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                                            02.18.2016 Fairy Tales can come true- it could happen to you

   Hey Now! yepper, we are Young at Heart. But gettin' a bit Old of Body. I slept in till 7 a.m. Slacker. I had all the ammo I needed for the morning skirmish on account of last nights victory. So it's a kiss for luck, load up some Phish on the Ippy, and descend. I kiosk our cards and Sweet Ti gets 30x/10x and I get 8x/6x. Time to make it count. I play Sweet Ti's card at a Triple Double Diamond $1 game, and mine at a Double Diamond Deluxe $1 game. Insert hundys. Engage.

                                 IMG_1510.JPG (1169960 bytes)                IMG_1511.JPG (1233431 bytes)

        Oh yeah, playin' 2 dollar games at the same time. All IGT, all the time. What a blast! Turned $200 into $600.

                     I take a bathroom break, and over by the Keno Lounge I spot yet another new machine to me....

                                IMG_1512.JPG (1316855 bytes)                 IMG_1513.JPG (1711348 bytes)

Now I loves me some Multi- Strike. They used to have some 8/5 BP MS machines at Orleans, but took them out. These are 7/5 BP and because of the 5th hand, are $6.25 a spin. Why the hell not! I insert hundy. I'm up and down, and am dealt a straight on the 1st level. But it's also 4 to a Royal. I have practiced playing MS on VPW, but never this version. The strategy is pretty strange, you basically want to get to the next level. But I'm not sure, so I figure I'll go for it. Let's watch... Jimmy?????


                    IMG_1516.JPG (1686084 bytes)                                IMG_1515.JPG (1461375 bytes)

Well that was interesting. It obviously surprised me when it kicked out that $1k ticket and left the rest in the machine. Now I turn on the service light because it's once again B Loyal to the Royal day. Mar comes over and asks what the problem is. I point at the machine and she frowns. There's only $43.75 in there. I whip out my $1k and explain. Good enough. She writes me up a ticket for $100 free play. I tip her generously.  What a morning. I've turned 3 hundy into this.....

                                                         IMG_1519.JPG (1727582 bytes)

 Over to Crack Vegas I smilingly travel, and order up. Reneee is off again, so Ethyl takes my order. Then it's up to Make it Rain on S.T.

                                                        IMG_1521.JPG (1603119 bytes)

                            I love it! We take out the Klobs and coffee cake and break our fast.

                                IMG_1522.JPG (1273172 bytes)         IMG_1523.JPG (1247582 bytes)

 Before we left home, I purchased a selfish-stick. At least that's what I call it. I had forgotten all about it. How's it work???

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 Today's travels include a quickie visit to Ellis Island, followed by another to see Ziggy. Onward down Flamingo Cheri-ola!

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 It's always gonna be the Barbary Coast to me.... We pulled into Ellis. Cheri-ola has this neato back up camera. Easy in tight spots!

                                                        IMG_1533.JPG (1669686 bytes)

            Inside, they have really cleaned up the place! More space between machines, and new carpet. Pretty swift!

IMG_1534.JPG (1312612 bytes)     IMG_1535.JPG (1494685 bytes)    IMG_1536.JPG (1717015 bytes)    IMG_1537.JPG (1308079 bytes)

IMG_1544.JPG (1147102 bytes)    IMG_1538.JPG (1256302 bytes)   IMG_1539.JPG (1705364 bytes)      IMG_1540.JPG (1391635 bytes)

At the Passport Club we saw an old familiar face. Richard from France. He signed me up for a card way back on '05. I ask about the old Bingo machine I no longer see. "It was on it's last legs and the Gaming Commission ordered us to fix it. But they stopped making parts for it so we canned it" 

                                                            IMG_1541.JPG (963138 bytes)

We used our ACG coupons for a couple of free t shirts. He asked for the free play ones as long as we were there, but I'm saving them for my next trip in May. Richard is alright. At the kiosk, Sweet Ti won $10 FSP and I won a free beer. So we bellied up to the bar. Sweet Ti activated her free play while I met today's local, Ron.

                                                            IMG_1542.JPG (1321818 bytes)

Manny takes my coupon and I order a fresh made draft root beer. Tasty! Meanwhile, Ron is telling us how dangerous it is around here. He's a Private Investigator. He knows the dirt on everyone. I enjoy my frothy beverage and tell Ron that we know all about the hazards of this place. He splits calling back to us-  "Be Careful!". We carefully leave and carefully stop by the Rebel gas station. Cheri-ola is one thirsty girl. But gas is cheap- $1.79. She only gets about 14 mpg. We carefully navigate across Paradise to Silver Sevens. Ziggy is working the Sports Bar today. We bring him up to date on our adventures and have a blast playing with the selfish-stick.

                IMG_1546.JPG (464366 bytes)        IMG_1548.JPG (325456 bytes)        IMG_1547.JPG (470883 bytes)

Once I figured out how to use it anyhow. We didn't stay too long, and on the way out found the time out spot for drunk patrons....

                                 IMG_1549.JPG (1550211 bytes)              IMG_1550.JPG (1263662 bytes)

                                    Bad player! No Yellow Brick Road for you! And your little dog too....

 IMG_1551.JPG (1686700 bytes)    IMG_1553.JPG (1589734 bytes)    IMG_1555.JPG (1377466 bytes)    IMG_1556.JPG (822779 bytes)

 IMG_1558.JPG (1939897 bytes)    IMG_1560.JPG (1369477 bytes)    IMG_1561.JPG (1588353 bytes)    IMG_1566.JPG (1387356 bytes)

I have an ulterior motive for my Sweet Ti. Earlier in the trip, we got her a 5 day Spa pass, but she has only used it once. So I'm taking her to Happy Feet. It got killer reviews on Yelp. $20 for an hour massage. And it's right across the street from Orleans. 

                                IMG_1572.JPG (1476055 bytes)                IMG_1573.JPG (1211926 bytes)

 Talk about low key. There's not even a sign on the building with the name on it. But this was on the front door....

                                                    IMG_1574.JPG (1187934 bytes)

 I guess they didn't have enough personnel for both locations. The ElCo Happy Feet just recently opened. maybe next trip... Wally shortys with Hank Bonefish time.

                              IMG_1579.JPG (1301406 bytes)            IMG_1581.JPG (854243 bytes)

    That's my Sweet Ti! They are doing a lot of new restaurant construction here. The Alder & Birch just opened last weekend.

 IMG_1582.JPG (781186 bytes)    IMG_1583.JPG (932047 bytes)    IMG_1584.JPG (920988 bytes)    IMG_1585.JPG (1003216 bytes)    IMG_1587.JPG (1084873 bytes)

 And the Ondori is opening tomorrow. Their are plans for more too. Plus they are gonna renovate the entire lain casino. Upscale. Scary!

          IMG_1588.JPG (1238584 bytes)            IMG_1589.JPG (1186209 bytes)            IMG_1590.JPG (1297743 bytes)

                               IMG_1591.JPG (1325244 bytes)                IMG_1592.JPG (1333401 bytes)

While we are playing, I notice Mark the barkeep from the Mardi Gras Bar is dressed up in a suit and talking to Nancy. I ask Hank about this and he said Mark was filling in as a F&B manager because of the new restaurants opening. Interesting. Well, Sweet Ti and I are both up around 5k points each, and it's just about time for today's drawing. I stop by the kiosk and activate our entries, while Sweet Ti hits the head. We plan on a rendezvous beside the Sports Book where the drawing is held. I wander around up front to take some pics.

                                        IMG_1594.JPG (1117201 bytes)    IMG_1595.JPG (1206178 bytes)

Supposedly the Gator Band is toast after they upscale the place. Pity. The Nite Kings are in the house and I am drawn to the tunes.

                                                         IMG_1597.JPG (1198528 bytes)

It's pretty near time for the drawing, so I walk on over. Not a Sweet Ti in sight. Plenty of blue hairs though. I try to call her, but she doesn't answer. I text her too. Nuttin'. Then she calls me. I tell her to get her ass over! When she shows up, she says she was listening to the band. Too funny, I never saw her. I'm surprised she isn't in that last pic. We find a spot and are entertained by Crazy Mark.

                                                    IMG_1598.JPG (1331040 bytes)

  Crazy Mark.He kept jumping up, circling those machines, muttering to whoever would listen, and sitting back down. They are spinning the numbers on the big screen for the "virtual drawing". The first name they call is for $500. He doesn't show. They call another name. She shows. Then they start calling the $100 winners. 5 of them. They show. Next they call 5 more. They show. Then they call 7 more. The 5th name they call is me. Woohoo!!!! "Winner coming through!!!!" Tammy, our old host who is running the drawing gives me a big hug. Sweet Ti gives me a big hug. Tammy takes me info and tells me to get in line so Deborah can pay me. Meanwhile they are calling more names. I hear Sweet Ti's name called. Woohoo!!!!! We both won! Just like last time, we get Jim, who is always mucking about, to take the pictures. 

                         IMG_1637.JPG (1075453 bytes)              IMG_1640.JPG (1107862 bytes)

Just like last time he has no idea what he is doing. He took 27 pics, most of the floor. I still can't believe we won.. All those locals too...

                                                 IMG_1644.JPG (1300314 bytes)

Time to celebrate with a special dinner. But instead we hit the buffet. Hey- we have coupons! Might as well let them pay for everything! Amy is our server tonight. We imbibe the usual suspects. On the way out a couple of bananas make their way into Sweet Ti's purse. Oops.

                            IMG_1645.JPG (1267438 bytes)                        IMG_1647.JPG (1152642 bytes)           

         IMG_1648.JPG (1416156 bytes)                IMG_1650.JPG (1229763 bytes)                IMG_1653.JPG (1002599 bytes)

                                    I lost my $100 pretty quick, Sweet Ti made hers last a couple of hours.

         IMG_1660.JPG (1272592 bytes)               IMG_1661.JPG (1011105 bytes)                 IMG_1662.JPG (1119252 bytes)

             We elevate as Sweet Ti is once again bushed. I hang with her for a few and enjoy our custom room decor.

                                                            IMG_1667.JPG (1325514 bytes)

                                                 Back to the action I hit up some Wonder 4....James?


                                                         IMG_1656.JPG (1840624 bytes)

                                                       Chocolate Land Calls. Jimmy- roll it!



 The smoke was buggin' the shit outta me. So I went to about the only place I could find  that wasn't. As. The no smoking area past the buffet. I played some upright VP that had some decent games but it wasn't happening. Time to call it. IT! Another Royal Day.

                          Totals:  RB- 10k points     Sweet Ti- 5600 points.    BR up another grand.


                                         02.18.2016 You have been warned, but you still plunge in


                                                  Royal Fire Monkeys Invade Clark County!!