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                                                                                                  Thumpity New Year

  12.30.2016   Wait until that deal go round

Hey Now! Welcome back my friends. Sweet Ti & I spent yet another New Year together hanging out in a casino. Imagine that! Since we were just in Vegas back in October for the Return of the Fire Monkeys trip, it was Resorts in AC for us. Dear Martha, our fine host set us up with 3 nights including dinner on New Year's Eve, and brunch the next morning. So we loaded up Teal and took off. 4 hours later-

                                                               IMG_1794.JPG (1442249 bytes) 

 Funny time for a Carnival in Lewes, Delaware. 38. Sweet Ti awoke as we drove up. We grabbed a Bacon Butty and settled back for the ride. Best part of the trip is driving off that ferry in Cape May. They still have Exit 0 in the shape of a roundabout, one with 2 stoplights.


 Teal was thirsty, so we hit the Gas Oasis. It just seems bizarre they put these things in the median. Plus, they pump the gas. I did notice that the price was a bit high. "Gas tax just went up .23 a gallon" said today's local, Gus the Pumpman. Nice guy. Dude was probably in his mid-80's. Gotta give Gus credit for standin' there all day pumpin' gas. Onward. We score a prime space on the 3rd floor of the selfish park. It's now free parking at Resorts. Considering where Las Vegas is heading on that front, it sounds great. Epic level of higher got you that all along. It's around 11 a.m. so we leave our shit in Teal and hit the kiosk. They are dishing out $2016 in slot dollars every 15 minutes this evening. You are supposed to hit the kiosk before you play, but the kiosk is acting up. While I'm thinking of it- they were barely working the whole weekend. BUFFALLLOOOO!!!!! oops, - 100. DoubDiaDeluxe...-50. Plants vs. Zombies 3D.......-50. But that game is a blast. Vertigo baby!  Time to find Maggie and Renata. Our East Coast Polish friends. And they are spinster sisters. Maggie spots me as I approach the front desk. She had our room ready for us. Good ol' Maggie. I slip each of them a twenty. Room 4020 in the Rendzvous Tower. Even room numbers face south. Damn, she's good.  I send Sweet Ti up to scope out the room, and retrieve massive quantities. On my 2nd. trip, I spotted a security dude next the parking elevators. Their policy is no coolers on the property. There are signs. So I asked the dude if he would stop me if he saw me bringing it in. "Some things I see, some I don't. Going on break in 5 minutes." Perfect.

IMG_1795.JPG (1440312 bytes)                   IMG_1796.JPG (1361237 bytes)            IMG_1799.JPG (1222707 bytes)

Lunch was Ruby's Diner. Nice grill cheese and soup. And seeing as it's after 12 p.m. The promo button is blinking. Hit it Jim!



  I loves me some Top Dollar. Next up, Triple Diamond Deluxe and Triple Cash . Then 5x/10x QH and Triple 7's Progressive . We always seem to end up on those VP slants between the food court and the self park. 8/5 BP in .25/.50/1. You get very little in comps though. We hunker down and set about our tasks. We are up and down when I hear thumpity......thumpity......thumpity. What? I couldn't figure ou where it was coming from. Then a few minutes later there it was again. Finally realized it was a garbage cart with a gimpy wheel. Back and forth , every few minutes. Every time we played there. And those damned 5 reel penny slots. "HIT THE BUTTON!" People just don't realize you can just hit the spin button and stop that incessant ringing. They're PENNIES! Where was I? Oh, neither of us had a single 4OAK in 2 solid hours of play. Sucked. Sweet Ti and I take a break, she takes a nappy while I do something completely different. Hollyrock Hills and some Double Top Dollar . Margaritaville Uprights. I started at .50 and parleyed to $1. 


                                                       IMG_1803.JPG (1442899 bytes)

                                                               Triple Boner????

                                                      IMG_1804.JPG (1321332 bytes)

                                               How the hell is that hand only a flush???

                                                      IMG_1805.JPG (1397634 bytes)

                                          I will take my Royals as I can- even fake ones!

                                                   IMG_1806.JPG (1421181 bytes)

                                                  Back to trusty ol' Triple Boner

 I cashed out an even 800. The 88 Fortunes machines called. I sat next to a couple who were drinking champagne. As I inserted coin, I noticed that the lady was awaiting a hand pay. She had hit the Grand Prize for $22,480.00. On a $1.76 bet. Noice!

                                                     IMG_1807.JPG (1537863 bytes)

                                                      But not me. I donated a hundy. 

                                                     IMG_1808.JPG (1081789 bytes)


                                                      IMG_1809.JPG (1552240 bytes)


We made reservations at Capriccio's, but we are eating there tomorrow night so we cancel. I ordered a hybrid pizza from Flamiglia. We dined al fresco in our room. Whatever that means. Wasn't great, wasn't bad. 

                                                      IMG_1801.JPG (1248748 bytes)

                                                        The sunset was beautiful.

 As per usual after a fine repast, Sweet Ti is toast for the evening. But I've got another session in me. Food court slants please.

                                                      IMG_1810.JPG (1435898 bytes)

                                                              The lone quad

Thumpity......thumpity.....thumpity. According to my notes I spent 2 hours there and managed to drop a couple hundy. Then another hundy on W4, and just for good measure one more on TripDiaDeluxe. The Green Mojo Pot is almost full, so I'll try one more hundy. 

                                                      IMG_1812.JPG (1671722 bytes)        

                                                              Cowabunga dude. 

 It's been a really long day. The only people that ended up winning the $2016 in slot dollars were from Joisey. Figures. We earned 17 points today. Still have no idea what it takes to earn a point. Dropped a few hundy though. Crashed.

12.31.2016   Don't you let that deal go down. 

Hey Now! I awoke at 6:20, kissed Sweet Ti farewell, and headed to a kiosk. One was actually working, which is good because they are offering 3x comps today. That taked care of, I insert coin into a .50 TripDiaDeluxe.

                                                       IMG_1814.JPG (1002078 bytes)  


 I'm bound and determined to hit something on Wolf Run. Just not this time. Maybe Blazing 7's progressive. Last spin I hit this-

                                                       IMG_1816.JPG (1342698 bytes)

I'll take the money and run. They recently put in 2 Buffalo Grand machines. Usually the line is 3 deep, but I manage to snag one and drop a hundy. Money Rain eats a twenty. Time for some Food Court slant VP. 

                           IMG_1818.JPG (1597496 bytes)             IMG_1819.JPG (1566567 bytes)


                                                     IMG_1820.JPG (1594033 bytes)

       Sweet Ti rings me up and I butler her Dunkin Donuts coffee and holes. I opt for cold pizza and a Kaliber. Yum!


 Sated, Sweet Ti eases into the day lounging upstairs while I reassume my battle. Top Dollar munched a hundy. Beer Haus was hungry too. Time for something different. There are 4 uprights in the so called Margaritaville Casino perched on the wall just past the bathrooms. Nice and quiet. AND non-coughing smoking. Just the ticket. Insert coin.

                                                     IMG_1825.JPG (1412512 bytes)    

                                                     Time to try some Triple Boner

                                                     IMG_1826.JPG (1344639 bytes)

                                                               Wild Deuces?

                                   IMG_1827.JPG (1446269 bytes)  IMG_1828.JPG (1490288 bytes)

 I did manage to stash a $500. TITO during that session. Sweet Ti comes down and she tries Sumo Kitty while I play vidiographer. Jim?







We had a showdown at the MVille uprights, but nary a screenshot exists. I took a break to retrieve our tickets for dinner and brunch.

                 IMG_1833.JPG (1453507 bytes)  IMG_1835.JPG (1089098 bytes)   IMG_1834.JPG (1962544 bytes)

And no, we aren't going to see the Spinners. Back down in MVille, Sweet Ti is having a blast on a penny 5 reel machine. Hit the button! 

                                                    Stinkin' Rich- I wish



Love these old school machines. Emerald City munched out with no Glenda, Walking Dead kept on walking. TripDiaDeluxe .50 worked.

                                                       IMG_1841.JPG (1214623 bytes)    

                                                            Back in the saddle!   

                   IMG_1842.JPG (1439147 bytes)                            IMG_1843.JPG (1505949 bytes)


Played there for awhile. But we have a 5:30 dinner date so before we get ready let's hit Top Dollar one last time.

                                                   IMG_1844.JPG (1234065 bytes)

Well that gives us tip money anyways. Aloft we get all gussied up. At least as gussied up as an old hippie couple can.

                                                   IMG_1845.JPG (1426350 bytes)

                                                    Miss Martha- aka Junkets

     IMG_1846.JPG (1565234 bytes)          IMG_1847.JPG (1392683 bytes)           IMG_1848.JPG (1339527 bytes)

 Capriccio's got itself all gussied up too. Everything's gussy lovely. Jorge seats us and we once again have our favorite servers. Genaro, Jose V. and Alberto. Ulysses kept us hydrated. Here's Genaro hamming it up for the Ippy.

                                                   IMG_1853.JPG (1097571 bytes)


                                                          IMG_1849.JPG (1711901 bytes)  

                                      Tonight we will be dining on a 5 course extravaganza.

                 IMG_1851.JPG (1543034 bytes)                                     IMG_1854.JPG (1475247 bytes)

               An Antipasta Frucci started us off, and then Gulf shrimp with crabmeat and Lobster Bisque.

                                IMG_1856.JPG (1536838 bytes)           IMG_1857.JPG (1251895 bytes) 

                                                              Insalada Capriccio  

                                                        IMG_1873.JPG (1196535 bytes)   

                                                Surf and Turf and Seafood Zuppetta

                                 IMG_1874.JPG (1015226 bytes)      IMG_1875.JPG (1204696 bytes)

                                                  For dessert it was 7 layer cake.

                                                      IMG_1877.JPG (987076 bytes)


                                                     IMG_1872.JPG (1349651 bytes)

Yet another incredible dining experience. We tipped handsomely, and took a leisurely stroll back to the room enjoying the holiday displays.

                                                     IMG_1879.JPG (1516193 bytes)

 On the way up the elevator stopped between floors and finally started moving again, only to have the doors keep opening and closing on the 33rd floor. Safely on the 40th- Sweet Ti decides to veg out. I carefully avoided that gimpy one and joined a couple on another one. I told them "Happy New Year". Dude sez it's not here yet. Till midnight. At a lower floor another couple gets on so I say "Happy Old Year!" I'm feeling me some DouDiaDeluxe but -GASP!- it's occupied. So it's TripDoubDiamond. I start out at .50, but drop down to .25.....Jim????


    IMG_1881.JPG (976796 bytes) IMG_1882.JPG (1669332 bytes) IMG_1884.JPG (1163982 bytes) IMG_1885.JPG (1036795 bytes)  

Well that gives me some money to burn, so I set about it. W4 slammed me, and then the MVille Uprights. I rang up Sweet Ti to check on her and she requested some ice cream. I hit up Hagen Dazs. Above, I'm on a mission. They are shooting off fireworks at the Trop at 9 p.m. On their website the Trop said that Grucci was putting it on and there was music. So I searched on the Ippy and downloaded the app. Worked like a charm. We pulled up a couple of chairs to the window, fired up the app, hit the bluetooth speakers, and had a perfect view. 10:23 minutes. These guys are the world's best at what they do. We even saw some really different types of boom booms. We kissed our New Year's wishes upon each other. Neither of us will be awake at midnight. Back to the action at the Food Slants. 


                                                      IMG_1887.JPG (1070798 bytes)

 And not a single W-2G is sight to ruin the last night of 2016. Managed to end the day- and the year for that matter as more or less a push. I'll take that any day/year. Earned 31 of those mysterious points today, and over $100. in comps. Happy Old Year Y'all!!!

                                                      IMG_1888.JPG (1421157 bytes)

 01.01.2017  Goes to show, you don't ever know

Hey Now! Since we went to bed around 11 p.m., I slept in till 7. Kiosks are once again on the fritz. I blew hundys on Top Dollar and Lightening Link. Coffee Liz and then it's time for our brunch. Up the down escalator (past the Hooters). Once again, they did it up.

 IMG_1889.JPG (1126452 bytes)  IMG_1890.JPG (1166368 bytes)  IMG_1891.JPG (1454388 bytes)  IMG_1892.JPG (985549 bytes)

 IMG_1893.JPG (1114815 bytes)  IMG_1895.JPG (1224716 bytes)  IMG_1896.JPG (943814 bytes)  IMG_1897.JPG (1028542 bytes)

 IMG_1898.JPG (1304352 bytes)  IMG_1899.JPG (1232135 bytes)  IMG_1900.JPG (1311289 bytes)  IMG_1901.JPG (1356093 bytes)

                                 IMG_1902.JPG (1338717 bytes)              IMG_1903.JPG (1046583 bytes)  

Jorge seated us once again at a lovely table. Ulysses once again hydrated us. Sweet Ti made fast friends right away.

                                                       IMG_1918.JPG (1293543 bytes)

George and Mariah. Queens, New York. They are both from the Caribbean. Mariah is the gambler, George is the drinker. Nice folks. 

                                                       IMG_1916.JPG (1383782 bytes)

As we were leaving, a couple was walking beside us. The lady admired my beard. We walked a bit together and they introduced themselves. Victor and Maria. She was born in Italy, his folks are from there. They are retired and live here in Jersey. Let's call them today's locals.

                                                       IMG_1920.JPG (1085581 bytes)

                Once again these guys are following us around. Here's a pic from Vegas a couple of years ago.

                                                       195.JPG (1329433 bytes)

                            Top Dollar, 5x/10x/QH sucked down their requisite hundys. Food Slants. 

                                                       IMG_1921.JPG (1465708 bytes)


                                   That was actually Sweet Ti's one and only 4OAK of the trip. 

                                                   Got that Lightening Link video Jim?




                                                      TripDiaDeluxe James?




                                                       IMG_1924.JPG (1117620 bytes)

I wanted Sweet Ti to see this Mermaid game. When we walked up, the seat was empty, but the game was in the middle of a bonus. We looked around and since nobody showed up, we played the bonus off. Cashed out $4.80. All I really wanted her to see was the bonus. We hung around waiting for anyone to claim the bounty, didn't happen so we tried 88 Fortunes. Roll it Jimmy!




                   On to Escape from Margaritaville which was a blast to play, but the bonuses didn't pay shit.   

          IMG_1929.JPG (778721 bytes)        IMG_1930.JPG (1107342 bytes)       IMG_1931.JPG (1471014 bytes)     

It's about time to watch the Skins lose play their last game of the season. The Epic Club is just the right spot. We find a spot in front of a TV and Sweet Ti orders an Appletini. I'll get a Pepsi and water. They usually have a nice assortment of entrees and sammaches and did today. We ate sparingly and the game came on by the middle of the 2nd quarter it was obvious they didn't stand a chance. Sucks!  

                                                        IMG_1932.JPG (1111422 bytes)     

Back aloft to clean up and start packing. We are catching the 10:30 ferry in the morning. Time for another solo session. W4 Pompeii.

                                                             Punch it up Jim!



                                               Switch over to that Buffalo vid Jimmy...



       IMG_1935.JPG (2184902 bytes)           IMG_1937.JPG (1504742 bytes)           IMG_1938.JPG (1520378 bytes)

  I cashed out that 750. ticket and went back upstairs to Make It Rain. Sweet Ti is pleased. Back in the game, I spot a new Wicked Winnings II machine. Judging by all the videos out there, this is a really volatile proposition. Proves to be a true statment. Max Bet yeilds 30 free spins for $24.90 and 15 free spins for $19.00. Cost me a hundy, along with Blazing 7's and Top Dollar. I tried my favorite 5x/10x QH and there was a lady that just hit the progressive on another one and was awaiting a HP. She said she hit for $1500. on the machine I was on a few minutes ago. I insert coin, but have no luck. She got paid and spun twice more to get rid of leftover credits and left. Then this dude walks up to her machine, inserts hundy, spins 5 times and hits for 2k. Sheesh. Time for some DouDiaDeluxe .50-

                                                       IMG_1948.JPG (1099677 bytes)

                                                        One final Food Court fight.

                                 IMG_1945.JPG (1271981 bytes)       IMG_1946.JPG (1431176 bytes)     

        All y'all long time readers will remember that I like to end my last VP session with a 4OAK. Took a while, but-

                                                    IMG_1947.JPG (1372794 bytes)       


 Well, it's been a nice break from reality. Earned 19 mystifying points today. 67 in total for the trip which means my Epic status remains intact till 12.06.2017. Lost a few hundy, but all the RFB was comped. We had an uneventful trip back to VA and our kitties. Next up will be 6 days in Biloxi at the IP in Feb. 

                                               Thanks for hanging out with us in AC!

                                                   IMG_1949.JPG (1275938 bytes)