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                                                   Celebrity Equinox-May 2023

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                             05.20.2023   On the road again

    Hey Now! Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends! This will be a first over here at flysrb.com headquarters. On a boat out on the ocean. We have never cruised before. And I guess it almost becomes obligatory after one reaches a certain age. Sweet Ti & I both count in that category. So Resorts was giving away cruise certificates in January 2023 and I snagged one. The offer was for several itineraries and durations in the Caribbean. Inside cabins, 2 persons. Typical land casino offer. I have been getting the same kind of offers for years, but we really weren't that interested in cruising. I did a bit of research into Celebrity. Pretty classy line. We especially were drawn to the lack of kids on these ships. Brilliant!  We decided on a 6 night cruise out of Port Everglades onboard the Celebrity Equinox.    

 Time to do my homework. Cruise Critic- the best source I've found for accurate up to date info on everything cruising. I checked out the prime veranda rooms on the Equinox. We are going to try and upgrade to a nicer room. I see 8343 is a 1A Prime Veranda- the balcony is bigger that average on this ship. It's available too. Granted it's as far aft as you can get without being a sunset veranda or a sky suite. I call the number on the cert. which is the Blue Chip Club. Their player's club. After a brief hold I talk to a Host and am able to snag an upgrade to that specific room for right around a thousand bucks, including taxes and fees. We will take it. We added a Zero Proof beverage package and basic Wifi.  

  I had racked up a bunch of Skymiles during the Plague along with 300. in mileage certificates from AMEX. I booked an award flight and used the certificates to pay for another ticket. Total cost: 48. We are flying in the night before so I booked a room at Rodeway Inn.  120.00. They offer free airport and cruise terminal transfers.  

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 We got pulled by TSA at RIC by a rookie. First day on the job. I had all of our meds in my backpack, they were in clear gallon baggies. He asked about several items, cough drops, pills, etc. Then he spotted a bag of ginger chews. I told him we were going on a cruise and they were for seasickness. That diverted his attention from the backpack and he let us through. The flights were on time and we made our way down to the sunshine state. At FLL we grabbed our checked bags and the shuttle pickup spot was right around the corner. After a few minutes they showed up. We checked in and found our room. Looked like a typical cheap hotel room. Bit musty but serviceable. The central courtyard was quite nice actually. 

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 There's a nice little convenience store inside the lobby along with a bar that had a very good girl band playing. There was also a Quinceañera Party going on in the breakfast nook. Bubbles abounding. All being simulcast on Instadram or wherever. 

                                              05.21.2023     Ship of Fools

    Hey Now! We are up and packed hours before our boarding time, which is 11:30. I gather coffee Elizabeth and eventually we make our way to the breakfast buffet, such as it is. This is where all of the selfies were happening last night and there's glitter and fairy dust scattered everywhere. We hang out and watch the place fill up with strange and exotic people. Lots of Canadians. They're everywhere. We are supposed to be in the lobby by 10:45 so that's what we do. Pretty good crowd ahead of us. Some Canadians inform us they are still waiting on the 10:00 bus. Everything is running behind on account of there's only one driver for both routes. Good the ship doesn't leave till 4 p.m. The 10:00 bus finally arrives and there's a pretty good crowd left to catch the next one. So we all sit around and ask each other very nosy and personal questions that we would never do anywhere else. Lots more Canadians. Great travel stories. Then an entirely new group of tourists shows up in the lobby. They are from Korea and are going to the airport. Here we have a dilemma. So when the bus gets back from the cruise terminal, we are told that the Koreans need to get to the airport for their flight. We are going to have to wait a bit longer. The Canadians contemplate a revolt. It never materializes. But eventually the bus does. We are greeted by many friendly smiling faces from Celebrity as we enter Terminal 25. Beautiful space. Celebrity took a shot of each of us. Photo ID is what they now use for ship ingress and egress. They have this down to a science. Boom, we are onboard. 

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 The first place we are led to is our muster station which is on Deck 5 in the Tuscan Grill.  Specialty restaurant. Right in the aft of the ship. We didn't make plans to eat here this trip. Maybe next time. Incredible views. Our perky girl gave us the drill and we all made our solemn oath to meet here when we hit that iceberg. Too soon?  

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  We are just rubbernecking our way around the ship. I wanted to stop by the MDR (main dining room) and talk to the Maitre d  but was told he wasn't available. We have anytime dining and wanted a table for 2 available at a certain time. We were summarily dismissed by one on the head waiters. "Just show up- no reservations needed." Okay then. We made the long walk from the elevators aft to our room on deck 8. Wow. Our sea passes were there along with our checked bags. We moved in and our attendant showed up. Jenny Lyn. 

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 It's a beautiful room. Slightly bigger than a regular room but the balcony is much larger. We have a bulkhead for a wall to our aft so there's only 1 adjoining balcony. Jenny Lyn brings an extension cord and a gallon of distilled water for Sweet Ti's CPAP. Toke, toke. Let's find this buffet that everybody on CC is either raving about or dissing on. Of course the place is packed. But we find our way around, there's no shortage of tempting food items there. The only thing we aren't quite sure of yet is the drinks. The coffee, iced tea, water, and juice dispensers are self service. From concentrate, so it's mostly water. except the coffee, which is Lavazza. We swore off anything except coffee and milk from the dispensers. Turns out that our Zero Proof package comes with bottled tea, soda, water, and specialty coffees. We will figure it out eventually. Time for a serious walkabout y'all!

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                   IMG_0794.JPG (1550342 bytes)  IMG_0795.JPG (1180476 bytes)  IMG_0796.JPG (1414236 bytes) 

                                   IMG_0798.JPG (1655710 bytes)  IMG_0799.JPG (1568036 bytes)

  We could get used to this. One nice thing about the way this ship is laid out is that it never really feels crowded. Even when the buffet is packed there's just so much space you don't really notice. There's a spot I want to check out that's sort of a secret spot. It's called the Spa Veranda. You have to go through the spa AND the fitness center to get there. Hardly anyone uses it. 

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                               The hula girls were having launch party. They Lei(d) me. Mahalo!

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 We are getting better at finding our way around. We watched the ship leave port and in due time made our way down to the casino.

                                  IMG_0822.JPG (1274857 bytes)  IMG_0827.JPG (1417265 bytes)

 There's no smoking anywhere inside the ship. There's only a couple of smoking areas outside too. It's so nice to play in a smoke free casino. We both played on my card and hopefully our play will generate an offer or two. We hit the buffet for some desert and crash. 

                                   05.22.2023   Come with me- to the sea

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Hey Now! How cool is this waking up halfway in the middle of nowhere with my Sweet Ti. Life is good. I buttle coffee Elizabeth and when I return our continental breakfast has been delivered. They are charging for room service now except for that. We enjoy our repast on the balcony. Or at least we were until our next door neighbors fired up a nasty ass cigarette. Really y'all?????? I have an event planned for later this morning anyway. I booked a behind the scenes tour of the ship. I'm really looking forward to this. But first I have a walkabout.

  IMG_0841.JPG (1285772 bytes)  IMG_0842.JPG (1333828 bytes)  IMG_0843.JPG (1392951 bytes)  IMG_0845.JPG (1291004 bytes)

                                                    Sky observation lounge

                      IMG_0846.JPG (1046248 bytes)                          IMG_0847.JPG (1381840 bytes) 

 I actually have to wear long pants and closed toed shoes to this which kinda makes sense. We are touring the laundry, engine room, recycling, galley and pantry, main dining room, and finally, the bridge. It was EPIC! 

                                                                                                IMG_0849.JPG (1056603 bytes)  

  IMG_0851.JPG (1097109 bytes)  IMG_0850.JPG (991302 bytes)  IMG_0853.JPG (1255977 bytes)  IMG_0854.JPG (879870 bytes)

  IMG_0855.JPG (888083 bytes)  IMG_0856.JPG (1245944 bytes)  IMG_0857.JPG (988440 bytes)  IMG_0858.JPG (985451 bytes)

  IMG_0859.JPG (1706764 bytes)  IMG_0860.JPG (1796574 bytes)  IMG_0861.JPG (1227452 bytes)  IMG_0862.JPG (1817489 bytes)

  IMG_0863.JPG (1108744 bytes)  IMG_0864.JPG (1199690 bytes)  IMG_0865.JPG (1215310 bytes)  IMG_0866.JPG (1145452 bytes)

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  IMG_0871.JPG (1114985 bytes)  IMG_0872.JPG (1276011 bytes)  IMG_0873.JPG (1019887 bytes)  IMG_0874.JPG (1960677 bytes)

  IMG_0875.JPG (1228731 bytes)  IMG_0876.JPG (1601650 bytes)       IMG_0877.JPG (2031777 bytes)     IMG_0878.JPG (1655943 bytes)

  IMG_0879.JPG (1594598 bytes)  IMG_0882.JPG (1120741 bytes)  IMG_0883.JPG (1419624 bytes)  IMG_0884.JPG (1233766 bytes)

  IMG_0885.JPG (1353847 bytes)  IMG_0887.JPG (1500833 bytes)  IMG_0888.JPG (1143521 bytes)  IMG_0889.JPG (1457217 bytes)

  IMG_0890.JPG (1246416 bytes)  IMG_0892.JPG (1257868 bytes)   IMG_0893.JPG (1410903 bytes)  IMG_0895.JPG (944231 bytes)

                     The tour lasted over 2 hours and provided a wealth of information. I highly recommend it!

                 IMG_0898.JPG (1382772 bytes)     IMG_0899.JPG (1369585 bytes)    IMG_0900.JPG (1301288 bytes)

  IMG_0901.JPG (1431972 bytes)  IMG_0902.JPG (1367422 bytes)  IMG_0903.JPG (1457752 bytes)  IMG_0904.JPG (1377601 bytes)

  IMG_0905.JPG (1511403 bytes)  IMG_0906.JPG (1245076 bytes)  IMG_0907.JPG (1367273 bytes)  IMG_0908.JPG (1310286 bytes)

                               IMG_0925.JPG (1263450 bytes)         IMG_0919.JPG (1542614 bytes)  

 Hey Now! The odds are lousy, but the conversion rate to tier points vs slots is 2:1 which in this day and age isn't that bad.  

                                                       IMG_0909.JPG (1159842 bytes) 

                                                        Portapotty door  

                IMG_0910.JPG (1593350 bytes)    IMG_0912.JPG (1231952 bytes)    IMG_0913.JPG (1164801 bytes)

           IMG_0914.JPG (1146450 bytes)          IMG_0915.JPG (1459088 bytes)            IMG_0916.JPG (1377279 bytes)

              We are supposed to be setting up our Hot Glass class we signed up for. But every time we went by there wasn't anyone there. Finally they showed up and we are all set. Wed. @ 11am.  

                                               IMG_0918.JPG (1720104 bytes)     

                                                     Our mascot Stretch 

     And speaking of fowl, we were exploring the forward area of the upper decks when my Sweet Ti discovered this little goody-      

                                                IMG_0920.JPG (849859 bytes)

                                            She is christened Turganga Leela    

  IMG_0921.JPG (1452546 bytes)  IMG_0922.JPG (1534427 bytes)  IMG_0923.JPG (1082390 bytes)  IMG_0924.JPG (1294888 bytes)

                                               Who even knew that Cruising Ducks was even a thing.

                                                     IMG_0925.JPG (1263450 bytes)  

                                          Georgetown, Grand Cayman   05.23.2023

 Hey Now! Land Ho. We are tendered here for the day. Which basically means the ship is treading water. One of the things they went over  in the tour was the Azipods. They are kinda like Space Balls propulsion units. "Put her in Hover Barf"  

IMG_0928.JPG (1169229 bytes)  IMG_0929.JPG (1240809 bytes)  IMG_0930.JPG (1349384 bytes)  IMG_0931.JPG (1110982 bytes)

                                                    IMG_0932.JPG (409194 bytes)

            Great view from our balcony. I'm really glad we got the large economy sized one. Very nice place for breakfast. They started tender service promptly and made several announcements. We can't really make out the announcements in our room -much less on the balcony. If you happen to have the TV tuned to the Where is the Ship Channel you can hear it thru the TV speakers. Otherwise you have to walk out into the hallway. I only hope if there's an emergency they have a better way of communicating. After our repast we make our way slowly aloft to the Solarium.   

 IMG_0933.JPG (1484092 bytes)  IMG_0934.JPG (1556047 bytes)  IMG_0935.JPG (936750 bytes)  IMG_0937.JPG (941570 bytes)  IMG_0940.JPG (991527 bytes)

                      IMG_0941.JPG (1090727 bytes)  IMG_0946.JPG (1496396 bytes)  IMG_0947.JPG (1705512 bytes)

 IMG_0948.JPG (1714392 bytes)    IMG_0949.JPG (1205558 bytes)  IMG_0950.JPG (1252478 bytes) IMG_0951.JPG (1192210 bytes)

                             IMG_0952.JPG (2005006 bytes)         IMG_0953.JPG (1324850 bytes)        IMG_0954.JPG (766206 bytes)  

                                                    Queen of the Library

      IMG_0955.JPG (1414480 bytes)  IMG_0956.JPG (1527017 bytes)IMG_0957.JPG (1599617 bytes)  IMG_0951.JPG (1192210 bytes)

 You've gotta love being in port for the lack of people milling about. We had the Solarium more or less to ourselves. Hot Tub Lovin'! 

                                 IMG_0959.JPG (1343267 bytes)          IMG_0960.JPG (1350518 bytes) 

                 IMG_0961.JPG (1655763 bytes)        IMG_0962.JPG (1230287 bytes)           IMG_0966.JPG (1518479 bytes)

                                IMG_0963.JPG (1457276 bytes)               IMG_0964.JPG (1248375 bytes)  

    IMG_0967.JPG (1603390 bytes)  IMG_0968.JPG (622985 bytes)   IMG_0970.JPG (640915 bytes) IMG_0971.JPG (641223 bytes)

   IMG_0972.JPG (2020650 bytes)  IMG_0973.JPG (1434267 bytes)   IMG_0975.JPG (1463597 bytes) IMG_0977.JPG (1279930 bytes)

  IMG_0978.JPG (1221266 bytes)  IMG_0979.JPG (1476524 bytes)   IMG_0980.JPG (1469348 bytes)   IMG_0981.JPG (941609 bytes)

    IMG_0982.JPG (1616898 bytes)  IMG_0984.JPG (1431346 bytes)  IMG_0985.JPG (1435746 bytes)  IMG_0989.JPG (588099 bytes)

  This is the life. And yet I can't sit still but so long. Once the crowds had somewhat dissipated I made my way down to Deck 4 to make a souvenir run. Or so I thought. There was absolute chaos around the gangway. Nobody was directing traffic. People were lined up tight and when the boat came alongside there wasn't any place for the passengers arriving. I got out of the way. Departure consisted of scanning my Sea Pass along with a face scan. The ride was smooth as glass.   

  IMG_0990.JPG (1439993 bytes)  IMG_0991.JPG (1063180 bytes)  IMG_0992.JPG (1463822 bytes)  IMG_0993.JPG (1243270 bytes)

  IMG_0994.JPG (1198866 bytes)  IMG_0995.JPG (1316635 bytes)  IMG_0996.JPG (1481598 bytes)  IMG_0997.JPG (1379012 bytes)

  IMG_0998.JPG (1448114 bytes)  IMG_0999.JPG (1120493 bytes)  IMG_1001.JPG (1003009 bytes)  IMG_1002.JPG (1143631 bytes)

  Quaint village. All I did was walk across the main drag into the first tourist joint I saw and grabbed 3 fridge magnets. Then I retraced my steps and caught the same boat I got here on. Whole thing took less than 10 minutes. 

  IMG_1003.JPG (1096599 bytes)  IMG_1004.JPG (1660290 bytes)  IMG_1005.JPG (1385893 bytes)  IMG_1006.JPG (1712030 bytes)

                                       IMG_1007.JPG (856945 bytes)

                                                   IMG_1008.JPG (1608099 bytes)

               IMG_1010.JPG (1326895 bytes)       IMG_1011.JPG (1411935 bytes)        IMG_1012.JPG (1045338 bytes)  

 I found my Sweet Ti at the Spa Café enjoying a plethora of small plates. They do a very nice job with these. 

                                                                 IMG_1014.JPG (1376730 bytes)    IMG_1015.JPG (1516886 bytes)

               IMG_1016.JPG (1542977 bytes)       IMG_1020.JPG (1512815 bytes)        IMG_1018.JPG (1412449 bytes)

                                                       IMG_1019.JPG (1206895 bytes)   

                                                                  Now our door got Leid

                                                  IMG_1023.JPG (1297041 bytes)  

                                                  IMG_1024.JPG (1570934 bytes)  

                                 During sailaway we got to see the Azipods in action as the ship did a 360.     

           IMG_1026.JPG (1469288 bytes)      IMG_1028.JPG (1212649 bytes)     IMG_1029.JPG (1375228 bytes)    IMG_1030.JPG (1227870 bytes)  

                                  The famous Martini Bar. Popular spot for drunks and soon to be drunks.

                              IMG_1031.JPG (951863 bytes)  IMG_1032.JPG (1173284 bytes)  IMG_1033.JPG (1237598 bytes) 

                                     IMG_1036.JPG (1130311 bytes)  IMG_1038.JPG (1450382 bytes)

                                                   Free hot dogs on a bun!!!!

       As we were leaving the casino I noticed that my IPod was gone from it's holder on the waistband of my shorts. Oh no! I run back to the last machines that we were playing at but no IPod. I ask at the Casino Bar- again no luck. They instruct us to try security. Just as we were walking out of the casino to go down to security a lady walks up to Sweet Ti and asks "Ma'am, is this you?"


                                                   This is the background picture on my IPod

It was a couple that spotted the IPod on the floor. And then they found us! We thank them profusely and offer them a reward. They wouldn't hear of it. But the rest of the trip every time we see them we wave and thank them again. Not only are all of our photos and videos are on there along with tons of downloaded music. Codgers are us. Just now, it's time for the fabulous production number, Topper!

            IMG_1039.JPG (1073840 bytes)        IMG_1042.JPG (1260689 bytes)         IMG_1043.JPG (845736 bytes) 

            IMG_1044.JPG (1248256 bytes)        IMG_1045.JPG (1321742 bytes)         IMG_1047.JPG (1245527 bytes)

    Well, it was certainly an interesting um, show. A bit too heavy on song and light on acrobatics but maybe that's just from seeing too many Cirque shows in Vegas. Since the restart it's probably been harder for them to find performers. But it was ok. Not much of a crowd.

                                                    IMG_1049.JPG (1389712 bytes)

                  IMG_1051.JPG (1529183 bytes)    IMG_1053.JPG (1390454 bytes)     IMG_1057.JPG (1533751 bytes)

                                                    IMG_1056.JPG (1318016 bytes)    

                                                      Once again I came in last.                                      

                                                   IMG_1187.JPG (1301593 bytes)

  What a lovely day! We are settling right in to this lifestyle. The buffet is taking care of all of our meals. Reading about all of the cutbacks on Celebrity on Cruise Critic, we didn't find any problem with the service or selections. Of course, we never knew what it was like before. I can see us doing this sort of thing on a regular basis.....                             

                                                                                               Cozumel     05.24.2023 

 Hey Now! Well, Happy 67th Birthday to me! I love waking up and walking outside on the balcony. I see the coast of Mexico, we seem to be following the coastline. I make a coffee Elizabeth run and we relax outside and ease our way into the day. We have our Hot Glass class later on this morning. Other than that we haven't any plans to excurse. Except for fridge magnets of course. We had a nice buffet breakfast as we have now run out of order forms for room service. We keep forgetting to ask Jenny Lyn for more. oh well. We walked out on deck to watch the ship dock at Cozumel, Mexico. 

                             IMG_1061.JPG (968287 bytes)             IMG_1063.JPG (590752 bytes) 

                        IMG_1066.JPG (1036008 bytes)                                       IMG_1067.JPG (902470 bytes)

 IMG_1068.JPG (1261437 bytes)  IMG_1070.JPG (1119766 bytes)  IMG_1071.JPG (1234092 bytes)  IMG_1073.JPG (1525349 bytes)

 IMG_1074.JPG (1561546 bytes)  IMG_1075.JPG (1567204 bytes)   IMG_1082.JPG (1560522 bytes)  IMG_1078.JPG (1590764 bytes)

 IMG_1083.JPG (1612846 bytes)  IMG_1087.JPG (1601528 bytes)  IMG_1088.JPG (1597296 bytes)  IMG_1089.JPG (1694924 bytes)

             IMG_1090.JPG (1818923 bytes)       IMG_1091.JPG (1474575 bytes)      IMG_1092.JPG (1221928 bytes)  

 It's a beautiful morning but it feels like it's gonna be hotter than hell pretty soon. We go by the Hot Glass studio and the boys are running behind. They have 1 customer in front of us. Seth takes our orders- we have a choice of several designs to choose from.

                                                               IMG_20191011_173944298.thumb.jpg.c1a5d7cb943206fe55de1127ff2984ac.jpg (142691 bytes)

 Sweet Ti picks a starfish with Conner, and I choose a jellyfish with Seth. We also get to pick 3 colors each to accent the pieces. Sweet Ti makes friends with the wife of the customer they are giving the class to and they sit and chat. I have another walkabout.

                      IMG_1084.JPG (1301772 bytes)        IMG_1085.JPG (1135315 bytes)     IMG_1086.gif (2217421 bytes)

                                               Finally, it's Ti's turn to try her hand. 

                                 IMG_1080.JPG (1257401 bytes)IMG_1081.JPG (1144861 bytes)

   IMG_1094.JPG (1462062 bytes)  IMG_1095.JPG (1331167 bytes)  IMG_1096.JPG (1466052 bytes)  IMG_1100.JPG (1169391 bytes)

   IMG_1101.JPG (1219902 bytes)  IMG_1104.JPG (1101323 bytes)  IMG_1106.JPG (1382587 bytes)  IMG_1108.JPG (1262485 bytes)

   IMG_1109.JPG (1270379 bytes)  IMG_1110.JPG (1435875 bytes)  IMG_1111.JPG (1261242 bytes)  IMG_1114.JPG (1627257 bytes)

   IMG_1115.JPG (1403490 bytes)  IMG_1116.JPG (1331502 bytes)  IMG_1117.JPG (1268979 bytes)  IMG_1118.JPG (1558639 bytes)

                                                                     And now mine.

                                            IMG_1119.JPG (1287078 bytes)       IMG_1120.JPG (1178966 bytes)

     IMG_1121.JPG (1095054 bytes)  IMG_1122.JPG (1485844 bytes)  IMG_1123.JPG (1110256 bytes)  IMG_1124.JPG (1300599 bytes)  IMG_1125.JPG (1281312 bytes)  IMG_1126.JPG (1287005 bytes)

 IMG_1127.JPG (1241724 bytes)  IMG_1130.JPG (1210290 bytes)  IMG_1131.JPG (1107667 bytes)  IMG_1132.JPG (1222863 bytes)  IMG_1134.JPG (1230902 bytes)  IMG_1135.JPG (1235180 bytes)  IMG_1136.JPG (1124472 bytes)

            IMG_1137.JPG (1251699 bytes)  IMG_1138.JPG (1296174 bytes)  IMG_1139.JPG (1200063 bytes)  IMG_1140.JPG (1244087 bytes)  IMG_1141.JPG (1056857 bytes)  IMG_1142.JPG (1314634 bytes) 

                      IMG_1143.JPG (1446125 bytes)     IMG_1144.JPG (1113775 bytes)  IMG_1145.JPG (1175933 bytes)  IMG_1146.JPG (1179678 bytes)  IMG_1147.JPG (1127721 bytes)   

    IMG_1148.JPG (1522116 bytes)  IMG_1149.JPG (1286505 bytes)  IMG_1150.JPG (1167570 bytes)  IMG_1151.JPG (1292242 bytes)

   IMG_1152.JPG (1310056 bytes)   IMG_1153.JPG (1144886 bytes)  IMG_1154.JPG (1316968 bytes)  IMG_1155.JPG (1419717 bytes)

   IMG_1152.JPG (1310056 bytes)  IMG_1153.JPG (1144886 bytes)  IMG_1154.JPG (1316968 bytes)  IMG_1155.JPG (1419717 bytes)

  IMG_1156.JPG (1350513 bytes)  IMG_1157.JPG (1307074 bytes)  IMG_1158.JPG (1272247 bytes)  IMG_1159.JPG (1339867 bytes)

  IMG_1162.JPG (1420014 bytes)  IMG_1163.JPG (1165058 bytes)  IMG_1164.JPG (1122556 bytes)  IMG_1165.JPG (1148725 bytes)

    IMG_1166.JPG (1347944 bytes)  IMG_1169.JPG (1235476 bytes)  IMG_1171.JPG (1151757 bytes)  IMG_1172.JPG (1513946 bytes)

                                                 IMG_1324.JPG (1283440 bytes)

                                                  Just a couple of blow jobs!


  We actually picked up the pieces a couple of days later. I decide to have a short walkabout to do my usual souvenir scavenger hunt. 

                                                             IMG_1173.JPG (1285650 bytes)

   IMG_1174.JPG (1516691 bytes)  IMG_1175.JPG (1489897 bytes)  IMG_1176.JPG (1526218 bytes)  IMG_1177.JPG (872486 bytes)

  IMG_1178.JPG (1327706 bytes)  IMG_1179.JPG (1793736 bytes)  IMG_1180.JPG (1989075 bytes)  IMG_1181.JPG (1658051 bytes)

                 IMG_1183.JPG (1590754 bytes)  IMG_1184.JPG (1489035 bytes)  IMG_1185.JPG (1510524 bytes) 

                                              How to shop in 20 minutes or less.....

                                                  IMG_1186.JPG (1385858 bytes)

 We take advantage of the lack of humanity on the ship and have a leisurely lunch at the OV and enjoyed the scenery. 

   IMG_1190.JPG (1604489 bytes)  IMG_1191.JPG (1444996 bytes)  IMG_1192.JPG (1431732 bytes)  IMG_1193.JPG (1370399 bytes)

   IMG_1194.JPG (1743352 bytes)   IMG_1195.JPG (1321140 bytes)  IMG_1196.JPG (1409144 bytes)  IMG_1197.JPG (1514415 bytes)

   IMG_1198.JPG (1560966 bytes)  IMG_1199.JPG (1496776 bytes)  IMG_1200.JPG (1356773 bytes)  IMG_1201.JPG (1371293 bytes)

                                                 IMG_1202.JPG (834264 bytes)  


                                   IMG_1207.JPG (1605010 bytes)  IMG_1209.JPG (1590428 bytes)

                             Then we hang out at the Solarium more or less all by ourselves.  

                      IMG_1212.JPG (1540059 bytes)                    IMG_1216.JPG (1327518 bytes)

               Well, maybe with the exception of Hiresh. This guy follows us everywhere on the ship. Actually just the OV and here, but still. Hiresh's mother is visiting New Orleans from their home in Granada. We are getting the play by play reporting each day of her escapades.   

                                              IMG_1217.JPG (930645 bytes)

                           They are always cleaning and painting and repairing something around here....


                    IMG_1203.JPG (1175539 bytes)                         IMG_1204.JPG (1156677 bytes)          

                           IMG_1205.JPG (1255360 bytes)    IMG_1206.JPG (1446320 bytes) 

   IMG_1218.JPG (1459331 bytes)

                               IMG_1219.JPG (1493967 bytes)  IMG_1220.JPG (1560580 bytes)

  IMG_1221.JPG (1149184 bytes)  IMG_1222.JPG (1336542 bytes)  IMG_1223.JPG (1221523 bytes)  IMG_1224.JPG (1242542 bytes) 

  IMG_1225.JPG (1060832 bytes)  IMG_1226.JPG (1055340 bytes)  IMG_1227.JPG (999155 bytes)  IMG_1228.JPG (977063 bytes)

  IMG_1229.JPG (1142625 bytes)  IMG_1230.JPG (1112747 bytes)  IMG_1231.JPG (1192900 bytes)  IMG_1232.JPG (1193877 bytes)

                                 IMG_1233.JPG (1251880 bytes)  IMG_1234.JPG (1286052 bytes) 

                                                 IMG_1235.JPG (1196374 bytes)

    IMG_1236.JPG (1216412 bytes)  IMG_1237.JPG (1273482 bytes)  IMG_1238.JPG (1359592 bytes)  IMG_1239.JPG (1286164 bytes)

   IMG_1240.JPG (1266455 bytes)  IMG_1241.JPG (1215822 bytes)  IMG_1242.JPG (1361786 bytes)  IMG_1243.JPG (1199684 bytes)

   IMG_1244.JPG (1122058 bytes)  IMG_1245.JPG (1212606 bytes)  IMG_1246.JPG (1512417 bytes)  IMG_1247.JPG (1655677 bytes)

   IMG_1248.JPG (1047231 bytes)  IMG_1249.JPG (1286313 bytes)  IMG_1250.JPG (1106514 bytes)  IMG_1251.JPG (1689378 bytes)

    IMG_1252.JPG (1657381 bytes)  IMG_1253.JPG (1036139 bytes)  IMG_1254.JPG (1399908 bytes)  IMG_1255.JPG (1073775 bytes)

                         IMG_1255.JPG (1073775 bytes)  IMG_1258.JPG (1114531 bytes)  IMG_1257.JPG (1144079 bytes) 

                                IMG_1259.JPG (1965292 bytes)        IMG_1261.JPG (1594837 bytes)

       IMG_1262.JPG (1541405 bytes)                IMG_1263.JPG (1299777 bytes)              IMG_1264.JPG (1258442 bytes)  

           IMG_1265.JPG (1602781 bytes)          IMG_1266.JPG (1474312 bytes)        IMG_1267.JPG (1776819 bytes)

  IMG_1268.JPG (1732451 bytes)  IMG_1269.JPG (1348381 bytes)  IMG_1271.JPG (1458720 bytes)  IMG_1272.JPG (1245401 bytes)

  IMG_1273.JPG (1335169 bytes)  IMG_1274.JPG (1306076 bytes)  IMG_1275.JPG (765601 bytes)  IMG_1277.JPG (1273585 bytes)

                                          IMG_1286.JPG (1551312 bytes)

  IMG_1287.JPG (1270337 bytes)  IMG_1297.JPG (1236339 bytes)  IMG_1293.JPG (1185395 bytes)  IMG_1294.JPG (1617645 bytes)

                                             IMG_1295.JPG (515848 bytes)      




         IMG_1297.JPG (1236339 bytes)  IMG_1298.JPG (1427049 bytes)  IMG_1299.JPG (1533695 bytes)   IMG_1301.JPG (1355812 bytes)

                                              IMG_1307.JPG (1067976 bytes)                                     IMG_1303.JPG (1467488 bytes)

                                                                                         At sea   05.25.2023

  IMG_1312.JPG (1417195 bytes)  IMG_1316.JPG (1280170 bytes)  IMG_1317.JPG (1121227 bytes)  IMG_1319.JPG (1180946 bytes)

  IMG_1321.JPG (1148828 bytes)  IMG_1322.JPG (1736147 bytes)  IMG_1323.JPG (1330714 bytes)  IMG_1331.JPG (1843144 bytes)

                                    IMG_1310.JPG (1579701 bytes)

            IMG_1325.JPG (1403494 bytes)    IMG_1326.JPG (1510699 bytes)    IMG_1327.JPG (1370407 bytes) 

                        IMG_1328.JPG (1402221 bytes)     IMG_1329.JPG (1310106 bytes)  

  IMG_1334.JPG (1339204 bytes)  IMG_1337.JPG (1789506 bytes)  IMG_1339.JPG (1122222 bytes)  IMG_1343.JPG (1036459 bytes)


                                                        IMG_1332.JPG (1328706 bytes)                     IMG_1333.JPG (1100683 bytes)

                                                                                                 IMG_1345.JPG (913509 bytes)

                        IMG_1346.JPG (1366335 bytes)             IMG_1347.JPG (1173252 bytes)             IMG_1348.JPG (1326318 bytes)

                                                                                                 IMG_1349.JPG (1396672 bytes)

                                                                                                 IMG_1352.JPG (1606149 bytes)  

                                                                                                      Bimini  05.26.2023

      IMG_1357.JPG (1252340 bytes)  IMG_1358.JPG (1208311 bytes)  IMG_1359.JPG (1185679 bytes)  IMG_1370.JPG (1223703 bytes)

    IMG_1362.JPG (1653174 bytes)  IMG_1365.JPG (1158116 bytes)  IMG_1366.JPG (410307 bytes)  IMG_1369.JPG (1351286 bytes)

    IMG_1371.JPG (1515370 bytes)  IMG_1372.JPG (1247794 bytes)  IMG_1373.JPG (1416792 bytes)  IMG_1374.JPG (348858 bytes)

   IMG_1375.JPG (1827678 bytes)  IMG_1376.JPG (1792869 bytes)  IMG_1377.JPG (2241485 bytes)  IMG_1378.JPG (1574813 bytes)

   IMG_1379.JPG (1571133 bytes)  IMG_1380.JPG (1620214 bytes)  IMG_1381.JPG (1427089 bytes)  IMG_1382.JPG (1299402 bytes)

   IMG_1383.JPG (1431259 bytes)  IMG_1384.JPG (1679250 bytes)  IMG_1385.JPG (1857343 bytes)  IMG_1386.JPG (2080976 bytes)

  IMG_1387.JPG (1454184 bytes)  IMG_1388.JPG (2815135 bytes)  IMG_1389.JPG (1328922 bytes)  IMG_1390.JPG (1488589 bytes)

  IMG_1391.JPG (1157499 bytes)  IMG_1392.JPG (631353 bytes)  IMG_1393.JPG (698747 bytes)  IMG_1394.JPG (1731112 bytes)

  IMG_1395.JPG (1946670 bytes)  IMG_1396.JPG (2032445 bytes)  IMG_1397.JPG (2111948 bytes)  IMG_1398.JPG (2005426 bytes)

  IMG_1399.JPG (1760618 bytes)  IMG_1400.JPG (1720918 bytes)  IMG_1402.JPG (2029463 bytes)  IMG_1403.JPG (1564083 bytes)

                                                  IMG_1405.JPG (1211513 bytes)

 IMG_1404.JPG (2095113 bytes)     IMG_1406.JPG (1368601 bytes)  IMG_1407.JPG (1236287 bytes)  IMG_1408.JPG (1316042 bytes)

  IMG_1409.JPG (1182228 bytes)  IMG_1410.JPG (1234553 bytes)  IMG_1411.JPG (1590201 bytes)   IMG_1412.JPG (1729687 bytes)

  IMG_1413.JPG (1590501 bytes)  IMG_1414.JPG (1346750 bytes)  IMG_1415.JPG (1298857 bytes)   IMG_1418.JPG (2183122 bytes)

  IMG_1419.JPG (1235493 bytes)  IMG_1420.JPG (1417056 bytes)  IMG_1421.JPG (1655208 bytes)  IMG_1422.JPG (1232287 bytes)

  IMG_1423.JPG (1262569 bytes)  IMG_1424.JPG (1427917 bytes)  IMG_1425.JPG (1209287 bytes)  IMG_1427.JPG (1699941 bytes)

                                             IMG_1426.JPG (1746547 bytes)

  IMG_1428.JPG (1554750 bytes)  IMG_1429.JPG (1475602 bytes)  IMG_1430.JPG (1346671 bytes)  IMG_1431.JPG (1561080 bytes)

  IMG_1432.JPG (2019384 bytes)  IMG_1433.JPG (1520323 bytes)  IMG_1434.JPG (1259697 bytes)  IMG_1435.JPG (952102 bytes)


    IMG_1437.JPG (1452246 bytes)  IMG_1438.JPG (1509666 bytes)  IMG_1439.JPG (472435 bytes)  IMG_1440.JPG (1371508 bytes)

    IMG_1441.JPG (1600795 bytes)  IMG_1443.JPG (1441550 bytes)  IMG_1444.JPG (1463640 bytes)  IMG_1445.JPG (1358776 bytes)

                                  IMG_1446.JPG (1395844 bytes)IMG_1447.JPG (1434238 bytes)

  IMG_1448.JPG (1517539 bytes)  IMG_1449.JPG (1490280 bytes)  IMG_1461.JPG (1443249 bytes)  IMG_1462.JPG (1299212 bytes)

  IMG_1463.JPG (1181605 bytes)  IMG_1464.JPG (1027438 bytes)  IMG_1465.JPG (1214430 bytes)  IMG_1466.JPG (1456963 bytes)

                      IMG_1467.JPG (1121095 bytes)                    IMG_1469.JPG (1233477 bytes)  

                                IMG_1470.JPG (1557511 bytes)    IMG_1468.JPG (1626443 bytes)   

     IMG_1472.JPG (1613855 bytes)  IMG_1473.JPG (1891936 bytes)  IMG_1474.JPG (1677005 bytes)  IMG_1475.JPG (1544565 bytes)

   IMG_1476.JPG (1165211 bytes)  IMG_1477.JPG (1109570 bytes)  IMG_1478.JPG (1006519 bytes)  IMG_1479.JPG (1181084 bytes)

  IMG_1481.JPG (1415386 bytes)  IMG_1482.JPG (1601611 bytes)  IMG_1484.JPG (1214947 bytes)  IMG_1486.JPG (986554 bytes)

  IMG_1487.JPG (1320442 bytes)    IMG_1492.JPG (1278707 bytes)   IMG_1493.JPG (1325939 bytes)   IMG_1494.JPG (1219764 bytes)



                                                 IMG_1491.JPG (1363044 bytes)

  IMG_1495.JPG (1195260 bytes)  IMG_1496.JPG (1256883 bytes)  IMG_1497.JPG (1358174 bytes)  IMG_1498.JPG (1351032 bytes)

  IMG_1499.JPG (1428648 bytes)    IMG_1501.JPG (1535442 bytes)  IMG_1503.JPG (1573119 bytes)  IMG_1505.JPG (1363903 bytes)

                                             Port Everglades    05.27.2023

                                                    IMG_1509.JPG (1385123 bytes)

            IMG_1506.JPG (1491812 bytes)          IMG_1507.JPG (1348607 bytes)          IMG_1508.JPG (1184942 bytes)