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                                               02.14.2016  I kinda like it. Crazy little thing called love.

Hey Now! Happy Valentine Day! I loves me some Sweet Ti! I give her a peck on the cheek while she sleeps, and at 5:45 I hit the floor. Slants start out the day. Insert hundy. Engage. DBDW isn't cooperating, so when I hit the $20. mark I switch to Boner Deluxe. Down to my last $1.25....

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                                                Noice! Back to our regularly scheduled program.

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I ordered room service for my Sweet Ti. At least I tried. I kept getting no answer, leave a message. Finally got thru. I watched 2 older ladies exchange birthday cards and gifts. Both VDay babies. I ended up earning 2046 points from that hundy. Back at the room, Sweet Ti is enjoying her coffee Elizabeth. (Keeping Up Appearances reference) 

                 IMG_1302.JPG (994096 bytes)                                IMG_1303.JPG (1460192 bytes)

 We exchange cards over our breakfast, and take some time for us. After we finish our ciggies (Young Frankenstein reference- we don't really smoke) and clean up, we decide to cash in some ACG and MRB coupons for free play. We also each have bonus free play from the BConnected site. Between the both of us we net 20. I want to check out the newish machines at the Mardi Gras Bar, so we sit at 2 end machines. I've got a beer from upstairs, and as the barkeep is stocking the cooler, Sweet Ti asks for a coffee. Dude looks at her and says no, but that guy over there who looks like John Wayne will serve her and walks away. The Duke is busy filling CW orders. He finally finishes after we have been sitting there playing for 10 minutes. He walks up and asks us if we need a drink. Mark's his name. Sweet Ti asks for that coffee, and proceeds to tell him about the other dude. Mark apologizes for that guy's rudeness. Meanwhile, S.T. is playing .25 3 play 8/5 BP and hits Quad Aces on a single line. I guess I forgot to take a pic, cause I can't find it. I'm playing .50 TDB....

                                                       IMG_1305.JPG (1410678 bytes)

We cash out with a tidy profit. Our next item of business is a trip off property. Sweet Ti is gonna get a pedi at The Nail Place. She found this place a few visits ago. It's on Decatur so it's real close by. I drop her off and come back for some play. 

            IMG_1315.JPG (1413328 bytes)          IMG_1317.JPG (1718646 bytes)          IMG_1320.JPG (1581766 bytes)   

Sweet Ti calls and I run over to get her. Her nails are colored- "Kiss me or Elf". Can't beat the deal there Ladies. Or Metro Men. 


Next we go back to Sweet Ti's lucky machine at the Crawdad. Hank Bonefish and crew are off Sundays and Mondays. We attack.

                         IMG_1321.JPG (1445393 bytes)                               IMG_1323.JPG (1396177 bytes)        

                                IMG_1324.JPG (1235288 bytes)    IMG_1325.JPG (1234356 bytes)     

Or rather my Sweet Ti does. While she is doing her savvy parley, (Royal Flusher reference) I am joined to my direct right by a young man. He says Hey Now! and asks if we are flysrb and Sweet Ti. As a matter of fact....BINGO!  He is tringlomane from the VMB. We launch into a great chat about all things gamboling. Great dude. Sweet Ti is busy making duckies on the hip. Tring has to split for the strip. Nice meeting you! After he leaves Sweet Ti asks me about Trailer Man. That's what she thought he was calling himself. Too funny... I never did hit shit the rest of our session. But now it's time for us to get ready for our big Valentine's Day Soiree. Dinner at our favorite Italian joint, Casa di Amore. We cash out and head aloft. Kev bought Sweet Ti a bottle of wine when we got here, now's the time to pop the cork. Or at least try. I have a handy Swiss  Chinese Army Knife with a corkscrew. But from the looks of this cork, it's been bone dry since bottling. And it's an Asti wine to boot. So I end up gauging my hand and the cork and finally it pops out. 

                                                            IMG_1327.JPG (1238889 bytes)    

Sweet Ti said it was good though! We got ourselves all gussied up and Cheri-ola whisked us up Trop. Ave. to our destination. As we pull into the parking lot it's pretty obvious the place is packed. I finally found a spot to park way in the back. We make our way in thru the bar. There's about 20 people waiting for a table ahead of us. Only about 25 tables in the whole joint. They aren't taking walk-ins tonight. I tell Guido the Mays party is here. We find a seat and Sweet Ti is presented with a long steamed rose and a box of chocolates. Nice touch. 

                                                           IMG_1330.JPG (1236069 bytes)       

While we await a table, the entertainment is setting up. We are in luck, George Bugatti and Paul Stubblefield are playing. We have seen them several times. George plays keys and vocals, Paul is on drums and vocals. They know how to put on a show.

                     IMG_1336.JPG (1048016 bytes)        IMG_1335.JPG (1025844 bytes)        IMG_1337.JPG (1022052 bytes)

                  Giudo escorts us to out table. Robert is our server. Sweet Ti orders A Sands Martini. I stick with HO. 

                            IMG_1341.JPG (1029284 bytes)                         IMG_1350.JPG (1119600 bytes)

    IMG_1343.JPG (1064076 bytes)                   IMG_1346.JPG (1123800 bytes)                IMG_1351.JPG (1169917 bytes)   

         Calamari with marinara sauce                              Pasta Al Forna                             Pasta Mostaccioli w/meatballs


  IMG_1344.JPG (1210760 bytes)IMG_1345.JPG (1186033 bytes)    IMG_1352.JPG (1023632 bytes)    IMG_1354.JPG (653734 bytes)

While we were eating, a photographer came by and offered a comp photo. Sure. Of course later she came back with an Album and an offer to buy extras, but we said no thanks. The comp pic had a postage sized pic of us, and an ad for the joint. It was a special evening, just us and a bunch of other folks. 10 trips, 10 visits to Casa di Amore.  And we will be back..... 


Back home, Sweet Ti is once again toast, so I tuck her it, and go get my gambol on. First stop is the slants by the buffet...

                           IMG_1361.JPG (1674694 bytes)                IMG_1362.JPG (1708926 bytes)

the good news is that I had just switched from DBDW to Boner Deluxe before I hit that straight flush. Got smoked out, went to the Crawdad. I met today's locals. Naan and Nina. Great people. Today is a big day for Naan. It's his birthday/Anniversary/Valentine's Day. Meanwhile, I took a small loss. I decided to surprise Sweet Ti with a triple cup of ice cream. A fine way to end a lovely day.

                  TOTAL:  RB- 7005 points   Sweet Ti- 2472   We are at the halfway point y'all!

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