tell them all the latest from Bo and Ziggy in Vegas. 

                IMG_1377.JPG (3195872 bytes)   IMG_1378.JPG (3583312 bytes)    IMG_1379.JPG (3155128 bytes)   

 The sportsbook is where the so called Margaritaville Casino was. Being as it's early, it isn't open. But I run into Reggie the security guard. We had a nice long chat last time I was here. Always great to see him. My next stop is to the coffee shop to see today's local, Jackie. She has been working here at Resorts since it opened. Seriously. Her Mom lives in Vegas. Jackie always has the best AC stories. She told me that back in the early 80's she was bartending at a Stevie Wonder concert here. Eddie Murphy and the Donald were hanging out in the VIP section doing lines of coke. Interesting tale there Jackie.

                                                                                                             IMG_1380.JPG (2007773 bytes)

                                                                                                   Resorts finally came around

                                                                                               IMG_1382.JPG (3570828 bytes)

                                                                                                                     I agree

 I require subsistence. Ruby's Diner serves burgers all day. I order one and decide to play some Lightning Link while I wait. It's 4x comps today and tomorrow. I have opted in at the kiosk. I dial up dime denomination with a 2.50 bet. Once again Jimmy......



                    IMG_1384.JPG (4557220 bytes)                 GWVT6104.JPG (2042081 bytes)

   40. in and 174. out. Sometimes it just pays to order a burger. Upstairs I spot José cleaning the room down the hall. I place an order.

                                                       IMG_1387.JPG (4333482 bytes)

 I always seem to forget to bring mouthwash. I don't need him to clean, but he has to come in and enter a code on the phone. Part of the newish security rules in place here. Even if the Do Not Distrupt sign is up they will still come in each room daily. The burger was pretty tasty too. Back in action, the bus crowds have arrived. I try my luck on RWB 7's. Insert coin.

                                                       FXBO5733.JPG (2895471 bytes)

                                                               wrong order!

           Mark joins me and we take turns burning hundys. Time for a change. Mark inserts a twenty in a Money Rain machine.




                                                                48 free spins

                                                         VP action Jimmy........



                                                         started with 100. FSP

                                                          GIMI9560.JPG (2837898 bytes)

                                                                Mark scored too.

 It's 28° outside with a NW wind. But it's supposed to rain thru Monday beginning tonight. I need chips for my collection from the 2 new AC casinos. So Mark and I go for a walkabout. The good news is that we don't actually have to walk outside till we get to the Showboat.

             IMG_1374.JPG (3046789 bytes)  IMG_1381.JPG (3922866 bytes)  IMG_1392.JPG (4034751 bytes)

                                 IMG_1393.JPG (3591581 bytes)  IMG_1394.JPG (3979856 bytes)

                                                And yet the boardwalk is made out of wood.

 The walkway over to the Hard Rock is exactly the same as when it was the Taj. Inside the Hard Rock, they didn't do anything to the 2nd floor yet. At least not on this end. The Scores titty bar is still there too. The first noticeable change is at the excalators. Jim????



                                                                                                       literally past the Hooters

                   IMG_5400.JPG (1210354 bytes)  IMG_5401.JPG (1181406 bytes)  IMG_5402.JPG (1186290 bytes)  

                                                            no more gilded chandeliers!

 The rest of the joint pretty much looks the same to me. I mean- it's a casino. I really didn't spot too much memorabilia on the walls, but we only walked through the boardwalk end of the place. I stopped by the Big Six wheel for a chip. The dealer was very obliging and even picked through the chips to find me a really clean one. I gave her 2. and called it even. Nothing like a 100% tip.

                                      IMG_5403.JPG (1553466 bytes)  IMG_5404.JPG (1460907 bytes)  

                                 IMG_5406.JPG (1523197 bytes)  IMG_5407.JPG (1155539 bytes)

                                                    Let's move on to the 'Boat Jim-



                                      IMG_5409.JPG (1346135 bytes)  IMG_5410.JPG (1368269 bytes) 

                                     IMG_5411.JPG (1274995 bytes)  IMG_5412.JPG (1270259 bytes)   

                                     IMG_5414.JPG (1421026 bytes)  IMG_5415.JPG (1267341 bytes) 

                                     IMG_5416.JPG (1515692 bytes)  IMG_5418.JPG (1392167 bytes)

                                      IMG_5419.JPG (1173189 bytes)  IMG_5420.JPG (1443296 bytes) 

                                    IMG_5422.JPG (1400596 bytes)  IMG_5428.JPG (1361259 bytes)

    The problem with the Showboat is that it's not too sure what it is. A boutique hotel. Whatever the hell that has to do with what's actually going on inside. They need to do something with it. Meanwhile the boards are completely deserted. 

                                      IMG_5430.JPG (1279598 bytes)  IMG_5431.JPG (1398444 bytes) 

                                    IMG_5432.JPG (1290121 bytes)  IMG_5433.JPG (1437824 bytes)

                                                             IMG_5429.JPG (1345768 bytes)

                                      IMG_5434.JPG (1186533 bytes)  IMG_5435.JPG (1288286 bytes) 

                                          IMG_5436.JPG (1434575 bytes)IMG_5437.JPG (1371717 bytes)

                                          IMG_5438.JPG (1200619 bytes)  IMG_5439.JPG (1459523 bytes) 

                                             IMG_5440.JPG (2573894 bytes)  IMG_5442.JPG (1078699 bytes) 

                        IMG_5443.JPG (777273 bytes)  IMG_5445.JPG (1615007 bytes)  IMG_5447.JPG (1409931 bytes)  

                  IMG_5449.JPG (1387984 bytes)   IMG_5450.JPG (1364477 bytes)    IMG_5451.JPG (1355837 bytes)

 This one feels about the same inside too. I like the fact that you can see the Atlantic out of the windows. That's pretty unusual. I also like the look of the ceiling. They have opened up the space a bit, but the layout is still confusing to me. I only came here a few times when it was the Revel. We did walk thru the new sportsbook. It looks a bit like a Vegas book. The nationwide evolution on sportsbetting continues.

                                        IMG_5452.JPG (1385555 bytes)  IMG_5453.JPG (1343299 bytes) 

                                        IMG_5454.JPG (1642593 bytes)  IMG_5455.JPG (906249 bytes)

 I stop by an empty craps table to buy a chip. Unlike Vegas, in AC you can't score a chip at the cage. As I am asking him for a nice one he ignores me and tosses me a shop worn model. No tip for you. Screw this, it's too hot back here anyway. I have several layers of clothes on. I make my way back to where we came in. Much cooler here. I find a penny denomination Top Dollar and insert coin. 

                          IMG_5456.JPG (1808616 bytes)  IMG_5457.JPG (782975 bytes)  IMG_5458.JPG (1299754 bytes)

                   IMG_5459.JPG (1142322 bytes)       IMG_5460.JPG (1190657 bytes)        IMG_5461.JPG (1039432 bytes)    

 I really can't see how you can make much money on this machine. The payoffs up top are times the line bet. Max bet os 6x line bet. So I thought 300x bonus was pretty good. Wrong. It's 18.00. I think I'll stick with the higher denomination machines. I cash out and catch up with Mark. We head back south. 

                                                                                                  IMG_1395.JPG (4487408 bytes)

                                                                                                      Are Kev & Shirl here?

                                 IMG_5463.JPG (1193474 bytes)                  IMG_5464.JPG (1164737 bytes)

      I grab a shower and give my Sweet Ti her "Welcome to the Weekend" call. We have dinner reservations at Gallagher's at 7 p.m. 

                                                                   IMG_1397.JPG (1088541 bytes)


 Mark gets the Cowboy steak and I go with the Queen cut prime. Enormous amounts of beef. We took most of it back to our rooms. It's a good thing they come with a fridge. I ended up eating on that the rest of the weekend, and still brought some home. I had a hundy food comp. Down on the floor the weekend is upon us. Not summertime crowds, but enough smoke to make you think otherwise. Live play James??





  Mark suggests we take a hundy each and pool it and play some W4. All Buffalo all the time. It doesn't go well, but he does manage to get a 12 buffalo line hit while I am losing our stake.

              IMG_5469.JPG (1488723 bytes)           IMG_5470.JPG (1947028 bytes)          IMG_5471.JPG (1503726 bytes)

                       Mark goes off in search of a table game and I slink over for one last session of Money Rain.

                                    IMG_5472.JPG (1333529 bytes)        IMG_5473.JPG (1358207 bytes)

      I ended up giving back most of that. So I am done for today. I gave back around 1k of my winnings, and earned 15 tier points. 

                                            01.05.2019  Like a bolt of lightning like a bolt of thunder

     Hey Now! 8 a.m. Sweet Ti slept in too. I kinda eased into things. Looks like the only games to bet at the 'Book are NFL

                                                           IMG_5474.JPG (1222538 bytes)

                                                                 not the best odds

I stopped by a room down the hall where I saw a maid's cart. The supervisor was training a recruit. It was interesting watching his instructions to her. I got his attention and told him I didn't need any service today. He walked my room with me. He explained that as a supervisor, he just had to physically enter the room instead of entering the code on the phone. Now I'm safe. My friendly neighborhood kiosk tells me I get 4x comps again today. Noice. I think I'll start with some Money Rain. The set up here is really nice 

                        IMG_1402.JPG (2507602 bytes)    IMG_1403.JPG (3979223 bytes)   IMG_1404.JPG (3589561 bytes)   

                                     IMG_5491.JPG (1334928 bytes)         IMG_5492.JPG (1175277 bytes)

                                                       Free standing huge benches. What I'm talking about.

                                          IMG_5481.JPG (1255519 bytes)    HSXU4174.JPG (2837118 bytes)



  Mark joined me and was playing Crazy Money again. Then today's local sits down at the bench next to Mark. "Name's Sean. Born 01.25.1971." Sean wanted to make sure I got that down. Then he proceeds to hit up Mark for exactly 13.

                                                          IMG_5486.JPG (1405398 bytes)

                                                                     "for the wife"

 Sean will show up again later in this tale. Having suseeded in his mission now, he left. We did to and I made a trip to the car, Teal, for more refreshments. The weather report was spot on, it's pretty shitty outside. At least it's not cold enough for frozen precipitation.

                                                         IMG_5493.JPG (1134531 bytes)    


                                                         IMG_5494.JPG (1498165 bytes)

                                                                    Rascal Corral 

Mark took over my Money Rain machine, so I sat at the next one- Lady of the Dead. Insert coin. Max bet 1.50. First spin- hit it Jim!!!





                                                         IMG_5496.JPG (1432885 bytes)     

                                                                well that was fun.  

 One thing I haven't see much of this trip is a CW. I don't think I've even been asked if I needed a drink. Granted I've seen them scurrying by, and I have sometimes been wearing headphones. So once more I go up for a refill. Let's join the action there Jim---


 It's past noon and that means FSP. Today once again it's 100. I choose the ol' Deuces Wild faceplate slant. They can move it- I find it.

                                    IMG_5498.JPG (974828 bytes)        IMG_5499.JPG (1081157 bytes)

                                      IMG_5501.JPG (1459237 bytes)  IMG_5503.JPG (1543188 bytes)

 While I was thustly engaged, this dude stopped by and flashes this huge gold ring. "Wanna buy it?". He has a very heavy Eastern European accent. No thanks dude. Time to move on because it's just getting too damn smokey around these parts. I actually cash out a ticket.

                                                        IMG_5504.JPG (1960795 bytes)

                                                                   W4 Jim?


                                                          IMG_5507.JPG (1725606 bytes)           


These machines are on the upbeach side of the joint near the side entrance doors. That means there's a breeze coming thru. It seems like it's feast of famine with these and at 8. a spin you find out pretty damned fast which side of the buffet you're on. I was hungry. 

                                                          IMG_5509.JPG (1361377 bytes)   

                                                               severe lack of spinners  

         Mark and I hook back up. He needs to purchase some goodies for his girls. Let's see what Essentials has to offer for comps. 

                                                          IMG_5515.JPG (1428336 bytes)   

                                                        these guys are following me around

 He found the requisite goodies and we went aloft. I have about had my fill of Fabreeze and smoke. Sweet Ti and I talk for a bit and I feast once again on my leftover Queen Cut. I'm toast for the evening. I earned 13 points and 98. comp dollars. 

                                                      01.06.2019   Take the money and run

 Hey Now! It's the finals. Now I usually don't gambol on the last day in AC- gotta ferry to catch. But not this time, we aren't going that way so we will leave around 9 a.m. I'm up and packed by 5 a.m. Today they're offering 10x points. I am only 2 points away from maintaining Epic, so I guess I have no choice. I'm kinda obligated. It's a cruel world out there y'all. I have 300. left from my original BR and the 4k I put away from that handy. Can the magic happen once again? I need to check on my supply of Fairy Dust. Hollyrock Hills.

                     IMG_5512.JPG (828004 bytes)    IMG_5513.JPG (819230 bytes)   IMG_5514.JPG (832232 bytes)


 Meandering about I see a machine that piques my interest. Triple Diamond 9 line 1. I never noticed this one here before. Insert coin.

                     IMG_5516.JPG (1362621 bytes)   IMG_5517.JPG (1308589 bytes)   IMG_5518.JPG (1668456 bytes)

                     IMG_5519.JPG (1027656 bytes)   IMG_5520.JPG (1072060 bytes)   IMG_5521.JPG (1004571 bytes)

                                         Let's pick up the action with our live reporter Jim J. James. Jim?




   While looking for the next attraction I came across today's local, Sean. Yepper, Sean gets that award 2 days in a row. He is playing some penny machine as I walk by. I glance at his credits in his machine. 13. and change. "For the wife" he told Mark. Right. 

                                                             Fire up the Cleo Jimmy......



                                                        IMG_1410.JPG (4384457 bytes)

                                                             not bad for a 3. bet

                                                           Queue up the Bovines Jim-



                                                        IMG_1411.JPG (4758346 bytes)

                                                           Really? For 100 spins?

    I check my points at a kiosk. 8 points already. It's still early, but Ruby's is opening and that means a burger. I order up and decide to play a bit more while I wait. That worked out real well the other day. I'm feeling me some more old school. Stinkin' Rich. .05 denom.

                                                      One more time please James......




                           IMG_5528.JPG (1664759 bytes)                             IMG_1414.JPG (3937740 bytes)

  Once again it pays to play while I wait. The burger was very tasty. That should tide me over for the journey. Maybe Triple Diamonds??

                                                           IMG_5529.JPG (1016045 bytes)


 At this point it's pretty close to our departure time. I have one more task. It's a kind of ritual with me to end trips with a 4OAK. There's a likely slant machine around the corner that beckons. I dial up that crazy assed Triple Bonus. 1. denom and insert coin.

                                                         IMG_1415.JPG (4369422 bytes)


                 And I'm done. I head up and give Mark a call, followed by my Sweet Ti. I made it Virtually Rain on her. 

                                                         IMG_1417.JPG (3185790 bytes)

                                                                 300. into 1300.

 Well that was fun. The old BR is looking sporty for the next trip. We loaded up and drove away. Home safe, and ready to return. I ended up earning 13 points which were multiplied into 130 points. I am Epic till Jan. 2020. Painless too! Thanks for taking the journey with us. 

                                                         IMG_4616.JPG (1202152 bytes)