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                                   02.12.2016 Ride a painted pony, let the spinnin' wheel ride

 Hey Now! 4:20. Seems like Groundhog Day. I ease out of the room. About this time, Kev texts me. You up? I find him at a table.

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Time for a road trip. A friend of mine from work, Becky, got into town last night along with a group of 13. Her brother is getting married tomorrow. They are staying at the Mirage. And I know the back way to get there. So Kev and I soon find ourselves there.

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            Always a good idea to take a shot of where you leave the rental just in case you leave your mind in the casino....

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It's too early to wake Bec, and Kev needs to go to Caesars to make a couple of points and hit Payard's. To the Evil Empire we go. It's chilly outside, so we duck into the Forum Shops. We are the only ones in there. Just kinda wondering around.

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 About this time, a fire alarm goes off. We are near a fountain, and spot another couple. None of us see any signs for either the casino, nor an exit. We are deep within the Evil Empire's bowels. Then it stopped.

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          We finally found a sign for the casino and made our way towards the gaming. Till we spotted this brilliant creature. Jim?



 Time to earn us some R.C.'s. I haven't played at a CET property since the Showboat in A.C. closed. We find some IGT friends. Jimmy?



 Well that was profitable for me. Kev took a small loss. Next stop is Payard's Patisserie

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Incredible edibles. Kev used his comps to score some treats for his Mom and Sweet Ti. I've got some treats in store for Sweet Ti later.

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                            We decide to avoid the clutches of the Evil Shops, and persue a route to the strip.

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             Kev gets sucked in by a BJ shoe game, and I find the 2 Silver Strike machines to try and add to my collection. Jim? roll it!




I send Bec a text "Welcome to Vegas". She texts me back. "Our clothes went to Key West" I text her back "Maybe they will send you a postcard-Wish you were here". She was still upstairs. Kev finds me and buys in at a Pai Gow Poker table behind me. Curt is his dealer. He is full of strip stories. Bec called to say they would be awhile. I needed to get back to the Big Easy. I cashed out with my original stake, a new strike for my collection, and 5 duplicates to take to the cage. I told Kevin to go all in, and he lost. Oops. Home Cheri-ola!  Back at the ranch, Sweet Ti has ordered room service, and shares her coffee with Kev. I opt for a Beck's N.A. Tasty. Breakfast time.

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The breakfast here at the Courtyard Cafe is really pretty good. Charged to the room to be taken care of later even better! While we waited for our food, I hit up the Keno Lounge for another 20/$20 5 way. Payback was $6. I do a solo trip to S.S. to make weekend plans with Ziggy. He's off the next 3 days. I play some Keno there and end up pushing. We plan to be at their house tomorrow around 4 p.m.

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The traffic on Tropicana really sucks. They are doing road construction in the median. From now on I'm taking Flamingo. At the Big Easy I stop by the Emerald Host office to see May. I've ordered flowers for Sweet Ti to be delivered today. May tells me to check with the Bell Captian, and that the next time I want flowers, she has a girl who arranges them for her cheap. I'll do that next time. I stop by and pick up the flowers and surprise Sweet Ti with them. She's playing at the Crawdad Bar.

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My valentine is pleased. Next I kiosk a couple of coupons for today's gift. Russell Stover chocolates. Nancy took the shot for us.

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                                      Yepper, that's Hank Bonefish photo bombing us in the background.

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                                Back to business, Sweet Ti is having some luck at the machine. Jim Jim? cue the video.



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                                                                    And then another.

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                             Then is was a quick session with some DDD in the Higher Limit room. Parley!

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                                         With that we took our goodies upstairs for a little Private Time.

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 After our interlude, I caught up with Kevin and we both bought in for a hundy at a BJ shoe game. We played for a couple of hours. It was a pretty good table. I ended the session up $15 and Kev busted out. So I tossed him my black chip for luck. He sat down at 3 card poker. I joined Sweet Ti at the Crawdad shorties. She is tearing them up!

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Next it's wander around time. We hit the World's Biggest Buffalo- nada. One Red Cent- all we were left with. Emerald City?

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                Spin Poker Dream Card? There are 2 here. Both have .25 8/5 BP. $22.50 a spin. Here goes nuttin'! James?


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We certainly seem to be getting our share of straight flushes this trip. It would be nicer to hit a Royal but... DDD Higher Limit

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Sweet Ti once more heads up to watch her BritDics on PBS. So I hit the slants. BDX/DBDW Parlay time. hit it Jimmy.


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  I haven't heard from Kevin in quite a while. This is his last night. Last time I checked, he still was chasing his losses. I give him a call, and he says he is at the cafe. I join him. He is bummed. He has been there for 5 minutes and hasn't been waited on. Finally he gets up and storms out. I catch up with him, and talk him into playing in the Mardi Gras Pit. He buts in with his last $85 of his BR. I buy in for a hundy. $10 DD table. Bubbles is dealing. I forgot her name, but when she was relieved by another dealer and turned around to leave, that is what we saw. A bubble butt. We were joined by a couple from down south. Dude bought in $800. All greens. Bubbles is busting nearly every hand, and we are all cleaning up. We start telling hurricane and tornado stories. For some reason everyone starts calling the dude Katrina. Bubbles goes on break, and after her break is dealing at the table on the other side of the pit. Nice view. Next dealer is Brandy. Pit Boss is Sandy. The music is rocking. Sandy keeps up the streak. Kev and I are turning red to green. Katrina and his wife are turning green to black. We are keeping an eye or two on Bubbles. Then it's time for a dealer change. Lany is our new dealer. Right away the whole mood changes. Kev hits the head, and while he is gone, Lany draws a 6. I split two 3's and double both hands. I end up with an 11 and a 13. She ends up with 6-2-6-A-A. I am not really paying attention and think she has 17. I say " Wow- what a hand!" She looks at me and says "What, you think I can't count?" She draws another Ace. Draws 3 Aces playing DD, cutting off about 1/3 of a deck. I say I'm done. She makes some snide comment and then says she is only kidding. I look at Brandy the PB and say color me up. Kev comes back and asks what's going on. I tell him I'm done. He colors up. Katrina and his wife color up. As I'm leaving, Brandy calls me over and apologizes about Lany. I smile and tell her it's ok. Kevin and Katrina & wife all sit down at Bubble's table. Nobody sits at Lany's table. I played at the Wally Gator machine. My shorty was taken, so I played at the only open spot, next to a bunch of chicks drinking doubles. Luis is tending bar. He's yet another in Orleans long line of great barkeeps. I stand up a bit after our long BJ session. One of the girls is eating, and doesn't have a stool. She asks if she can borrow mine. I say sure, but if my legs get tired, I'm gonna snatch your ass out of it and your friends will have to catch you. They all laugh. Luis and I have a blast listening to them talking about buying underwear. They finally stumble off. I look over, and there still isn't anyone playing at Lany's table. Kevin walks by and gives me some giant beads he won. He is completly tapped out. I offer to give him some more duckies, but he says no thanks. He is carrying a to go steak dinner from the Cafe. 'Night bro!

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They keep coming. It's getting smoky yet again at the ol' Wally so I shuffle on down to the Crawdad shorty. Time for one last hit.

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With that I call it a night. It's been a helluva day. I'm beat. Got back a bit of yesterday's loss. About even for the trip.

    Totals: RB- 6100 points   Sweet Ti- 4600 points. 7 days left everyone. Hold on tight.....


                       02.13.2013 Oh the neons are a gleamin' and the gamblers are a dreamin'       



                                               Royal Fire Monkeys Invade Clark County!